Chapter 18

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“Open your legs. Show me your hole.”

Yihyeon’s hands holding the desk trembled. Every word Joohyuk said today was so embarrassing and shameful. Still, following his words made him very miserable.

He hesitated and spread his legs shoulder-width apart. Joohyuk’s cold hand pressed down on his slightly rounded back, making his buttocks stick out more.

Joohyuk created the position he wanted and then grabbed Yihyeon’s buttocks with both hands and spread them apart. The tightly closed hole was pulled left and right. Without realizing it, strength entered his buttocks. It was unbearably embarrassing that Joohyuk was blatantly appreciating his hole. He thought it would be much better to touch or hit it.

With that thought in mind, He was lowering his red face, and Joohyuk’s cold hands began to grope him strangely in his groin. His hand lightly grabbed Yihyeon’s genitals.

“I think Kwon Yihyeon likes to be embarrassed.”

His body flinched at the sneering tone. The lower part with a little force was rubbed by Joohyuk’s hand. When his hot member was touched by Joohyuk’s cold hands, he flinched and began to react.

“Did you know that your hole creases every time I touch the front?”

As soon as he heard those words, blood rushed downwards. Perhaps because of shame, his whole body felt sensitive today.

Fortunately, Joohyuk did not bother his genitals for long. He turned around the desk and stood in front of him. He raised his head at the presence felt in front of him, and Joohyuk placed two fingers on his lips with a cold face.

“Open your mouth.”

Yihyeon, who looked at Joohyuk with shaky eyes, slowly opened his mouth. Joohyuk’s finger went inside.


Long fingers went down to the back of his throat and stirred the inside of his mouth. Hot saliva quickly dripped onto the fingers.

Yihyeon felt the heat rising because of Joohyuk, who was looking at him, rather than his fingers that were pressing and stirring in his mouth as if they were kissing. His stomach was getting stiff.


If he continued to get excited, he felt like he was going to spill out love fluid. First of all, he thought that he should do what Joohyuk told him to do to relieve his mood. There was no way he’ll have sex with him at work, so he’ll just have to put up with the excitement somehow and pass the time.

So he licked more carefully. He moved his tongue to wrap Joohyuk’s fingers, and he licked every finger. Saliva that could not be swallowed ran down his lips, but he did not care and licked Joohyuk’s fingers faithfully.

Joohyuk’s eyes twitched, and his eyes began to harbor heat. Yihyeon thought he would react in this way, and when the blood pooled underneath, he thought he would suck him off and finish it.

But Joohyuk seemed to have made up his mind.

Joohyuk, who pulled out his saliva-soaked finger, went back to the desk. Fully appreciating Yihyeon’s flushed face, he shoved his finger into the hole between his round buttocks at once.


Yihyeon clenched his teeth at the sudden penetration. He shuddered at the sensation of the two fingers dipped in saliva moving inside him.

“I, Di-rector, here… ! Ugh!”

Embarrassed, he tried to stop it somehow, but Joohyuk’s finger touched a sensitive area inside, and he swallowed his breath. Joohyuk’s finger was tenaciously poking that area. The arms that were holding the desk trembled, and the hips protruding toward him twitched several times. Yihyeon closed his eyes and struggled to withstand the pleasure accumulating beneath him.

“It’s already wet inside. Are you that excited?”

At those words, Yihyeon’s eyes widened. Love liquid was already coming out from inside.

‘Like this…’

Even if Joohyuk poked the inside a few more times, it seemed that a large amount of love liquid would come out quickly. He couldn’t cover up the love fluid in his fingers that had only been dipped in saliva.

“With a body like this, you would voluntarily spread your legs without money.”

There was heat in Joohyuk’s sarcasm. Yihyeon breathed in and looked back at him over his shoulder. His eyes were full of heat as well as his voice.

“Ugh… Dir… ecto… . Ah!”

Joohyuk, who raised his head at Yihyeon’s call, felt his lower leg become stiff sharply at his pleading eyes. Unbearable lust soared into Yihyeon’s rare face and eyes. There, Yihyeon spoke one more time.

“I’d rather the manager… to go… ”

A person who had no expression on his face and was only neat looked so lewd. It felt strangely good that he was the one who made him so different, but he was annoyed at the thought that he might show that face to other people.

Joohyuk’s finger came out of Yihyeon’s hole at once. His ass trembled.

“If you want that, I’ll give it to you.”

Joohyuk took off his pants and pulled out his. The size incomparable to two fingers made Yihyeon nervous.

The tip of Joohyuk’s, which was not completely erect, was aimed at Yihyeon’s hole.

“Relax yourself. Now I have little patience.”

As soon as he uttered those words, he grabbed Yihyeon’s pelvis and pushed him up.


Without releasing any strength, the inside was throbbing, the hole was burning and the lower abdomen was pulled. At the moment when it was inserted, the prostate was pressed, and the pain decreased a little, but there was nothing he could do about it. He was choked by the pressure that filled him.

Joohyuk grabbed his arms and pulled him back. His hands fell from the desk, and his wrists were held tightly by Joohyuk’s hands like handcuffs.

“Be quiet. They might hear from outside and come in.”

After saying that, Joohyuk pulled out his genitals to the glans and shoved in strongly. At the same time a popping and strong beating sound was heard, Yihyeon’s head was lifted upwards. A suppressed moan escaped his teeth.

Joohyuk’s swelled rapidly as he tightened it more than usual. He was repeatedly taking it out slowly and putting it in strongly to make it feel longer, but he just wanted to hit it with force.

“Ahh! Ugh-!”

Obviously, Yihyeon was weak to this kind of shame. The inner wall was already soaked and was starting to stick to it. His thing was dripping with water all of a sudden.

Joohyuk wrapped one arm around Yihyeon’s chest and hugged him. Yihyeon’s crumpled shirt touched his vest.

Yihyeon, who leaned the back of his head on Joohyuk’s shoulder, gasping for breath, trembled as Joohyuk’s genitals came out. What used to fill the inside went out and hit the inside hard, adding volume without any room. Yihyeon tried his best not to moan. Still, he tried not to feel the heat rushing underneath him as much as possible. It wasn’t as easy as he thought, but until Joohyuk left him, he had to endure somehow to deceive his love.

Yihyeon, who was shaking while being held by Joohyuk, opened his eyes to the cold touch on his lower belly. Joohyuk’s hand was holding down his lower abdomen.



He was distracted and almost made a loud noise. Joohyuk’s excited voice could be heard in his ear.

“It looks like mine will break through from the inside.”

Joohyuk raised the corners of his lips at the shock of the shoveling felt in his hand. When he hit it one more time, it felt himself stabbing Yihyeon’s belly in his palm. He didn’t know why it was so exciting.

Because of that, even though he didn’t move a lot, he felt the sense of ejaculation.

He lowered the hand that was on the lower abdomen and grabbed Yihyeon’s stiff erect member in one hand.


Yihyeonn swallowed his breath at the sensations from the front and back. Joohyuk, who had stopped moving while filling the inside, ordered him.

“Open your eyes and look straight ahead.”

Yihyeon, who was panting with his eyes closed, looked straight ahead like a child who listened well. Then he was startled

The back of the desk was all glass. Beyond that, several other buildings came into view. No matter how tall a building was and how far it was, his body stiffened at the thought that someone might be looking at the from somewhere over there. As a result, his bottom tightened like crazy.

Joohyuk raised the corners of his mouth and started shoveling strongly.

“Oh, hey, wait… ! Ugh! Director, Ugh… … ! Ahh!”

“Are you excited because you think someone is watching from the outside? Your tightening is not a joke, is it?”

Joohyuk seemed to lose his mind at the pleasure rushing from below. Even if he clenched hard and didn’t seem to let go, if he quickly touched the front, he twitched and repeated clenching and releasing. Yihyeon’s moan, which was suppressed so as to not let him be heard , spurred the sense of ejaculation.

“Ugh, uh-!”

Yihyeon was the first to ejaculate. Semen, which came out from his genitals, fell like a painting on the marble floor.

Joohyuk, who had endured the situation as much as possible from the subsequent attack on the inner wall, was unable to withstand it and ejaculated.

“Ughh… !”

He shoved till the end in Yihyeon’s hole and poured the body fluid deep inside his stomach. There was a sense of satisfaction and pleasure that was indescribable just by itself.


He rested his chin on Yihyeon’s shoulder, breathing heavily while leaning on him. It was not bad to have a body that shook with  him.

“The only thing I can afford is your body, but I can’t let you go.”

Joohyuk grabbed Yihyeon’s chin and turned his head toward him. His blankly shaking eyes looked painful for some reason, but Joohyuk did not stop talking.

“I’ll give you how much money you want, so watch your hole. I do not think I will share it with anyone else.”

Having said that, Joohyuk swallowed Yihyeon’s lips. A hot tongue wrapped around the tired flesh and tried to touch it, but it stiffened as if it had passed out, and it did not move at all.

* * *

“… So I think it would be difficult to contact him separately.”

The man silently reported with his head bowed. Lee Sihoon, who was quietly listening to the story, crossed his legs with an irritated face. Long legs which matched with his height were nicely twisted.

“It seems difficult, it shouldn’t it end with that, right? I think I told you to come up with a way to meet separately.”


“It’s done. Stop it.”

The man bowed his head and left the room.

Sihoon, who was left alone in the vice president’s office at the Shinwoo Hotel, exhaled a stuffy breath from the irritability boiling inside. Kwon Yihyeon’s face, which he had only seen in pictures, came to mind.

At first, when he received the picture of Joohyuk next to him, his impression was that it was doubtful whether it was the bodyguard. His visuals would suit a celebrity or a model, but to be a close bodyguard for Lee Joohyuk, it was just amazing.

But the more he researched it, the more his interest grew. It was not once or twice that the things that had been done to threaten Lee Joohyuk from about half a year ago were undone so quickly that it collapsed. Now he saw that it was all thanks to Kwon Yihyun.

As it turned out, Kwon Yihyeon was already paying attention to executives of each company. He was so talented that he was at MYS, a bodyguard company that said that each one of them was made up of very talented people. In addition to that, he had a good appearance, so he just wanted to keep him by his side.

However, it was because of Joohyuk that Sihoon wanted him more.

Joohyuk was obviously crazy. The contact information he had been looking for had suddenly disappeared, but he found out through a person who was planted in the secretariat of Shinwoo’s construction Joohyuk had been managing his cell phone for a few days now.

‘Crazy bastard.’

Where was a client that managed their bodyguard’s cell phone?

‘Well, he said he’s the only one who puts him in his space.’

He was well aware that there were more than one or two celebrities who went in and out of the penthouse to receive his sponsor. However, they always had to go back right after sex, and it was always Kwon Yihyeon who greeted and saw them off. They also testified that he had a private room in the penthouse.

It was clear that Lee Joohyuk loved Kwon Yihyeon very much. So he kept wanting it. Because he wanted to take everything Joohyuk had since he was young. Of course, Joohyuk was struggling not to give away what he had, but the joy he felt when he snatched it away was similar to the feeling he had when he truly enjoyed the climax.

He wanted to taste that bliss again this time. It made him feel better when he imagined Joohyuk’s face engulfed in shock and anger.

‘We have to meet somehow to lure him in… ‘

Sihoon, who was pensive as he tapped the desk with his finger, remembered that Joohyuk was attending a business party in a few days.

* * *

Yihyeon arrived at a hotel suite in Busan and hung Joohyuk’s clothes neatly in the dressing room one by one.

It had been a long time since he had been on a business trip with a night out. Since it was Busan, it was far from Seoul, and on the first evening, a business party was held at the hotel’s restaurant. It was a party that lasted until dawn, so he set aside time for the next day in case of an unexpected schedule. Besides, since the next day was a weekend, it was a schedule where Joohyuk could rest as long as he didn’t have another schedule.

“Ugh… ”

His face was momentarily distorted by the pain from his stomach.

He was prescribed medication at the hospital, but it was almost a sedative. They said that he shouldn’t be stressed, but now, even without Joohyuk, the cause of stress, he often got a stomach pain.

He clenched his numb stomach with his fists and silently hung up his clothes.

When he was in the dressing room, he had no choice but to bend his back a little because of the pain in his stomach, but after he came out, he had to walk with an upright posture and pretend nothing happened. He didn’t want Joohyuk to scold him because he was sick, and he didn’t want him to care.

‘My sister would be thrilled to see it.’

If Sehyeon, his older sister, had known, there would have been an uproar. From the old days, when he got sick somewhere, she had tears in her eyes with a more painful expression on her face.

Suddenly, he thought I should contact her. In Yihyeon’s private room, there was an old folder phone he had prepared just in case. He was contacting other people he had been dealing with, receiving reports about it, but he did not tell Sehyeon.

Originally, Sehyeon said that she would not contact him for a year, waiting patiently no matter what he did. He said that if she kept in touch, he would miss her more and more and he would only feel sad.

Then she couldn’t stand the time she promised and contacted him. In a voice full of concern.

‘I’ll have to give my sister a phone call soon.’

He couldn’t be more concerned here. She promised to wait for a year, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t mind.

As he walked out of the hallway where the dressing room was, thinking of Sehyeon, he met Joohyuk, who was sitting on the sofa in the living room, looking at him. He lifted his finger as a signal to come closer.

“Stay in my line of sight at the party tonight.”

“All right.”

He answered immediately with subdued eyes.

He didn’t even get nervous anymore. He knew very well what Joohyuk thought of him, and he knew why he was saying this.

He was afraid he’ll lose his only sex drive.

Now, his position as a bodyguard was meaningless.

Joohyuk started carrying two or more bodyguards even with Yihyeon. It wasn’t to show anyone or to strengthen his own security. Only to monitor Yihyeon.

No matter how much he tried to tell him he wouldn’t go, it was no use.

‘If they give me money, I’m not going to go spread my legs.’

Money. Money. Money.

It was annoying. The money he used as an excuse to stay by Joohyuk’s side mercilessly razed him. He was like a courtesan who received bodyguards instead of flowers to protect him. The pride that was not shown on the outside was torn to shreds inside, and he was skeptical at the thought that he still loved Joohyuk.

Still, it was ridiculous that Joohyuk would spread his legs whenever he wanted. In addition to that, he was given a flower bed, so he was like a prostitute, wasn’t it?

It was so bitter because the word ‘mate’, which was so affectionate, suddenly became synonymous with ‘a tool for processing sexual desire’.

Joohyuk looked up at Yihyeon while sitting on the chair. Yihyeon’s face, standing still with his eyes closed, was not very good. Last time he was diagnosed with neuropathy at the hospital, and since he had been receiving quite a bit of medication, he should have gotten better if he continued to eat. But somehow his face seemed to be getting worse.

Without realizing it, Joohyuk reached out toward his face. Just before his fingertips touched Yihyeon’s cheeks, he stepped back slightly and avoided his hands.

Joohyuk’s forehead frowned at the feeling of annoyance as if something had scratched and passed by in a moment.

“Kwon Yihyeon, are you taking your medications?”

Joohyuk lowered his hand and looked into Yihyeon’s eyes and asked. However, Yihyeon’s falling eyes did not look at him.

“Yes, I am taking it.”

“But why is it like that?”

Yihyeon’s eyes were lifted up only when he uttered the sharp words. Joohyuk’s face was reflected in his dark black eyes.

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