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* * *


As I rushed around the corner of the hallway, I saw a familiar knight.






Paul, who heard my voice, looked back.


In front of Cedric’s room, several other knights were lined up.


‘The imperial palace was shaken when the only prince was sick.’


When I heard about this from Marie, who brought my breakfast, I was startled, so I ate then rushed over to Cedric.


“Is he all right? I heard he caught a cold.”


‘Oh, you have a fever.’


Paul said as he glanced into the room.


“It’s not dangerous, but I don’t think he’ll be able to go out for a while. The doctor said he’ll get better in a few days, so you don’t have to worry, Ciel.”


It wasn’t until I heard Paul’s story that I relaxed.


“Oh, I’m glad to hear that, it’s a relief. That’s right, I’ll cancel the swordsmanship class until he gets better.”


Then Paul scratched his head and said.


“Oh my, he must be very sorry.”


“Yes? What?”


“The swordsmanship class would be cancelled.”


He said as he crossed his arms and put a finger to his chin.


“He’s been practicing swordsmanship outside lately because he’s been making time for himself. You’ve been working so hard… Even if I tried to stop him, he went out at night to practice.”


“Huh? Your Highness?”




Recently, Cedric has been following the class very well, so I thought he wouldn’t need any extra practice.


I didn’t even tell him to practice outside class.


“He didn’t catch a cold, did he…?”


“Uh… unfortunately, he was.”


Ciel swallowed a deep sigh.


Now that he’s sick, I’ll have to shut my mouth for now, but once he gets better, I would nag him not to overdo it.


“Well, can I see His Highness now?”


He has a cold, but I have to fulfill my duty.


I was going to pay off today’s worth.


Paul went into the bedroom instead of me, asked Cedric and the doctor, and after getting Cedric’s consent he instructed me to come in.


As I stepped into the luxurious bedroom, the sunlight flowing gently through the window tickled my cheeks.


In the middle of a huge bed under the canopy lay a familiar black-haired boy.


Cedric, with a wet towel on his forehead, coughed weakly with a feverish face, and looked at me with his red eyes slightly open.


“You can sit here.”


“Thank you, Paul.”


Cedric turned his head helplessly as Paul sat me on the chair kindly placed beside the bed.


“Ciel… you shouldn’t come. You’ll catch a cold.”


“It’s okay. I’m strong.”


“But still…”


“You’ll be disappointed if I don’t hold your hand.”


And I also have to meet Cedric and hold his hand anyway in order to control this mana.


“Thank you.”


As the fever rose and wrapped his warm hands, Cedric said in a small voice.


Her face was red from the heat, but the way he looked at me and smiled was no different than usual.


“Ciel’s hands are cold, so it feels good.”


Cedric rubbed my hand against his cheek and smiled.


“Uh, uh…”


It’s really strange.


I’ve seen this smile almost every day.


No wonder his face was hot, and he had tears around his eyes.


A little sweat was dripping there…


‘Something seems a little dangerous.’


At that moment, I came to my senses.




“Ci- Ciel? What are you doing?”


“Oh- no. It’s fine.”


Rubbing his swollen cheeks, she replied casually.


“Never mind. ‘Cause I deserved it‘.”




How dare I think it’s dangerous to see Cedric’s face at any time when in a business relationship or something.


‘Calm down, it’s just him.’


Just then, a man dressed in a white gown came inside.


“Your Highness Cedric, it’s time to take your medicine.”


As soon as the doctor spoke those words, Cedric’s face crumpled and slid into the bed.


“No, I don’t want to…”


The doctor, who brought hot medicine, was at a loss when he saw Cedric rustling under the blanket.


“But, Your Grace, you’ll have to take this medicine to get well.”


“No, I don’t like it. It’s too nasty and bad.”


Cedric turned his back on the doctor and turned his face toward me, shouting.


“I’m not going to drink it.”


Looking down at Cedric, I opened my mouth and spoke.


“Your Majesty, but you have to take your medicine so that you could have class with me. If you keep lying down like this, I won’t be able to teach you, right?”


“That, but…”


“If you take the medicine and swallow it at once, you’ll be fine.”


No matter how much he was the crown prince, he still seemed like a child.


You’re complaining about not being able to swallow the medicine.


As soon as I thought that there was a cute side, the nasty smell of the medicine that the doctor brought stuck in my nose.


‘What’s this…?’


Ciel frowned, but the smell of a mop that had not been washed for three days seemed to have gotten stronger.


On top of that, the high mixture of seaweed porridge and crocodiles showed off their terrifying visuals, and even suspicious bubbles were coming up.


‘…it’s worth saying you won’t eat it.’


At that time, I promised myself that I would never catch a cold in this world.


“However, Your Highness. Nothing works better than this medicine. What if you don’t get over your cold?”




Honestly, it wasn’t that I couldn’t help but sympathize with Cedric, who had to swallow that medicine.


First of all, I’m an adult.


“That’s right, Your Highness. Hang in there and drink it. I’ll be there for you.”


“If Ciel does what I say, I promise I’ll drink it.”


Suddenly, a light began to shine in Cedric’s red eyes, which had seemed somber.




“Huh? Ciel…”


At that moment, I could feel a rather passionate gaze from one corner.


A crying doctor holding a medicine bowl was looking at me with a very pitiful gaze as if begging for help.


“…Okay. What is it?”


When I reluctantly agreed, Cedric’s red eyes bent gently like a crescent moon.


“Promise me you’ll hold my hand in the future.”


Unlike before, his eyes were strangely shiny.


“Never hold someone else’s hand.”


‘Oh my…’


Aren’t they the eyes of an obsessive tyrant that anyone could see?


However, the doctor’s gaze seemed too desperate not to grant the request.


“Huh, yes. Okay.”


With my answer, both the doctor and Cedric’s faces brightened at the same time.


“Yes. I’ll definitely take the medicine!”


Cedric smiled brightly.



 * * *


In the middle of the darkened room, the boy’s coughing could be heard.


“Paul, bring me some medicine.”


At the words of the master who croaked and asked to bring the medicine, Paul moved the green medicine from the bowl he had placed in the corner to make it easy to drink at any time.


“Here you go, Your Highness.”


“Thank you, Paul.”


Paul sighed as he looked at Cedric, who quietly drank his medicine without wrinkling his brow.


“You’re drinking it so well, why did you complain so much earlier?”


At those words, Cedric’s hand holding the glass stopped.


Then, in the twilight, red eyes were fixed on Paul.


A low voice flowed through the lips containing a strange smile.





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