Chapter 34 - 34

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The question that once began to sprout made him doubt the very existence of Yihyeon. What if there was a lie in the investigation received through the chief of staff? No, what if all the information was falsified?

When it came to other people, he tend to be suspicious of others, but the results of the investigation on Yihyeon were neat and detailed. In addition, even before signing the contract, he threw himself to save him, and it was the same after the contract. He always did what he could and couldn’t do for himself.

Even though it was a money-bound relationship, his escort was very dedicated and was able to devalue the other bodyguards. That said, Yihyeon believed in himself thoroughly even if other bodyguards did not.

Doubts began to sprout about Yihyeon, who was so transparent and reliable. With only one scar.

Joohyuk sent a new investigation to veterans who were not part of the Shinwoo group. Just like  how the chief of staff did, they will investigate Yihyeon’s very deep past until just before he was by his side.

Was Kwon Yihyeon the person he knew?

Joohyuk, who was looking into Yihyeon’s dark eyes, raised one corner of his mouth. Joohyuk’s lips moved closer to Yihyeon’s. Two dry lips met, and soon his tongue dug into Yihyeon’s mouth.


A small moan came out of Yihyeon’s mouth. Joohyuk grabbed his chin, turned it slightly, and shoved his tongue into his throat. Tickling the front of his throat, he grabbed his tongue and rolled it gently. Then, as soon as he pulled it strongly, Yihyeon’s eyes frowned. If he gently swept the roof of his mouth and the top of his tongue in a circle like a bead, he couldl see small ripples in Yihyeon’s black eyes.

Joohyuk did not take his eyes off of Yihyeon while kissing him. His partner’s face overlapped with Yihyeon, who was kissing him.


The kiss suddenly became intense. Joohyuk quickly wrapped around Yihyeon’s tongue and repeatedly hit him.

The flesh in his mouth was so rough that Yihyeon could not come to his senses properly. His breathing became quicker, and he released a suppressed moan. Even so, he couldn’t take his eyes off Joohyuk, who was looking at him without blinking properly.

Joohyuk’s one-sided kiss took Yihyeon’s breath away. His eyes gradually opened during the long kiss, and Joohyuk did not miss any details in Yihyeon’s eyes

It didn’t matter if he was not someone he knew. It didn’t matter if he was not the kind of person who liked money and was dedicated to protecting him.

What was important to Joohyuk was not what kind of person Yihyeon was. A deep investigation into him was simply to find out one of the excuses to imprison him.

The fact that Yihyeon could be a shell of his mate.

That alone made him feel a crazy possessiveness.

* * *

Amidst the silence, Yihyeon kept his eyes open in the dark.

He couldn’t understand why he was still lying in Joohyuk’s bed. This was Joohyuk’s own space, and even though there were occasions where he had to go in and out for a while, they didn’t sleep together like this. Previously, it was unavoidable when he fell asleep after sex in the bedroom, but after waking up, it was natural to leave immediately.


He repeated it in his mind several times.

Joohyuk ordered him to stay in his bedroom. Confused, he said he would stay in his room as usual, but Joohyuk was relentless.

“Since when did Kwon Yihyeon start to refuse me?”

It was close to what was commonly said. And he was in a situation where he could not utter such words.

If it was the same as before, he would have been stupidly expecting it again. Just lying in one bed.

As soon as he thought of his past self, his heart ached. Even a single mistake from one small thought caused stomach cramps. He frowned as he pressed his right hand to his stomach. The pain was getting worse and worse, and his body shuddered on its own.

“Are you in pain again?”

His body trembled at the sound of the voice in the dark.

Joohyuk woke up and stretched out his arms to Yihyeon. He wrapped one arm around his waist, pulled him tight, and pushed his other hand into his shirt. He could feel his body twitch at the cool touch, but he didn’t care and creeped up his stomach.

Joohyuk’s hand pressed on Yihyeon’s stomach. He heard the sound of Yihyeon holding his breath under the strong pressure.

“It seemed to be getting better, but looks like it has gotten worse.”

A few days without sex, Yihyeon’s stomach cramps had improved noticeably. He even took medicines under Joohyuk’s supervision, and instead of sloppy meals, he ate soft and good food. Thanks to that, the number of times Yihyeon put his hand on his stomach decreased and his pale complexion also improved.

However, after the day he had sex with Joohyuk after being shot in the shoulder, he was startled by the occasional strong stomach cramps. Joohyuk almost didn’t notice it because it was not revealed in his facial expression, but by paying attention to Yihyeon’s eyes, he was able to read his expression to some extent.

Yihyeon was visibly embarrassed by the hand that swept and pressed his stomach. To the extent that he thought he was lucky because they were in the dark.

“Hyung, I think I have an upset stomach. It’s sore and painful here.”

“Let’s see. here? Does it hurt here?”

“Yeah, there. Ugh… it hurts…”

“Hyung will rub it for you. If I keep rubbing like this, it won’t hurt. How is it? Do you think it’s okay?”

“Ummm… seems to be getting better…”

“When I was sick, my mother did this often, and I got better soon.”

“Then do it until I get better.”

“Okay. My Hyunnie is sick, so of course I have to do it.”

He bit his lower lip. He didn’t know why he suddenly remembered his childhood conversation.

Yihyeon grabbed Joohyuk’s hand and pulled it off.

“It’s fine now. Sorry for making you worry.”

He spoke dryly and tried to move away from Joohyuk. However, Joohyuk’s arm wrapped around his waist even stronger.

“Kwon Yihyeon is truly strange.”

Joohyuk’s voice in the dark mixed with ridicule.

“When I show a favor, you reject it, and when I try to treat you harshly, you accept it.”

Joohyuk raised his upper body, and he got on top of Yihyeon in an instant. Yihyeon, who was in a state of being crushed by Joohyuk, fixed his gaze on the face that was faintly visible. Just because he was on top of him, it felt like his heart was pounding and his breathing was getting suffocated. His stomach began to complain of pain again.

Joohyuk’s hand touched Yihyeon’s cheek, who got nervous. A hand on his pale cheek slipped down his chin and down his neck.

“The same goes for sex, do you like being rough with anything?”

Joohyuk’s hand moved gently to the nape of his neck. As soon as Joohyuk found the exact spot where the scar was and scratched the spot with his fingertip, Yihyeon swallowed his breath.

“Tell me.”

Joohyuk urged him gently, but threateningly.

“What shall I do?”

It felt as if the scar on the back of his neck had been dug up and scratched. It was as if he was trying to decide whether to squeeze it with his fingers or stroke them depending on the answer.

But Yihyeon was well aware of his situation. In the first place, ‘Kwon Yihyun’ was not someone who could suggest anything to Joohyuk.

“… Do I have a choice?”

At Yihyeon’s dry words, Joohyuk twisted one corner of his mouth. He brought his fingertips forward, sweeping them down, scratching the back of his neck. From the neck to the shirt-covered collarbone, to the chest, to the nipples, and to the ribs.

“Yes. I won’t give you any options.”

The fingertips, which had only descended in a straight line, went from the ribs to the stomach. Joohyuk’s fingertips pressed down on his stomach, which was still throbbing in pain. His fingertips pierced Yihyeon’s skin and pressed harder and harder with a force that seemed to go to the depths. Yihyeon’s breath, which he had been holding on to by giving strength to his sore throat, gradually became harsher. Now, it was more painful from Joohyuk’s pressing than his stomach pain.

Joohyuk, who heard Yihyeon’s disturbed breathing in the dark, was captivated by a strange feeling. Even if it hurts, he doesn’t say that it hurts, and he lays still and endures the pain even though he can shake off his hand. It was a situation that could simply be called foolish, but it was also to prove the loyalty of Yihyeon, who still remained.

“Don’t refuse anything. Just as quiet as you are now… I can do whatever I want.”

Joohyuk’s words sounded like a spell. Yihyeon’s eyes trembled at the whispers of satisfaction from above. As Joohyuk’s hand, which had been painfully pressing on his inner thigh, came off, the pain in his skin became more piercing than the tingling inside.

Joohyuk’s hands were entangled behind Yihyeon’s head, who was lying down. Soon, his breath, which carried his scent, approached right in front of him.

Yihyeon closed his eyes as he felt Joohyuk’s lips touching his cool skin.

* * *

“… Yes?”

Yihyeon, who was speechless for a moment, asked briefly. Joohyuk, who was wearing a straight suit, said as if he was bothered.

“Did you not hear me? Now, Kwon Yihyeon, I’m saying there is no need to work as a secretary.”


It was so sudden that he couldn’t help but panic.

After hurting his shoulder, Joohyuk stopped him from working with the excuse of his injury. Joohyuk, who prevented him from working as a bodyguard as well as his work as a secretary, assigned him a doctor to focus on treatment.

Yihyeon couldn’t figure out why Joohyuk was doing that to him, but he could only guess that it was because of sex. Because if it was the Lee Joohyuk he knew, it would have been enough.

However, it was not easy to understand why he should quit his job at all.

There was a lot of information that could be obtained by being Joohyuk’s secretary. The position of the secretary was the position where he could quickly capture and connect all kinds of information that could be connected with Joohyuk, not only the construction of Shinwoo, but also the internal contents of the Shinwoo group and information about related people.

Yihyeon was trying to convince Joohyuk, but Joohyuk cut his words off by tying his tie neatly.

“For the time being, the chief of staff will be my secretary. I’m going to hire a new secretary soon.”

Joohyuk tilted his head and looked at Yihyeon.

“Since we plan to increase the number of external bodyguards, Kwon Yihyeon will not have to worry about it. You are recuperating until the wound is healed.”

“It has improved a lot. I can work enough without overdoing it, so please reconsider.”

Even if he was a secretary, he couldn’t stay away from him for that long now that Joohyuk was in a more dangerous situation. Lee Sihoon cannot give up so easily just because he has failed once, and he may choose a more risky method to be more certain.

What was needed was the testimony and evidence that Lee Sihoon was aiming for Joohyuk’s life. His people were questioning the person who pretended to be Kim Seokwoon, so that will soon be testimony and evidence. Something more certain was needed, but for that, Joohyuk did not need to be exposed to danger again. At the very least, if he was with him, it was easy to secretly give instructions to the guards around him, and he could do his best to protect him.

“At least let me be your bodyguard.”

At Yihyeon’s words, Joohyuk looked at him silently. The eyes that used to be dull were stubborn today.

Joohyuk’s hand moved closer to Yihyeon’s face. Although he was startled, he did not avoid the touch. Joohyuk’s cool hand gently stroked Yihyeon’s warm ear and swept them away.

“It only bothers me when the patient is next to me. Don’t bother me and do what you’re told.”

Unlike his soft touch, Joohyuk’s words were sharp. Judging from the fact that the corners of his eyes were raised slightly, it seems that he has touched a nerve.

Yihyeon lowered his eyes and eventually followed his words.

“… All right.”

A slight smile appeared on Joohyuk’s lips as if he was satisfied with the answer. Joohyuk’s hand, which was brushing his ears, fell behind him and grabbed Yihyeon’s back hair. Then he brought his lips closer and kissed him.

He licked his soft lips and sucked it in, and his mouth opened on its own. As he pushed his tongue into his open mouth, the tongue inside was startled. Even if it was just one or two kisses, the tongue, which always seemed nervous, was being quietly teased.

As he wrapped his tongue around and sucked it hard, a shallow moan came out again. He pressed and pulled a few times, then wiped the roof of his mouth, and his half-closed eyes trembled. Without taking his gaze off from Yihyeon’s eyes, Joohyuk teased his tongue deeper and stronger. A rough and persistent kiss continued, and a moan that was suppressed came from Yihyeon’s mouth.

Joohyuk’s lips, which had been kissing for quite some time, slowly fell apart. Still, as always, with a disappointed look, he bit Yihyeon’s red lips softly so as not to hurt him.

“Don’t provoke me and stay calm. I will come soon.”

After saying those words, Joohyuk left the room. Yihyeon, who was left alone in Joohyuk’s bedroom, was just staring at the door.

As if time had stopped, Yihyeon stood still for a few minutes and pressed his lips together with the back of his hand. Joohyuk’s already dried saliva was wiped away on the back of his hand.

Since Joohyuk started putting Yihyeon to sleep in his bedroom, he kissed him deeply every day before work. It was like an act of love between lovers, but it was different for Yihyeon. He felt a strange obsession, as if shackling him, and an absurd feeling as if he was trying to cover him up.

When he put his hand on his chest, his heart rate raised significantly. Even after a few minutes had passed since they kissed, his unnoticed heart continued to beat faster and faster.

He punched his left chest hard enough to hear a popping sound. The wound on his shoulder was throbbing, but he felt his restless heart calm down a little.

‘Don’t try to make it meaningful.’

He repeated it as if to warn a third party. His body, which seemed to be heating up, quickly cooled down and his mind became cold.

He lowered his hand and glanced around Joohyuk’s room. The spacious room without the owner was filled with only the refreshing scent and the stuffy smell of cigarettes. For some reason, it seems that Joohyuk has recently cut down on cigarettes, but still, the pungent smell of his alpha pheromone remained.

As soon as he remembered the smell of cigarettes, his stomach ached. Blaming the owner of the room who wasn’t there, he opened the door and went out. A bodyguard, who was waiting outside, followed again.

Yihyeon went straight to the kitchen without going back to his room. A familiar maid woman who was waiting bowed deeply towards Yihyeon.

“Do you need anything?”

“I would like a glass of cold water, please.”

At Yihyeon’s answer, the woman smiled and immediately filled the mug with cool water. She held out the handle of the glass with one hand and held it down with the other. Yihyeon also took the cup in the same way as her and nodded his head lightly.

When he got to the front of the room, the security guard opened the door by hand. After entering the room, Yihyeon heard the sound of the door closing behind his back and then released his hand supporting the bottom of the glass. In the palm of his hand was a small note folded about the size of a knuckle.

Yihyeon noticed that the housekeeper, with her slight touch, was trying to convey something from the moment she gave him a mug of cool water. Usually cold water was served in a transparent glass, but hiding the note on the bottom risked being caught by the bodyguard.

He placed the mug of ice-cold water on the side table and opened the note. Soon Yihyeon’s eyes sank.


A small nursery located in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do.

A man came to visit the director’s office, which was called an orphanage in the past. A middle-aged man wearing a leather jacket with an unmanaged rough beard proudly opened the door to the director’s office despite the opposition of a female life coach.

“You are working hard.”

An elderly man with a happy smile as he looked at this month’s donation list was startled to see a man approaching without knocking. He put down his magnifying glasses and stood up calmly.

The life coach who followed the man looked at the old man with a look of confusion as to what to do with his rude behavior. He raised his hand and signaled to the woman.

“It’s okay, leave.”

The hesitant woman closed the door with a puzzled expression and left. The old man stepped out of his seat and approached the man.

“How did you get here?”

As if the man had been waiting, he took something out of his arms and showed it to the old man. It was none other than a police ID, and the old man couldn’t take his eyes off the two letters ‘Detective’.

“I would like to ask for your cooperation for a while for the execution of official duties.”

The man who showed his ID, put it back in his arms, and this time held out another one. It was a picture, the size of the palm, of a handsome man. The eyes of the old man who looked at the picture trembled momentarily.

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