Chapter 21

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Joohyuk chewed on Yihyeon’s collarbone as if punishing him. Yihyeon’s watery eyes were tightly closed, and a moan that endured the pain flowed through his teeth.

“Tell me the truth. Then I might let it slide.”


Yihyeon resented Joohyuk. Even if he told the truth, he won’t believe it, he always had doubts. Would he rather believe him if he told a lie? No, he won’t believe anything he said. He was just going to have doubts over and over again.

A shuddering sadness swelled up.

‘Damn promise.’

Obviously he had one too.

He also made a promise to him.

But how come?

Tears welled up in Yihyeon’s eyes. It wasn’t tears from rough sex he had. But Joohyuk did not know about it.

Unaware of Yihyeon’s pace, Joohyuk looked down at him displeasedly. He felt his stomach twist as he watched him shut his mouth and didn’t say any more.

Joohyuk couldn’t figure out how to relieve this boiling feeling. What should he do with Yihyeon? How can he make this guy feel better?

Still vivid in front of his eyes. The scene where Lee Sihoon kissed him.

He felt like he was going to go crazy.

Kwon Yihyeon was and always should have been his. While having sex with Jihwan, he felt it to the bone. As long as he embraced Yihyeon, he can no longer go back to the past. That he couldn’t be without him.

His uncontrollable possessiveness drove Joohyuk crazy. Just imagining that Yihyeon was going to another man made his blood boil.

As long as he held Yihyeon, he will sometimes have crazy thoughts. The thought of locking him up in a shady space, tying him up so that he can’t escape, and pounding him all the time he was awake.

To Joohyuk, who had tasted the climax, Yihyeon was nothing but a drug. It was not enough to make himself more and more emotional in everything he did, and it was a drug that makes it impossible to quit despite knowing it.

The climax brought by Yihyeon was making Joohyuk abnormal.

“Did Sihoon ask you to spread your legs? He’s got enough of that. They try to take anything I have.”

Joohyuk twisted the corners of his mouth and whispered into Yihyeon’s ear.

“Then I can make you unable to spread your legs, right?”

Yihyeon looked up at him with nervous eyes at the gloomy voice. Joohyuk’s twisted smile felt so frightening.

Soon, Joohyuk pounded inside him without any consideration.


A scream escaped from his open mouth. He pushed Joohyuk’s body with both hands at the intense pain that seemed to disappear from underneath. However, his two hands were painfully pressed down by Joohyuk.

“I’ll hit you so hard you can’t even stand up. Then you can’t go even if you want to go to someone else.”

“Ah, ah-! Ugh! stop…!”

His hole tightened relentlessly because of the pain that was worse than pleasure.

“Even if you tighten it like that, mine won’t be cut, so relax. You are the only one having a hard time.”

He whispered coldly and bit Yihyeon’s ear. Yihyeon felt his body heat up even more with just the pain below and stimulation of his ears.


Joohyuk, with a quick stroke, ejaculated deeply in Yihyeon’s stomach. Holding Yihyeon’s hand so tight as if he would break it, he exhaled harshly.

The strength in Yihyeon’s body, who was breathing so hard as if he was going to run out of breath, was gone. His stamina wasn’t good since he couldn’t eat properly because of the stomach cramps. It felt like all the energy had already been sucked out.

After ejaculating, Joohyuk’s thing began to slip away. At that moment when he felt the emptiness of the thick thing coming out of his body, Joohyuk’s, which was half taken out, intentionally stabbed a certain part of him.


Yihyeon’s closed eyes opened, and a moan carelessly escaped from his mouth.

His whole body trembled. What was that sensitive area, and with just one proper stab, the heat rose and his hands and feet started to feel numb.

Joohyuk’s eyes shone sharply. He poked, pressed, and hit the sensitive part inside.

“Ah, ah, uh-!”

Pleasure and pain came at the same time, and it felt like a mess in his head. An unwanted moan escaped his mouth, and his body shook up and down like crazy. Still, he resented his body for feeling it. He could feel the love fluid flowing out from inside and mixing with the semen.

After that, Joohyuk ejaculated in him several times and repeated the stabbing.

From a certain moment, Yihyeon’s hair was caught like Jihwan’s and he suffered the roughness, and his member was caught and he was forcibly made to ejaculate repeatedly, until he got tired and only clear water like semen dripped out of him. It had been a long time since his clear eyes had turned hazy, and he didn’t even think to stop moaning.

He felt like he was starting to go insane. The refreshing scent of the alpha that filled the room was also wandering through Yihyeon’s head.

“Fuck, why are you like that?”

Saying that, he ejaculated one more time. Because Joohyuk had already ejaculated several times, every time his thing came out, the thick semen flowed out and wet the sheet.

“Is your face the problem? Huh? Is that so?”

When he didn’t answer, a rough kiss captured him as if swallowing his lips. Even in the midst of suffering, he tried to move his tongue, accepting that Joohyuk indulged in his mouth. Joohyuk’s sharp eyes curved satisfactorily, and his rough kiss became a little softer.

Joohyuk, who opened his lips, looked down at Yihyeon, whose eyes were wide open. He, who had already been appreciating the ripped face as it was about to crumble, wiped off Yihyeon’s soft lower lip with his thumb. His fingers were smeared with saliva that was clearly each other’s.

“I wish you were an Omega.”

Along with Joohyuk’s sincere voice, his pheromone grew stronger. Yihyeon put every word that came out of Joohyuk’s mouth in his heart.

“If you were, I would have engraved you and locked you up.”

Joohyuk’s words in his chest became a huge blade that pierced him.

Unstoppable tears welled up in Yihyeon’s eyes.

It seemed that the meaning of engraving in Joohyuk’s opinion was so light. The engraving for the one and only ‘mate’, in Joohyuk’s eyes, was such a trivial thing that it could be engraved on a sexual desire treatment tool.

* * *

It hurt.

He felt like dying

Yihyeon, who opened his eyes with exhaustion, curled up without making a sound.

After fainting, he woke up due to the excruciating pain in his stomach, and he was enduring the pain even in cold sweat. There was no pain in any part of his body, but the pain in his stomach was so severe that he forgot all about it.

‘Medicine… to eat…’

There was an antispasmodic in the bag, so he thought he should eat it. It was the first time he had been so sick, so he didn’t know that his face would distort.

He took a deep breath and opened his eyes with difficulty. Then he saw someone’s figure in his blurry vision. After blinking a couple of times to focus, he realized that it was Joohyuk who was asleep.

Yihyeon, who was watching Joohyuk’s sleeping deeply, raised his upper body and sat down, pressing his stomach with one hand. The pain from his stomach ran down the spine and shook his brain. If he hadn’t been able to come to his senses properly, he would have collapsed and moaned.

He got up from his seat and was unable to move for a while while crouching down. He shrugged his shoulders and managed to endure the pain, and removed the blanket covering his lower body. Then, he noticed that his love liquid, including semen, had dried up and hardened on his back and groin. There was blood on the bed linen that was lying on his buttocks.

Yihyeon clenched his teeth and stepped under the bed. It calmed down his heart pounding as he cried over and over again. Slowly, he thought about what he was going to do.

The pain in his stomach is so severe, so he planned to take the antispasmodics first. His insides were full of semen it hurt his lower stomach, so he had to take it out and shower with hot water. Then he had to clean up the room where they had been having an affair like crazy after washing and putting on his clothes.

It was no different than usual. It had to be.

Just like a machine, stick to the task he had to do and the task given to him. He couldn’t ask for more

It was already tattered enough.

He gave strength to the two legs that were lowered under the bed.

“Agh… !”

He tried to stand up with the strength on his legs, but he felt like the floor was going to collapse and he fell down. His knee hurt on the floor, but it was more painful to stimulate the torn opening as the semen inside him flowed out.

“What are you doing?”

Yihyeon’s shoulder, who was enduring the pain, shook greatly.

Joohyuk’s voice was heard from behind, but he did not respond.

He didn’t want to see him now. His stomach was pounding in pain as he hadn’t been able to heal yet.

“Mr. Kwon Yihyeon.”

He could hear the creaking of the bed sheets and the sound of walking on the duvet from behind. Before he came, he pressed the floor to get up and tightened his lower body. But he couldn’t build up strength at all.

As he was breathing heavily with my head bowed, he heard Joohyuk, who was wearing a robe, approached him and clicked his tongue in displeasure.

A hand suddenly reached out in front of him. He looked up at Joohyuk and looked up at his hand. He had a lofty, cold face, not at all different from his usual one. Even though he was hurt so badly the day before, his heart beat fast just knowing that he reached out his hand.

‘I’m not crazy.’

He thought so, but with a speck of anticipation, he stretched out his arms to grab the hand.

“Wash up quickly and call room service to clean it all up. It smells so bad.”

Yihyeon’s fingertips, which had almost touched Joohyuk’s hand, stoppedl. He was so calm, but he was the same Lee Joohyuk as usual, so he wanted to laugh in despair.

The part of the chest that had been barely maintaining its shape was shattered once again.

‘You are the same, but as always, it’s hard for me alone.’

It seemed as if the floor on which he had been sitting sank to the bottom and was sinking indefinitely.

Joohyuk frowned when Yihyeon’s arm, which was about to grab his hand, fell again. He sat naked on the floor and held out his hand for the first time, but he couldn’t catch it. Was he protesting?

As he was thinking about it, Yihyeon slowly got up with both hands on the floor. With his head down, Yihyeon, who was drowsy and precariously raised his body, walked past Joohyuk, The blood-stained semen dripping from between his wobbly legs and buttocks touched Joohyuk’s heart.

“Mr. Kwon Yihyeon.”

He called him, but he staggered like a deaf person and walked towards the door. Joohyuk walked over to Yihyeon, grabbed his arm and turned him around.

“What are you trying to do? Aren’t you going to answer me?”

Joohyuk, who turned his body and saw him, wrinkled his eyes and closed his mouth.

There were traces of bites scattered all over the body, and there were bruises from strong gripping. His abdomen and groin were smeared with semen and body fluids, and there were marks that looked like blood had flowed between his legs. After seeing it, he thought that he did it too roughly yesterday.

The problem wasn’t just the body. His face, full of tears, was pale without any blood, and instead of his usual clarity, there were only tired, empty eyes. If he saw a living corpse, wouldn’t it be just like the current Kwon Yihyeon?

Joohyuk, who was silently watching Yihyeon’s condition, heard a hoarse voice that seemed to fade away.

“As you said… I will arrange it as soon as possible.”

Yihyeon removed Joohyuk’s hand that was holding his arm. Joohyuk knew that Yihyeon’s hand, which was pulling off his hand, was shaking.

The moment Joohyuk was about to ask if he was okay.

“If you put the money on the table, I will take care of it.”

At Yihyeonk’s words, Joohyuk felt his blood cool.


‘Yes, money is important to you.’

He clenched his teeth.

Even though he was such a mess, the only thing that mattered to him was money. He didn’t know where the money was going to be spent, but at least he knew one thing.

Kwon Yihyeon said that money was the number one priority.

‘Why are you only reacting to a man like this?’

He didn’t understand himself. To have a climax only with a man like that who was crazy about money to the point of disillusionment.

Joohyuk took a deep breath and opened his mouth to throw a word of anger at Yihyeon.

“Kwon Yihyeon only has money… Wait, are you going to leave like that?”

When Yihyeon grabbed the doorknob, Joohyuk quickly pulled his wrist.

There were two bodyguards outside. Was he going to show them his naked body with the traces of a love affair?

“Are you crazy? There are people outside.”

“… I know. It doesn’t matter who it is anyway.”

“Why doesn’t it matter!”

He got annoyed and screamed. Yihyeon’s eyes that didn’t reflect anything looked at Joohyuk.

“If you go out like this, will the bastards outside stay still? …It’s dirty.”

It was obvious that it had gotten weird. Even if he said that, the appearance of Yihyeon, who had all the traces, did not feel dirty. Rather, it made him want to drag him and lay him on the bed.

Joohyuk swallowed his words and walked to the hanger in the bedroom. In the meantime, Yihyeon looked down at himself and thought.


It’s dirty

It didn’t seem to hurt anymore. It’s not like he had experienced this kind of misery only once or twice with that person.

Yihyeon turned towards the door to leave, and a white robe was draped over his shoulder.

Joohyuk put the gown on his shoulder, but he felt uncomfortable with Yihyeon standing still, so he grabbed his arm and put the gown on. Still, he couldn’t contain his anger.

“Wear it straight. Can’t you wear one of these?”

Joohyuk, who directly opened the gown as if dressing a child, raised his eyes and looked at Yihyeon. Yihyeon, who thought he was definitely looking at him, was looking only at the pitiful wall.

He was strangely angry that there was no confidence in Yihyeon’s eyes.

“… thank you.”

It was as if an emotionless thank-you had turned into a blunt force and hit the chest hard. It throbbed deep down and his heart beat uncomfortably.

‘Why are you doing this?’

That feeling continued even after Yihyeon left the room slowly.

Joohyuk, who swept up his bangs roughly, thought that he would give Yihyeon’s money first. If he took good care of him, maybe his dying face would get a little better.

With that thought in mind, he came out and saw the bodyguards waiting in the living room looking at a certain place with a flushed expression on their face. Then, when they felt Joohyuk’s presence, they turned their gaze away in surprise.

The side they were looking at was none other than the bathroom. Yihyeon must have gone to the bathroom.

When he thought about it that far, the two men in front of him were very annoying. If he hadn’t put Yihyeon in a gown, the two men would’ve lost their reason and would have laid him down. He wrinkled his face at such a thought.

Joohyuk gave the two bodyguards a different room in the hotel. Originally, he was going to take a day off today and go to Seoul tomorrow as it was the weekend, but Yihyeon’s condition looked bad, so he told them to just check in and wait.

Suddenly, he wondered why he was so concerned about Yihyeon. All he cared about was sex.

Joohyuk, who had washed himself in another bathroom in the suite, couldn’t bear it because of Yihyeon’s image that did not leave his head.

He laid down the prepared checkbook on the living room table and looked for Yihyeon with his eyes. He didn’t feel any presence anywhere, so he moved to see if the room was being cleared.

When he got to the room where he had been lying around like crazy the day before and opened the door, there were still traces of an affair. Nothing had changed since the two of them left the room.

‘Where did you go?’

Maybe he went outside

First, he decided to open all the rooms. The private room, the dressing room, the drawing room, the simple bedrooms, Yihyeon was nowhere to be found. Around the time he started to get anxious, he arrived in the bathroom where Yihyeon had gone to wash. At that moment, he heard the faint sound of water pouring, and the tension that had been gathering in his mind was relieved.

To worry about people.

Joohyuk, who was about to knock on the bathroom, stopped.


Laughter came out. Was he worried about him? Who?

It was amazing. It was hard to count on a handful of people he had worried about in his life, but was that kind of person worried about Yihyeon? A man who spreads his legs, a mere bodyguard, for money?

‘Do not be ridiculous.’

He let out a swear word and lowered the hand he was about to knock.

“Kwon Yihyeon, I’m coming in.”

Without waiting for an answer, he turned the doorknob.

Joohyuk stepped into the bathroom and felt the cold air rushing through his body. When he saw Yihyeon crouching with his back leaning in the corner of the bathroom, his steps suddenly stopped. Cold water was pouring over his head as he was curled up on his knees, holding his stomach with both hands.

Joohyuk hurriedly turned off the shower and laid his knees on the floor in front of Yihyeon. Yihyeon, who was exhaling hard with his eyes closed, was as pale as a sheet of paper, and his red lips had turned blue. His body was frozen in cold water for so long.

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