Chapter 39 - 39

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Author: chef

According to the woman’s words, Yihyeon must be completely hiding his identity from Joohyuk. And that he is an omega.

‘Still, he looks like this.’

Damn lucky bastard.

He didn’t know how they signed a contract and tied him up, but to have a precious, dominant Omega by his side and he didn’t even know about it.

Sihoon, who was stroking Yihyeon’s skin, lowered his head and brought his nose closer to his neck. He took a deep breath, but there was nothing but a faint body odor.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen a dominant omega, so I don’t know for sure, but how did you hide your pheromone? Are you in control of yourself? Or a special inhibitor?”

He knew that Yihyeon was a dominant omega, but he couldn’t figure out why he didn’t smell. He asked Sehyeon, but instead of answering, she just told him he did not need to know.

Yihyeon also kept his mouth shut as if he had no intention of telling him. He just looked at Sihoon with trembling eyes.

After reading those eyes, Sihoon tilted his head and curled his eyes.

“Why? You thought I didn’t know about you?”

Having said that, Sihoon lowered his head and whispered into Yihyeon’s ear. As expected, Yihyeon, who confirmed that he knew his exact identity and name, trembled as he pretended to be surprised.

Sihoon smiled slyly, engraving Yihyeon’s reaction into his eyes.

“They say that the scent of a dominant omega is not as bad as knocking over an alpha, but I want to try it someday too.”

Sihoon raised his head and lightly supported Yihyeon’s back. Then he slowly brought his lips closer. Yihyeon blinked his eyes and tried to turn his head, but he was caught in his hand and could not move.

Two soft lips rubbed together. Despite Sihoon’s attempt to dig into the gap, Yihyeon did not open the gap between his lips. Sihoon frowned at the apparent refusal, then grabbed Yihyeon’s chin with his other hand and forced him to open his mouth. Sihoon, who invaded Yihyeon’s mouth to take advantage of the gap, greedily stirred the inside. Yihyeon, whose breathing was disturbed at once by Sihoon’s rough kiss, distorted his expressionless face. A strong force grabbed his chin, but he set it up for the moment when he felt that he had weakened a little.


Sihoon quickly parted their lips. His tongue tingled even when it was bitten. He even got chills when he thought that if he hadn’t held onto Yihyeon’s chin, it could have been cut neatly.

Sihoon’s face, which had been smiling, quickly changed.

“Why can’t I be that bastard?”

The hand that was supporting Yihyeon’s head suddenly grabbed his hair.

“Why can’t I even kiss you when you give your whole body to that bastard?”

Sihoon’s irritable voice rose even higher.

“Is it because of the contract? Then can I sign a contract with you too? Is that it?”

Sihoon, who was spitting out harsh words, raised one corner of his mouth.

“By the way, between Alpha and Omega’s relationship, there was a contract that was more than a contract of law, right?”

Yihyeon’s eyes, recognizing the meaning of Sihoon’s words, flickered for an instant.

Sihoon’s eyes turned to the side while holding Yihyeon’s hair, and the nape of his neck was visible. The red marks engraved in the dark as if they were trying to hide the faint scars.

When he saw that, he was annoyed. He wanted to fill in all those marks with his own right now.

“… Ah!”

Sihoon brought his lips to the nape of his neck and sucked hard over the scar. Even with the anesthetic effect left, the wound on the back of the neck was strangely sensitive. When it was sucked, his whole body shook violently as if struck by lightning.

He felt goosebumps in a completely different sense than when Joohyuk buried his lips. It was a terrible sensation, as if cutting through a scar with a knife.

When Yihyeon’s breath became rough and his body began to shake, Sihoon laughed bitterly.

“Is this the erogenous zone? That was a good response.”

Saying so, he licked him. Yihyeon clenched his teeth and tried to push Sihoon away with his tied hands, but he didn’t budge. Instead, Sihoon’s hand dug into Yihyeon’s shirt.

“I will find your favorite parts one by one. Unlike that bastard, I’m very kind, so it’s okay to look forward to it. But before that…”

When Sihoon blurted out the end of his words, a chilling sensation came over.

“We start with engraving.”

In the ears of Yihyeon, who was startled, he heard Sihoon’s crazy giggles.

Sihoon revealed his teeth towards the exposed nape of the neck.

“Do whatever you want.”

Contrary to expectations, Sihoon frowned at the calm voice and raised his head. With an expressionless face, serious eyes that did not waver looked at him. Rather, he seemed to twist his neck as if he was begging him to bite the nape.

“If you want to bite, bite. I will not rebel.”

“… Are you crazy? Are you really going to be engraved?”

He was the one who brought up the word engraving, but Yihyeon’s reaction was not understandable.

This was only the second time he had met Yihyeon in person, but due to his personality, there was no way he could be engraved with just anyone. That was why he couldn’t help but be puzzled.

Yihyeon, who looked up at Sihoon’s hard face, asked again.

“Are you really sane?”

Sihoon flinched at the cold words.

“If you knew who I was, you would know how dangerous it is to imprint on me.”

Sihoon’s nerves stood still at the strange sensation. Even though he was lying tied up, for some reason, Yihyeon gave the impression that he was sitting on a high place and looking down arrogantly. It was a kind of thing he had never felt even with his father in his life.

“If you want to engrave, do it. I can’t say for sure what will happen to you right after that.”

Only then did Sihoon understand Yihyeon’s words.

Yihyeon was not just an omega, but a ‘dominant’ omega. If he was engraved, it was none other than Yihyeon who would take the initiative.

Clicking his tongue briefly, he released the hand that was holding Yihyeon’s hair. But he hadn’t completely given up yet.

Sihoon pulled Yihyeon’s shirt back at once. All the buttons that were left fell off and the shirt was split in half. Sihoon, who twisted his eyes as he looked at the naked, reddish flesh, burst into laughter.

“Then change the order. I’m sure you’ll like me more than that bastard.”

He stroked Yihyeon’s chest with his hand pretending to be gentle. Yihyeon flinched and grabbed his wrist with his tied hands and blocked it.

“It will never happen.”

“That’s something you have to do to know.”

Sihoon grabbed Yihyeon’s tied hand and pressed it over his head, moistening his lips with his tongue. He didn’t blink an eye even at Yihyeon’s cold and bitter eyes. No matter how hard he tried, he was Kwon Yihyeon, but he had nothing to fear if he was in a state where he couldn’t even use his strength properly due to the anesthetic like he was now.

If Sehyeon knew about it, he would be furious, but Sihoon was confident.

How leisurely and rough Joohyuk was during sex had been heard enough through his partners. He only knew how to thrust down like an angry bull, and there was no way he caressed or cared. As the saying goes, the marks on Yihyeon’s body looked like nothing more than just a display of territory rather than caress. He was not certain, but he was sure that he would have treated Yihyeon harshly without considering his shoulder injury.

He thought that if he had sex with him in this situation, Yihyeon’s thoughts would change. Knowing that he was an omega, he would experience a different kind of pleasure than ever before if he treated him with infinite affection while letting out his own alpha pheromone. The only sex he knew was Lee Joohyuk’s handling of him like a garbage toy.

And above all else, Sihoon wanted to have sex with Kwon Yihyeon. He wasn’t very sexual, but he wanted to hold Kwon Yihyeon madly who was in front of him. It wasn’t just because he thought he belonged to Lee Joohyuk. He was a rare beauty, and it was because he was a dominant omega from a great family. However, the bigger reason was probably because he has already engraved Yihyeon as his ‘mate’ in his heart.

Yihyeon frowned as he looked up at Sihoon’s eyes, which had begun to contain the strange heat. It was time to get this situation sorted out. The desired ‘purpose’ had already been achieved.

The moment Yihyeon opened his mouth as he watched Sihoon’s hands become explicit, the security guard at the entrance put his hand on the in-ear he was wearing and made a serious face. He approached quickly and reported briefly in a small voice in Sihoon’s ear.

Soon, Sihoon’s face was contorted to look good.

“Tsk, if she stays still, I’ll be in touch with her.”

Sihoon, who muttered in a dissatisfied voice, sighed in annoyance. As he nodded, the bodyguard remained silent and stepped back, saying something in a low voice into the radio microphone attached to the collar of his suit.

Sihoon, who glanced at Yihyeon, relaxed his expression and smiled. He released the fabric that tied Yihyeon’s wrists and ankles.

“I wanted to talk a little more, but I’m sorry. But when you go back, I will see you often in the future.”

“What do you mean?”

Yihyeon asked, but Sihoon said nothing and closed his shirt. All the buttons were torn, so he couldn’t button it, but he gathered it forward as much as he could and put a blanket over his shoulder. Sihoon sitting on the bed, holding Yihyeon’s upper body with one arm and making him lean on him, carefully tidying up his messy hair.

“Actually, I am very curious about your sister. No matter how much blood is connected, how can you think of your younger brother so much?”

At the word ‘sister’, Yihyeon quickly grasped the situation. It was because of her visit that Sihoon stopped acting and the bodyguards became busier.

He tried to leave the situation without meeting Sehyeon as much as possible, but looking at the situation at hand, that seemed to be impossible. He knew that the people in this room cannot hurt or harm him. Even if he used it to shake off something and leave the room, he will soon run into Sehyeon and be caught and dragged away by her people.

‘I can’t help it.’

According to the original plan, he would leave after talking to Sihoon, but now that this has happened, he will have to face Sehyeon as well.

As he was thinking about it, he heard faint footsteps and talking outside the door. Soon, someone knocked outside. Sihoon, who made eye contact with the bodyguards, nodded, and he hugged Yihyeon’s shoulder softly and tenderly, making him lean on him even more.


As soon as the door opened, a woman with a pale complexion approached at a quick pace. Dressed in an elegant two-piece suit with her neatly curled up hair, she was a beauty that the word elegance fits so well. A man and a woman in black suits followed closely behind her.

Seeing his older sister Sehyeon approaching calling his nickname, Yihyeon tried to soften his expressionless face.

“It’s been a while, Noona.”

Where did the stiffness go from when talking with Sihoon, and a soft yet friendly voice came out. Sehyeon approached and gently grabbed Yihyeon’s hand. Her eyes were trembling as if she was about to cry.

Sehyeon, who was looking at Yihyeon, turned to the front of his shirt, which had been torn. A wrinkled undercoat was visible through the loose clothes.

The atmosphere surrounding Sehyeon became cold in an instant. Sihoon felt his whole body shiver from the strong pheromone of his ‘comrades’ that seemed to crush his body.

“Senior Vice President Lee Sihoon, please explain.”

Sehyeon’s cold eyes turned to Sihoon. He deliberately gave a bittersweet smile.

“I just brought him to safety and chatted for a while. As you know what is engraved on the body…”

Sehyeon, who was extremely angry at the omitted back words, clenched her fists, shaking her long eyelashes. In her eyes, Sihoon’s hand wrapped around Yihyeon’s shoulder was so annoying

Sehyeon forcibly removed Sihoon’s hand and sat next to Yihyeon and made him lean towards her. Sehyeon, realizing that Yihyeon’s body had no strength, touched his face and looked at Sihoon.

“What happened? Why is Hyunnie like this?”

“I used anesthetic to bring him in nicely. He’ll be fine in a couple of hours.”

“No, no matter what, the kid… !”

Sehyeon, who was about to shoot fiercely, stopped talking. She also knew that it would be difficult to bring Yihyeon safely if not to that extent.

“… That’s fine. I have something to talk to Hyunnie for a moment, so please leave the room for me.”

“All right. Call me whenever you need me.”

Sihoon answered calmly and got up. Then, instead of leaving immediately, he suddenly reached out to Yihyeon’s face.

“See you later.”

Sihoon, who kissed Yihyeon’s forehead with a loving voice as if they were lovers, left the room with his bodyguards. Then Sehyeon’s two bodyguards went to the entrance instead and stood guard.

Sehyeon rubbed Yihyeon’s forehead with her sleeve as if she was wiping away the dirt.

“Are you okay? How’s the wound? He said you hurt your shoulder.”

After asking the question, without a moment to answer, she opened his shirt and looked at his left shoulder. Seeing the bandaged shoulder that has not yet been cured, she quickly lowered the corners of her eyes. Her fingertips touched Yihyeon’s injured shoulder.

Yihyeon raised his hand with difficulty and grabbed Sehyun’s trembling hand and lowered it.

“It’s okay. It’s nothing to worry about.”

“What do you mean it’s not something to worry about…”

Sehyeon’s gaze was not on the injured shoulder, but on the red marks and tooth marks all over his body. Sehyeon’s pheromone gradually increased in size due to anger. It felt like the air around him was stinging.

“It’s more of a disappointment than that, Noona.”

Sehyun opened her eyes wide and looked at Yihyeon. There was a coldness in his eyes, as if he was dealing with other people.

“I didn’t know you would ignore my request.”

“No, no, Hyun-ah. It’s not like that.”

Surprised, Sehyeon shook her head and made a tearful face unlike her.

“I was so worried because you can’t contact me… I was really just trying to figure out if you were doing well, but that bad bastard…”

In the end, tears welled up in Sehyeon’s eyes. She felt like she was about to burst into tears.

“I’m sorry I broke my promise, Hyun-ah. Once we get home, noona will explain everything.”

“I don’t think I need an explanation.”

Anyway, he had understood enough to understand how far she had been talking about him and what kind of deal she had made with Sihoon.

“There is still time left on the contract. I’m going back on the day the contract ends.”

“Looking at your condition now, you say those words?! Is it that what you want that bastard to imprint on you?!”

Sehyeon rolled her eyes and the corners of her eyes reddened . Yihyeon raised his hand and wiped away the tears that had almost flowed from her eyes with his thumb.

“It’s not like that.”

Sehyeon’s eyes sank at the bitter voice, as if she had drank herbal medicine.


At the gentle voice of Yihyeon, Sehyeon looked at him with a bit of anticipation. A small smile drifted across Yihyeon’s lips.

“I can’t trust my sister anymore.”

Yihyeon’s unexpected words shocked Sehyeon enough to make her tremble. She grabbed his arm and her face collapsed as if begging.

“Hyun-ah, I… It’s my fault.”

Seeing Sehyeon’s collapsing face, Yihyeon felt sorry for her. It was none other than him who took advantage of her weakness towards him, but he had to pretend to resent her outwardly. He was sorry, but since things turned out like this, if he wasn’t rude to her, he thought he might give in and go back home with her.

‘And there’s still work to be done, Noona.’

Inwardly, he repeated that he was sorry to Sehyeon. After everything was over, he had to be honest and apologize. Tell her he was sorry for using her.

Sihun was staring at the bedroom door with bored eyes in the living room. The talk was taking longer than expected.

‘What are you two talking about for so long?’

Were they even talking about how much he had been rolled over by Lee Joohyuk? If so, it was understandable that the conversation was going to be this long.

The thought of Lee Joohyuk’s angry face suddenly made him feel better.

‘Anyway, by the time that bastard moves, Kwon Yihyeon will also be home…’

Kwon Yihyeon, who will return home, will no longer be ‘Kwon Yihyeon’. No matter how much Lee Joohyuk tried to hire people, will he be able to find him with only false information?

“I don’t know how much he will break, but it will be fun.”

It was the first time Lee Joohyuk was so obsessed with people other than his dead mate, so he didn’t know what he was like, but maybe it’ll drive him crazy for at least a month or two.

That was enough. After that, whatever choice he makes, it will be fun. Being a mate of Yihyeon, showing his existence and his relationship as if to cherish him, and brutally killing him as he had originally thought.

Just thinking about it made him excited

Yihyeon’s cold eyes came to mind.

“If you knew who I was, you would know how dangerous it is to imprint on me.”

It was scary enough to make his spine shiver. Sihoon was ignoring the fact that in his heart he thought that Omegas were just beings who were swayed by Alphas and only existed for reproduction. For him, Kwon Yihyeon, not only was he not swayed by alpha pheromones, but also took the initiative in the relationship and looked down on him, felt like a completely new existence among Omega.

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  1. So he’s not even a little concerned about her trying to kill the man he wants to protect. Just feels sorry for using her. Soap opera logic.