Chapter 24 - 24

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Yihyeon decided not to attach any more significance to Joohyuk’s actions, when he even put him under surveillance. All of his seemingly considerate behavior was for the purpose of his body, and the reason he had a bodyguard was to prevent the tool that he needed to release his sexual desires from going elsewhere. He shouldn’t forget that.

With a complicated heart, he entered his sluggish and narrow space and closed the door.

There was enough distance between the room they each entered and there were other rooms, but strangely, he felt as if he was in the next room.

Joohyuk, standing by the bedroom door, heard the sound of Yihyeon’s door closing, and then sat down on the sofa. He took out another cigarette and put it back in the case because he thought he was smoking a lot today.

‘Kwon Yihyeon.’

Every time he thought of his name, the corners of his eyes twitched and his face filled his mind. A little while ago, the figure of Yihyeon silently eating porridge came to mind. When he thought about how he did not eat even half of the porridge, which was so small, something made him uneasy.

That way of eating was worrisome.

‘If he ate only that much on a regular basis, it would be serious. It was surprising that he had been walking without problems until now.’

In the future, he thought that he should pay more attention to Yihyeon’s meal. Even so, he was a person who closely guards him, but it just bothered him if he was like that.

‘He needs to gain some weight.’

Yihyeon’s waist, which was easily wrapped around one arm, was still vivid. At the same time, a distinct collar bone exposed through the shirt came to mind because of the lack of flesh.

Every little detail was strangely noticed by his eyes and it scratched his conscience. In the past, he only knew the face and body size, but he never remembered the details.

But more annoying than that was Yihyeon’s face. Unfamiliar darkness over a slightly pale complexion, and tired eyes.

Inside Yihyeon, something was changing. It didn’t seem like he was against him or had any other feelings. He was still a loyal bodyguard who did whatever he was told to do, and nothing had changed. Even with open restrictions and surveillance, he agreed without hesitation.

Still, he could see that Yihyeon was changing something subtly.

What the hell was changing Kwon Yihyeon?

To notice the reason, the time he began to become conscious of Yihyeon was too short.

* * *

Joohyuk, who reached for a cigarette to shake off his thoughts about Yihyeon, felt the cell phone vibrate in his pants pocket and put his hand away again. The name that appeared on the screen of the cell phone already caused irritation.


After spitting out the cold letters, the other party said with a laugh as if it was funny.

– Did you go up to Seoul? I tried to go to the room to see his face.

When he answered that it was worth coming up early, Sihoon sneered at him.

– How about you, have you thought about it?


Joohyuk, who knew what he was asking, raised his eyebrows.

Stubborn bastard.

– Kwon Yihyeon, are you going to hand him over to me?

Sihoon, who wanted Yihyeon by betting his stake, was definitely suspicious. There were too many things that were out of the ordinary to say that he simply wanted to take away what he owned and because he wanted his abilities. Lee Sihoon, whom Joohyuk had seen so far, was constantly taking what was his, but he was not the kind of person who would continue to work at a loss like now.

Then he had to think differently. He wondered if Lee Sihoon simply wanted Yihyeon because he was his.

“… Lee Sihoon, be honest.”

Joohyuk had bitter eyes as if Sihoon’s face was in front of him.

“What are you trying to get from Kwon Yihyeon?”

What was Lee Sihoon seeing in Kwon Yihyeon? It was weird no matter how he thought about it.

“I’ll make sure to write a contract saying that I will hand over Kwon Yihyeon if you tell me.”

He thought that Sihoon would laugh at him. He thought he would laugh and avoid answering, saying that there was no such thing, that he simply wanted to take it away because it belongs to Joohyuk. Because there was no way Lee Sihoon, who was like a serpent, could say something like that.

It was something he was thinking about, but Sihoon said something unexpected.

– The order is wrong. Shouldn’t the contract come first and then the reason?

Joohyuk’’s eyes narrowed. Lee Sihoon wanted Kwon Yihyeon not just to stab him, but for some other reason.

“It seems that Kwon Yihyeon has something to do with it.”

A brief silence followed from the other side.

“If you have nothing more to say, I’ll hang up.”

-Are you sure you won’t regret it?

Just as he was about to hang up, the word ‘regret’ that came out of Sihoon’s mouth caught Joohyuk.

-If you quit now, you won’t get a chance to own my stake in the future.

“I didn’t know the day would come when you would even hold my pants and offer your stake.”

One corner of Joohyuk’s lips rose sharply.

“Get lost. Even if you want, I am not going to hand him over..”

With that said, he hung up.

Why was Sihoon doing this? He looked back at his reaction. It was an unusual response to his usual words, and it bothered him.

‘Is there something about Kwon Yihyeon?’

He was a good bodyguard and a competent person who did his job well. A face with no expression on it is not easy to read when talking to someone, but it also disturbs the other person.

A slender beauty and a good secretary and bodyguard.

And the only one who can make him climax.

That was Joohyuk’s evaluation of Kwon Yihyeon.

But Sihoon’s words were meaningful. He seemed convinced that Yihyeon had something else.

Joohyuk’s eyes frowned as he pondered the conversation with Sihoon. He kept thinking that he was up to something.

‘Did you get caught on purpose?’

Maybe Lee Sihoon was deliberately pretending to be caught by the words he had said. To convince him that there was something in Kwon Yihyeon.

‘For what?’

He wondered why Sihoon would do such a thing, but he couldn’t help but worry about it. If he could get a sense of something, he’ll try looking into Yihyeon.

Lee Sihoon’s unpleasant voice and face disappeared in an instant, and Yihyeon’s tired face came to mind. As soon as he imagined that it was Lee Sihoon, not himself, beside him, an unbearable feeling of displeasure surged.

Unknowingly, he rubbed his forehead deeply, and Joohyuk put a cigarette in his mouth again.

* * *


A moan came out of his mouth. He had chills all over his body and the back of his neck hurt like crazy. When he lifted his head with difficulty, the pain at the back of his neck got worse and he screamed.

‘It hurts…’

His limbs were stiff as if paralyzed, but fortunately, when he tried his best, they moved slowly as if the stiff muscles were loosening. He raised his trembling hand and touched the nape of his neck. He could feel the slimy thing on his hand with great pain. He looked down at the hand that had touched the nape of his neck and there was thick blood on it.

Holding on to the sore neck with one hand, he stood up with difficulty on the floor. His body ached and his head was dizzy and he could not stand properly. With a small hand on the giant tree next to him, he made a deep, submerged voice.

“Hyung… ?”

A small voice scattered through the air and disappeared.

He took a deep breath and looked around with confused eyes. The forest, where the morning air had descended, was terribly cold, and even the sound of small grasshoppers was barely audible.

He moved his feet. He staggered and grabbed the tree, then grabbed the next tree and moved on. The sound of leaves being trampled on the floor was terrifyingly stimulating.


Like a machine, he called trying to find a person. There was no strength in his voice, but the sadness contained in it was clear.

Based on the place where he was lying, he walked towards the location where he hid his hyung. It must not have been far, but it felt like a thousand miles away.

As he went further, he started to smell a faint scent. A faint scent that normal alpha or omega couldn’t feel tickled his nose, and it gave energy to his precarious legs that were about to collapse.

He walked and walked along the refreshing scent of the forest. The pain in the back of his neck was also halved thanks to the thought that his hyung would be there a little further away.

In the distance, he could see the lush greenery that had hidden his hyung. His footsteps became faster by itself, and his breathing became heavier as well. He could feel the hot blood running down the back of his neck, but he didn’t have time to worry about it. Because he had to see if his hyung was okay.

But there was no one. No matter how much he searched and looked around when he reached the bush, he couldn’t find him.

‘Where are you?’

‘Where are you, hyung?’

His hands were messed up by twigs and stones as he frantically scoured the prickly bushes. Like a person who didn’t feel any pain, he looked around, not paying attention.

The scent was definitely there. The scent of his hyung and his partner remained.

But why couldn’t he see him?

Tears welled up in his eyes and his throat felt like he was out of breath.

He searched all the places where the scent was still lingering, but he was nowhere to be seen. However, seeing the mercilessly trampled branches and the ruins of the bushes, it didn’t seem like his hyung got out of there alone.

Had he been taken back? Or who saved him?

His fingertips trembled uncontrollably, and tears fell from his eyes. He wiped his eyes with the back of his hand, wiping away the tears.

‘Come to your senses.’

His head was dull and dizzy because he had shed a lot of blood, but he bit his lower lip painfully and opened his eyes.

Those who kidnapped him wanted to kill him. The wrathful men let him out while they debated how to kill him, so perhaps if they caught his hyung, they would not let him go. They must have tried to kill him on the spot.

Then maybe hyung got help from the people who came to rescue him. So maybe he escaped safely.

As he thought about it that far, his knees bent as if the tension had been released. Both knees fell to the floor, and the pain and dizziness in the back of his neck that he had endured came rushing in. In an instant, he felt his head spinning and his body collapsed to the floor.

Lying on the chilly earthen floor, breathing hard, only thoughts about his hyung were in his head.

‘I guess my guess is right… ?’

It should be.

He thought seeing his face in person would give him peace of mind. The pain as if his body was slowly breaking apart and the pain in the neck that hit his brain every time he took a breath continued, but he couldn’t stop thinking of him.

He tried to get up again. But maybe he had already moved to the limit, and there was no strength in his body.

He managed to kneel down and put his hands on the floor. Fortunately, both arms seem to be able to move somehow.

Little by little, little by little, he went down the floor. He could feel the cold chill through his chest and stomach hitting the floor, but it wasn’t the time to think about that.

The face of his hyung, who was brighter than anything else in the world, came to mind. It didn’t take long, but he knew it as soon as he met him. That he was his one and only ‘mate’.

So, first, he made the ‘covenant’ as a partner. He would protect him for the rest of his life.

Seeing him use the one and only covenant that was only possible with a partner, his hyung blushed and smiled. He reached out and hugged him, and kissed him by burying his lips on the nape of his delicate neck instead of an engraving

‘You will be the only Omega in my life.’

Each other’s covenant was engraved deep within, and became an indestructible mark.

‘I have to find hyung. I… I decided to protect you.’

His hands groaned through the cold floor and his clothes dragged on the floor tore and scratched his bare skin, but he clenched his teeth. The covenant that melted his mind like it was brainwashing him made him think that he had to find his hyung.

Blood dripped from the nape of his neck and soaked every place he crawled, and it soon became a trail.

* * *

There was a clattering sound.

Amidst the silence, the sound of cleaning dishes pierced between them.

“Leave it.”

Yihyeon’s hand, which was cleaning the tableware, stopped. Joohyuk, who was sitting across from him, got up, shook his head at him, and walked ahead. Yihyeon followed him past the table with two people’s share of tableware and an empty medicine bags.

The future was, of course, predictable.

In the past, Joohyuk would only bring his partner in two or three times a month, depending on his mood, but on weekends, he would rest alone without anyone. However, after holding Yihyeon, he put him in the room where they had sex every single day on the weekend, and it came to the point that he had to spend almost the entire weekend in that room.

Yihyeon’s face darkened even more as he thought about the arduous sex that would continue over the weekend. He hated the bundle of checks that would instantly plunge him into the abyss of misery rather than the body aches and the silent screams of his overworked underside after long sex.

But today was strange. The place where Joohyuk was headed was not the room, but the study. It was also a place full of books that Joohyuk had collected, but it was a room he used when he had to work from home. Yihyeon stopped in front of the door to see if there was something to check or other things he didn’t know about. Usually it was Yihyeon’s job to wait outside the door while Joohyuk was working in this room.

As he stopped in front of the door, Joohyuk, who had entered earlier, looked back at him with an annoyed face.

“What are you doing? Come in.”

He was puzzled, but without saying anything, he walked inside. Then he saw a work desk and two comfy sofas set in front of it. There was a glass table between the sofas, and an ashtray on it.

“Sit down.”

It wasn’t a big deal, but he couldn’t help but be nervous. He didn’t think he was asking him to have sex here. Anyway, at this home, he didn’t have sex anywhere else except in the room where they had an affair.

‘Come to think of it, wasn’t it his bedroom at first?’

Even if he was distracted by the sudden rut, he thought he was the only one who had sex in his bedroom.

‘… What is it?’

Joohyuk having sex with him in the most private space was simply because he was in a hurry. It was nothing more, nothing less. And from that day on, Yihyeon’s heart gradually rotted.

He was trying to think well. Perhaps the reason Joohyuk felt the climax only with him and called him in every day was because he unconsciously recognized that they were partners. Maybe it was because he was a little special to him, he thought.

But he remembered Joohyuk putting a check in, and erased all those useless distant thoughts. To him, he was no different than a prostitute who gave himself to him for a price. If there was anything else, it was just that he was a little more useful for security and secretarial work.

‘I had a dream like that…’

It had been a long time since he had dreamt of that day, so he didn’t do anything special, but he didn’t feel good.

As soon as he sat down on the sofa that Joohyuk recommended to him, questions flew in.

“Did you say you were an orphan?”

He paused at the unexpected question, but answered immediately.


“Do you really have no relatives?”

Joohyuk, who was sitting across from him, looked at him with his eyes as if he was analyzing him. It may not be revealed because of his expressionless face, but Yihyeon quickly wondered as to why he was suddenly doing this. Yet, as it was a natural truth, he gave false answers one after another, as if he was spitting it out without hesitation.

“Yes, none at all.”

“How old were you in the orphanage?”

“I came out after I became an adult because the adoption didn’t go through.”

“Is MYS the place you entered immediately after that?”

“Yes, I trained as an apprentice for two years, and then I got involved in the real world.”

Since it was MYS that even had a bodyguard training center, there were many bodyguards who were apprentices. Yihyeon manipulated the documents as if he was one of them, and he answered accordingly.

After that, Joohyuk’s questions continued. As if conducting a household survey, each question was meticulously asked and answered. He did not take his eyes off of Yihyeon, even as he listened to the words flowing without blockage.

It was already in the documents Yihyeon submitted at the time of the contract, and Joohyuk must have gone through a separate investigation to find out if all of that was true. But why did he have to ask each question and get an answer?

‘What are you trying to find out?’

But there was nothing he could figure out by himself now.

When Joohyuk saw Yihyeon immediately answering a question, he picked up a cigarette, wondering if he was thinking too much. If there were any inconsistencies in the content or if there was something he was hiding, he would try to investigate, but the content was the same as the data he had, and there was no hole anywhere.

‘Is Sihoon joking, or is there something I don’t know?’

In case he didn’t know, he’ll try to gather more detailed information about Yihyeon.

As soon as he put a cigarette in his mouth, Yihyeon almost reflexively raised a lighter and lit it. Because of that, Yihyeon’s face was stuck in his eyes.

In an instant, heat rushed to his lower body. Joohyuk chuckled inwardly, turned his head and sucked in the cigarette smoke.

“Stop resting in the room. A security guard will be waiting outside the door, so don’t think about going anywhere.”

Yihyeon was quite surprised inside. He didn’t expect him to tell him to rest on the weekend. He didn’t know if he would tell him to go to another room for sex.

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