Chapter 38 - 38

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Author: chef

“What… !”

When Joohyuk arrived at the penthouse, he was speechless and frozen. The bodyguards who followed were in another room on the same floor, taking care of those who were stunned and hardened their faces.

Joohyuk strode straight to the bedroom past the bodyguards who had collapsed on the porch and passed out. There were only a few shoe prints left near the wide open door, and there were no traces of going inside and searching for anything.

Joohyuk, who scanned the bedroom with angry eyes, headed to Yihyeon’s room. Unlike other rooms that seem to have been opened by someone without sincerity, it was the only one firmly closed. Joohyuk glanced at the door once and turned the doorknob.

It was already evening, and the inside was dark and gloomy. A small, unscented room with no traces left looked particularly desolate.

Joohyuk, who had not even crossed the threshold of the small empty room, distorted his face. A bodyguard hurriedly approached behind him. Joohyuk, who had closed the door as if he did not want to show Yihyeon’s room to others, listened to his urgent voice.

“Not only were the CCTVs inside all damaged, but it seems that they even raided the security room of the officetel in advance. One of the bodyguards had just woken up, and there were about 10 people with guns…”

The bodyguard’s words were too long. Joohyuk was waiting for the words he wanted to hear, and when he couldn’t bear it he asked.

“What happened to Kwon Yihyeon?”

The guard stopped talking and shut his mouth. He looked ashamed, lowering his eyes.

“That is… Even the bodyguards don’t know. I don’t think he was dragged by them.…”

The bodyguards all fainted, so there was no way to know Yihyeon’s whereabouts. Even the CCTV was useless, so no one can tell him what happened to Yihyeon.

Useless things.

Joohyuk clenched his teeth and looked around. Only the dirty floor full of shoe prints was visible.

“Where is the housekeeper?”

If it were now, it would be time to leave work, but considering the circumstances, the incident occurred when the sun was still up. The housekeeper must know something, but he couldn’t see her. If the other bodyguards had been knocked out so far, wouldn’t it be normal for her to have also collapsed?

“Find out the whereabouts of the housekeeper right now. I don’t think so, but it might be one group.”

“All right.”

The bodyguard nodded his head and was about to turn around, but Joohyuk added.

“And call in all the bodyguards on standby and assemble them. I’ll give you two hours.”

“Yes, I will.”

Joohyuk’s ice-cold voice had a clear command in it. The bodyguard swallowed hard from the sense of intimidation that changed the air and they left the place with quick steps.

Joohyuk frowned as he looked at the door to the unoccupied room. In his head, only Yihyeon’s expressionless face was floating around like crazy.

Joohyuk picked up his cell phone and dialed a number. A few rings passed, and the other party pretended to be friendly with a little laugh.

– What’s the matter, hyung is the first to call?

Hearing Lee Haejun’s voice, Joohyuk narrowed his eyes.

Did he not know about this?

“Where is Lee Sihoon?”

There was silence for a moment on the other side of the question.

– Did Sihoon-hyung do something? Last time he sent someone to the golf course, was that the case today?

“Yes. He had a plan.”

-Are you okay? You aren’t hurt? Did you catch the raiders?

Joohyuk did not answer. He would have been in a really dangerous situation if it wasn’t for the group of motorcyclists that suddenly appeared, but they captured and took all the gangsters. All that was left were a few stolen cars that didn’t even have license plates on them.

“I’m fine. We’ll talk about the details later, but first, tell me where Lee Sihoon is.”

-I don’t know. Not at home for now

Haejun sighed deeply at Joohyuk’s prompting. He realized that Joohyuk was going to visit Lee Sihoon at any moment and turn it all over.

-Hyung, you must be really pissed off, but it’s not the time yet. There’s a lack of evidence. You can’t completely eliminate Sihoon-hyung just by preparing now.

The voice that came over the phone contained an unusually worrying tone.

Haejun was holding hands with Joohyuk for his own safety, but it would be a lie if he said he didn’t feel anything. Although he secretly had a plan in place in case things went wrong, he had no intention of helping Joohyuk in vain as a younger brother. Rather, he was thinking of supporting him as much as possible from the back as much as he had prepared. Because there was also a ‘deal’ with Yihyeon.

-Even if Sihoon-hyung has just started running for his life, there is still no evidence of a ‘murder attempt’. Anyway, it seems that ‘that person’ will gather the data again this time, so first of all, let’s take a closer look at what happened today…

“He took Kwon Yihyeon.”

-… what?

Haejun reacted one beat late. There was a clear shock in his voice.

“I don’t care if he was aiming for me. It was not unexpected.”

Joohyuk gribbed the phone in his hand hard. His knuckles turned white due to the excessive force, and the cell phone trapped inside looked like it would break at any moment.

“But I can’t stand him touching what’s mine.”

Previously, it was at the level of ‘a bodyguard who was comfortable to have around him’, but now it was completely different. With the eyes of his dead mate, he was no longer just a bodyguard. Even if it wasn’t an ossuary that had only one person left, he was the only existence that allowed him to remember his partner.

For Joohyuk, Kwon Yihyeon’s absence was the robbery of part of his partner.

“Find out where Lee Sihoon is right now. I should at least warn that bastard.”

* * *

It felt like a stone was on top of his body. His body, as if it had been meticulously crushed by a stone, was difficult to lift and he couldn’t move even a finger.

Suddenly, he felt a hand stroking his hair. The soft touch made him want to fall asleep again just like that.

The first thing that came to mind was not his father, who was looking for traces of his dead mother, nor his older sister, Sehyeon, who prioritized him above all else.


He thought that he had driven all the memories of the past to the other side of his memory, but it didn’t go his way. Even at a moment like this, he wanted the owner of this touch to be his alpha.

That person already belonged to someone else.

‘Wake up.’

He erased the face of the savage man who began to dominate his head. Even if his brain was dull, it was difficult to tell.

The owner of this unfamiliar touch was not the man he thought of.

He slowly opened his heavy eyelids. The bright light made his eyes ache and he frowned, but it didn’t take long for him to focus. At the same time, the hand that was stroking his hair showed his sincerity. It was like he wanted to know what he was doing.

The shaky focus quickly regained its place, and he began to discern who the person in front of him b was. The person stroking his hair was as expected.

“Woke up?”

In response to Lee Sihoon’s casual morning greetings, Yihyeon looked at him without a word. Still, his mind calmly checked his condition.

Sihoon was lying on a rather wide bed in the direction he was sitting. His arms were behind his back and tied with something like a soft cloth, his ankles as well.

Other than that, there was no major trauma, but the effect of the anesthetic was still there, so there was hardly any strength in his body. If his arm was turned back this much, the wound on his shoulder would be sore and he frowned, but thanks to the anesthetic effect, it was only slightly stiff.

He lifted his eyes and looked at the window that was over Sihoon’s shoulder. The ivory velvet curtains were drawn, but it was easy to tell that it was night. Given that the anesthetic effect remained on the body, the date probably hasn’t changed.

When he turned his gaze to the side of the window, he saw four bodyguards standing by the door of the spacious room. Yihyeon recognized at once that two of them were the ones who aimed their guns at him in the penthouse.

When Yihyeon expressionlessly rolled his eyes and didn’t say a word, Sihoon lowered his hand that was stroking his head and placed it on his cheek.

“I don’t think the people were harsh on you, is there any discomfort?”

It was an infinitely friendly voice, unlike when they had met before. Looking at him, it was hard to imagine that he was the same person as he was back then.

Yihyeon, who had been looking at Sihoon quietly, opened his mouth.

“My arm hurts a little. If you are going to tie it up, would you please tie it in front of me?”

Sihoon let out a small laugh at the words that were too practical for the first words he said as soon as he woke up. As he raised his hand, a bodyguard came and stood beside him.

“I’m aiming the gun.”

Saying that, Sihoon got up from his seat and stretched out his hand behind Yihyeon’s back. He was calm even when he saw Sihoon releasing the hands tied behind his back and the bodyguard pointing a gun at his head. Perhaps he was doing this because he was afraid he would go wild when he released his wrist, but there was still the aftermath of anesthesia, so he didn’t have the strength to do so, and even if it wasn’t, he had no intention of resisting.

Because they were so close, Sihoon’s alpha pheromone stimulated his sense of smell. It was a pheromone with a distinctly different scent from Joohyuk, and he was equally strong, but he could not give yihyeon any inspiration.

Seeing that no force was exerted on his arm even after releasing his wrist, Sihoon raised the corner of his mouth. According to the doctor who stopped by a few minutes before Yihyeon woke up, a couple of more hours had to pass for the anesthesia to wear off. If that was the case, he’ll be able to have a relaxed enough conversation without rough methods.

Sihoon, who had turned Yihyeon’s arm forward in case something unexpected happened and tied his wrist with a cloth, put his gaze on his left shoulder.

“Does your shoulder still hurt a lot?”

Yihyeon looked at Sihun, who tied his wrists and laid him on the right side, and spoke bluntly.

“I would be lying if I said I wasn’t sick.”

“How did you get hurt?”

Sihoon asked with worried eyes. He was going to pretend he didn’t know otherwise, buthe could not deceive Yihyeon.

“You don’t have to pretend you don’t know. After all, I know that the vice president was trying to kill the Executive Director.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Did I try to kill you?”

The way he shrugged his shoulders with exaggerated movements seemed distasteful to other people’s eyes.

“Before you asked if I was injured, you asked if my ‘shoulder’, not my arm, ‘still’ hurt a lot. There is no sign of taking my clothes off, but you know that my shoulder has been injured and you also know that it is quite old.”

As Yihyeon continued speaking calmly, Sihoon relaxed his shoulders and smiled a little.

“I haven’t been out of the penthouse since I injured my shoulder, so how did you know I had been hurt before?”

Yihyeon, who looked up at Sihoon’s eyes clearly, put a wedge.

“Isn’t it because you were watching all his subordinates while trying to get rid of him?”

According to the investigation, the EMP used at the time of the incident was not made to completely destroy the machine, but rather an object to interfere with radio waves and temporarily shut it down. In addition, the range was only 500M. If he knew in advance that an incident was going to happen, there would be plenty of ways to scout and watch.

Those who were present or watching the situation would have known right away that Yihyeon had been shot in the shoulder.

Sihoon smiled, put his elbow on his knee and rested his chin on his hand.

“I really like Kwon Yihyeon. You have a good body and a good head.”

As expected by Yihyeon, Sihoon knew everything of that time.

Dozens of heat-sensing cameras installed inside the building were specially manufactured products imported from overseas, and they were resistant to EMP attacks. Although it was not possible to view the contents of the camera in real time due to radio wave interference, after the situation was cleared up, people were sent to retrieve it without a trace.

Thanks to that, he was able to check the internal situation and how Joohyuk and Yihyeon fought. In the process, he found out that Yihyeon had been shot in the shoulder, and just as he was about to miss, his sister, who secretly heard the news from the head of the hospital where Yihyeon was hospitalized, came and dumped fiery slaps on him.

“I’m sorry I hurt you. I didn’t know you would do that.”

Sihoon smiled softly, but his eyes were not smiling.

“Lee Joohyuk, why didn’t you just let him die?”

His words did not contain any emotion toward Joohyuk. As if saying that killing pests was natural, there was only a dry chill.

Yihyeon faced Sihoon’s gaze and asked a question.

“… Why are you so intent on killing Executive Director Lee Joohyuk? Even if you have different blood, are you not brothers?”

Yihyeon had done a deep background investigation into them, so he knew that Sihoon was not the bloodline of Shinwoo Group Chairman Lee Jungho. However, on the surface, like the public rumors, he acted as if he only knew that Lee Joohyuk and Lee Sihoon were half-brothers with different mothers, and he questioned him as if he did not know their dark secret.

As expected, Sihoon contorted his face at his question.

“Siblings? No way.”

One corner of Sihoon’s lips rose uncomfortably.

“He and I are not like brothers. He’s just an obstacle in my way.”

Sihoon beckoned the bodyguard to step back who was still aiming a gun at Yihyeon, and he sat down on the bed. As he got closer, there was an annoyed smile on his face.

“Ever since I was little, that bastard kept blocking my way. While pretending he’s not our father, he only considered that bastard and raised and pruned him. Even when he was mentally ill like an idiot, he tried to save that hopeless bastard… He never even glanced at me when I was sick.”

Yihyeon, who had heard Sihoon’s resentful words, was startled. Yihyeon, who thoroughly investigated Joohyuk from his childhood to the present, it was the first time he heard that he suffered from a ‘mental illness’. There was no such content in any investigation.

“A mental illness… ”

When I couldn’t hold back and said something, Sihoon smiled.

“That bastard got a mental illness once, and then his personality gradually changed. Looking back, Kwon Yihyeon must have suffered a lot because of that bastard’s disrespectful personality.”

Sihoon reached out and stroked Yihyeon’s face in a friendly way. Yihyeon wanted to delve a little deeper into the subject of his mental illness, but he quietly shut his mouth at the thought that it would be strange to ask about it persistently.

“I was trying to get rid of that bastard to set Kwon Yihyeon free. Did you know?”

It was clearly because of his desire, but also for the sake of Yihyeon.

“I heard that you were threatened by that bastard, and you forcibly signed a contract.”

It was different from the truth, but Yihyeon did not dare deny it. Even if his older sister, Sehyeon, had held hands with Sihoon, there would be no way he would have told his story in detail. Perhaps she leaked some of the information about who ‘Kwon Yihyeon’ was and told him that Joohyuk was holding onto him because he had a weakness.

It was sparse and perforated information, but Sihoon would have believed it. He must have thought that the reason why Sehyeon didn’t talk about Yihyeon’s situation in detail was a problem with pride unique to chaebols.

“I don’t know how or what you were threatened with, but I’ll get rid of that bastard soon. If I do that, Kwon Yihyeon will also be free.”

“Are you sure you won’t get caught? No one else will know, but the president will know.”

Even at Yihyeon’s words, Sihoon seemed not to mind.

“I will proceed without getting caught, but even if that happens, it doesn’t matter. I will be secretly thrown out without being revealed to the public, and the successor position will go to Haejun. That’s it.”

Sihoon’s eyes curled and his hand slid down from Yihyeon’s face to his neck. The hand that was digging into the collar of his shirt was cold enough and he flinched.

“Right now, I want the seat next to you more than the successor of the Shinwoo group.”

Sihoon’s hand grabbed Yihyeon’s shirt collar and spread it apart. The corners of his eyes twitched as he saw the clear red marks on his exposed flesh.

Sihoon grabbed his shirt a little rough and spread it out. A grunt was heard, and two buttons on his shirt flew off. In between, he could see several red marks clearly engraved on Yihyeon’s white flesh.

“Ha… he did it very splendidly.”

Sihoon’s mouth was smiling, but his eyes were distorted with anger.

He heard that Kwon Yihyeon was being used as a partner for Lee Joohyuk’s sexual desire, but he thought that he was overusing him. It was the first time Joohyuk was obsessed with someone except for his dead partner, so he never thought that he would leave so many traces like now.

Sihoon’s hand dug into Yihyeon’s shirt. With his cool fingertips, he felt Yihyeon’s warm body tremble.

“It’s driving me crazy.”

As soon as he realized that Joohyuk was so obsessed with him, his lower back felt stiff.

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