Chapter 30 - 30

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“If you call me hyung, I’ll let you cum any number of times… Call me hyung.”

Yihyeon’s eyes opened and closed slowly.

“… hyung…”

It was only one word. The air in the room changed even though Joohyuk only heard the one word he wanted.. Joohyuk’s pheromone vibrated pleasantly.

He hugged Yihyeon’s body. Still, he grabbed it carefully so as not to put too much strain on his shoulder and held it.


Yihyeonn spit out a high-pitched sound at the feeling of being hit quickly and strongly from below. Joohyuk immediately shoved inside quickly several times.

“Ah-! Haa-!”

Their chests and stomachs touched each other, and they trembled. Joohyuk shoved deep inside Yihyeon and bit his ear.

“Keep calling me hyung.”

“Ugh! Hyung… ugh, ugh-!”

“Continue… keep calling…”

Following Yihyeon’s auricle, he gave strength to the tip of his tongue and licked it. As if to respond to Joohyuk’s request, Yihyeon, who was startled, spit out the words he wanted several times between moans.

“Hyung, ah! Haa haa…  Hyu, Haa! Hyung…!”

“Ha, more… Call me more.”

“Ah! Hyung…! Ah, ah… ! Hyung, ugh!”

There was the sound of flesh hitting together from below, and moans and the word ‘hyung’ from above.

Joohyuk licked the tears from Yihyeon’s eyes, the eyes that possessed him. He kissed his eyelids and said over and over again so as not to break.

“Don’t stop. Hyung… Keep calling.”

“Hyung, uh… Ah Ah-!”

He could feel the hot liquid spitting out between their stomach. Due to the tightening of the inner wall, Joohyuk could not bear it and ejaculated. Joohyuk, who had ejaculated while holding Yihyeon tight as if he would not let him go, immediately moved again. As if he hadn’t ejaculated, Joohyuk’s hard member went in and out of Yihyeon’s without slowing down.

Yihyeon, who was trembling from his own ejaculation, immediately shuddered at the sensation inside. His back was shivering and his head hurt, but he couldn’t get his mind off the pleasure of his body  being stirred up.


The corners of Joohyuk’s lips rose slightly at the words that came out mechanically from Yihyeon’s mouth. His eyes, which had become as blurry as Yihyeon’s, shone more tenderly than anything else in the world.


Joohyuk’s eyebrows curled and water filled his eyes. An infinitely friendly voice flowed out toward someone faintly overlapping Yihyeon’s face.

“… Yes, Hyun-ah.”

* * *

After spending a full day on a rut cycle, Joohyuk immediately called the doctor. A well-dressed 50-year-old man who arrived at the penthouse bowed politely to Joohyuk. Joohyuk smiled as he received his greeting and blinked his eyes telling him to follow him.

The attending physician, who was suddenly called, tilted his head wondering why he was called, even though he looked fine no matter how he looked at it.

But he soon found out. That he wasn’t called because of Joohyuk.

The first thing that surprised him was that someone else was lying in Joohyuk’s bedroom. He knew immediately that he was Joohyuk’s bodyguard and secretary, Kwon Yihyeon. He didn’t know why he was occupying his bedroom, though.

The problem was more than the fact that Yihyeon was lying in bed, he was ignorant.


The doctor who removed the blanket could not speak. It wasn’t because Yihyeon was lying on the bed with only one robe on. The body inside of the robe that started from the back of the neck and chest that was visible through the gaping robe, and the long legs that stretched under it, were full of reddish marks here and there. The doctor knew what that meant.

The attending physician was sometimes called in to treat partners with lower back injuries. Since Joohyuk was so merciless and had no interest in foreplay, there had been quite a few cases where the bottom of the body was torn from rough sex for a long time. Because of that, he was unwillingly aware of Joohyuk’s sex style.

It was surprising that such Joohyuk partnered with Kwon Yihyeon, who was not a famous actor or idol-like person, and to leave such vivid traces that it was embarrassing to even call it a caress. As a doctor, it was a big surprise.

Joohyuk pulled out a cigarette and looked down at Yihyeon from the doctor’s side.

“Just take care of things quickly. Don’t think otherwise.”

At Joohyuk’s cold warning, the attending physician quickly shook his head. It was a face that looked at him in an undesirable way.

The attending physician untied the front of the gown to check Yihyeon’s condition. Just like in the other places, his chest and abdomen were full of traces.

Then, in the eyes of the attending physician, Yihyeon’s left shoulder was visible. The bandage was wrapped quite thickly, so it didn’t seem like an ordinary wound.

“Hey, why is his shoulder like this?”

“He was shot.”

“… What?”

The doctor made a bewildered sound and turned to Joohyuk. He sat down on the sofa and spoke once more with a cigarette in his mouth.

“A gunshot wound,” he said. “He came back from surgery two days ago at the hospital.”

Were gunshots common? The attending physician felt a chill as he remembered the word ‘gun’. Guns were rare in Korea, and gunshot wounds were even rarer. He came after surgery, but he was nervous because it was the first time he had seen a gunshot wounded patient in a long time.

He had sex with Joohyukk, so he expected that the surgical site would have been ruptured because of his rough behavior. However, after taking off the gown and removing the bandages, there was only a small amount of blood oozing out, and only a hardened mark.

‘Did you do it?’

If he had really had sex with Joohyuk, it wouldn’t have ended like this. The traces were too blatant to see that he didn’t do that.

He tilted his head and kept looking at it, and his back ached. He caught Joohyuk’s sharp gaze and quickly opened the bag for the visit.

The doctor who was dressing Yihyeon’s shoulder and putting a new bandage on with gauze said to Joohyuk, thinking that he must say this.

“As the hospital said, this person needs to rest for a while. He should never, never do strenuous exercise.”

The word ‘strenuous exercise’ was emphasized with several meanings. Joohyuk just frowned as if displeased, and took the cigarette to his mouth without saying anything.

“Oh, and cigarettes are poison to the patient.”

After adding those words, Joohyuk, who had brought the cigarette to the front of his mouth, stopped moving. He frowned and tried to look at the doctor, but he was confident as if he had said something as a doctor. In the end, Joohyuk rubbed the cigarette into the ashtray with an annoyed hand and put it out.

This time, as he had done with his previous partners, Yihyeon’s legs were folded and spread apart, and he tried to check his lower state. Joohyuk, who appeared behind him, squinted his eyes.

“You can’t look there.”

The doctor flinched at the sharp voice that felt like a knife had been pointed at his neck. As he rolled his eyes and turned to the side, Joohyuk stretched Yihyeon’s legs again and fixed the messy gown.

“Leave a nutritional supplement and go. And from now on, you will come every day to check on this person.”

The doctor opened his eyes and blinked. Joohyuk, who covered Yihyeon’s body with a blanket, looked at him coldly. Then the attending physician, who quickly regained consciousness, bowed his head.

“Yes. All right.”

The attending physician set a Ringer and glanced at Yihyeon’s face again and again. Even though he was a bodyguard and even worked as a secretary, it was the first time that Joohyuk cared so much about his partner. It was surprising to him.

The doctor, who put a needle in the back of Yihyeon’s left hand and attached a ringer to the pillar at the bedside, could not get over Joohyuk’s gaze and left his seat. He couldn’t take his eyes off Yihyeon’s face.

“Hyung, ah! Haa haa… Hyu, uh! Hyung… !”

The word ‘hyung’ that Yihyeon had called the day before still resonated in his heart.

“… Yes, Hyun-ah.”

He called out the name of his dead mate. Yihyeon’s eyes were so similar to him.

Joohyuk reached out and lightly rubbed Yihyeon’s eyes. The eyes were the problem. Those eyes that resemble his mate.

Joohyuk’s eyes could not move away from Yihyeon’s eyes.

* * *


He moaned a little and rolled his eyes. As he lifted his heavy eyelids with difficulty, he could see Joohyuk’s bedroom ceiling.

He blinked his eyes slowly.

When did he fall asleep?

His brain was jumbled up. He didn’t even know when he fell asleep and what happened.

The last thing he remembered was when he ran into Joohyuk while he was in Joohyuk’s bedroom like he was now, and that was all.

‘What did I say… ‘

The more he tried to remember, the more his head throbbed.

“Go and lie down again. I will call the doctor.”

“No, no… I’m really fine. I’m sorry.”

He vaguely remembered the conversation he had with Joohyuk. It seemed that the heat cycle came and he was trying to get out of Joohyuk’s room, but the memories after that were sparsely disappearing.

‘Heat cycle… ?’

It was then that he came to his senses. He didn’t take the inhibitor on time because he was asleep, and the heat cycle came as a result. He was going to the room to eat the inhibitor, even if it was late, but Joohyuk blocked him, so he was also exposed to his pheromone, and his rut cycle came.

The problem was that during that hit cycle, the memory disappeared.

Yihyeon jumped up with a surprised face. Then he clenched his teeth at the excruciating pain in his left shoulder.

“Are you okay?”

He shuddered at the sudden voice. When he turned his head to the side of the sound, Joohyuk, who was sitting on the sofa, was approaching him with a stiff face.

Yihyeon’s heart started beating fast.

He didn’t get caught, did he?

‘No. I can’t.’

All information related to ‘Kwon Yihyeon’ was registered as having a ‘beta’ trait. There was no scent, so he thought that there was no reason to doubt that he was an omega.

Still, he couldn’t help but feel anxious. Because he went through a heat cycle in front of him.

He looked expressionless on the outside, but he was very nervous on the inside. He was worried that he might have done something wrong. He was so frustrated and upset that he couldn’t remember.

But there was something else to worry about the most.

“… Director.”

He tried his luck by pretending to be as calm as possible.

“Perhaps… Did I sleep with the executive director?”

Joohyuk’s face was subtly distorted as he approached the bed. He looked at him quietly as if he was choosing a horse and stretched out his hand toward Yihyeon’s chest. His hand grabbed the front of Yihyeon’s gown and spread it to the side. When Yihyeon lowered his gaze, startled, only then did he see the condition of his body. The red marks all over his body shocked Yihyeon.

He couldn’t remember, but it seemed certain that he had sex with Joohyuk while he had his heat cycle. In addition, he was on a rut cycle because of him. That’s…

Yihyeon swallowed dry saliva and put his hand between his legs. His hole that was swollen reached the tip of his finger.

“Don’t worry. I used a condom.”

Joohyuk, who noticed that Yihyeon was touching his hole under the blanket, spoke first. Then, like a relaxed person, Yihyeon was noticeably relieved.

“Can’t you remember?”

Joohyuk’s hand touched Yihyeon’s face. He groaned and met his gaze.

“What you did with me yesterday and what did you say…”

While tilting his head crookedly, he stroked Yihyeon’s cheeks.

“Can’t you remember?”

Joohyuk’s eyes sank deeply.

Yihyeon was speechless. It wasn’t too difficult for Joohyuk to figure out what that meant.

‘Is it better not to remember?’

Even if it was a momentary impulse, he said a name that he had not revealed to anyone. The name of the child who was quietly asleep in the depths of his heart.

He felt guilty for calling his dead mate’s name while holding someone else. Not to Yihyeon, but to his partner.

‘Forgive me for that much, Hyun-ah.’

He thought he was used to suffering from longing, but he still couldn’t forget Yihyeon’s eyes the day before. His heart became heavy at the thought that if he had grown up safely, his partner would also be of the same age as Yihyeon now.

Yihyeon looked up at Joohyuk, who was quietly staring at him with his sunken eyes, and was diligent in hiding his confusion.

He never had a memory missing from a heat cycle so far. Of course, since he had never had sex with anyone during that, it was natural, but Yihyeon was just fine even when he struggled for three days and three nights because he could not release all of his sexual desire. If he looked at him as casually as he did now, he probably had sex with Joohyuk for a whole day or so, but maybe he was distracted because he had relieved his libido for the first time during the cycle.

His mind was confused. He didn’t know that the memory itself had disappeared as if it had been dug out so unnervingly. He didn’t know why he left so many marks on his body, and he didn’t know why he wore a condom. Moreover, if he had acted according to his personality, it would not have ended to the point where his lower back would swell only a little, and his injured shoulder would not have been able to move like it was now.


Since he had no memory, all that remained in his mind was the single word ‘why’. He was pretending to be expressionless, but Yihyeon’s eyes could not hide the confusion.

“Did I do something disrespectful?”

Joohyuk looked at Yihyeon, who could not remember anything, and sat down on the bed with a small sigh.

“You don’t have to try to remember.”

Hearing that made him even more anxious. Joohyuk, who had noticed that, continued.

“It was because of the fever that Kwon Yihyeon became like that yesterday, and it was because he was mentally confused. My rut cycle also came because I wasn’t feeling well.”

Hearing Joohyuk’s words, Yihyeon was relieved once more. Joohyuk did not know that he had his heat. The reason he had his Rut was also because of Yihyeon.

But many questions still remained. It was questionable whether he did not notice the love fluid that would have flowed out during the heat cycle, and why Joohyuk did not treat him harshly during his rut cycle.

‘No, the most questionable thing is…’

Why was he still in Joohyuk’s bedroom? He also had a Ringer attached.

As Yihyeon lowered his gaze and was immersed in thought, Joohyuk’s gaze reached the nape of his neck with his head bowed slightly. He could see something, a long horizontal scar between the hair on the white nape of his neck. Upon closer inspection, it was a scar that looked like it had been cut by something. It was so faint and sparsely covered by his hair, it was such a scar that he wouldn’t even know it was there if he didn’t look closely.

Joohyuk’s hand reached out toward the scar. When the tip of his finger touched part of the scar, Yihyeon visibly flinched and covered the nape of his neck with his right hand. It was an act close to instinct.

Unknowingly, Yihyeon made a bewildered expression for a moment at the reflexive action. Joohyuk put his hand near the nape of his neck and just looked at him. Joohyuk took in Yiheon’s reaction.

“When did you get hurt?”

At Joohyuk’s question, Yihyeon’s heart started racing like crazy. He didn’t even know he had a scar on the back of his neck. He asked about the scar as if he was interested in ‘Kwon Yihyeon’ rather than ‘sex partner’. Just that fact alone made his heart race.

Maybe he’ll let him know.

That this was the wound he suffered while saving him.

Joohyuk didn’t know that, but he was still looking forward to it. He wanted him to remember that there was an Omega who almost died while running away as bait to save him. It was a short-lived pair who didn’t tell him his name, but he hoped he could remember even to the smallest detail that there was a child with whom he had a covenant with.

He couldn’t bring up the past because he couldn’t reveal his identity, but ironically, he was hoping that he would recognize him.

Yihyeon’s expressionless eyes lit up with a painful light and faced Joohyuk. He met his gaze as if possessed.

Joohyuk’s face got closer and closer, and he held Yihyeon’s head with one hand and kissed him. He licked his lips softly and shoved his cool tongue into his mouth. Yihyeon’s warm mouth wrapped around Joohyuk’s tongue, adding warmth. The quiet Yihyeon’s tongue was lifted by Joohyuk, wrapped around it so that it didn’t hurt, and pulled slightly.

It was a soft kiss that was not like Joohyuk. To the extent that Yihyeon rather wanted to hold Joohyuk’s tongue.

He slowly pulled out his tongue and clenched Yihyeon’s red and soft lips several times. He bit his lower lip, sucked it, and licked it again.

“Don’t look at me like that.”

Joohyuk lifted his head and licked the saliva on his lips with his tongue. The hand that supported Yihyeon’s back went down slowly and touched the scar. Again, he shook a lot.

“I want to do it again.”

Joohyuk’s lips turned towards Yihyeon’s neck this time. As soon as he realized that, Yihyeon’s body stiffened. He quickly pushed Joohyuk’s hand away and covered the wound on the nape of his neck with his hand.

“Director, there…”

“Put your hands away.”

Yihyeon’s eyes shook violently.

The nape of the neck was nothing less than a weakness among Yihyeon’s weaknesses. It was faded because it was an old scar, but it was a fatal wound that had formed just above the pheromone gland. Perhaps because of that, he was particularly sensitive, and above all else, he had an obsessive compulsive need to protect the nape of his neck.

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