Chapter 10

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A man was spread out in front of Yihyeon, who stood guarding the door with an expressionless face. Yihyeon, who covered the man with a gown he was holding because he collapsed and couldn’t get up, helped him up.

“Are you okay?”

“It’s okay, it’s okay… Ugh… Fine… ”

Red face full of fatigue. When Yihyeon opened the door and took him out, the bodyguards who were waiting at the entrance ran and supported the man.

“When you come out after washing, I will…”

“No. Today, the bodyguards will take care of it and send him back.”

Hiss head turned to the words he heard from behind. Joohyuk, still naked, suddenly grabbed his arm. Yihyeon, who was standing outside the door, was drawn in by his strong power, and soon the door closed with a bang.

He was dragged by Joohyuk’s hand and sat down as if tossed on the bed. His fingertips twitched as soon as he saw the various bodily fluids on the bed right in front of his eyes. The fishy smell of semen which stung his nose seemed to be particularly strong today.

“Did you say you would do anything for me?”

Joohyuk took off the condom he had been wearing and threw it away. There was only a small amount of cooper fluid on it, but there was no sign of ejaculation at all.

A slightly irritated face glared at him. As he stared at him without saying a word, Joohyuk raised his chin.

“Then lie down and spread your legs.”

He made him lie down on the bed he’d just had sex with like crazy with another man.


His stomach hurt as if it was being grabbed and squeezed with someone’s hands.

It was a sudden pain, but the pain in his chest, like a bite, was worse, so he thought he would be able to endure it for as long as he could.

“… All right.”

His voice trembled slightly because of his throbbing stomach. Perhaps he liked the answer more than his voice, because the anger on Joohyuk’s face had subsided a little.

While he got up from bed and tried to take off his clothes, Joohyuk took out his cigarette that was on the side table. In the ashtray next to him, nearly ten cigarettes were bent over as if dead, with their heads pierced.

Joohyuk, who put a cigarette in his mouth and lit it, glanced at Yihyeon. He had taken off his coat and had just unbuttoned his shirt.

“You don’t have to take it all off.”

At Joohyuk’s words, his movements came to a standstill. Joohyuk took the cigarette out of his mouth and exhaled a deep, gray smoke.

“All I need is your hole and your face.”

Yihyeon’s eyes trembled at the cold words. As much as this time, he was grateful for the face that didn’t show much expression. If it had been a face that showed emotions as he felt, he didn’t know what kind of painful expression he would have made by now.

Yihyeon moved his hand from the shirt where the collarbone was exposed to the front of the waist belt.

Joohyuk calmly looked at him, who began to take off his pants, as if appreciating it. The waist belt was unfastened and the trouser buckles opened. The sound of the zipper being pulled down was strangely stimulating.

The loose trousers fell to the floor, revealing white, slender legs. Even just looking at it, blood rushed to the bottom, which had been cooling down.

He couldn’t understand why he was like that.

He thought about it soberly. How was he able to ejaculate that day?

Various speculations came about. Was it the problem of the Rut accelerator he ate that day, or was his unknown disease finally getting better, if not…

Joohyuk, who looked down at Yihyeon, thought that his third guess was the most unreliable.

First, he focused on the rut accelerator. They interrogated the bartender at the rooftop bar who had been drinking with Woo Jaejin, and got the case of the accelerator that he put in Joohyuk’s drinking glass. As a result of the investigation, it was not much different from the accelerator prescribed in the hospital. Joohyuk, who had had sex with a Rut booster in the past, cast aside his suspicions.

He also hired a new person to see if his illness suddenly got better. But that was also not it. Uncomfortable sex continued until just before climax as before, and there was no sign of ejaculation for three hours. It was as if the urethra had been blocked with a stone.

During sex, he deliberately called Yihyeon and put him by the door. He fixed his gaze on him, wondering if it would be different if he had sex with him. It was still a strange face with no expression on it. Could it be that he has no expression on his face while watching other people’s sex openly?

He was still thrusting inside the man underneath, but in his head, he was imagining holding Yihyeon who was standing by the door and pinching his hole to open it. Then he felt the blood rushing to the bottom. It didn’t come close, but a stronger stimulus came to him than when he had hit others.

Then he realized that the third hypothesis, which he thought was the most absurd, was true.

He sent the man out and dragged Yihyeon to sit on the bed and ordered him to lie down and spread his legs.

While watching him take off his clothes while smoking a cigarette, he felt a rush of excitement again under the dying floor. The lower part of him, which had not reacted at all to any beautiful man or woman, trembled as if remembering the night he had with him.

He remembered the crazy rut from a few days ago. He remembered him, who contorted his face below him, enduring the pain and pleasure, and finally letting out a high-pitched scream and blushed. As soon as he imagined the time when that expressionless face collapsed, an unbearable lust surged.

‘Did  like that face?’

He admitted that Yihyeon was a beauty. He was the most beautiful person amongst the people he held, and his body was perfect. He didn’t really like muscular men, so he mostly hugged people with thin lines, but now that he looked at him, he thought he must like a strong, slender body like Yihyeon’s. If it weren’t for that, he thought that his lower side wouldn’t be able to react as much as this.

In the meantime, Yihyeon, who took off all the bottoms, got on the bed and bent his legs while lying down. Joohyuk rubbed a half-smoked cigarette into an ashtray and put it out, like a man without spare time, and approached him.

With his legs bent, he grabbed Yihyeon’s two knees, which were loosely spread out. Then he spread it left and right to the point of embarrassment. The genitals and holes that were not erected at all were visible. His expressionless face was momentarily disturbed, and he closed his eyes and turned his head.

Joohyuk’s finger touched the still swollen hole. The entrance of the hole that felt the touch flinched and shrank. Joohyuk patted the hole and pushed his middle finger deep into it. I heard Yihyeon swallowing his breath.

“It is still very swollen.”

Did he mention that it was his first time? It was quite bitter to see that the hole that had been abused and torn that day was still swollen red. Nevertheless, Yihyeon did not say a word that he was in pain, but with a slight frown on his forehead, he was swallowing Joohyuk’s fingers.

He pulled his finger out of the stiff entrance that couldn’t properly accept a single finger. Nearby, he saw the gel tube that the man had prepared earlier. It was obviously new when it was brought in, but now he took what was left of it and squeezed it straight toward Yihyeon’s hole. Because of the cold gel, his eyebrows trembled.

With the gel on, he shoved three fingers in at once. Just then, a short moan came out of Yihyeon’s mouth.

“From now on, you will release it yourself. This is the last time I’m relaxing your hole.”

It was not like it was a relaxing thing to do. It was just repeated inserting and removing three fingers several times into the hole that had not been properly loosened after being soaked in gel. Then, he seemed to like the feeling of the inner wall moving, so he put his finger deep in and began to sweep the inner wall.


Yihyeon’s eyes that had been closed flashed open. When Joohyuk’s finger pressed the deep prostate, his lower body trembled like he was having a convulsion. As soon as he saw that figure, Joohyuk was filled with passion, and it became difficult to handle. He, who was engulfed in the desire to ejaculate immediately, pulled out his finger at once.

When his insides finally felt empty, Yihyeon stopped breathing. An object the size of three fingers began to squeeze through the hole. Without realizing it, he was giving strength to the bottom, and tightened his hips and thighs.


He was startled by the burning pain and loud noise, and his breath was suffocated. Joohyuk slapped him in the ass once more.

“Isn’t Kwon Yihyeon a good person for learning?”

This time, the opposite hip was hit hard. He felt his muscles loosen up a bit due to the pain. At that time, Joohyuk began to enter him with difficulty.

“Huu… relax. You are the one who will suffer from being torn.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he felt a stabbing pain in the hole. It seems that the wound that has not yet healed has opened up again because of Joohyuk forcibly entering.

It kept coming in and in, and the kept filling the inside. It was time to stop coming in, but it was so big and long that it kept entering. In fact, it only went half way, but it felt too long for Yihyeon to feel as if what he was accepting was as long as an arm.

Eventually, Joohyuk’s thing reached the end of Yihyeon’s inner wall. It didn’t go all the way to the root, but just the feeling of touching the tip suddenly sent maddening heat to the bottom.

“Ugh… !”

Before he could push any further, his thing pulsated. Then, unable to bear it, he cried and came. Yihyeon’s stomach quickly filled with hot liquid.

Joohyuk, who was ejaculating for a long time as if occupying a hot inner wall, enjoyed the crazy pleasure inside him, but was also very disappointed. With others, it was a climax that could not be tasted even after three hours had passed. However, the climax came to him so easily just by entering Yihyeon. He ejaculated as though he had been waiting so long that he couldn’t control it anymore, so he was shocked and horrified.


The feeling of heat spreading in his stomach and the sensation of Joohyuk’s wriggling while ejaculating added heat to Yihyeon’s body. His face gradually heated up, and his expression almost collapsed.

‘If you feel… no…’

The Alpha’s ejaculation inside him was frighteningly sweet. He’d never had any relationship with other people, but he can assure that it felt stronger because it belonged to none other than Joohyuk.

He didn’t stab any sensitive area, and he didn’t caress or touch his genitals. Even so, just knowing that Joohyuk’s stuff was inside him made his body feel warm and excited. If he release the tension, won’t my dead genitals, like now, stand up with momentum?

But he had to distract himself. It might be okay if he was in a crazy state with rut like last time and he had been having sex for a long time, but in the current situation, he might notice it just by looking at the love liquid. Even though there was no way there would be any scent of his pheromone that disappeared just because it came out, he was afraid that he would be thrown out immediately if found out.

He’d rather not feel it and feel the pain. He would be caught and forced to leave his side.


As he was breathing heavily, he saw Joohyuk, who had stopped, showing a helpless smile. His mouth was smiling, but his eyes were shining intensely as if he had torn apart Yihyeon.

“It’s really ridiculous.”

As soon as he uttered those words, he thrusted down to the roots at once. Yihyeon’s waist bounced off due to the piercing pain in his stomach and the deep stimulation.


Joohyuk’s brow furrowed. Even though he had just ejaculated, he was pulsating and bulging just because he had completely filled him. He leaned down a little more and looked down at Yihyeon with his legs spread under him. His face, which started to get confused, caught his gaze and did not let go.

With both hands pressed to the side of Yihyeon, he moved downwards. Yihyeon closed his eyes tightly and bit his lip.


Yihyeon widened his eyes and shook his head. As Joohyuk pressed his sensitive spot, it seemed he, who had no expression on his face, could not help but react. As soon as an expression appeared on his reddened face, a strange ecstasy came.

“Ah, uh-! Ugh-!”

It felt like his lower lip, which had barely healed, was torn again. He put his thumb into Yihyeon’s mouth and pressed his tongue firmly.

“Do not bite.”

He didn’t like the smell of blood when kissing.

Yihyeon must have heard the words not to bite his lip and not to bite his finger, so he tried to swallow a moan through his throat with his mouth open.

“Ah, ha-! Ha-!”

He couldn’t keep his mouth shut, so a moan kept coming out, which stimulated him. And watching him twist his body in pain and pleasure below, a strong desire for conquering boiled over.

It was Yihyeon, who usually did not change his expression at all. It made him feel better to see him not only panting under him, but also showing his weakened expression. He had no hobbies in SM play, but it made him want to try it if it made Yihyeon like this.

It felt serious enough. Even though it was provocative to at him from the outside, the inside of him was a bit more exciting. It was not enough to bite on Joohyuk’s stuff as if he was not going to let go, so moving roughly made him dizzy. Maybe it was because of the circumstances, the inside was soggy and soft, giving him the best pleasure.

The second ejaculation had already come. Joohyuk couldn’t stand it and just ejaculated inside him.


He ejaculated for a long time while pushing the insides up and thrusting in deeply. Yihyeon’s eyes widened and his body trembled. Because of that, Joohyuk seemed to be able to go into heat again even though he was intoxicated with ejaculation.

“Ah… ?!”

Even though the situation wasn’t over yet, he couldn’t stand it and pushed it back and forth. A loud squeaking sound irritated his ears. Yihyeon’s surprised eyes shook several times, and saliva that he could not swallow was flowing out of his mouth. It was so beautiful that he wanted to thrust into him again, forgetting that he was ejaculating.

Yihyeon’s tongue pressed against his fingers was soft. It made him want to grab it, chew it up and eat it.

With his finger removed from Yihyeon’s mouth, he still looked down at his face and stretched out his hand. Yihyeon’s member, which was half erect, was held in his hand.


Yihyeon, who had a disheveled face with a red face, was startled. He wanted to see more of how he felt. If he could see him cry frankly below him and put his mind at ease, he wondered what it would be like to play with his hands, which he would never do to other people.

Holding Yihyeon’s hot thing in his hand, he shook it with strength. Personally, he liked it strong, so he grabbed it tightly and swept it up, and Yihyeon’s waist twisted and his eyes turned red in a charming way.

Yihyeon touched his chest with a trembling hand. He couldn’t push it away, and he dissuaded him slightly watery eyes.

“Ha… I…done … uh, heh… !”

“Why? Isn’t it better for Kwon Yihyeon to feel good about what we’re doing?”

He was comforting other people for the first time, but Yihyeon didn’t seem to like it. He shook his head and licked his lips.

“I’m fine… I… . ugh, ha…ha…”

It was a strange stubbornness. He said he didn’t want it, something that had already been erected by his hand. Was he going to be ashamed of himself now?

“If that is the case.”

Joohyuk took his hand off and raised his upper body. He grabbed Yihyeon’s pelvis, lifted it slightly, and hit him relentlessly. Because of the changed posture, hiss thing was pierced exactly where Yihyeon felt.

“Ha-! Ah-!”

He couldn’t swallow his moans. Yihyeon’s body trembled uncontrollably at the strong, careless shoveling to the point that he felt his inside might break. He raised both hands with difficulty and covered his mouth, but the waves of pleasure felt from the inside made his mind confused. His member, which had been stroked by Joohyuk’s hand until just before ejaculation, shook a few times, unable to bear it, and let out a thick liquid.


Had it not been for covering his mouth, he would have made a long, high-pitched voice. The feeling of his brain melting and the sensation of his eyes turning white tormented Yihyeon’s little reason left. He wanted to call out Joohyuk’s name out loud, and he wanted to reach out and hug him. It made him sad that he couldn’t do that even though he was in front of him and his eyes were wide open.


Yihyeon froze and ejaculated, his inner wall rapidly tightened. It was already tight, but it still tightened more as if about to break Joohyuk. In the end, Joohyuk, who could not stand it, started the third ejaculation.

Another hot semen was sprayed inside him, which was already filled with Joohyuk and his semen. His thing was twitching because of the ejaculation, and Joohyuk’s also twitched repeatedly, and semen filled the inside in accordance with it.

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