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﹝ Caliberne ﹞


The legendary sword that brings absolute victory.


Hearing the name, my mind went blank for approximately three seconds.


‘Wasn’t this what was supposed to be absorbed by the heroine…?’


The heroine had a peaceful life, but the tyrannical sub-male, who was willing to chop someone’s throat merely because the heroine had absorbed that sword, got fixated on her.


‘Is that it?’


Was it possible that I may perish as a result of being involved in the tyrant’s war? Or would I be taken prisoner by him and forced to live with my limbs bound in chains?


In short, this Caliberne was the cause of the heroine’s struggle and hardships.


‘Crazy, not just that!’


As I saw the measuring device’s scale, which was already at its highest point, and the official standing there in awe, I gave it some serious thought.


I silently hoped that something miraculous would allow me to leave the orphanage using strong magical abilities.


I also considered how lovely it would be if I could reclaim my former life’s ability to wield a sword as a magic swordsman.


‘But I didn’t want that wish to happen this way!’


The blue glow encircling my hands got stronger as my face turned pale, and I shook my head.


[Please take care of me.]


I wasn’t going to, I’m sorry. But Caliberne seemed to know nothing about it, and I kept shaking my head and thinking that I never wanted to get involved with the tyrant sub-male.


[Then bye! I’ll get some sleep.]


As soon as Caliberne finished talking, the enormous blue light disappeared.


‘Wha— what…?’


In my confusion, I took my hand off the measuring instrument.


The measuring instrument began to tremble as if it had broken down, and then black smoke started to come out of it. Eventually, the measuring instrument stopped moving altogether.


The director stood looking at the scene with a completely shocked expression.


Meanwhile, the official who came to his senses broke the silence and spoke, “Oh, what’s your name?”


At the official’s word, the director’s expression distorted and glared at the official.


“I– I’m Ciel,” I answered the sudden official’s question without realizing it. 


The embarrassed officer looked at me and spoke earnestly.


“Yes, it’s Ciel. Right now, the palace was looking for a friend with a lot of mana just like Ciel’s.”


My heart sank at the word of the Imperial Palace.


“If you go there, good people will take care of Ciel, and you can see the Imperial Palace.”


“Oh, ye—”


I really don’t want to go. I’d be dead if I ran across that mad prince, and he found out I had Caliberne.


“And if you’re lucky, you might be able to see His Majesty the Crown Prince.”


Now that’s a serious dilemma.


‘What’s going on?’


Thousands of times I seriously considered leaving the orphanage, but it didn’t mean I would travel to the Imperial Palace.


Living in this place was preferable to feeling threatened by that crazy tyrant sub-male.


‘And I don’t want to leave the orphanage first.’


I wanted to take the rest of the kids out as well. I’m sure it’s not me who’s really struggling right now, but other kids who are less than 10 years old.


“Wait a minute, there seems to be some mistake.”


As soon as I was desperately thinking about what to do, the director talked to the official.


“This measuring instrument looks like it’s broken, wasn’t it just a malfunction? A child who has never demonstrated magical powers couldn’t have this kind of magic!”


For a while there was a dispute between the two, and the official asked me in doubt.


“Ciel, could you show me that light again?”


Of course, I couldn’t.


‘I don’t know how the light came out because Caliberne helped me earlier.’


Since I was at a loss for what to do, I decided it was preferable to not show the light once more.




At my words, the director smiled satisfactorily, and the official, who could not give up, eventually brought a new measuring instrument.


Fortunately, when I touched the new measuring instrument, the scale stopped at zero and didn’t move at all.


“Look, I’m right, aren’t I?”


I thought to myself as I observed the director laugh with a sarcastic smirk in front of an openly remorseful official.


‘Yes, that’s all I need.’


Even if I wasn’t invited to the Imperial Palace, there was still a different method to become a magic swordsman.


I wouldn’t have liked it if the director had known about Caliberne, but I had to put up with it for a moment.


Compared to being uncomfortably attached to the original, it was much better. I could purchase a cheap sword and train if I managed to successfully leave this orphanage and make savings by getting a job.


‘I don’t need to be greedy just to go to the Imperial Palace until I give my life as collateral.’ thought Ciel.


If I rationally consider it, then yes, that was the case. But why was my heart feeling so miserable and downcast?


‘Go to the Imperial Palace and become a magic swordsman? It’s ridiculous.!’


The director’s remarks continued to resonate in my ears for some reason. The words sounded like a curse that I would never be able to hold a sword.


‘… No, there are still plenty of opportunities.’


In my previous life, countless people asked me how a kid like me who started sports so late could become part of the national team.


But in the end, I succeeded.


‘I could do it again this time. It’s too early to give up.’


When I thought so, my head was cleared up.


And I made up my mind.


To avoid having to meet the oppressive sub-male, I must first devise a plan to leave the orphanage and flee.




“Your Majesty.”


The smooth motion of the quill pen on the page was interrupted by the voice of the man who had just entered the room carrying a mountain of paperwork and wearing pristine clothes.


The red-eyed man, with his shiny black hair tied in a single strand, put down the quill he had just used and turned his head toward the man.


“I would post a report on the results of the magic measuring test conducted today,” said the attendant.


“Okay, go for it.”


The Emperor’s main attendant reported in front of Emperor Deamant, who had his hands clasped with an expression that was equal parts eager and anxious.


“To this day, it was said that about 80% of the magic tests have been conducted on commoner children. The evaluations on the children of the aristocrats who haven’t been tested have been almost done.”


“Every single one?”


The Emperor’s red eyes narrowed with a sharp glow.


“Yes, it’s easy to secure the list for aristocrats.”


“So, is there still no news of a child who could be a candidate?”


“That’s a little vague, Your Majesty.”


The chief attendant flipped the thick papers around and continued.


“Vague?” asked the Emperor.




“Explain in detail.”


“There was a child who stood out at the Herselie orphanage outside.”


The chief servant picked a piece of paper from a pile of papers and handed it to the emperor.


“This kid?”


“Yes, apparently it hasn’t been long since this child had entered this orphanage. It was confirmed that it was her first magic measuring test today.”


“But this kid…”


The Emperor, looking closely at the papers, said, frowning slightly, “It says the magical power index was zero.”


The child the Emperor needed was a child who was overflowing with magical power, enough to retain its magical power even after passing it on to others.


A child who knows how to handle the overflowing magical power to some extent, and could help the prince learn swordsmanship.


The chief attendant was referring to a child who appeared to have no magical abilities, so the Emperor was interested in what he had to say about it.


“That’s, it’s the number that came out after retesting several times.”


The chief servant lifted his glasses and continued, “The first time the child did the test, the scale of the meter went up to maximum.”


“To the maximum?”


“Yes. But right after that, the measuring instrument broke down, so I retested it several times with another measuring instrument in case it was an error.”


“Then, it means that the magical power was 0 at that time.”


“Yes, in principle, the child’s figure was recorded as zero because the result sheet should contain the figures from the retest.”


“But you dare to bring out this child’s story…”


A keen light passed through the Emperor’s eyes, pointing his finger at the documents.


“You’re saying there’s something about the kid, right?”




The chief attendant smiled at the Emperor’s words, “When the child first touched the measuring instrument, a dazzling blue light surrounded the child.”


The Emperor stopped at those words, “No way, wasn’t it possible to be the child of an oracle?”


“Yes, Your Majesty.”


The Emperor’s eyes were as keen as an eagle seeking prey as he studied the papers with the results of the children at the Herselie Orphanage’s magic tests.


‘Initially, a magical test was carried out to identify an oracle’s child among the kids who had an appealing appearance…’


It was a step I took because it would be difficult to find the ‘child who handles the blue light’, who said that the oracle would help the Crown Prince from the beginning.


The problem was that such a child had not been seen so far.


No child with enough mana to fill another person ever emerged, despite the fact that the magic power test in every territory continued until the very end.


A child was reared in the meantime with the knowledge that it might have possessed that much magical ability.


It fits perfectly with the description of the oracle.


‘I could never miss it. I must check immediately.’


The Emperor slowly opened his mouth as he looked at the number zero written on the result sheet.


“… Even if it’s not the kid we’re looking for, it doesn’t matter.”


The Emperor, who handed the resulting paper to the attendant, ordered in a strong voice.


“This kid, bring it to the Imperial Palace tomorrow.”


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