Chapter 28 - 28

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Joohyuk’s hand reached out to Yihyeon’s face.

“I think you have a fever because of the wound…”

Just before his hand touched his face, Yihyeon was startled and retreated half a step back to avoid his hand. His eyes flutter in confusion.

“Dir… I’m fine.”

Joohyuk frowned at his abnormal behavior. Like a sick person, he had a fever and was having a hard time, but he had uneasy eyes, so he didn’t look all right.

“Go and lie down again. I will call the doctor.”

“No, no… I’m really fine. I’m sorry.”

Feeling Yihyeon’s voice trembling, Joohyuk remembered the words the doctor had said before.

“He inhaled too much sleeping gas and the strong anesthetic might have had a shock on his brain. He may have temporary panic or memory problems, so even if he wakes up, he will need to rest for a few days.”

Other than that, panic disorder and memory disorder were not to be ignored. As Joohyuk, who experienced it firsthand when he was young, he knew very well how terrible it was.

Noticing that Yihyeon was confused, he grabbed his arm. His heated body flinched, but little by little, expressions began to appear on his face.

Embarrassment, anxiety, confusion.

Joohyuk thought that Yihyeon was feeling what he was going through right after that incident in the past. So he couldn’t stay still.

Is it because of sympathy or because he risked his life to protect him?

If not… Maybe it was because someone kept overlapping him?

“I will go back to my room. Please don’t mind me.”

“Do I look like I don’t care?”

Joohyuk’s hand, his tongue clenched briefly, touched Yihyeon’s hot cheek. He could feel the heat and slight tremors on the palms of his hands.

“I think you are going to faint now.”

“I’m really fine.”

Yihyeon, who grabbed the hand that touched his face and pulled it off, passed Joohyuk and tried to leave the room. Joohyuk clicked his tongue briefly and then suddenly hugged him. Yihyeon was noticeably startled.

Joohyuk, who walked to the bed and laid Yihyeon down, looked down at him and said as if warning him.

“You are the patient. Lay down.”

Yihyeon’s eyes filled with heat looked up at him and he trembled anxiously.

Joohyuk had never entered Yihyeon’s room, but he vaguely knew what it was like. Yihyeon’s room, seen through the gap in the door, was a dark and stuffy space even with the lights on. He remembered that there were only a few pieces of furniture in the small room that could be used as a storage room.

Shortly after the incident 17 years ago, Joohyuk was locked up in a room similar to Yihyeon’s. He saw his partner die right before his eyes, and his father’s people who saved him also said the same thing. They saw the body of a child about ten years old.

Despite knowing it, he denied it and made a fuss. Because of his memory impairment, there were holes in his memory with his partner, and the shock of not being able to accept it caused him to become delirious.

Then he ran out of the house several times to find the forest where he had lost his mate. Shortly thereafter, he was arrested and, whenever he returned, was imprisoned by his father in a narrow, dark room. Being treated like a psychopath.

He didn’t want to put Yihyeon in such a room. He was still mentally confused and had deep wounds, so if he stayed in that bleak room in this state, it seemed like an unprecedented illness would come.

Yihyeon’s confused face was trampled on by his eyes. He didn’t know what he was thinking, but at least he knew he was mentally tough. His past self was projected onto him, and the vague image of his mate was overlaid on top of that.

As soon as he realized that, his heart pounded. His heart was beating faster and faster, not knowing what to do.

Yihyeon was only thinking that he had to somehow escape from Joohyuk, who was looking down at him with heavy eyes. He had to go to his room and take the inhibitor first. After that, if he lay in his room like he was dead for a day or so with all kinds of excuses, he’ll be fine.

However, his body continued to heat up, and he might not be able to push him away while his strength was not working properly. Even when he was fine, Joohyuk was stronger.

The refreshing pheromone scent that was felt close by was irritating enough to be unbearable.



Suddenly, Joohyuk’s pheromone got stronger. Yihyeon sensed the danger as he watched his eyes fluttering as he looked down at him.

His rut cycle was about to begin.

Joohyuk’s pheromone balance was broken after being exposed to Yihyeon’s strong omega pheromone. His pheromone, which started to fluctuate due to the sudden start of the rut cycle, was so intense that Yihyeon had to hold his breath.

Joohyuk was a bit bewildered by the change in his body. His head was pounding with the beat of his heart. He could feel the blood circulating rapidly, and his body heated up. The meek pheromone grew so quickly that it could not be controlled.

It was the beginning of an obvious rut ​​cycle. Joohyuk couldn’t understand why the rut cycle had suddenly started.

There were various reasons for a sudden rut cycle. It was either a stimulant, being exposed to the dominant omega pheromone during a heat cycle, or it was an issue with the body’s balance.

For a stimulant, for the rut cycle to begin, it usually took about 30 minutes after ingestion. But the last thing he had was the coffee he drank an hour ago. So it was not the stimulant

However, being exposed to the dominant omega’s pheromone, which was said to be rare, was also not the case. In the first place, the dominant omega was rare, and if such a person was hit by a heat cycle and was nearby, there was no way he could not smell such a strong scent.

Then, in the end, it was a matter of balance in his body. Joohyuk thought that his rut cycle had started quickly because his body was out of balance because of the sleeping gas and anesthetic. In fact, such cases often popped up from time to time.

He took a deep breath and clenched his fists.

He already wanted to run to Yihyeon. He wanted to take off his clothes and put his bare member deep inside, which had become hot. Perhaps it was because he did it every day and abstained for about a week, and so his strong desires rose to the point of giving him a headache.

If he was like before, he would have done it no matter what condition Yihyeon was in. If he was like before, that is.

Not only did he get injured while protecting him by throwing himself in front, but he may even have panic disorder or memory disorder. In addition, his body seemed to have no strength, and his body was hot, perhaps because of the wound.

Most importantly, his eyes were the problem.

‘Damn it.’

The eyes of Yihyeon and his younger mate overlapped as if they were one. That was why he couldn’t do what he wanted.

Joohyuk sat on the bed with his face crumpled. Anyway, he had to leave the room. While calling the doctor to see Yihyeon’s condition, He’ll have to tell him to bring some inhibitors. He was not sure if it would work because he was already on a rut cycle, but he didn’t want to invite another partner to sleep with either.

“I’ll call the doctor, so be quiet.”

He threw those words and tried to get up from the bed, but Yihyeon’s arm grabbed him. He was startled as he felt the part held in Yihyeon’s hand heat up as if it was about to explode.

Yihyeon had to stop Joohyuk. When the doctor came, he might find out about his current condition. Now that this was a symptom of a heat cycle, and he didn’t smell, it was a big deal if they found out that he was an Omega.

He still had to be by Joohyuk’s side. If he was thrown out, the work he had been preparing for would be disrupted. He deliberately played the role of his secretary and had been trying to understand some of the group’s internal situation, including Shinwoo Construction, but if he found out that he was Omega, he would not be able to do even that.

But even after he held him back, he didn’t know what to say. Joohyuk’s eyes looking back at him were full of heat.

He was told not to call the doctor, but he was wondering what excuse he should give. So while he was hesitating, Joohyuk suddenly grabbed the back of his head and kissed him.

“Ugh… !”

The refreshing scent mixed with Joohyuk’s saliva occupied the inside of his mouth. The hot tongue that dug without hesitation grabbed his tongue full of heat, sucked it in, and repeatedly entangled with it. The sharp scraping of the pointed tip of the tongue as if drawing a picture on the roof of the mouth was an extreme stimulus and made Yihyeon’s body flinch. He even let out an unbearable groan when he stroked under the tongue while scanning the inside of his teeth.

Yihyeon was engrossed in the deep kiss with Joohyuk while holding onto his shirt with one hand. Joohyuk also scanned the inside of his mouth as if he would never let him go.

Joohyuk’s hand touched Yihyeon’s chest. As he scanned his chest over the shirt and lightly scraped his nipples, Yihyeon’s body shook. He liked the fact that it stood up pointy just by scratching and stimulating it a few times.

“Ugh… haa…”

A sweet breath flowed through the lips he was kissing. As soon as he stimulated the upright nipples by rubbing them together with the fabric, Yihyeon’s breathing sound became even harsher. Joohyuk’s hand, sliding down slowly, reached the bottom of Yihyeon.


Yihyeon opened his eyes and grabbed Joohyuk’s chest shirt tightly. After that, Joohyuk opened his mouth and gently sucked Yihyeon’s saliva-stained lips.

“Mr. Kwon Yihyeon.”

Joohyuk called for Yihyeon in a low voice.

“Is it right for me to endure it till here or to do what I want to do?”

At Joohyuk’s question, Yihyeon’s eyes shook violently. And he kept his mouth shut. It was like asking him to answer and he’d do what he liked.

When Yihyeon gasped for breath and couldn’t answer, Joohyuk looked away and lifted his hand from underneath him. Although the Rut cycle was starting, he could not hold Yihyeon right now. The only thought that kept running through his mind was that he had to endure it.

Yihyeon was very sensitive because his body had a fever. His hot skin and sweet kiss seduced Joohyuk, but he was a patient with a gunshot wound to the shoulder. Due to the aftermath of the anesthetic, even now, his body was unable to properly use a single force. He couldn’t force such a person.

“… You should be resting.”

Saying that, he got up from the bed and headed for the door. Joohyuk only thought he had to get out of this room quickly.

“Ugh… ”

It was Yihyeon’s painful moans that stopped Joohyuk’s steps. Turning his head quickly, Yihyeon was trying to get up while putting his hand on his injured left shoulder.

“What are you doing?”

A moment later, he grabbed Yihyeon who was about to get up and laid him down.


As soon as Joohyuk touched his hand, he crouched down in surprise. Joohyuk stopped his hand, wondering if he had touched his wound. Yihyeon gasped for breath with reddened eyes and looked up at Joohyuk.

“Haa… Managing Direc… tor… ”

The voice calling out to him sounded strange. His heart was beating like crazy and he was in pain. All his senses seemed to be focused on Yihyeon.


Yihyeon turned to the right where Joohyuk was sitting and crouched down. His red chin line and neck line caught his attention.

‘Get a grip.’

Joohyuk chewed the flesh of his mouth and suppressed the rushing instinct. He managed to stop the hand that was reaching out to Yihyeon at will and put one hand on his forehead.

“Are you in a lot of pain?”

Considering that the fever was so high, it must be serious. There was a time when he was cut by a knife and almost died, but he had never been shot, so he could not know Yihyeon’s condition.

Yihyeon’s hand, who was only breathing without answering, moved slowly. Suddenly, a hand reached underneath him.

Joohyuk looked at him and stiffened as he was. Whether it was due to heat or other reasons, Yihyeon’s eyes were blurry and even looked hazy as if he were dreaming. Joohyuk, who faced it, could not stand still.


Yihyeon’s eyes grew bigger. Joohyuk’s hand was placed on the back of Yihyeon’s, who was rubbing his genitals on his pants, and pressed it firmly. He rubbed the thick pants with Yihyeon’s hand urgently.

“Ah, uh-!”

“Haa… Kwon Yihyeon, why are you like this today? Why are you acting like an omega in heat?”

Yihyeon, who was almost out of his mind, swallowed his breath at the words ‘Omega in heat’. It was then that he realized what he was doing and his eyes trembled. He quickly removed Joohyuk’s hand from the bottom, which seemed to be screaming for immediate ejaculation.

“No, no. I… Is it because… Seems crazy for a while. I’m sorry.”

Embarrassed, he crouched even more. Joohyuk’s eyes widened at the act of protecting himself.

If he had been the same from before, Joohyuk would have turned around and left the room. He would have walked out thinking about what he was doing to the patient by ignoring the reason he was getting confused, something he would never have thought about in the past.

But his feet did not move. The unfamiliar appearance of Yihyeon that he saw for the first time and his bursting rut cycle seemed to lock in Joohyuk.

Yihyeon’s eyes were getting clear and blurry repeatedly. Even though he didn’t do anything, his breathing kept getting rough.

‘Is it just because of the heat? Something’s strange.’

Joohyuk’s eyes were stained with suspicion. He reached out to Yihyeon’s neck. As soon as Joohyuk’s hand touched him, he was startled.

‘It’s strange, too.’

Even if his reaction was sensitive, it was too sensitive.

Joohyuk suddenly brought his face close to the nape of Yihyeon’s neck. He took a deep breath, bringing his lips close enough to touch. There was a pleasant body odor, but that was all.

Even if the symptoms seemed similar, there was no way Beta Yihyeon would be an omega. He tried to breathe with his nose pressed close to the nape of the neck where Omega’s pheromone gland was said to be, but again, there was no pheromone scent.

‘He can’t be an omega.’

He had researched Yihyeon’s past and even looked at his detailed medical certificate, which had recently been brought from the hospital. In addition, the same was confirmed at the university hospital where he was hospitalized with Yihyeon for a while.

Kwon Yihyeon was ‘beta’.

It was natural. Except for sleeping, it was Yihyeon who was together with him all day. To him, he could only feel the body odor as calm as his face, rather than the unique sweet scent of Omega. Even if a rut cycle occurred right next to him, he calmly sought a partner, and he was meek as if he didn’t feel his alpha pheromone at all even when he had sex.

But the most convincing evidence was that none other than him was in heat. He didn’t know if it was because he was extremely reluctant, but he never went into heat with an Omega. No matter how cleverly they tried to hide their pheromones and attack, Joohyuk’s body discovered their identities.

He was feeling it to the climax because he could react to Yihyeon. So he couldn’t be an Omega.

‘Was it a mental problem?’

That was the only thing he doubted. Joohyuk also suffered from hallucinations, and even confusion due to mental problems in the past. He couldn’t say for sure, but it was highly probable.

Joohyuk calmed his pheromone down, which wanted to run wild, as much as possible, and gently wiped Yihyeon’s neck. Again, he reacted and took a deep breath.

“Kwon Yihyeon, what should I do?”

Joohyuk’s voice, which penetrated into his fainting consciousness, was surprisingly soft. Yihyeo faced Joohyuk, who looked down at him, with blurred eyes.

“Shall I call the doctor, or… ”

Joohyuk’s hand swept down from the nape of his neck along the shoulder line and tickled his prominent collarbone. That alone made his body tingle and he moaned. His body, which had become overly sensitive, was tingling with just this touch.

Joohyuk didn’t have to say anything. He just met Yihyeon’s eyes with eyes that seemed to condense the heat.

Yihyeon’s eyes, which were full of confusion, lost focus for an instant. He reached out his right hand and grabbed Joohyuk’s neck, then pulled him closer and kissed him.

Their kiss was just rushed, as if they had finally embraced the fruit they had been looking for for a long time. Their tongues were entangled, and their saliva mixed together. The kissing sound and Yihyeon’s excited moans were pleasantly mixed.

Joohyuk bit Yihyeon’s lips to the point of tingling, warning him.

“…Kwon Yihyeon chose this.”

Saying that, he buried his lips in Yihyeon’s neck. When he licked up the hot, soft skin, his heart swoll and the sound of his breathing changed. He buried his lips in his neck and sucked hard and bit it, letting out an unbearable moan.

Joohyuk saw the sharply engraved red marks and sucked the surrounding area several more times. He felt a strange sense of satisfaction when he left a mark that was clearly his own.

Joohyuk, who was licking his mark, suddenly became worried about Yihyeon’s shoulder injury. No matter how intense his sexual desire was, he thought that his shoulders would not be able to hold it if he continued to do it as violently as he did in his previous rut.

With Yihyeon lying on his back, he left a small space and climbed on him and untied the front of his shirt. He had no choice but to use his injured shoulder to completely take off his clothes, so he was thinking of leaving only the front shirt open.

However, the hot body inside the open shirt made Joohyuk go crazy. His lower part became stiff in an instant, and the desire to spread his legs immediately rose. If it hadn’t been for the bandage in the shirt that kept getting in his line of sight, he would have really done it.

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