Chapter 23 - 23

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With one hand on his stomach, he got up with difficulty. As the force entered his body, his stomach was accompanied by more pain as if it were natural. It was difficult to breathe and his face was distorted, and as he felt the presence of someone approaching the bathroom, he struggled to release his expression.

As soon as he turned on the cold water in the sink, the bathroom door swung open. He knew who it was, but pretended not to know, washed his face and rinsed his mouth. As the ice cold water touched his face, he seemed to be a little distracted.

He turned off the faucet and grabbed the towel next to the sink to wipe his face. Until then, Joohyuk had not said anything.

He hung the towel and looked back at Joohyuk. As if something was bothering him, the corners of his eyes were wrinkled.


Before Joohyuk uttered harsh words again, he apologized, and the corners of his eyes twitched.

“You even suggested a meal, but I think I only offended you. Don’t worry about me…”

“Is that a problem now?”

What did he do wrong? It seemed that this was not the content of the apology he was hoping for.

Yihyeon looked at the phone in Joohyuk’s hand. Turns out he was talking to someone. Judging from the conversation he heard, he thought that the other person might be Lee Sihoon.

Then he could guess why he was not in a good mood. Of course, it would be uncomfortable for Lee Sihoon to apologize to Joohyuk for what happened the previous day, but if he hung up the phone because of him, it would be even worse.

“Looks like I interrupted an important call… sorry.”

“What did you do to get in the way?”

Hearing those words with ridicule, that was also the case. Could it be that someone like him could interrupt his call? He wouldn’t even care who he was.

It was probably just that the call ended with good timing.

He had a sore stomach. He didn’t know himself, and he thought he had an influence on him as much as a speck of dust. Like a fool

Joohyuk looked at Yihyeon, who was still breathing heavily, with his eyes closed. It looked like he ate everything, but it must have been because of stomach cramps. He could see him unconsciously putting one hand on his stomach.

“Come closer.”

Raking a finger and calling, Yihyeon immediately approached him. Joohyuk wrapped one arm around Yihyeon’s waist and pulled him closer, then removed his hand and lightly pressed his stomach. Yihyeon’s expressionless face was momentarily distorted and his breath stopped.

It seemed that he still had pain in his stomach. Yihyeonn usually tolerated any kind of pain casually, but seeing that he was struggling to the point of breaking his face like that, it didn’t seem like an ordinary pain. If it were other people, he thought that it would hurt beyond words.

“You have an empty stomach because you vomited it out, so just eat antispasmodics and go to sleep. I’ll call the doctor.”

Letting go of Yihyeon’s waist and speaking, their eyes met. As if trying to read the truth.

“… Thank you for your care. It’s fine not to call the doctor, I’ll just take my medicine and wait… ”

“I told you to sleep.”

He cut off his words and said in a low warning tone. What was he going to do with that body?

“The other bodyguards are not for decoration.”

In fact, those who were brought here had a greater purpose, and it was to monitor Yihyeon rather than to protect him. It wasn’t really helpful when it was important, but it would be enough to protect him outside the room while Yihyeon was asleep.

“I don’t want to see that, so go to sleep.”

“I’m fine.”

Again. He habitually said that he was okay even with a bad complexion and severe stomach cramps. What was good about someone that felt like they were going to collapse if he touched them? He wondered why it bothered him again.

Joohyuk, who was about to lie on the bed after the order, and go to sleep, suddenly realized the existence of the cell phone he was holding. Then, the conversation with Lee Sihoon a while ago came to mind.

-Let’s exchange Kwon Yihyeon for some of the shares I own in Shinwoo Hotel.

It was a frivolous offer. Sihoon was trying to exchange his stake in the Shinwoo Hotel for just one bodyguard.

It was proposed as if the purpose was to upset himself, but if he really thought about it, Sihoon was a business who was losing several times more.

The Shinwoo Hotel has the next greatest strength in the Shinwoo Group after Shinwoo Construction. As a result, Sihoon’s support force was not as strong as that of Joohyuk, but it had to be quite large. His stake in the Shinwoo Hotel was considerable, and it soon became Sihoon’s invisible power.

If he took a look at Lee Sihoon’s actions and Lee Haejun’s reports so far, there was nothing to sum up. He was threatening him too fiercely while gradually expanding his stake in the Shinwoo Hotel and surrounding powers.

No matter how competent Lee Sihoon was, he couldn’t help but think suspiciously that he would exchange a portion of the stake in the Shinwoo Hotel with Kwon Yihyeon, who was nothing more than a bodyguard.

‘Since Lee Sihoon is really hoping, there’s no way he’s going to give up his stake…’

He was uneasy.

“If you’re not going to sleep, go and prepare yourself. We will go up to Seoul.”

Sihoon will still be in the hotel. If he was a thoughtful guy, there would be no way to make a fuss in a place like this, but just in case he contacted Yihyeon, he had to get rid of all the chances. He needed to find out more about the reason, but if it was enough to talk about his stake, he will be quite obsessed with Yihyeon. He didn’t like that.

“The scheduled check-out is tomorrow, but do you have any reason to go up early?”

As Yihyeon, who must know all of Joohyuk’s schedule, it was natural to ask about the sudden change in schedule. However, Joohyuk, who felt bad about Lee Sihoon, threw a sharp word at Yihyeon’s question.

“Since when did you start questioning my words like that?”

Hearing that, Yihyeon’s eyes sank even more.

“… Sorry.”

Even though Yihyeon just answered as he wanted, he felt strangely caught. It was a strange feeling, like a tiny rock rolling down the back of his throat.

* * *

A few hours later, he boarded the KTX bound for Seoul, where he had rented an entire private room. Joohyuk, who took a seat in the middle, lifted his finger at Yihyeon, who was about to sit behind me.

“Is there anything you want me to do?”

Yihyeon stood next to Joohyuk and asked, and he pointed to an empty seat next to the aisle where he was sitting.

“Sit where I can see you.”

“All right.”

He answered calmly and sat down next to Joohyuk across the aisle as instructed. At that moment, Joohyuk’s gaze fell.

Soon the train departed, and Joohyuk picked up his cell phone and checked the time reflected on the screen. Since he chose the KTX, which took the least time, he thought he would be able to reach for dinner in time.

Because he started to recognize Yihyeon’s meal, he was concerned about his condition. Was it because he saw him in pain and vomiting in an unusual way right before his eyes?

‘Because I can’t hold him properly if he is not well.’

Okay. So that was why he was so concerned.

He remembered everything he ate at lunch, so he thought that he should eat properly even at dinner because he was on an empty stomach. That way he’ll be able to take his medicine, and be a little less feeble.

In fact, he did not realize that he was the one who ruined Yihyeon’s physical condition and gave him a lot of stress. He just thought that it was because of Yihyeon, who had a sensitive stomach, that his condition was getting worse.

While thinking like that, Yihyeon, who was sitting still and looking out the window, got up.

“Where are you going?”

When asked with a frown, Yihyeon answered with calm eyes.

“I’ll go to the bathroom for a while.”

Joohyuk clicked his tongue briefly.

He hoped he wasn’t sick again.

He raised his hand and called the two bodyguards who were sitting a few spaces behind him.

“One person will follow him. If anything happens, report it right away.”

Maybe he could meet someone in another compartment using the bathroom as an excuse.

Although there was no means of contact with other people, and there was no way that he could have contacted anyone because they were together until now, Joohyuk did not tolerate even the slightest bit of anxiety. He was even more concerned because he had already met Lee Sihoon behind his back..

Yihyeon walked ahead, answering without saying anything. A large, reliable man followed closely behind him. Joohyuk looked away only after the two of them opened the door of the special room.

Standing in front of the bathroom, Yihyeon opened the door and lightly washed his face with cold water. There was no blood on his face in the bathroom sink.

“Are you okay?”

Through the half-open door, the security guard man asked and handed a handkerchief. Yihyeon responded briefly and accepted it.

“Did you find out anything?”

He asked the question as if he was dealing with his subordinates, but the other person answered as if it was natural. One of the two bodyguards Joohyuk hired was Yihyeon’s.

“I think someone went to Sihoon’s room. But it was a business party, and security on each floor was so tight, we couldn’t find out who was there.”

“Is that so.”

It would be nice to know for sure who met Lee Sihoon.

Yihyeon returned the handkerchief to the bodyguard and asked.

“Are you ready with my request?”

“Of course.”

Taking the handkerchief, he pulled out a small medicine bag that the bodyguard had kept in his pocket. Inside was a single, nail-length red capsule. Yihyeon, who received the drug, looked down at it quietly. A small Ω mark was engraved on the surface of the capsule.

The familiar red capsule was none other than a heat cycle inhibitor.

Yihyeon did not blindly let out strong pheromone scents while being unconscious like other Omegas just because his heat cycle was coming. Being a ‘dominant’ omega, he had excellent pheromone control, so he had his own self-control during the heat cycle. Although his body was full of heat and he became more sensitive than usual, he did not try to seduce the people around him with his heat.

In addition, the omega pheromone, excited by the heat cycle, emits a stimulating scent that attracts alpha, but in the first place, Yihyeon could not emit any scent due to damage to the pheromone gland. So, even if the heat cycle came and Yihyeon endured it well, there were very little Alphas that twisted and attacked him..

That didn’t mean it wasn’t dangerous.

Male Omegas did not become pregnant even if they have sex with Alpha on a regular basis. However, it was a different story if it was during a heat cycle. They were more likely to become pregnant, and if the partner was also in a rut cycle, the odds were even higher.

Even if it didn’t smell, the pheromone that started to run rampant due to the heat cycle would scatter. The pheromone, which has the superior dominance of the dominant Omega, penetrates deeply into the Alpha staying nearby. It soon stimulates the Alpha’s pheromone glands, excites them, and shortly thereafter triggers the rut cycle.

Because the amount of pheromone purification was accurate, the cycle came once every 3 months on the same date, and the next heat cycle was a week later. As always, Yihyeon was going to take the inhibitor on the eve of the heat cycle this time as well. If he was in heat without an inhibitor, it was clear that Joohyuk would be forced to undergo a rut cycle because of the pheromone that spreads without any scent.

It had been fine before, but this time around, if he didn’t take his medicine on time, Joohyuk would go into his rut cycle. If his heat cycle and his rut ​​cycle were intertwined, and the relationship was like now…


An instant thought came to mind that, rather than worrying about him having an unwanted pregnancy, Joohyuk had another ‘mate’, so he shouldn’t have his child.

He powerlessly sneered at himself.

Even though he was hurt like that and had such a hard time, he instinctively thought of Joohyuk first.

‘Now, I want to stop thinking about this.’

He knew deeply what he thought of him, and he was exhausted. His heart was ripped apart, and all that was left was a fragment of the covenant with him.

A promise from his childhood that I would protect Joohyuk.

If only the pieces were dropped, would he be able to leave him without any regrets?

* * *

After arriving in Seoul and arriving at the penthouse, Joohyuk started acting strangely. He asked another bodyguard to buy porridge, and he handed it to Yihyeon with a whole shopping bag.

“Eat right now.”

Yihyeon, who had just received the porridge at the moment of changing clothes, looked at Joohyuk to hear the reason. He crossed his arms and had a cigarette in his mouth and didn’t say anything. He just looked at Yihyeon.

“Thank you. Then in the room…”

“Eat at the table.”

He gave him a puzzled look. Up until now, while staying in the penthouse, he only ate in his room, and it was natural. However, Joohyuk pointed to the kitchen table with his chin as if it was annoying.

“Eat while I’m here.”

He hesitated for a moment at the cold words, but he took out porridge on the table as he wanted and sat down on the chair. Yihyeon’s whole nerves were on Joohyuk until he opened the lid and lifted the spoon to get a spoonful of porridge. He was standing with his back against the wall near the kitchen with the dining table, smoking a cigarette with an ashtray in one hand. Still, his gaze was on Yihyeon.

He slowly put the light porridge in his mouth and thought to himself. Maybe it was because he ate steak at the hotel and vomited? To say that he didn’t give anything strong and that he chose porridge and gave it to him would mean that he was a little concerned about his condition.

‘If it was the old me, I’d be thrilled by this, but…’

Now it was different. He already heard enough to know how he saw him and why he cared so much. It was probably because he couldn’t have sex if he collapsed.

The light and savory porridge was as sticky and dry as if it were mud.

He was forcibly swallowing it, but eventually, he couldn’t even eat half and put down his spoon. Joohyuk, who was already smoking for his second cigarette, came close, rubbing it against an ashtray and dragging it out.

“Why can’t you even eat that?”


Joohyuk’s eyebrows went up.

Kwon Yihyeon, do you not know words other than sorry?”

What did he not like? Because more than half was left? So he’s afraid he won’t be able to even have sex because of his stamina?

“Sorry… ”

Without realizing it, he was about to say sorry again. Unable to complete his speech, he shut his mouth, and Joohyuk placed an ashtray on the table with a dissatisfied expression on his face.

“It’s fine. Bring the medicine.”

Come to think of it, he had been told to take medicine in front of him every time after dinner. He calmly tried to go after tidying up the dishes, but he squinted his eyes and looked at him in annoyance.

In the end, instead of cleaning the table, he went into his room and came out with the stomach cramp medicine he got from the hospital. One of the security guards standing in the front door was clearing the table.

Perhaps from Joohyuk’s order, the bodyguard who cleaned the table filled a cup of water and handed it to Yihyeon. Then headed back to the front door.

Yihyeon focused on the cup in his hand and looked at Joohyuk. He could feel his tenacious gaze.

“From now on, after every meal, take medicine in front of me.”

He seemed to be faithfully confirming the orders he had given him.

According to the instructions, he should take it 30 minutes after meals, but in that case, Joohyuk would also wait for that time. So he immediately put the medicine into his mouth and swallowed a few sips of water.

He looked at Joohyuk while wiping the water around his mouth with the back of his hand, and then he got up from his seat. His body was naturally tense. He took the pills, now he must prepare for the sex he wanted.

With a dark face, Yihyeon put down the cup and looked at Joohyuk, who was approaching him. He stretched out his arms and wrapped his arms around Yihyeon’s waist. Then, with the other hand he pressed a little and Yihyeon flinched.

“Are you still in pain?”

Those words that seemed to care about him, made his heart race.

“I’m fine.”

Hearing Yihyeon’s words, he stood still with his hands on his stomach, but after a while he turned around and headed towards his room.

“Go in and rest early today. I will call you tomorrow morning.”

“… Yes?”

He asked unknowingly. Joohyuk, with a displeased face, looked at him over his shoulder.

“I’m not trashy enough to hit a person when he’s sick. So go in and rest.”

Leaving those words behind, he summoned one of the bodyguards from the front door. He approached with a large stride and Joohyuk pointed to Yihyeon once with his chin so that he could see.

“Wait in front of that person’s door. If he tries to go out or contact someone, report it right away, and if he feels unwell, report it as well.”

The bodyguard who took turns guarding the penthouse glanced at Yihyeon. He was a person who received Joohyuk’s money purely without Yihyeon’s influence.

“Yes, I understand.”

He went into his room only after seeing the bodyguard bowing down.

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