Chapter 11

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Feeling the euphoria of a long ejaculation, Joohyuk grabbed Yihyeon’s pelvis. If he applied more force with his hands, he thought the thin skeletal frame would break as it is. Even men with thinner bones than him hugged him like crazy for hours, but this was the first time he had ever felt so bad because he feared that this person would break. Perhaps it was because Yihyeon was the only person who could make him ejaculate.

In his heart, he wanted to do this for hours and hours, but he felt like he was feeling his bones with his hands, so he lost the taste to do it. He pulled out his genitals that were inside Yihyeon at once.


A startled moan erupted from yihyeon’s mouth, who had lost all his strength. The thick thing was pulled out at once, and it felt as if the inner wall was being pulled away.

Joohyuk looked at the semen that started to flow out of Yihyeon’s gaping hole and wiped his sweaty bangs with one hand. Two naked legs, a hole that stretched and tightened as his went in and out, his thick semen flowing out of it, and a disorganized face with heat. Just by looking at Yihyeon, the heat gathered below again.

Joohyuk turned his gaze away, picked up a new cigarette, and lit the end of it. He took a cigarette, which had begun to burn, and picked up his gown and put it on. He left the room without a word, tying his belt dry and covering his face.

When Yihyeon saw Joohyuk leaving the room, he took a deep breath. He could feel the semen dripping from below, but he didn’t even think to close the hole. In terms of time, it seemed like it wasn’t done for a long time, but he felt like he had been tormented throughout the day.

He leaned on the bed and sat up with a hard upper body. Semen gushed out of the hot hole. At the same time, the heat intensified. Was blood coming out of the torn part?

He lowered his legs under the bed, feeling heavy as if the bones in his lower body were dislocated. So he sat down on the bed and looked around.

Strangely, his breath got caught looking at the remains of a condom that was not used on him and the traces of an affair with another person.

When he got up from his seat and looked back, he saw a bed that was as messy as the surroundings. He didn’t know why his stomach hurt so much when he thought of himself lying on the bed where other people have stayed countless times.


His stomach churned again. He frowned while pressing his stomach with one hand. The squeezing pain faded away after a while.

He lowered his hand and picked up his pants that had been dropped near the bed. If he recklessly went out to wash, the bodyguards standing in the distance at the front door would have surprised eyes. Maybe they knew what had happened to him, but for the first time, he had to pretend to be calm. He had to wear his underwear and pants even to the bathroom.

‘The room…Let’s wash and clean up.’

It seemed like the semen inside him would flow down endlessly even when he got dressed to go out. The thought of having to wash up and come back to this room filled with the smell of semen made him feel frustrated.

Then the door opened and Joohyuk came back. It seemed he hadn’t washed his face, as the cigarette he had in his mouth and sweat from his body were the same.

Yihyeon, who was sitting still looking at Joohyuk, knew that something was in his hand. Recognizing it, his face hardened.

A few checks with a clear handwriting were put out in front of him.

“Thanks for your work.”

It was a voice that did not have even a speck of affection. He put his eyes on the check, then lifted his eyes and looked up at Joohyuk. His icy eyes, with no heat left, seemed to become blades of frost and pierced his body.

“Why, is it less?”

Joohyuk’s brow furrowed when he didn’t accept it right away. Looking up at him, Yihyeon’s stomach hurt again.

What the hell did this man think of him?

But his shut mouth did not open to say anything. He couldn’t put out the words because it was none other than himself who made Joohyul think that way.

Silently, with both hands, he accepted the check.

“No… thank you.”

He said, clearing his throat as much as possible so that the tremors in his voice was not noticeable. Fortunately, Joohyuk didn’t seem to notice.

Joohyuk took a deep breath of the cigarette in his mouth and then exhaled the smoke slowly. His face in the smoke had a satisfaction incomparable to when he had had sex with other partners before.

“I won’t be calling a partner in the future.”

He knew it was a waste of time to call them. He couldn’t even ejaculate, and he had to keep hitting it for hours and hours, and it was just dissatisfying.

“It’s annoying to take care of them everytime.”

Yihyeon did not know what those words meant. He was trying hard not to crumple the stiff check in his hand.

Joohyuk headed to the bathroom, and after a while he heard him entering his bedroom. Until then, Yihyeon was sitting still like a clockwork doll that had stopped without even wearing underwear. His gaze rested on the three checks in his hand.

It had been almost an hour since he got up from his seat. It had been a while since Joohyuk went back to his bedroom, and the semen that was flowing from the hole no longer came out.

When he got up from his seat, he staggered for a moment as if his legs had loosened. With difficulty, he pulled himself back and picked up his underwear to put on. In the process, the semen, which he thought had all flowed out, mixed with the love fluid and soaked his underwear. Pretending he could not even feel it, he quietly put on his pants.

He opened the door and went out of the room. He moved his legs trembling while breathing in a refreshing scent that was completely different from the room full of fishy smells. He could feel the guards’ gaze from afar, but he didn’t care. His head was more focused on the check in my hand than the gazes of those people.

He went into his small room and closed the door. Contrary to the refreshing scent outside, the stuffy air pressed against the lungs.

This was his space

His room was a warehouse-like space that was barely touched by Joohyuk’s freshness. It was such a small, lonely room that looked infinitely sad and lonely.

He struggled to straighten his legs, which had almost slumped, and approached the chest of drawers. He pulled the handle of the uppermost compartment to open the drawer, and there were several checks like the one in his hand. A dirty check, wrinkled like garbage.

At that time, he was able to crumple the check in his hand. It was only after witnessing the crumpled checks that had become a part of his stuffy space.

As before, Yihyeon, who had roughly crumpled the check in his hand, threw it into the chest of drawers. Another trace piled up next to the wrinkled wads of checks like garbage. Watching it silently, he felt so pathetic and miserable.

He closed the drawer and sat down on the bed. Now, after washing his weary body and changing clothes, he had to clean up the room where he had an affair with Joohyuk. He hated having to go back to a space full of disgusting scents, but he had to.

Because that was one of the jobs that Lee Joohyuk’s secretary and bodyguard ‘Kwon Yihyeon’ had to do.

* * *

After that day, Joohyuk did not call any other partners. Even when partner candidates who wanted to apply for support contacted him, they were all refused.

“Yes… to?!”

At this, the chief of staff widened his eyes and made a bewildered sound. He knew how strong Joohyuk’s sexual desire was, and he was also aware of his mental problems. He, who had been assisting Joohyuk for much longer than Yihyeon, could not easily accept this situation. Finally, he questioned Yihyeon whether there was a sexual problem, but what he said was ‘Your manager is perfectly normal’.

In fact, on the surface, Joohyuk looked like he had no problem. Rather, he looked more lively than when he brought in his partner. In the secretary’s office, he held onto Yihyeon and asked him to tell him if he knew even a little about what had happened. He responded with his characteristic expressionless face and turned around without saying a word.

Knock knock-

“This is Kwon Yihyeon.”

“Come in.”

As soon as he revealed himself, the words of permission came. Upon entering, Joohyuk’s refreshing pheromone enveloped his body.

He calmly passed the scent and approached Joohyuk. He placed the black file folder he was holding onto his desk.

“This is a document sent by Jaewon Resort. Please review it and mark the area to be checked, and we will deliver it.”

Joohyuk, who was looking at the computer monitor on the desk, turned to him. He still had an expressionless, uninterested face.

“Mr. Kwon Yihyeon.”

Yihyeon’s eyes, which were looking at the file folder, met Joohyuk.

Recently, Yihyeon seemed to be oddly avoiding his gaze. He had to call his name to make eye contact. He didn’t like that.

Joohyuk pointed to his side with his chin. Knowing what that meant, Yihyeon’s eyes flickered for a moment.

“… Director, the company…”

He spoke up with difficulty, but Joohyuk frowned and nodded once more. Yihyeon chewed the flesh in his mouth and turned around the desk and approached Joohyuk.

“It’s my company, so I’ll take care of it.”

Was he being considerate?

Yihyeon turned the chair toward him and looked down at Joohyuk, then knelt in front of him. He slipped through his open legs and stretched his hand over his waist. He carefully unbuckled the waist belt and trouser buckles and lowered the zipper. Even before an erection, what was covered in his underwear boasted a large size.

He glanced up at Joohyuk. His elbow was on the desk and his chin rested on back of his hand, still looking cold. It felt like a cold teacher supervising the exam.

He suddenly got nervous.

He took out Joohyuk’s thing that was hidden in his underwear and put it in one hand. He brought his lips to the glans part of it, the size of his palm. He gently licked the glans with the tip of his tongue. Just as Joohyuk taught him a few days ago, he carefully licked his glans with his tongue and then put his stuff in his mouth at once. The still soft thing flinched inside his mouth.

He made space inside as much as possible so that his teeth did not touch it. In that state, the member was inserted close to the throat. When the glans touched his throat, he didn’t forget to lick the pillar with his tongue while pulling it out. Then, when his lips touched the glans, he raised the tip of his tongue and rubbed the urethra.

By the time he went back and forth three times, Joohyuk’’s thing quickly became hard and it hurt to the point of a sore throat. His chin was already strained.

The sound of breathing from above was slightly disturbed. As soon as he realized that, Joohyuk’s two hands grabbed his head. Then, regardless of his will, his head moved quickly.

“Ugh… !”

As Joohyuk made his head move at will, his large thing went in and out of his throat repeatedly. In fact, he tried to use his tongue as he taught him, but without even doing so, he moved quickly as if he was a shovel.

“Ugh, uh… !”

Every time he pierced his throat, his airway was blocked and he couldn’t breathe. Tears pooled around his eyes, and his jaw felt like it was about to fall out. Still, he opened his mouth as much as he could, thinking that his teeth should not touch.

Joohyuk’s forehead was wrinkled from the stimulation coming from below, and a brisk breath flowed out.

After teaching Yihyeon how to give oral, before he could do it properly, he went into heat and stabbed his throat relentlessly. The soft and hot inside of his mouth was very pleasant, and when it touched his throat, it was as if he was driving it deep inside him.

In order to ejaculate, Yihyeon’s hole was not the only answer. As a result of testing, he was able to reach the climax with his mouth.

Joohyuk swallowed his saliva as he looked down at Yihyeon, who pierced his throat till he suffocated, but did not push him away. In his mind, he wanted to lay him flat on the floor and have sex with him like crazy. If it hadn’t been for the company, he would have been able to do that.


Kwon Yihyeon was dangerous. He was the only person who could let him taste the climax, but when Joohyuk’s body, who had experienced the ultimate pleasure, was put in front of Yihyeon, he reacted arbitrarily. When Yihyeon’s eyes met his a while ago, he felt a rush of heat in his lower part.

The climax that he gave was like an unstoppable drug. The more he came across it, the more he wanted it. Just like right now.

Joohyuk was bulging to the limit and pierced Yihyeon’s throat so deeply that it hurt. At the same time, Yihyeon’s back hair was pulled strongly so that he could not escape from him.


Hot semen poured down Yihyeon’s throat. With his eyes wide open, he h trembled at the feeling of the slimy liquid being forcibly put into his throat. Even though the thick flesh blocked his airway and made it impossible to breathe, the semen that poured into his throat flowed down.

After ejaculation, Joohyuk’s thing slowly came out of his mouth. After he caught his breath, a fishy scent that he could not bear hit his nose. Remnants of a viscous body fluid that were clearly Joohyuk’s was left in his mouth.

Cough, cough!

Only after Joohyuk’s stuff had completely escaped from his mouth was he able to cough. He covered his mouth with one hand and coughed painfully while wiping his eyes with the other. Tears flowed down unintentionally and were wiped away from the back of his hand.

After wiping his lips wet with saliva, something fell in front of his knee. It was a white check.

When he looked up, Joohyuk, who had already cleaned up, turned his chair to the front and looked down at the file folder. He felt empty without realizing it, so he looked up at him quietly, and Joohyuk’s cold eyes looked down.

Seeing Yihyeon, who was looking up at him expressionlessly with his red eyes, he felt the blood rushing to the bottom again. Even though he just removed it, the lower part of him kept looking for Yihyeon as if he was crazy. Kwon Yihyeon was dangerous.

“It’s annoying, so leave.”

In the past, he was told to stand by the door and wait. But now that was no longer possible. When Yihyeon stood by the door, he kept looking at him, and he wanted to stretch out his hand and lay him down. So now, if it was not for work, Yihyeon was not put in his space. He kept getting annoyed.

Yihyeon could not meet Joohyuk’s cold eyes, so he quickly bowed his head. What he saw was a check for one million won lying in front of him on his knees. His stomach, which has been hurting frequently lately, was in pain again.

He clenched his teeth inconspicuously, shoved the check into his pocket, and left the executive office. His stomach was numb and the pain was worse than before.

‘Should I go to the hospital?’

But he couldn’t go to the hospital in his current state. In the state of ‘Kwon Yihyeon’.

Without realizing it, he touched his stomach with his hand. A young woman outside the secretary’s office ran to him with a worried face.

“Yihyeon, are you hurt?”

He answered, lowering his hand from his still numb stomach.

“I’m fine, thanks.”

“Your eyes are red. The complexion doesn’t look good either…”

“Don’t worry.”

She was even more worried because it was Yihyeon, who never showed any signs of pain. The woman reached out towards his pale face. Just before her fingertips touched his face, he took a step back and avoided her hand.

“Sorry. I will be away for a while, so please call me if you need me.”

“Oh, yes.”

He lowered his head toward the woman whose hand was floating in the air and looked at the shy woman.

The place he headed past the woman was the bathroom. As soon as he entered, he turned on the cold water in the sink and washed his face several times. He repeated rinsing his mouth several times to get rid of the faint taste that still remained.

He shut the water off and raised his head. The water-soaked face reflected on the mirror was pale. However, the eyes and lips were red.

He remembered what happened before. He  put Joohyuk’s thing in his mouth and moved to appease him.

He raised the back of his hand and pressed the corner of his mouth firmly to rub it. It seemed that his scent was still in his mouth.


A vibration echoed in his chest. He took out a handkerchief and wiped the water off his hands and face, then pulled out his cell phone from the inside pocket of his suit jacket. After checking the number on the screen, his eyes narrowed.

He expected it to arrive soon, but it took longer than expected. Did he do a background check?

He pressed the accept call button and brought the phone to his ear.

“This is Kwon Yihyeon.”

He opened his mouth calmly, pretending not to know anything. A familiar voice came from the other side.

-Hello. Did you return well last time?

It sounded like he was sending his lover home and was asking how they were.

“Who are you?”

He knew but pretended not to know. Because it would be strange that he recognised him.

– Oh, I didn’t introduce myself. I am Lee Haejun. Remember?

He remembered every time. As soon as he saw the number, he immediately recognized that it was him.

“I remember. You are Lee Joohyuk’s younger brother.”

As much as he knew him as ‘Kwon Yihyeon’, that was the only information he knew about him. From the other side, Haejun made a voice mixed with laughter.

-Yes, that is correct.

“What do you want from me?”

He guessed it, but pretended not to know.

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