Chapter 29 - 29

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The pheromone began to run more violently. He tried to suppress the thought that Yihyeon’s wound would get worse if he did it according to his temper, but his instincts started to take hold of Joohyuk’s head as if he was drugged.

Since when did he care about that? Just pound him as much as he wants.

Just as he was barely suppressing his instincts, Yihyeon, who had a completely relaxed face with hazy eyes, reached out to Joohyuk. Perhaps he had forgotten that he was injured, and he was about to move his left arm, so Joohyuk quickly grabbed his left wrist and pressed it. Meanwhile, Yihyeon’s right hand touched Joohyuk’s face. His touch was so careful as if he wanted to feel every single skin.

Joohyuk felt his heart, which was beating wildly, beating pleasantly due to the intense excitement. Even though Yihyeon gently touched his face, he was strangely ecstatic. It was such a strange feeling that he couldn’t even put into words what it felt like.

Yihyeon’s mouth was slightly sweet.

It was so low he couldn’t hear it, but why? The pheromone, which was running wild, gradually stabilized, and the instinct that dominated his head became quiet. Joohyuk didn’t notice, as if his pheromone understood Yihyeon’s words.

It was a strange feeling. It was true that it was a rut cycle, but it was the first time he felt so peaceful. All the senses of his body seemed to be focused solely on Yihyeon.

Until now, during a rut cycle, he had to sleep with someone, regardless of who or how many partners there were. Still, he couldn’t feel the climax, so he had to repeatedly shovel and masturbate, and he was like a wild horse with all his nerves heightened. It was the same when he first hugged Yihyeon.

But now something was different. The thought of wanting to share the warmth with him rather than the desire to have sex to be calm, as if a wild horse had met its owner, came to mind.

Joohyuk covered Yihyeon’s hand, which covered his face, and kissed the knuckle of his finger. It wasn’t a sexual caress. He just instinctively kissed Yihyeon’s hot fingers and the back of his hand, and put his trembling hand on his lips. Even just that alone, it felt so good that his whole body went numb.

Joohyuk lowered his face to Yihyeon’s body. As he kissed his chest and licked it up, Yihyeon’s waist lifted and his moans flowed. As Yihyeon’s reaction was vividly felt, a pleasant stimulus as if it was received even though it was him who caressed him, came.

Joohyuk’s hand went downwards to Yihyeon’s. He put the small nub on his chest in his mouth and gently pressed the front of his pants and rubbed it.


Yihyeon’s face was provocatively distorted and an unstoppable moan erupted. Joohyuk rolled his nipples in his mouth and stimulated the genitals in his pants without hurting. As he bit his hardened nipples, he twisted his back and moaned. He quickly tapped it with the tip of his tongue and added speed to the hand rubbing underneath, and there was a violent reaction in no time.

“Hah, ah, sh-!”

Yihyeon’s waist was bent and his body convulsed. His genitals, which had been stuffy in his pants, flinched a couple of times to the point where he could even feel Joohyuk’s hand.

Yihyeon, who flinched and ejaculated, quickly lost his strength and stretched out. Still, his thing swelled up and he didn’t think it would go down.

Joohyuk untied Yihyeon’s belt, took off his pants, and threw it out of bed. Drawers, which had become dirty due to his ejaculation, stood out. Making his underwear wet with semen felt more lewd than when he ejaculated naked.

Joohyuk even took off Yihyeon’s underwear. Then, a hard member covered in semen was revealed. As soon as he saw the white semen sticking to his light-colored member, he felt a burning sensation underneath. Even after ejaculation, Joohyuk grabbed his genitals, which were still firm, with his hands.


Yihyeon shook his back as if he felt a lightning-like stimulus just by itself. It was immediately after ejaculation, so the reaction was more sensitive.

Joohyuk’s hand grabbed Yihyeon’s leg and lifted it. Then he put his finger in his hole and pressed it tight.

“Ugh… !”

As soon as he touched the hole, Yihyeon’ shook. Joohyuk suppressed the urge to jump him as he looked at the hole in his hand and Yihyeon’s excited face. Something came to mind first, rather than the desire to put it in.

Because of the reckless pounding, Yihyeon’s hole never healed. After putting it in several times, blood flowed out of him without any doubt, and Joohyuk took it all seriously. Yihyeon, the party involved, had a calm face, so he didn’t even care because he thought it would be okay.

But now it was different. He was worried that his hole might be torn. Even with his erection about to explode in his pants.

Joohyuk took the gel out of the bedside table and picked it up. After squeezing it out and rubbing the hole with his hands, he twitched at the cold touch. The hole filled with the gel became softer.

With one arm, he carefully embraced Yihyeon’s upper body. He lifted his upper body and made his right shoulder rest against him. Still, he was afraid that if he shook him like that, his injured left shoulder would hurt, so he wrapped his arm behind his back and grabbed his left arm and hugged him.

Yihyeon, who leaned sideways in Joohyuk’s arms, rubbed his face against his chest as if he was anxious. Because his head was dominated by sexual desire, he was filled with only wishing that someone would do something about his hot and itchy body quickly.

Joohyuk, holding Yihyeon in his arms, reached out to his hole again. One finger that was touching the entrance was gently pushed into the hole.

“Ummm… ! Haa….”

Joohyuk’s long fingers moved slowly in and out of Yihyeon’s. He didn’t even touch the prostate, but just the sensation of brushing against the inner wall made his body tingle.


His fingers touched a sensitive part in Yihyeon’s depths. Yihyeon’s head lifted, and his unfocused eyes widened. Just by touching the inside once, a very strong feeling of pleasure ran through his whole body. Joohyuk’s fingers gently pressed the area again.


Yihyeon’s body jumped. He pressed it slowly and rubbed it again, and panting breaths and moans came out of his mouth without stopping. Yihyeon’s right hand gripped Joohyuk’s chest shirt and breathed heavily.

Joohyuk put one more finger inside the hole. It was tight and he spread his fingers from the inside. Every time that happened, the inner wall stuck to his finger, trying not to let go, and Yihyeon groaned and shook.

When he put in three fingers, he felt the inner wall weighing down. It was very slippery and sticky inside, probably because of the gel, but it was still difficult to move.

He knew it was narrow, but was it this much? It was natural to tear from his, which was too big to compare with three fingers so far, this small hole without loosening it properly.

“Haa… Quickly…”

He was loosening the inside, and Yihyeon was  urging him with tears in his eyes. Joohyuk almost lost his reason when he saw the face of Yihyeon, who was drenched in sexual desire, but he only twitched around his eyes and didn’t fight.

“Don’t rush me. I’m going to start after loosening you up enough.”

Perhaps he didn’t like Joohyuk’s words, Yihyeon made a difficult face. Then he lifted his head and brought his lips closer to Joohyuk. It looked like he was lying halfway in his arms, so even if he stretched his head out, there was a distance from Joohyuk’s face.

Joohyuk, who knew what Yihyeon was going to do, made a squeaking sound and lowered his face to him. As soon as they reached the distance where their lips could touch, Yihyeon licked Joohyuk’s lips like a cat. He gently sucked his lips as if urging him, and bit him painlessly. It must have been an act he did when unconsciously drunk with sexual desire, but that alone was enough to cause the blood to flow beneath him to the point of fainting.

“The less I loosen you up, the harder it will be on you.”

Even as a warning, Yihyeon did not listen. He just repeated the words with his fully opened eyes.

“Put it in… Quickly…”

With a sad voice, he rubbed his face against Joohyuk’s chest. He wanted to lay him down at any moment and hit him, but Joohyuk endured it and, rather, repeatedly moved his fingers that were inside, straightening and turning it from the tight inside.

“Ah, ah! Ugh-!”

Yihyeon trembled and moaned at the feeling of being stirred inside. His erect penis shook several times, and a clear, sticky liquid leaked out. Seeing this, Joohyuk’s eyes trembled strongly with conflict.

Soon, Joohyuk’s fingers began to move and quickly press Yihyeon’ prostate.

“Ah-! Ha, Ugh! Ah-!”

Yihyeon raised his moan while shaking his body. If Joohyuk hadn’t grabbed his left arm and held him, his reaction was so intense that it would put a strain on his shoulder.


Not long after, Yihyeon ejaculated. The strength in both legs was tight, and each time semen was spit out, his waist twisted.

Joohyuk felt his inside twitch through his fingers, and he couldn’t take it any longer. Thanks to the ejaculation, the inside was also quite loose, so he thought it might be okay now.

Yihyeon, who had lost his strength, was laid straight down. He spread his legs apart, went in between them, unzipped his pants, and pulled his out. When he thought of putting it inside Yihyeon, he felt the heat rising even more.

Maybe it was because he had sex with Yihyeon raw for the first time, so he didn’t even want to use a condom. An incident in Busan came to mind in Joohyuk’s mind, who was in a hurry to put it in as it was this time as well.

He had told him, who was drooping in the bathroom with tired eyes, that he would scrape the inside and to spread his legs. Then he suddenly noticed what he was struggling with.

‘Now I’m worried about everything.’

Reflecting at his strange behavior, he took out some condoms from the side table along with the gel. He picked up one of them, tore the wrapping paper with his mouth, and put on a condom rather hastily. Then, he pressed the glans firmly against Yihyeon’s hole.

But he couldn’t push it. It was because he felt a strong sense of resistance even though he had loosened enough.

‘I’m about to tear it apart.’

His mind was confused. It was strange and annoying to be concerned about each and every one of them. Has he ever been so calm and  cautious during a rut cycle, when his sexual desires were paralyzing to the point of losing his reason?

“Quickly… ”

Yihyeon gasped for breath and looked up at Joohyuk between his legs. Tears were welling up in his eyes.

“It’s okay no matter what… Quickly… put it… ”

Joohyuk heard the sound of something breaking somewhere in his head.

The thick member began to push  inside. Yihyeon’s tearful eyes widened, and his two hands grabbed the bed sheet.

“Ah… uh… !”

A thick object filled Yihyeon’s inside. The entrance was aching and the inside felt like it was being forced open. It felt close to pain, but to Yihyeon now, it was just a stimulus. Maybe it was thanks to Joohyuk taking the time to loosen it, but he came in without any blockage.


Joohyuk touched the inner prostate. Yihyeon felt his eyes blink for a moment and then returned, and his knees trembled. Even though it was just a strong push on the prostate, the stimulation was so strong that his lower body was full of energy.

Joohyuk, who felt his butt and legs hardened, buried his lips inside Yihyeon’s thigh. He licked it like he was tickling and sucked it deeply to relieve the strength of his trembling legs. He grabbed Yihyeon’s buttocks with his hands and touched him as if to loosen his muscles. His thing, which seemed to have stopped, went deep inside again. He hadn’t even gone in yet, but he could feel his glans hitting the wall.

“Ah… more…”

Yiyeon’s eyes trembled and he met Joohyuk’s gaze.

It felt so good to fill the inside. When he thought that he wanted to go deeper and fill it, he couldn’t help but rush Joohyuk. Because his thing could have gone deeper.

“More deeply…”

Yihyeon’s head, dominated by sexual desire due to the heat cycle, was only thinking that somehow he wanted to feel better.

“Put it deep… ”

Joohyuk spit out curse words in a small voice at Yihyeon’s urging. He was trying to restrain himself somehow, because if he did it violently, the wound would get worse.

“I’m barely putting up with the crazy feeling, but Kwon Yihyeon is really…”

Still, as Yihyeon wanted, he pushed in a little further into the depths of him. His chest, which was red with heat, jumped loudly.

“Ahh…ugh! Ah!”

Yihyeon shuddered at the electric pleasure that flashed in front of his eyes and spread throughout his body. Even though Joohyuk’s things were all filled within him, a crazy feeling of pleasure hit his brain.

As soon as Joohyuk put everything inside Yihyeon, he felt like he was about to ejaculate. It didn’t seem like he could withstand the inner wall that was falling hotter and more violently than usual.

However, Yihyeon’s face was more of a problem than the inner wall. He couldn’t take his eyes off of Yihyeon’s face, which was completely destroyed by sexual desire.

Joohyuk moved slowly. It was a slow pace that could not be compared to before. Instead, when inside, he pressed Yihyeon’s prostate until it hurt, and when pushing up the inside, he pushed it deep down to the root.

The shoveling, which could put a strain on the body, was deliberately slowed down. Thanks to that, Yihyeon was able to receive a long and calm pleasure without stopping even if he was not very excited.

But it wasn’t enough. In the heat cycle state where sexual desire was maximized, intense sex was required. Although Yihyeon felt a sense of pleasure to the extent that his hair became white, he was reaching out to his thing without realizing it. He wanted to ejaculate a lot.

Just before Yihyeon’s hand reached, Joohyuk’s hand grabbed his.


“Want to go more?”

He nodded his head several times in response to Joohyuk’s question. He wanted to get rid of all the heat that had accumulated in the genitals.

Joohyuk’s hand grabbed his and shook it quickly. In fact, while the shoveling was slow, Yihyeon’s movement fastened as if trying to make it go faster.

“Yes! Ah-!”

Yihyeon’s waist bent and the inner wall tightened. Joohyuk wanted to hit the inside of the hole without any disturbances like he wanted, but he resisted it desperately.


The power went into Yihyeon’s ass, and the third ejaculation continued from his genitals. The inner wall was sticky, and it tightened as if it were crushing Joohyuk’s.

Joohyuk looked down at Yihyeon’s thing buried in his hand and immediately touched him again. As it was immediately after ejaculation, Yihyeon’s reaction was quite intense.

“Ah-! uh-! uh-!”

He kept trying to shake his entire upper body, so he pressed Yihyeon’s chest down with one hand without hurting him. In that state, the shoveling was still slow, and the hand holding the genitals moved quickly.

Yihyeon felt his blurred vision flicker several times because of tears. The pleasure and stimulation coming from below made his brain not function properly. The feeling of being burned from the inside and the pleasure of letting go of his mind coexisted inside the body.

Something soared from the depths. It was condensed on the root of the genitals and was about to pop out at any moment. Joohyuk was also feeling Yihyeon’s member wriggling as if he was about to release something even after he had ejaculated.

Joohyuk’s hands got faster. Yihyeon’s body, which could not be shaken because his chest was pressed down, convulsed like a person with chills. Soon, clear water other than semen spewed out of his genitals.


Yihyeon’s face pinched together and his eyes widened. Instead of his chest and shoulders, his back trembled. The pressure on the chest clearly conveyed the pulsating energy from the inside.

Joohyuk did not stop his hand even as he watched Yihyeon convulse. Clear water spouted out whenever the roots were pulled up, squeezing it. The liquid splashed on Yihyeon’s chest and the back of Joohyuk’s hand, which was holding it down.

Joohyuk felt an indescribable sense of satisfaction as he watched the warm water soaking the back of his hand. Also, whenever the water came out like that, he could feel the inside tightening much more than when he ejaculated.

He wanted to hit it like crazy.

Going in and out as slowly as he was now was something he had never done before. Maybe that’s why, thanks to the tight inner wall, he was able to get to the climax, but not enough to ejaculate.

Yihyeon stretched out his hand towards Joohyuk as if to grab it.

His eyes, engulfed by sexual desire and pleasure, captured Joohyuk.


Joohyuk leaned over and placed his body on top of Yihyeon. Their faces came close as if they were kissing.

“What more can I do?”

Yihyeon’s watery eyes met Joohyuk.

“Better… Do it… ”

It was like being hypnotized.

Joohyuk looked at him quietly as if he had been captured by Yihyeon’s eyes. He couldn’t take his eyes off of it.

“… If you grant me one request, I will do it.”

At Joohyuk’s words, Yihyeon nodded slightly. Yihyeon just wanted the hot stuff inside him to hit him violently several times because he liked it. Perhaps it was because his head was full of sexual desire, he thought that there was only one way to relieve the itching inside and the heat of his body. He felt like he could do anything for that.

“Hyung… Call me hyung.”

Joohyuk’s eyes fluttered vaguely. His eyes, clearly reminiscent of someone, captured Yihyeon.

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