Chapter 35 - 35

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Author: chef

“Have you seen this person?”

The old man smiled calmly at the question of the man with bitter eyes.

“Why are you looking for Yihyeonnie?”

“I see you know him well from the way you talk.”

The old man turned with a smile and suggested a sofa to the man. The man sat on the guest sofa and fixed his gaze on the old man.

“I know him very well. He must have been at our nursery for a long time.”

The old man stood in front of a bookshelf full of books, looking for something, then took an album and approached the man. The old man who opened the album and turned over several pages pointed to a part of the picture. There was the same person photographed as the man in the photo.

As the man’s sharp eyes rested on the album, the old man continued.

“He didn’t talk much and had no expression, but he was a really good kid.”

“When did he leave?”

The old man immediately responded to the man’s words without any hesitation.

“It was right after he became an adult, so it must have been around 7 years ago.”

“It was a long time ago, but you remember it well.”

As the man smiled with his eyebrows curled, the old man smiled calmly as well.

“He had a unique look.”

The man who had been looking at the old man quietly moved his gaze back to the album. His fingertips swept over the face of the man in the album.

“Now that I see, Kwon Yihyeon looks quite young.”

The corner of the man’s lips rose slightly.

“No, rather the opposite. He looked quite old at the time, considering it was just after his coming of age.”

Sharp eyes looked at the old man as if interrogating him..

“He’s 27 years old now.”

The corners of the old man’s smiling lips trembled. The old man, who concealed his embarrassment, laughed softly.

“From a young age, he looked mature for his age.”

“I see.”

The man did not ask any questions. He just looked at the image of the man in the album for a while and then closed it.

“Can I see some records about Kwon Yihyeon?”

“That too… Is it necessary for the execution of official duties?”

“Of course.”

At the man’s resolute words, the old man approached his desk. He took one out as he was rummaging through the packed briefcases in the bottom drawer there. The old man opened his mouth, examining the documents in the envelope one by one.

“By the way…”

Taking out a few stapled papers, the old man turned to the man with a wrinkled corner of his eyebrows slightly curled.

“Why is the detective looking for Yihyeonnie?”

The man held out his hand to the old man with a smile on his face. It was like asking him to present the documents he had in his hand now.

“It’s confidential, so I can’t tell you. We just need to confirm that Kwon Yihyeon was in this orphanage.”

“… okay.”

The old man with an envelope full of other papers on the desk approached the man and handed him the papers. At the very beginning of the documents organized in neat tables, the words ‘Register of Graduate Students’ were written. The man paid attention to the name ‘Kwon Yihyeon’ written below the name of the facility and the picture of the newborn baby next to it.

“He was abandoned in front of a facility when he was a baby. After that, we became progenitors and we worked together until he became an adult.”

Listening to the old man’s unhindered words, the man carefully read the contents one by one. There didn’t seem to be anything odd about it.

The man who had been scanning the papers for a while stood up, returning them to the old man.

“I’m sorry for coming suddenly. Thanks for your cooperation.”

“No. I don’t know what’s going on, but I hope this helps.”

He got up with the papers in his hand and bowed his head to the man. The man also greeted him and walked past the sofa.

The man who was heading towards the door suddenly stopped and looked at the old man over his shoulder.

“By the way, did Kwon Yihyeon ever get hurt or injured anywhere while he was a student?”

The old man who was returning to the desk turned and answered the man’s question.

“As you can see from the records, he has never been sick in any way except for when he was young. He was a very careful kid.”

“Is that so?”

The man smiled and walked out the door.

The old man put the papers back into the envelope. The corners of his curved eyes found their place, and the smile disappeared from his expression. He glanced at the door the man had left, then immediately picked up his cell phone and dialed somewhere.

Meanwhile, the man who had left the director’s office was slowly walking out of the orphanage building.

Since the job of a detective was so low-key, he sometimes got commissions like this to do a side job. Of course, if caught by a superior, not only will he be punished, but it can also be a serious problem, but there was no business that could afford to take care of all these things.

Even if it was a side job, it was a request from high-ranking people in the company. It was a satisfying job as he was well paid and looked after himself. It was the same with this one.

‘You shouldn’t have the same results as other detectives…’

He has heard that they’ve done the same research several times already. Even so, when he looked for him and entrusted the investigation to him, it was clear that there was something unclear, and if he didn’t figure it out, his income from his side business would drastically decrease in the future.

The man who was walking out of the orphanage building with a sigh and headed for the alley stopped when he saw a male student passing by him. The boy, who was clearly in high school, was walking down the street humming a song, and at the end of the road he was heading there was only the orphanage where the man had walked out off.

Convinced that the boy was heading to the orphanage, the man quickly stopped in front of him.

“Student, can I ask you something?”

The boy flinched and stopped, his eyes full of doubt and vigilance. When the man pulled out a police ID from his pocket and showed it, the boy was startled.

“Are you a student at the orphanage in front of you?”

He showed a nice smile to the person as best he could so as not to scare him. The male student nodded his head slowly, still with vigilance. As expected, the man who confirmed that the boy was a student at the orphanage asked him kindly.

“Do you remember the person named Kwon Yihyeon? He must have been in the same orphanage until about seven years ago.”

The boy’s eyes widened. He nodded slowly. He thought that if he had lived in the orphanage together, they would have known him, and as expected, the male student seemed to know the man named Kwon Yihyeon.

“I heard that he came in when he was a baby and only left after he became an adult, is that true?”

The male student hesitated at the man’s question. He looked up and asked cautiously.

“I don’t know when he came in, but it’s true that he left as an adult… Why are you looking for Yihyeonnie hyung?”

“It is because he is an important reference in a certain case.”

The man turned around and asked another question.

“Did he ever get hurt or anything? For example, the nape of the neck…”

He pointed his hand at the nape of his neck and asked, but the boy shook his head. Like the head of the orphanage, he didn’t seem to know anything about Yihyeon’s neck scar.

The man clicked his tongue briefly. The client was particularly concerned about the scar on the back of the neck, so maybe the accident happened at MYS after discharge rather than at the orphanage? It was a much more difficult place to investigate than an orphanage, so it was already giving him a headache.

“Do you have any recollection of something that could be said to be characteristic of that person? Appearance or personality.”

The male student tilted his head and tried to think about Kwon Yihyeon.

“Well. He was just an ordinary, inconspicuous older brother…”

“Oh yeah… ”

At the boy’s answer, the man bit his tongue in defeat.

“Thank you for your cooperation.”

The man passed by, patting the boy’s shoulder lightly. He didn’t really get anything from the orphanage, so he’ll have to sneak a peek into MYS.

Since MYS was a big company, he couldn’t be as confident of himself as he was at the small orphanage. He let out a deep sigh as he thought of collaborating with the people of the detective agency, whom he often worked with.

The man’s footsteps suddenly stopped. He opened his eyes wide and quickly turned around and ran to the boy. The male student, who had been caught again without even taking a few steps, had a sullen expression on his face.

“Oh, what else?”

The man grabbed the boy’s shoulders with a stiff face.

“Did you say he was normal earlier? Kwon Yihyeon doesn’t stand out?”

“What? Yes…”

The male student was very nervous when he asked so aggressively.

The man felt something strange in the male student’s words. The man named Kwon Yihyeon was a man who boasted great beauty seven years ago and even now. Even most celebrities and outstanding-looking omegas gave up a step, and seven years after discharge, he was still noticeable enough to be recognized as soon as the director saw him.The man grabbed the male student’s shoulders with a stiff face.

Was such modifiers ‘normal’ and ‘inconspicuous’ reasonable for such a man?

The man quickly rummaged through his jacket pocket, pulled out a photo, and shoved it into the boy.

“Is the person you know, ‘Kwon Yihyeon’, this guy?”

The boy widened his eyes and shook his head.

“No, it’s completely different. I think you are mistaken.”

Before the student could finish speaking, one corner of the man’s mouth rose slightly.

* * *

Around the time of work.

Joohyuk was about to get up from his seat immediately after organizing his affairs, but he distorted his face without mercy because of the man who came to see him.

“Your face is too stiff.”

Despite the words that seemed to be chewed and spit, the other party only smiled.

Lee Sihoon, who first visited the executive office of Shinwoo Construction, sat down on the sofa as if it were his own office. He crossed his legs and wiggled his toes.

“I came here to say hello while passing by, but the customer service is very poor.”

Sihoon tilted his head and looked at Joohyuk. Looking at his uncomfortable expression, he raised the corners of his lips as if enjoying himself.

“How are you today?”

Joohyuk got up from his seat and approached Sihoon threateningly.

“How about the person that dared to kill me? You don’t know?”

As soon as the question was asked, he made an exaggerated surprised expression.

“Kill? Who? Me?”

Sihoon’s expression quickly changed to a humorous one.

“Don’t just guess. Do you have any evidence?”

Joohyuk, who stood next to Lee Sihoon, looked down at him with cold eyes.

Strictly speaking, there was no ‘evidence’.

The incident at the golf course building was strangely cleared. As if nothing had happened to begin with.

By the time Joohyuk, who had suffered from the sleeping gas and anesthetic, woke up, all the assailants who had stormed the golf course had disappeared without a trace. He and Yihyeon had questioned the bodyguards, but they did not know anything either. All CCTVs in the building were turned off, and in the aftermath of the jamming device, even other electronic devices did not work properly.

But Joohyuk was sure. The only person who can push to such a degree was Lee Sihoon.

Looking at Joohyuk, who was staring at him without saying a word, Le  Sihoon could be sure of one thing.

It would be natural if he didn’t know anything about it, but it was clear that the people he had hired had given him no clue. He was also worried that the person who impersonated Kim Seokwoon, the golf course manager, might have ignored his contract and spoken up, but fortunately, he seemed to have managed to get out of it without being caught.

Lee Sihoon, quick-witted, smiled bitterly, confirming that his prediction was correct just with Joohyuk’s subtle expression. Then he deliberately looked around.

“Come to think of it, Kwon Yihyeon is not there.”

Joohyuk’s face was blatantly displeased.

“Why are you looking for him?”

“Why, I want to see him, so I’m looking for him.”

Although it was intentionally uttered to scratch Joohyuk’s insides, the aftermath was huge. Lee Sihoon felt his back shiver from the overwhelming alpha pheromone that seemed to strangle him.

“I said I wouldn’t hand him over, Lee Sihoon.”

Although it did not reach dominance, Joohyuk’s pheromone was huge and aggressive. Lee Sihoon felt the air sting and got up to face him. Like Joohyuk’s pheromone, a fairly large amount of alpha pheromone was also released from Lee Sihoon.

“You’re too sensitive. People might think he’s your lover.”

Joohyuk, who was gazing at Lee Sihoon with a twirling smile, clenched his fists tightly.

Yihyeon’s shoulder wound came to mind. In the past, he wouldn’t have cared about the wounds he suffered while protecting him, but now he was very different. The fact that Lee Sihoon almost crushed his shoulder because of the excessive threat came to him as unbearable anger. It was a shame because he was maintaining his rationality, otherwise he might have punched Lee Sihoon in the face by now.

Sihoon noticed his anger with a face full of interest, capturing the reaction of Joohyuk, which was stronger than the one he had seen in Busan.

“Kwon Yihyeon, who was stuck to, can’t be seen at all now, so everyone was talking about whether he had quit, but I think differently.”

Sihoon’s eyes narrowed.

“Where did you hide him?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“It’s your specialty. Hiding the things you love.”

Joohyuk’s face became harsh, and Sihoon raised the corners of his lips higher as if enjoying the reaction.

“Kwon Yihyeon is a human being, so shouldn’t it be appropriate to say that it is confinement rather than hiding?”

Sihoon, who tilted his head to the side, added wickedly.

“Now that I see, if your partner had been alive, he would have been the same as that person.”

For an instant, it felt as if the air around him was freezing cold like frost. At the same time, Joohyuk’s hand grabbed Sihoon’s neck in the blink of an eye.

“Ugh… !”

The smile disappeared from the face of Lee Sihoon, who was grabbed by the neck with one hand. He grabbed the hand that was about to break his neck and tried to pull it off, but it didn’t come off easily.

“Lee Sihoon.”

Joohyuk called out Lee Sihoon’s name in a low voice. There was no irritation or anger on his face. Only the coldness of a well-forged blade remained.

“When you look at me, be modest.”

Even though the only thing caught was the neck, he felt as if his whole body was being caught and being cut into pieces.

Joohyuk, who gave a short and strong warning, released Sihoon’s neck. He grabbed his neck and coughed. As soon as his breath that had been blocked was opened at once, he felt dizzy.

Sihoon, who was holding his breath with a distorted face, grinned.

“Ha… I don’t think it’s me who should be careful.”

Despite the provocative words, Joohyuk did not blink. Sihoon crossed a certain line and glared at Joohyuk, who had become rather cold, and shed a mean laugh.

‘A bastard who will die soon anyway…’

Sihoon, who had tilted his stiff neck left and right, adjusted his messy outfit. His face, which had turned red due to the strangulation, quickly regained its color.

Sihoon came closer to Joohyuk and stared into his eyes with a smiling face.

“You take good care of your head. It might drop sooner or later.”

After saying those words, Sihoon laughed at Joohyuk, who looked at him like a worm, and left the executive office. The corners of his lips, which had been forcibly raised, began to descend gradually as if they had reached their limit.

After leaving the building, Sihoon got into the car waiting for him, and his face was filled with irritation. The secretary sitting in the driver’s seat glanced at him from the rear-view mirror, giving off a cold air.

Sihoon, who had been silently looking out the window in the car, took out his cell phone.

‘I don’t know about anything else, but it seems certain that he doesn’t take him with him after that day.’

He tapped the keypad on his cell phone and dialed someone’s phone number. But he didn’t call right away, he just looked down at the number.

‘If that bastard is really hiding Kwon Yihyeon…’

It was rather a good thing.

When the two were apart, the situation became easier. Kwon Yihyeon, the biggest obstacle in dealing with Joohyuk, was injured and away from him. Although the number of bodyguards escorting Joohyuk increased, it was a hundred times better than having Kwon Yihyeon, who had an unpredictable talent and he should not injure him.

In addition, Kwon Yihyeon suffered a gunshot wound to the shoulder. If he can pinpoint where he was, no matter how much he hides, he would be able to bring him back somehow. Just as the woman wished.

Sihoon, who had been tapping only the screen of his cell phone with his thumb, immediately called the number.

* * *

Joohyuk’s mood after returning home to the penthouse was still poor because of Lee Sihoon.

As soon as he opened the front door and entered, he heard the sound of the door closing from a distance away and he frowned at once. He asked sharply to Yihyeon, who with an expressionless face was approaching closer, before he even bowed.

“Were you in the same room as the warehouse again?”

“My room is there… No, I’m sorry.”

Yihyeon, who was facing Joohyuk’s uncomfortable gaze, lowered his eyes, a habit he had recently developed.

Joohyuk approached Yihyeon and grabbed his chin with his hand and lifted it up.

“Don’t lower your eyes. If I look at you, you look at me too.”

Yihyeon’s eyes, which had fallen down, slowly raised at Joohyuk’s coercive words. Unlike today morning, Joohyuk seemed to be in a bad mood.

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