Chapter 16

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Joohyuk got up from his seat and looked down at Haejun.

“You don’t have to worry about Kwon Yihyeon. When you’re done talking, go back.”

Haejun’s eyes frowned. He paused, trying to warn him again. But somehow, he felt like it was useless.

“Okay. I won’t say any more.”

Haejun, who raised his hands as if he had given up, suddenly remembered Yihyeon’s face. He was a bit thinner than before and his complexion was not good. Even though he knew it was just a silly thing, he dared to tell Joohyuk.

“Kwon Yihyeon, is he sick these days?”

Joohyuk, who was returning to the desk, turned his head to look at him. Just before, he told him not to pay attention to Yihyeon, but he was openly showing interest in him.

“What are you talking about?”

Haejun didn’t know that he was only having sex with Yihyeon almost every day with all his partners cut off. Still, it felt as if he was pointing it out. Haejun was only asking honestly.

In fact, Haejun thought he saw Joohyuk make a face he didn’t know at all but thought he had seen it wrong. No matter how much they were together every day, if Yihyeon was not feeling well, Joohyuk would never know.

“No. I must be mistaken.”

Haejun, who left those words, headed towards the door with a smile as if he had never made a serious face.

“Then I’ll be back next time, hyung.”

“Don’t come here for useless things.”

Joohyuk said, displeased, Haejun answered that he knew and left the executive office. He heard Yihyeon say hello to him from outside.

After reading, he sat down at the desk again to go through the documents, but for some reason he couldn’t get things to work.

* * *

That night.

“Ugh… !”

A shallow moan flowed from between Yihyeon’s tightly closed lips.

Joohyuk stood up and hugged Yihyeon’s body from behind and ejaculated deeply inside. Yihyeon’s back touched his chest and he felt it tremble.

Joohyuk, enjoying the aftermath of the situation, pulled out of Yihyeon’s body. Then, he pushed Yihyeon, who was staggering, to the bed as if it was annoying. His body sprawled helplessly.

He picked up a small bottle of water on the bedside table while keeping his eyes on Yihyeon, who was lying on the side of the bed. The cold bottled water he brought before sex was already lukewarm.

Joohyuk, who quenched his dry throat with the bottled water, looked down at Yihyeon, who was breathing hard with his eyes closed. He couldn’t even lift a finger, so his chest went up and down and he couldn’t open his eyes.

He spent most of the day with him and held him almost every night, so he didn’t know if his complexion was particularly bad or skinny.

‘No, he’s a little thin.’

The first time he entered Yihyeon, it was appropriate and okay, but lately, when he hit him hard, his hip bone pressed on his thigh and it hurt. Besides, when he hit it earlier, it seemed like his waist was thinner than before.

Once he started thinking about it, he kept thinking about him. He usually didn’t care, but now he was concerned about his eating habits. This was all because Haejun, who came during the day and said useless things.

After thinking about it, he decided to go to wash and put on a robe. Yihyeon couldn’t get up until Joohyuk put on a robe and opened the door.

Joohyuk, who was about to leave since the sex was over, looked at Yihyeon, who was lying naked, and clicked his tongue briefly. Joohyuk approached him and took a bottle of water and poured the water on Yihyeon’s head. Yihyeon, who suddenly opened his eyes, blinking at the lukewarm liquid wet his head, looked up at Joohyuk as if tired.

Joohyuk, with a cold look, threw an empty bottle of water on the floor and turned around. He went straight to the bathroom, thinking that if he woke up, he would go to wash himself.

Left alone in the room where they had sex, Yihyeon closed his eyes again without even thinking of wiping the water from his head. He was sore and couldn’t move at all. Although he did not show a painful expression on his face, his stomach was filled with pain as if squeezing his stomach.

He thought it would subside if he endured for a while, so he took a slow, deep breath and waited for the tingling in his stomach to calm down.

As he laid down with his eyes closed, the water running down his face bothered him. Then Joohyuk’s cold face came to mind.

He cried. He looked down at him, who couldn’t even get up, as if annoyed, and poured water over his head. He felt like garbage.

Even if he was cruel, he couldn’t be that cruel. He felt like he was being treated like a subhuman because he didn’t deserve to be treated like a flower girl.

“Ugh… ”

The stomach pain got worse. He frowned and tried to press down on it with his hand, but it didn’t work.

After a while, the pain started to get better. It was still the same, but he felt like he could move his body. With one hand on his stomach, he raised his upper body with difficulty and sat down. Water soaked his head and ran down his cheeks, dripping onto the floor.

Just when he thought that he had to wash his body first and tidy up the room as usual, Joohyuk, who he thought would not come back to the room, opened the door and came in. He was wearing a men’s nightgown, with his slightly damp hair, comfy trousers, from a shower. At the unexpected appearance of Joohyuk, his movements stopped as it was.

Joohyuk frowned as he looked at Yihyeon, who was sitting on the bed. When he woke up, he would be dressed first, but he was still naked. It was quite erotic to see his hair, filled with water poured to calm him down, sticking to his face and neck.

‘It’s annoying.’

Maybe it was because of Haejun, he kept paying attention to Yihyeon.

Joohyuk, who forgot to bring his wallet in before sex, threw some checks he had brought from the bedroom onto Yihyeon’s lap. His gaze shifted from his face to the check on his lap. He looked down at the check and didn’t move.

‘Is money that good?’

Money lovers were easy to deal with. To be precise, no matter how he handled it, as long as he gave them money, they wouldn’t bother him. No matter how hard and tiring, if he gave them a bunch of money, they will laugh as if they have never done it, and they will come back asking if there was anything more they could do. He thought Yihyeon would be of that kind too.

But why doesn’t he seem to like it?

Joohyuk, who looked down at Yihyeon, realized that he was putting his hand on his stomach.

“Where does it hurt?”

Yihyeon’s shoulders shuddered at the words that were said without a second thought. He lowered his hand which was on his chest and looked away.

“If you are sick, tell me at the right time. It will bother me later.”

‘When it hurts, fix it at the right time so there will be no trouble later. If you think little of a small bottle and leave it unattended, it gets bigger and bigger beyond your control and makes you faint.’

Yihyeon seemed to hesitate. Haejun’s words ran through Joohyuk’s mind.

“As hyung said before, Yihyeon is a person who likes money very much. What would you do if Sihoon hyung gave him a large amount of money that would remain even after paying the penalty after he had a big heart? Turns out, he has been getting a lot of scout offers from a long time ago, so wouldn’t it be good to be nervous?”

Damn it

If Sihoon really made up his mind, it was possible to seduce Yihyeon by preparing a large sum of money. When he thought about it, all sorts of doubts arose.

“Then can I go to the hospital for a little bit tomorrow afternoon?”

While he was doubting that Sihoon was planning, he heard Yihyeon’s words.

Tomorrow afternoon? If he says he is sick, wouldn’t he go to the hospital now? If not, calling a doctor was another way.

Joohyuk visited the hospital regardless of time or money if something went wrong, and now he even called his doctor at home. As a result, he forgot that it was natural for normal people to visit the hospital on weekdays, even when the sun was shining.

In fact, he wondered if Yihyeon was going to see someone tomorrow afternoon using the hospital as an excuse.

“Why is it tomorrow afternoon?”

At Joohyuk’s cold question, Yihyeon raised his head as if puzzled and looked up at him. The reason why he said tomorrow afternoon was because that was the only time he could make space because Joohyuk frequently traveled or worked outside. It was natural for him, who had Joohyuk’s monthly schedule in his head on an hourly basis.

But Joohyuk, unaware of this, only grew suspicious. The fire that Haejun put in because he was worried about Yihyeonn was growing in size in a different direction.

“I would rather call the doctor here now. Let’s take this time to find out where it’s hurting.”

Joohyuk’s eyes narrowed.

“If there is no pain, you better be prepared.”

Even the pain was suspicious. The lust for monopoly twisted from the depths gradually lifted his head.

Yihyeon looked up at Joohyuk and was troubled.

As Joohyuk said, if he called a doctor to check his condition, they would basically draw blood, and then he would find out that he was an Omega. However, it was close to impossible to tell the doctor not to do that part of the examination when Joohyuk was trying so hard.

He didn’t know why Joohyuk was angry, but it seemed that he did something he didn’t like and angered him.

No matter how much he thought about it, Yihyeon, who could not figure out why, first refused his favor.

“It was just that I was feeling a little nauseous. It’s okay to not call a doctor.”

“It’s not enough to call a doctor, but you have to go to the hospital?”

It sounded like something was twisted. Did he hate the hospital or did he hate going there?

Yihyeon felt the pain in his stomach again, but he had no choice but to give up on the hospital itself.

“I think I just need medicine. As soon as I clean up the room, I’ll briefly go to the pharmacy…”

“It really bothers me.”

Joohyuk, who was muttering with irritation, walked towards the entrance of the room. He roughly opened the door, looking in the direction of the front door, and directed the guards who were there.

“Go and buy some gastrointestinal medicine.”

Having said that, he slammed the door shut. He approached Yihyeon again and lowered his cold gaze.

“What excuse are you going to give this time?”

Yihyeon couldn’t figure out why Joohyuk was doing this. He just watched his behavior and carefully inferred it.

“If it bothers you if I go out, I won’t go.”

Fortunately, it seems to fit. Joohyuk’s eyes softened.

“You seem to be mistaken these days, but Kwon Yihyeon is a person who guards me. You can’t leave without my order, and you can’t walk around without permission. Please understand the situation.”

It was a word that felt obsessive, but only the last words were taken in by Yihyeon. It meant to understand the situation.

It was throbbing again.

* * *

Joohyuk, who had stationed Yihyeon outside the door while working for a while, told him to stay inside again. Now he was worried about leaving him outside. He was afraid he would meet someone and come back while he did not see them. And he guessed that it was Lee Sihoon, the one he hated the most.

Was it because of that anxiety?

Joohyuk did not want to lay Yihyeon on the floor even if he was in the same room, or his sexual desire did not rise. It may be because he was consistently satisfying his sexual desire almost every day, but rather than his body, he was interested in ‘Kwon Yihyeon’ itself.

‘Scout offer…’

While signing the documents, the words that Yihyeon had received numerous offers lingered in his mind. He wondered what conditions he was presented with, and he wanted to know how he reacted. Did he say no at once, or did he adjust the amount and put it on hold?

Joohyuk, who had finished signing the last document he had been scanning through, looked up and looked at Yihyeon, who was standing by the door. He lowered his gaze slightly with an expressionless face that was no different from usual. In the past, he would have looked at him as soon as he felt his gaze, but he didn’t know if it had just gotten dull or not even if he looked at him for a while.

“Mr. Kwon Yihyeon.”

When his name was called, he raised his head and met his eyes. As soon as Joohyuk made eye contact with him, he felt something strange.

He raised his finger signaling him to come closer. Yihyeon, who was standing by the door, walked straight to the desk.

The complexion of Yihyeon seen from a short distance was not as good as in the morning. When he saw it, it seemed that there was definitely a pain somewhere, so his voice softened a little.

“Are you still unwell?”

“No, I’m fine.”

He didn’t like the ready-made answer.

“Are you sure?”

Yihyeon, who met Joohyuk’s sharp eyes, replied one beat late.

“… I’ve taken the medicine, so I’ll be fine soon.”

Rather, the answer irritated Joohyuk. It has been 3 hours since he ate lunch. He took the medicine at that time, but if he was still not feeling well, it won’t work, but he said he’ll be fine soon.

“Are you foolish or stupid?”

Joohyuk, who uttered cold words, jumped up from his seat. He called the secretary’s office on the desk phone.

“Get Driver Kim ready.”

Joohyuk hung up the phone without hearing the secretary’s answer, and walked over to the hanger. Yihyeon quickly picked up the suit jacket before him and helped Joohyuk wear it easily.

Joohyuk, who briefly polished the look of his suit, walked ahead.

“Follow me.”


While Yihyeon answered immediately, he remembered that there was no scheduled outing for the afternoon. However, he did not ask any questions, remembering what Joohyuk had said the day before to get the topic straight. He almost bent his back because of the momentary numbness in his stomach, but he persevered and followed Joohyuk.

When he left the company building, a black foreign car was waiting at the entrance. The man standing next to the car looked at Joohyuk and opened the back seat door. After he got on and Yihyeon got on the passenger seat, the car started moving.

“Go to the nearest university hospital.”

At Joohyuk’s words, Yihyeon was startled. He glanced up at the rear view mirror and met Joohyuk’s eyes. He wanted to say it was okay, but looking at Joohyuk’s eyes, he didn’t think he should do that.

In the end, he could not say anything until he reached the front of the university hospital.

When the car stopped in the outdoor parking lot of a large university hospital, he looked at Joohyuk again through the mirror. Without a doubt, their eyes met.

Joohyuk’s black card was held out to Yihyeon’s left shoulder.

“Go and do everything you can to check and pay with this.”

“If it’s a payment, I… ”

“Shut up and take it. Don’t be fooled by the fact that you’re making a lot of money.”

It was a university hospital, and if he went through all sorts of tests, the amount would be considerably large. Joohyuk was annoyed because he thought that Yihyeon might not be able to do the procedure properly because of that.

In fact, Yihyeon did not care what the cost of the examination was, but he could not express this in front of Joohyuk. Reluctantly, he accepted the card he handed out.

“… thank you.”

Joohyuk’s black card went into the inside pocket of Yihyeon’s suit jacket. He felt Joohyuk’s mood strangely improving just by that alone.

“Driver Kim will follow.”

Yihyeon, who was about to get out of the car, turned his head and looked at the back seat.

“I can go alone.”

“I know that. I’m sending him because I’m afraid you won’t do the inspection properly.”

When Joohyuk said that, Yihyeon met his gaze and raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Then, wouldn’t the managing director be alone?”

“I think you keep forgetting because you are a bodyguard.”

Joohyuk took out a metal cigarette case from the inside pocket of his suit jacket.

“I have enough skills to not worry about anyone, so don’t think about anything useless and go.”

He put a cigarette in his mouth as if he didn’t want to talk any more.

He wouldn’t be unaware that it takes a considerable amount of time to check this and that, but Joohyuk seemed to be waiting for it while smoking a cigarette.

“… Okay. If there is anything, please call me right away.”

Knowing that Joohyuk would not respond to his words, he immediately opened the door and got out of the car.

The man in the driver’s seat also unbuckled his seat belt and tried to open the car door.

“Follow him.”

Joohyuk’s eyes reached Yihyeon outside the car.

“Look closely at who approaches that person and see if he goes somewhere else. You must not miss it.”

Saying that, he gave a terrifying look with a warning. The man flinched and shook his head.

After the man got out of the car, Joohyuk lit a cigarette and opened the window so the smoke could escape. Through the side mirror outside the window, he could see Yihyeon looking around the car once more. Then he turned around and headed into the hospital.

Joohyuk did not take his eyes off the side mirror until the moment when Yihyeon disappeared.

Entering the hospital, Yihyeon glanced over his shoulder at the man following him closely. Their eyes met and he smiled awkwardly.

Yihyeon, who was heading to the reception desk, turned around and raised his hand as if telling the man to stop. He stopped at his instructions and his eyes were wide open.

He looked around slowly. There were quite a few people in the lobby, but there were no suspicious people or anyone watching the place. He could feel the gaze of some nurses passing by from time to time, but it wasn’t much of a concern.

Yhyeon put his hand in the inside pocket of his suit jacket and took out his cell phone. In the process, the cell phone and Joohyuk’s card were caught together. He held the phone in his hand and looked down at the card in his other hand. When he did that, his heart throbbed.

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