Chapter 0

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se feeling as if my whole intestine was being pushed up and the inner wall twitching due to the size of the stuff filling it. The entrance felt like it was going to tear, and my stomach was aching and burning.

“Even if you tighten it like that, mine won’t be cut off, so take it easy. You are the only one having a hard time.”

He whispered coldly and bit my ears. It just felt like my body was getting hotter.

His member began to slip out. At that moment, when I felt the emptiness of something thick escaping my body, his, that was still half inside me stabbed a certain part of my body.


My body trembled. What was that sensitive area, with just one poke, my body felt hot and my hands and feet began to tingle.

The Alpha’s eyes shone sharply. He poked, pressed, and pushed up against the sensitive part inside. Pleasure and pain came at the same time, and it felt like my head was a mess. An unwanted moan escaped my mouth and my body shook up and down like crazy.

He ejaculated inside me several times and then repeated the pounding again.

From a certain moment, he grabbed my hair and treated me roughly like the pretty man before, grabbed my genitals and I ejaculated continuously, until clear water ran out.

I feel like I’m starting to go insane. This refreshing alpha scent that fills the room also keeps penetrating my head.

“Fuck, what’s wrong with you?”

Saying that, he ejaculated one more time. He had already ejaculated several times, and every time his thing came out, the thick semen flowed out and dirtied the sheet.

“Is your face a problem? Yes? Is that so?”

When I didn’t answer, a rough kiss followed, as if swallowing my lips. Despite the difficulty, I tried to move my tongue, accepting him indulging in my mouth. The Alpha’s sharp eyes curved with satisfaction, and his kiss, which had only been rough, softened a little.

With our lips parted, he looked down at my teary eyes. He, who was already appreciating my torn down face, wiped my soft lower lip with his thumb. His fingers were smeared with saliva that was clearly ours mixed together.

“I wish you were an Omega.”

With the Alpha’s sincere voice, his pheromone grew even stronger. Each word that came out of his mouth was embedded into my heart.

“If you were, I would have marked you and locked you up.”

His words, which entered my heart, became a huge blade and pierced it down.

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