Chapter 33 - 33

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Author: chef

The real Chief Kim Seokwoon and his staff were found in the employee lounge on the second floor of the building. Fake Kim Seokwoon only briefly mentioned the place because the facilities were the same as the general break room, but now it turns out, it was in order for them not to find the employees who were locked up in the employee break room.

Kim Seokwoon, who imprisoned the employees, appeared in front of Joohyuk by borrowing the real Kim Seokwoon’s name and title, and he skillfully guided them inside the building. Joohyuk and Yihyeon both did not doubt him at all due to the very natural guidance and explanation.

If he knew the inside of the building well enough and had prior knowledge, he would not be a simple contractor. There was a high probability that he at least had a solid background behind him, even if others didn’t know.

‘I know who’s behind it anyway.’

Yihyeon, who remembered Lee Sihoon in his head, paid attention to his attitude change.

So far, Lee Sihoon has ended at the level of simply ‘annoying’ Joohyuk. Even if he used people, there was no case where Joohyuk’s life was threatened, and even if he interfered with his project or work, it did not inflict a decisive blow.

It was just Lee Sihoon’s own ‘show of presence’, and it was something an elementary school student could do to make the other person recognise him.

But he knew he always wanted to get rid of Joohyuk. If the circumstances were right and his own safety was guaranteed, he would have been aiming for Joohyuk’s neck at any time. The reason he hasn’t been able to do that until now was probably because he was not the real son of the Shinwoo group’s chairman, as Lee Haejun told him.

If Joohyuk died or his life was in danger, Shinwoo Group Chairman Lee Jungho will not stand still. No matter what anyone said, Joohyuk was the only real child of his.

The reason Lee Jungho left Lee Sihoon so far is probably because his check was not just poisonous. In order to protect himself from repeated threats, Joohyuk trained himself and made his own people, and came to have reasonable doubts about others. Yihyeon thought that the reason for the Joohyuk he knew and the Joohyuk now looked like completely different people was because of Lee Sihoon’s endless checks.

‘It seems like there’s more to it than that, but…’

Lee Jungho’s idea of ​​using Lee Sihoon to make Joohyuk refine his power was a guess, but he thought that something else must have influenced him. Exactly what it was, he had no way to know. Because Lee Jungho was hiding it so tightly, he could only guess that Lee Haejun had something, but it was close to not knowing at all.

‘I don’t need to know that.’

He was curious, but that was it. No matter what Joohyuk went through in the past, as Yihyeon now, he didn’t want to pay much attention to it.

When he finished his work, he will disappear from his sight without any regrets.

As soon as Yihyeon shook off the figure of Joohyuk who once again occupied his head, his older sister Sehyun came to mind. The way she should have set foot in this business.

‘I’m sorry, Noona.’

As expected, his sister Sehyeon moved.

After his cell phone was smashed and all communications were made under Joohyuk’s control, Yihyeon tried to contact her separately, fearing that she would be worried. As he was dialing her number with his old hidden folder phone, he suddenly had a thought. Maybe he can use Sehyeon to speed things up.

He purposely did not contact Sehyeon. As expected, she sent someone to investigate Joohyuk and himself in depth. Meanwhile, one of Joohyuk’s bodyguards protecting the penthouse was bought with Sehyeon’s money.

Anyone who guarded the inside of the penthouse knew this. Yihyeon had sex with Joohyuk almost every day.

One day, while leaving the room in a difficult way due to sex with Joohyuk, one of the bodyguards guarding the entrance came closer and whispered. Someone asked about how he was doing, and he told them the truth. Yihyeon gave a fairly generous amount to the bodyguard who did a back deal with him, and after a while he stopped working while looking at his generous bankbook.

Sehyeon was angry at the fact that he had become Joohyuk’s plaything, and she must have wanted to visit him right away. However, she promised not to interfere directly with the one year suggested by him. She must have known that if she was caught while unraveling his people, Yihyeon would come out strong and impatient. So, rather than moving on her own, she chose to join hands with someone else. With someone who wanted to get rid of Joohyuk if possible.

Sehyeon tried to separate him from Joohyuk by using Lee Sihoon. If Joohyuk was wounded, or, rather, if he had died, it might have been what she wanted. There was no need for Yihyeon, who had lost the person to protect, to remain in Shinwoo Construction.

So Sehyeon and Lee Sihoon held hands. As Yihyeon wished.

‘Sorry. Using noona.’

Inwardly, he apologized to Sehyeon briefly.

Thanks to Sehyeon holding hands with Lee Sihoon, Joohyuk’s representative antagonist, he finally started to move properly. It wasn’t at the level of disturbing or teasing, he was really moving to kill Joohyuk.

The stronger the attack, the bigger the action, and the easier it is to expose weaknesses.

Yihyeon was aiming for that. The weaknesses of Lee Sihoon will be exposed one by one while trying to kill Joohyuk.

While he  was immersed in his thoughts for a moment, the person on the other side of the phone asked.

– What do we do with those captured?

Yihyeon calmly answered his question.

“Everyone, please keep their mouth shut. And among the people, hold onto the man who pretends to be Director Kim Seokwoon. Judging from the fact that he knew not only the inside of the building, but also the operating policies and bylaws, it seemed that he was not just a contractor.”

Yihyeon’s eyes became cold for an instant.

“But investigate the person’s family, relatives, and acquaintances. Depending on the situation, you can grab them and threaten them.”

It was a calm tone like usual, but his voice was so cold.

“What we need is the person’s testimony. That will be part of the decisive role.”

While he gave his opponent a command, he heard the sound of the door closing vaguely. It was clearly the sound of the front door, not the door inside the penthouse.

Turning his head and looking at the door, Yihyeon said in a low voice.

“The SD card has been discarded. Make sure you get the man by any means until I get back to you. Then I will call you back.”

Leaving those words, he pressed the button to end the call. He immediately turned off the phone and slipped it into the dark space under the chest of drawers. At the same time, he heard someone’s footsteps approaching. Soon the footsteps stopped in front of his room.

“Kwon Yihyeon, are you awake?”

He looked at the door and narrowed his eyes. It was strange that Joohyuk came to his room like now, and asked if he was awake without opening the door. If it was in the past, he would have ordered someone else to call him.

When he opened the door, Joohyuk in a neat black suit was standing in front of him. Yihyeon bent over and tried to greet him. He couldn’t bow down too much and was stopped by Joohyuk’s hand.

“Okay, I heard you haven’t eaten much.”

Of course, it was natural. The stomach cramps that got worse recently did not get better easily no matter how much medication he took. In the midst of that, there was no way that he could eat the feast that was prepared.

“I ate enough.”

Joohyuk’s eyes frowned. He expected sarcastic words to come out of his mouth, but surprisingly, he didn’t say anything special.

Joohyuk’s eyes saw the inside of the small room behind Yihyeon.

“No matter how I look at this room, I don’t like it.”

With a trembling voice, Joohyuk crossed his arms.

“Bring your medicine and come out. Let’s go to my room.”

“Is there anything you want me to do?”

He asked reflexively. When he called him inside the room in the penthouse, he usually did one of two things. To work, or have sex. Yihyeon’s heart was pounding at the thought that the latter was likely.

Joohyuk turned his gaze and looked at him with distaste.

“Even if there is nothing to order, if I go, you go and if I come, you come. Don’t talk, just bring the medicine.”

When he looked down, Yihyeon turned and entered the room. Stomach spasms and antispasmodics medicines were already decreased, and the medicines he took recently were medicines to treat shoulder injuries.

As Joohyuk said, Yihyeon left the room with an envelope full of medicine. Joohyuk, who had been waiting outside until then, walked while holding Yihyeon’s right arm. Like someone who was worried that he might go somewhere.

The place where Joohyuk took him was his bedroom. Yihyeon had a face that did not understand why he was taking him to Joohyuk’ss bedroom rather than the room where they had sex.

Joohyuk released his arm after entering the bedroom. He said pointing to the bed.

“I’m going to wash up, so go lie in bed.”

Yihyeon was startled.

Was it still sex? He didn’t know why they were doing this in his bedroom, but he shuddered at the thought of tormenting him after a long time.

Even after Joohyuk left the room, he could not readily lay down on the bed. He was just sitting on the bed, holding the medicine bag with both hands and looking down.

His heart was already numb and his stomach hurt.

The last sex he had was during the heat cycle, but he had no memories of that time when he was dominated by sexual desire. Even now, Joohyuk’s kiss marks were engraved on his body. He didn’t know why he left it or what it meant.

As a result, he only remembered the last sex in his memory. Sex in Busan, which was rougher and more painful than ever, made his stomach hurt even more. At that time, it was hard to breathe because his chest was so painful that he couldn’t control it.

As usual, he put his hand on his stomach. He sighed as he squeezed the pain with the palm of his hand. Could he stand the pain in his stomach during sex?

Then the door swung open. His shoulders twitched for an instant because he couldn’t feel his presence because he was immersed in his thoughts.

“I told you to lie down.”

Yihyeon quickly lowered his hand, which was touching his stomach, and turned his head.

“I’m sorry”

Although Yihyeon lowered his hand, Joohyuk clearly saw that he was holding his stomach.

“Does your stomach still hurt?”

“No, thanks.”

He didn’t like the answer that came out automatically like a machine, but Joohyuk didn’t harass him or add back words.

Joohyuk, who was wiping his wet hair with one hand while wearing a shower robe, held out the glass he was holding. It contained clear water.

“First, take those drugs.”

Yihyeon, who received the glass, glanced at Joohyuk. He was looking at Yihyeon as if he was trying to check if he ate his medicines.

Feeling uncomfortable, he pulled out a small medicine bag and lifted it. There were 7 different kinds of pills inside.

He put so many pills into his mouth that he wondered if it was an overdose, and completely emptied the cup of water. It felt more like filling his stomach with medicine and water rather than eating.

Joohyuk, who confirmed that Yihyeon had finished taking his medicine, blinked at him on the bed.

“Lie down.”

Yihyeon, who was startled, got up from the bed and stretched out his hand with his shirt. Loosen the buttons one by one from the top. Joohyuk’s eyes widened when he saw that.

“What are you doing now?”

“It’s better to take it off beforehand…”

Joohyuk smirked.

“Don’t say nonsense and lie down. Because I don’t want to.”

At those words, Yihyeon raised his head. Eyes with a curious light face Joohyuk.

He didn’t like Yihyeon, who stopped and looked at him quietly as he took off his shirt. Joohyuk, clicking his tongue, grabbed his arm and sat him on the bed. Then he climbed into bed too.

As soon as Yihyeon looked at him blankly without thinking of lying down, Joohyuk wrinkled his eyebrows and pulled him towards himself.

“If you don’t want to lie down, sit quietly, then.”

While Yihyeon was confused, his back was touching Joohyuk’s chest. He was embarrassed to be suddenly hugged from behind, but Joohyuk was leaning back calmly with a pillow between his back and the bedside. One of Joohyuk’s arms wrapped around his waist and pulled him tight.

Joohyuk, who had been holding Yihyeon from behind in a seated state, lowered his lips to the nape of his neck.

“…Ah !”

Yihyeon flinched loudly. He couldn’t see it because he was holding him from behind, but he thought that Yihyeon’s eyes would be shaking severely.

Joohyuk’s tongue licked Yihyeon’s scar several times. As if licking the finest erogenous zones, Yihyeon’s body twitched and convulsed repeatedly.

“Director, stop there…”

Impatiently, Yihyeon raised his right hand and tried to cover the nape of his neck. Joohyuk grabbed his wrist with one hand and held it, then raised the tip of his tongue and pressed it along the scar for a long time. A suppressed moan came out of Yihyeon’s mouth. When Joohyuk deeply inhaled Yihyeon’s scar, his trembling became even worse.

Looking at the completely red scar, Joohyuk raised one corner of his mouth.

Throughout the day, Yihyeon’s scars were strangely concerning. His reaction when he licked it.

“What did you do at home today?”

Joohyuk asked, burying his lips in Yihyeon’s scar. Yihyeon, who was breathing heavily, looked back at Joohyuk with eyes full of doubts. He didn’t understand why he asked that.

When Yihyeon did not answer, Joohyuk frowned.

“Aren’t you going to report?”

There wasn’t even anything to ‘report’ anyway.

He couldn’t figure out why Joohyuk was doing this, but he told him his daily routine as he wanted.

Yihyeon, who was forced to stay in the penthouse due to an injured shoulder, did nothing really. In the morning, he showed his wound to the doctor who visited the penthouse, treated it and received medicine. Maybe it was because of the medicine, so he was sleepy, so he closed his eyes for a while, and by lunchtime, he was given the maid’s grand table. Right after that, Joohyuk came right away while he was in the room, so there was nothing more to do even if he wanted to report it.

Joohyuk kissed Yihyeon’s neck.

“Good. Every day when I come back, report this.”

Yihyeon could not take the confusion and tried to understand the situation. It was embarrassing for Joohyuk to lick or kiss the nape of his neck kindly all of a sudden, but it was even weirder when he tried to hear a report that didn’t make any sense. Not only did he not understand now, but he was also anxious.


At Yihyeon’s call, Joohyuk’s lips fell from the nape of his neck.

“To me… May I ask why you are doing this all of a sudden?”

Joohyuk smirked.

“It is definitely sudden.”

It was the first time he wanted to hear a report on Yihyeon’s private time. No, more than that, did Yihyeon have any private time?

“I’m interested in Kwon Yihyeon, so let’s just say that.”

He didn’t even know that Yihyeon felt that the more he listened to Joohyuk, the more his head hurt.

“By the way, Kwon Yihyeon.”

Yihyeon, who could not adapt to the unfamiliar changes and was hardened, was asked a sudden question.

“When did this scar appear?”

His heart pounded in an instant. Even when he noticed the existence of the scar and licked it like he was caressing, his heart didn’t beat as fast as it is now.

“I think it’s old, was it when you were young?”

His heart was beating so hard and so fast that it hurt his chest. Yihyeon squeezed his trembling lips tightly and gave his eyes a lot of strength.

“… I don’t really remember.”

Was it because he was embarrassed? If it was like usual, he’d have looked around, but he didn’t know what to say.

“You don’t remember how old it is?”

“I was injured when I was young, so my memory is hazy.”

Even now, he remembered it so clearly that his body trembled when he thought about it, but he did not express it.

“When you were … young.”

Joohyuk, who muttered, grabbed Yihyeon’s chin and turned it towards him. Looking at Yihyeon’s rather pale face, he focused his attention on his eyes.

The contents of the investigation about Yihyeon were close to perfection. From when he was a baby abandoned in an orphanage, to the story of leaving MYS last year. He lived a quiet life without any major issues, and he stood out in front of him with good timing.

Having received two detailed reports, he didn’t think there was anything odd about the content itself. He also checked with the orphanage where Yihyeon lived, and requested cooperation from MYS to verify the facts. There was no problem at all

But from the moment he saw Yihyeon’s scars, he was strangely caught in his heart. This would have been quite a big deal, whether as a child or an adult, but he thought it was absurd that it was not recorded anywhere.

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