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Holding hands on a regular basis meant that I would continue to meet this guy in the future.


‘Continue? With this little tyrant?’


It shouldn’t have been that way.


“Your Grace…”


I attempted to speak out to stop such sorrowful occurrences, but the emperor was not paying attention.


“Oh, hold at least 20 minutes on the day you have a class. If you don’t mind, you could hold it more.”


“Your Highness, no matter how I… how could I do that of His Majesty the Crown Prince…”




The sound of something shattering was frightening, and the Emperor questioned while seeming to be possessed by Cerberus.


“Do you have any objections?”


My saliva was swallowed in one mouthful.


I wondered why he requested such a thing since if I said that there was an issue, he gave me the impression that he would shatter me much like the broken quill.


“I think the Crown Prince likes you as well.”




What are you saying? The prince likes what?


Now that I think about it, it seems strange. Cedric was not pulling his hand, despite what the Emperor had just spoken.


I was startled to see two clear eyes full of moisture as I turned to glance around.


He resembled his father and had eyes that were the same color as blood, but in contrast to the Emperor, he was clean and unblemished.


“Your Highness…?”


The crown prince turned his head away as he reddened and looked at me with astonishment.


His ears were also red.




Why are you turning embarrassed when you were previously standing like a wooden stone without any expression?


No matter how little I knew about dating, I was certain to understand this response.


He seemed to have a crush on me.


‘It would be difficult if it goes on like this…’


Without knowing how I felt, the Emperor muttered grimly, “Then there’s no problem.”


No, there were several issues.


That adorable child would grow up to be a sub-male tyrant who destroys the continent and slaughters the Empire in around ten years.


And how could it not be an issue when the opposing forces, headed by the original male lead, who won the war, perished the tyrant and the people around him?


“As you may have heard earlier, there was an oracle that a person would appear to help the Crown Prince in controlling his mana.”


The Emperor’s voice resounded throughout the space, yet he was not at all shaken.


‘Is this because I absorbed Caliberne?’


In the original, it was merely said that the heroine, who had absorbed Caliberne, would never be beaten by her swordsmanship regardless of whom she fought, and there was no description of her being able to assist others in gaining access to their magical abilities.


“When I see the prince’s sword shining after he holds your hand, I’m sure that you are the child from the oracle.”


“Yes? A child from the oracle?”


The Emperor blinked his crimson eyes silently as I inquired about an unknown tale with round eyes.


“It was said in the oracle. The child who handles blue light would fill the prince’s lack of magic and open up his power. Hearing the story, it was said that the blue light emitted from your hand.”




Only then did I know why the Imperial people suddenly brought me to the Palace.


When I dealt with the director, they noticed the blue light emanating from my palm and knew I was the child of the oracle.


“The magic stone in the blade does not respond unless the magic force has been unleashed. Likewise, physical contact is typically used to convey magic.”


“That means…”


The Emperor responded in a hushed voice after pausing to think for a moment and turning to face me.


“The fact that the Prince’s sword, which has never shined until now, reacted, means that you filled the prince’s lack of magic and opened up the prince’s magical power.”


In short, it meant that I must have been the child of the oracle.


The Emperor put his hands together and said, “I need your help.”


The Deamant Empire was a country of famous knights on the continent.


A society where knights who wield swords are esteemed, while magic swordsmen who carry swords imbued with magic are equally respected.


In such a setting, the prince’s greatest flaw in maintaining power in the future was his inability to awaken his magical sword.


I don’t know the details, but from what I heard, the Emperor must have summoned me to the Imperial Palace in order to remove any potential flaws.


“Your Majesty, however, I don’t have enough knowledge to teach His Majesty the Prince how to control his magic.”


“I heard Paul earlier that you’re good at using the blue light magic for that kind of thing. And it doesn’t matter if you say you’re not good at class. If it’s really hard, you just need to hold the prince’s hand.”


“Your Majesty, how can a commoner like me touch his highness–”


The Emperor’s eyes flashed at that moment, “Do you dare disobey my orders?”


In an instant, I swallowed the words I wanted to say.


“Oh, no…”


I could do nothing except sob and chew words.


As he squinted at me, he opened his mouth in a dry voice, “Of course, I’m not suggesting it without a price.”


The price. I felt like it was a ploy to get me to agree with the money.


If the Emperor forced me to do it, he wouldn’t accomplish the desired outcome, instead, he would work to win my heart and convince me to submit to him.


“100 million Kerta per year.”


The moment I heard the amount, I looked up without realizing it.


“I’ll pay you that much as an annual salary.”


The Emperor continued in a languid voice, “And now you have nowhere to live, right? As you have to meet the Crown Prince regularly, I would arrange a place for you to stay in the Palace. I would also attach some servants to help you live in the Palace.”




“If you need to attend a class, I would supply all the tools for the class. I’d ask the blacksmith directly under the Imperial Family for a sword.”


All of this for an imperial class?


I shook my head and muttered to myself. ‘No, no. If I were to play with 100 million kerta, what would I do? If I join the Imperial Palace, I could die ten years from now from being cut off by the original male lead during the war.’


“Oh, by the way, the contract would last until the Crown Prince becomes an adult and takes over the throne.”


I wasn’t listening to the emperor. To protect my precious neck, I shouldn’t fall for that materialism.


‘Are you trying to buy a child who was only twelve years old with money–’


“And if you give the prince a class practice, I’ll pay 200 million kertas a year.”


It was too much money to refuse…


Breathing deeply before moving forward to see the Emperor.


I bowed down and spoke after that, “Yes, Your Majesty. Do you want me to take classes five times a week, an hour?”


Ciel smiled brightly with a capitalist grin.




Instead of tutoring fees, the yearly pay talks were successful.


The Emperor also joyfully agreed to the proposal to offer suitable lodgings for the Herselie Orphanage children who would not have a place to go directly instantly.


The remaining kids would now be placed in a decent home through adoption or a far more dependable childcare facility.


I requested that the hand-holding and the lessons to begin the prince’s power outpouring start on Monday.


The subordinate thought it would be acceptable to hold hands starting today, but I informed him that adequate training and hand-holding together would likely result in a more positive outcome.


The Emperor finally decided on my behalf.


‘It’s alright because the duration of the contract was only up until Cedric ascended to the throne. Once Cedric becomes emperor, he won’t initiate a war.’


The first step was therefore to conceal the fact that I had absorbed Caliberne.




At that time, I was startled by the voice I heard from behind my back.


Looking back, Cedric was looking at me with red and clear, transparent eyes.


“Yo– Your Highness!”


Hearing my voice caused Cedric’s eyes to briefly widen.


In reality, his large eyes gleamed and were moist.


“I, I have something to say.”


Cedric turned his gaze sideways and held both his hands together.


He looked quite nervous as he rubbed his hands against each other anxiously and twisted his body.




I stepped toward him and took a spot in front of him.


‘Yes, we’ll spend a lot of time together in the future, but it would be best to build a relationship gradually.’


However, as a teacher and student.


He was part of the Imperial family and I was a commoner.


To the extent that it does not cross that line.


So I smiled and asked in a sweet tone, “What do you want to say, Your Majesty?”


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