Chapter 17

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Can he think that Joohyuk cared for him a little bit?

If he looked at the situation alone, what he thought was correct, but when he thought about it carefully, it didn’t seem like it. Maybe Joohyuk didn’t want to see him groaning. It seemed that the bodyguard who was supposed to protect him would not be able to because of his personality.

‘Identify the subject…’

His face quickly darkened.

His ‘subject’ was a bodyguard. Of course, security guards shouldn’t have personal feelings for VIPs. No matter what kind of relationship they had in the past.

‘From the beginning I didn’t know my subject.’

He had him in his heart long before he became a bodyguard, and even after being with him, he was never without feelings for him.

Joohyuk’s little words poured cold water on his heart, which was getting warmer.

He put Joohyuk’s card back into his inner pocket, picked up his cell phone, and called someone. The man standing in front of him was still looking at him.

The other party quickly answered the call as expected.

“I have work to do. Now here… ”

He explained the name and approximate location of the university hospital where he was standing. As if not to miss any of his words, the opponent politely reconfirmed it and memorised it.

“I’m going to get tested now, so contact the hospital director right away. Prepare to manipulate the medical certificate.”

When he starts the test, it will be marked as ‘omega’ on the medical certificate. And a name other than ‘Kwon Yihyeon’ will be written on it. If it was Joohyuk, he would ask him to present a medical certificate to make sure he had been properly tested. He was waiting in the car, so he had to move quickly inside the hospital to operate.

He hung up the phone and looked at the man in front of him.

“Someone will come soon. You wait here and get the falsified medical certificate.”

The man smiled brightly.

“All right. If you contact me as soon as it’s finished, I’ll go pick you up.”

As the man did to Joohyuk, he bowed deeply to Yihyeon. Yihyeon greeted without a word as if it were natural and headed to the hospital reception desk.

* * *

Yihyeon left the hospital and returned to Joohyuk’s car with a medicine bag and a medical certificate in one hand. Joohyuk would be dissatisfied if he went out after a rough inspection, so several tests were added. Fortunately, other than one thing, there wasn’t anything seriously bad about it.

The test result was ‘nervous stomach cramps’. Excessive stress was the cause, causing pain as if squeezing the stomach, headache or vomiting.

The doctor clicked his tongue after he answered diligently about the number and duration of stomach cramps and other additional questions. It must have been difficult to endure, but he was also criticized as to why he came here now.

The doctor said that he should avoid ‘excessive stress’, which causes stomach cramps, as much as possible. At those words, he had no choice but to make a bitter expression.

Usually, when he was hurt by Joohyuk, his stomach hurt. It hurts to think of the bitter words he had said, and it hurts to think of someone else for him.

The cause of the disease Yihyeon got was none other than Lee Joohyuk.

‘It’s not good, Lee Joohyuk.’

At least once in his mind, he blamed him.

He arrived at Joohyuk’s car with a medical certificate with the name and character markings corrected. From outside the door, he looked towards Joohyuk once and opened the passenger seat door.

“Ride back.”

At Joohyuk’s words, Yihyeon turned and looked at him. Joohyuk said it again.

“I told you to ride back.”

He closed the passenger seat door with puzzled eyes and opened the door to sit in the back seat as Joohyuk said. Joohyuk, who had already gone inside, was staring at him.

He got into the back seat and after a while the car started. Joohyuk reached out his hand towards him without a word. He, who looked at his hand, placed Joohyuk’s black card on top of it.

“Thanks. Hospital bills… ”

“Okay, give me what you have in hand.”

Joohyuk put the card in his wallet and took the medical certificate and medicine bag in Yihyeon’s hand. As expected, he was thoroughly examining his medical certificate one by one.

“What did they say in the hospital?”

“It’s called stomach cramps.”

As soon as he said it gently, Joohyuk frowned at him, then set his gaze on the medical certificate again. His eyes were bloody, as if to make sure that he did what he was told.

He was nervous, like the feeling of having his homework checked.

He looked at Joohyuk’s side face. Whatever the reason, the fact that he was even a little bit interested in him made his heart pound.

‘I’m a fool.’

Joohyuk must simply be checking the status of the tools he used, so why was he excited about this?

‘There are only a few months left.’

Now, thinking about the contract period, which was less than five months away, his mind was complicated. He tried to finish the work he had planned within the time frame and clear his mind. There have been countless times when he saw him being harsh on him and thought he had to do it.

But the human heart was very deceitful. He felt like he was going to die of pain from him digging into his stomach relentlessly for a few days, but just giving him one glance made forget the pain and open his heart. Yeah, he’s sure it’ll make him sick again. He can no longer see the way he smiled at him when they were young.

His stomach was hurting again. Just thinking about it made him react sensitively as if not to think about it anymore.

‘Okay. It’s hard for me to think.’

Enduring the throbbing of his stomach, he took his gaze away from Joohyuk.

At that time, a small vibration sounded from Yihyeon’s arms. Joohyuk said without paying attention to him.

“Take it.”

He took out his phone only after getting his permission. It was the first number he saw on the screen. He felt like it was something other than company-related.

“Why aren’t you answering?”

He didn’t answer right away and just stared at the number on the phone, Joohyuk urged him. It could be that he was contacted because of work, so he had to take it.

“This is Kwon Yihyeon.”

As he put his phone to his ear, he heard a heavy male voice from the other side.

-Are you a bodyguard for Shinwoo Construction Executive Director Lee Joohyuk?

Again, it was as expected. In addition, the other person would have known it was him the moment he heard this name, but he asked carefully.

“Yes, but who are you?”

He could feel the gaze from the side. Joohyuk was looking at him without a word with an expressionless face.


Just as the man was cautiously proposing something, Joohyuk took the phone from his hand. Then he put it to his ear.

-… I’ll give you twice your current salary…

There was nothing more to hear. Joohyuk hung up the phone at will and threw it from halfway down the window.

“… !”

Yihyeon had to watch his cell phone being thrown out the window without making a fuss. He heard the sound of something cracking.

Joohyuk raised the window as if nothing had happened. He was just calm, not like someone who threw someone else’s cell phone and broke it a while ago.

“Change your cell phone.”

Joohyuk folded the medical certificate and returned it.

“And from now on, whenever you get a call, report everything to me. Record it too.”

“All… you mean?”

According to Joohyuk, he had to report all private calls to him. Not only reporting, but also recording.

“Do you not like it?”

One corner of Joohyuk’s lips went up, and his gaze turned to Yihyeon.

“Then choose. Do you want to use a bugged cell phone, or will you only answer calls in front of me?”

* * *


-The number you are calling now is not available…

She bit her red lower lip at the sound of ARS coming from the other side. She looked down at the unconnected name on the phone screen. The face of a beautiful woman with long straight hair was distorted.

A woman wearing a silk one-piece nightgown and a thin cardigan stopped while trying to make a call somewhere, and repeated the call and then stopped.

With a complicated expression on her face, she eventually couldn’t bear it and called somewhere.

– Yes, President.

A gentle voice came from the other side.

“For some reason, I can’t contact my brother. Find out what happened, and if his number has changed, get it.”

-All right.

She asked the other person who answered obediently without saying anything else.

And let’s get to know the current status of Shinwoo Construction’s managing director Lee Joohyuk. Every detail, every single detail.”

– I’ll look at it soon and get it.

After hanging up, Yihyeon’s older sister, Sehyeon, was holding her phone tightly in one hand and had an anxious expression on her face.

Yihyeon’ personality made it impossible to change his cell phone number without a word unless he was in a very dangerous or urgent state. He should have contacted her, her only brother, at least once.

‘Nothing happened, I hope.’

She was so anxious that she couldn’t stay still.

Yihyeon said that he had found ‘that person’ and the face he had, like a child, came to mind. It had been 17 years since a lively and expressive child had abandoned his bright appearance and lost his emotions due to past events.

At that time as well as now he could not understand. From Sehyeon’s point of view, the man who Yihyeon was hung up on was the culprit that changed his life, and she wanted to erase it from this world if possible.

However, Alpha Sehyeon was also unable to stop him recklessly because he had a “mate’. He even had made a ‘covenant’ with his partner as a mate.

That was the problem.

A covenant that can only be done between partners.

Yihyeon, who was young, made a promise without knowing how scary it was. ‘I will protect him.’

‘What is that covenant?’

Yihyeon had already sacrificed himself once to protect him.

Even so, the covenant was still deeply etched in his brother’s body. whether he is conscious of it or not.

Lee Joohyuk, who had barely kept the covenant, did not recognize Yihyeon. He also lost his memory and the scent of Yihyeon’s pheromone disappeared, but he was still his mate at one time.

Besides, he knew the decisive reason why Joohyuk couldn’t recognize Yihyeon, but thinking of her younger brother who was still suffering next to him, her teeth clenched automatically.

How dare he, Lee Joohyuk.

1 year. The period that Yihyeon promised was only one year. During that time, he decided to stay with Joohyuk and protect him. Even after hearing that Joohyuk had another partner, Sehyeon felt like she was going to die from frustration as she saw Yihyeon speaking calmly. She wondered if he would have to do everything he could to protect a man like Lee Joohyuk.

‘Lee Joohyuk…’

Just thinking of the name made her teeth ache.

Since she entrusted the investigation, a detailed report on Lee Joohyuk would come within a few days. As for work, there may be limitations to the investigation as it was a large company, but it was not difficult to dig for information.

If it was not a rumor that ‘he was mistreating his bodyguard’, but if he was treating him more like a beggar, she was thinking of bringing him back somehow. And they’ll find a new mate for him. As a pair who only looked at Yihyeon for the rest of his life and didn’t hurt him at all.

If he made a new mate with an engraving, covenant was just a word that passed.


He had to work not only as a bodyguard, but also as a secretary, so he couldn’t use his cell phone at all. Joohyuk immediately prepared a new cell phone as if he knew.

Fortunately, all the important contents written down on the old cell phone remained in his head, and most of the work-related contacts were also in the secretary’s office, so it did not interfere with work.

But there was a problem.

“Kwon Yihyeon, phone call.”

Joohyuk signed the paperwork with his right hand and held out Yihyeon’s cell phone with his left hand. Yihyeon, who took the new cell phone with both hands, checked the name floating on the screen.

“This is Kwon Yihyeon… Yes, then we will send you a meeting date and contact you as soon as it is ready.”

While talking on the phone right in front of the desk, Joohyuk was silently doing his job.

As soon as the call ended, he held out his empty hand without even giving Yihyeoa glance. Yihyeon put the cell phone in his hand as if it were natural. After signing, Joohyuk played the recorded conversation and brought it to his ear. He quietly listened to it and shoved his phone into the pocket of his suit jacket as if it were his own.

Joohyuk took out the following documents and began to scan the contents.

“Do you have anything to say?”

His eyes were still on the papers. Yihyeon’s fingers were being pulled down with difficulty.

“Aren’t you uncomfortable?”


Then he lifted his gaze and looked at Yihyeon. Joohyuk’s eyes looked particularly sharp.

“You’re still busy, but if you check my phone, it seems like it will interfere with your work.”

“It doesn’t really bother me, so I don’t care.”

“But, Mr… ”

Joohyuk put down the pen he was signing with and got up from his seat. He turned around the desk and stood in front of Yihyeon.

“Is there anywhere you need to answer the phone? Or is it because you have someone to contact directly?”

Yihyeon saw Joohyuk, who was constantly suspicious, and felt his heart suffocate. So he decided to ask.

“If I did something wrong, please tell me. I will fix it right away.”

Joohyuk chuckled. He looked carefully at Yihyeon’s face. There were quite serious eyes on the expressionless face.

“I don’t see any need for Kwon Yihyeon to change anything. The problem is with those who keep calling to get you out.”

At first, he just blinked, not knowing what Joohyuk was saying. Then, belatedly, Yihyeon realized the meaning of his words and said firmly.

“No matter how much someone else offers me, I won’t go.”

It was natural. He had no intention of protecting anyone other than Joohyuk.

However, there was no basis for Joohyuk to fully trust him. On the surface, it was all about a contractual relationship tied to ‘money’ between them.

“How do I believe that?”

Joohyuk came closer and put his leg in Yihyeon’s groin. When Yihyeon, who opened his eyes wide, tried to step back, Joohyuk wrapped his arm around his waist and put his hand underneath.


The thighs digging into the groin moved as if stimulating, and Joohyuk’s other hand caressed the place where Yihyeon’s genitals should be. He flinched from the sudden attack on his pants.

“If it’s money, you’re the one who raves about it and spreads your legs.”

At Joohyuk’s words, Yihyeon grabbed his arm and frowned.

“It’s not like that…!”

“No, what is it? Put your hands away. I told you not to touch me without permission.”

Yihyeon flinched and hesitantly released the hand that was blocking his arm. Although Joohyuk hated being touched without his permission, it was an unfair situation. In fact, he was rubbing the bottom of Yihyeon casually.

He couldn’t face Joohyuk because of the heat rising from the bottom. When he thought of who was doing it, his face seemed to heat up even more.

“If they tell you that they will insert a huge amount of money every time you spread your legs, won’t you follow suit?”

“No, never… It will never happen.”

Yihyeon’s lips trembled as he uttered resolute words mixed with moans.

“Nothing like this is happening except for the managing director…”

Joohyuk, who was tormenting Yihyeon, suddenly stopped. What was the word that drew blood from the bottom?

The hard thighs came out of hiss groin, and the hand that was stroking his lower part was also removed. Only after the arm wrapped around his waist fell off, he caught his breath.

“Your face is relaxed just by touching it a little, but you’re good at talking.”

Yihyeon was startled and looked up at Joohyuk. With cold eyes, he gave a cold command.

“Take off your pants, turn around and grab the desk.”

“… Yes… ?”

Joohyuk grabbed Yihyeon’s hair and growled in a low voice in his ear.

“Are your ears blocked? Take off your pants and turn around.”

Joohyuk, after letting go of his hair, took out a cigarette from the cigarette case on the desk and put it in his mouth to warn him.

“Don’t make me say it too many times.”

Frozen, Yihyeon held both hands tightly until the blood disappeared. His gaze turned to the door of the executive office.

As soon as someone opened the door, they would see his ass if he took the pose as Joohyuk instructed. Just imagining it was a great shame. With that, his stomach was already starting to hurt.

But he couldn’t disobey Joohyuk. He hated talking too many times. If he hesitated, he could do something worse.

In the end, he started taking off his pants on the spot. Joohyuk was standing on the desk with one hand and watching him from the side. The cigarette in his mouth burned slowly.

As Joohyuk said, he took off his pants and was about to grab the desk, but he heard a voice mixed with laughter from the side.

“Are you taking the whole day to take it off? Or do you want me to take it off?”

Yihyeon lowered his underwear without a word while bowing his head. After holding the desk in that state, Joohyuk rubbed his half-smoked cigarette into the ashtray and put it out.

Yihyeon closed his eyes and hoped that the time would pass quickly. He didn’t think they would be having sex here, and was doing this just to shame him.

Joohyuk’s vision moved from the side to the back. When he wanted to feel his warmth close up, he suddenly grabbed his pelvis and pulled him back. Yihyeon’s eyes trembled violently as he suddenly opened his eyes when he felt his ass being pulled back.

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