Chapter 4

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Yihyeon took Wooyoung to a room without a single expression on his face. It was a room exclusively for sex, a place where many stayed briefly.

“The only rooms you can enter are here and the guest bathroom. Please note that access to other rooms is prohibited.”

“Is it forbidden?”

He asked cutely with round eyes. Then, secretly, he grabbed the hem of Yihyeon’s sleeve. It might have looked like he was scared, but it was more like flirting with aegyo.

Lee Hyun took off Wooyoung’s hand that was holding his sleeve and said dryly.

“If you ever open the door to another room, you will have to leave immediately. And you will have no communication with the managing director.”

Knowing what that word meant, Wooyoung shook his head with a hardened face. He looked up at Yihyeon with a determined face.

“I will work hard!”

It’s good to have high spirits, but how long will it last?

“Kwon Yihyeon!”

Not long after it started, a harsh voice calling out to Yihyeon came out of the room. Yihyeon, who was waiting outside the door, knocked urgently.

“President, are you okay?”

“Come in quickly and get this bastard out!”

Something was clearly wrong. As soon as he opened the door and entered, Yihyeon’s eyebrows fluttered.

Joohyuk, who is staring at the bed with an angry face, was wearing only a robe and the front was open, but strangely, his thing was drooping. Even if it had just started, fellatio would have done something by now, but he hasn’t seen anything like that in a long time.

He turned his gaze to Wooyoung, who was sitting naked on the bed. He was trembling with his hands clasped together, with a pale complexion.

Suddenly, a faint sweet smell touched the tip of his nose. It was a faint scent that would have gone unnoticed if not for sensitive people. For Yihyeon, who was a ‘sensitive person’, it was just a sweet smell, and there was no impression, but if an alpha like Joohyuk smelt it, it would definitely be stimulating.

Yihyeon’s gazed at Wooyoung’s buttocks. He could see a very small amount of transparent love liquid flowing out. The love liquid was mixed with a very small amount of omega pheromone that others would not notice.


It was his negligence. He couldn’t believe that Wooyoung, who was known as Beta, was an Omega. Since there was no smell at all, it seemed like he had taken an inhibitor.

With this kind of faint scent mixed in with the love liquid, the ‘dominant’ himself could feel it, but the average Alpha Joohyuk wouldn’t notice it. But his instincts were never to be ignored.

Yihyeon approached Wooyoung without saying a word. He picked up the robe that had fallen under the bed and wrapped it around him.

As Yihyeon, who was more friendly than Joohyuk, approached, Wooyoung clung to him with tears in his eyes.

“Hey, I don’t know what I did wrong. I just did what I was told and was careful not to use my teeth…!”

“Fuck, you’re an Omega!”

Joohyuk exclaimed with anger.

He has absolutely nothing to do with Omega. Whether that iron rule had an effect on the mind as well, instinctively, if the partner was an Omega, his body would not react at all.

In the past, there were times when he almost had a relationship with Omegas who hid their scent with inhibitors so that no pheromone was felt like now. There were people who liked Joohyuk, but more than that, most of them wanted the title of ‘mate’ of the eldest son of Shinwoo group.

They tried to mix with Joohyuk by hiding their scent with an inhibitor, but each time they failed and their identity was discovered. Joohyuk’s body, who instinctively recognized that the other was an Omega, never reacted. So there was no way he could not have noticed it. Moreover, Joohyuk himself knew if they were an omega, so it was basic to be kicked out naked as soon as their identity was discovered.

This time too, no matter how much fellatio he received, he was calm, so he immediately recognized it. Even if he didn’t feel any pheromones, Wooyoung was definitely an omega.

Seeing Joohyuk’s face wrinkled, Wooyoung shook his head in embarrassment.

“What are you talking about?! I’m not an Omega, I’m a Beta!”

Joohyuk gritted his teeth and showed a bitter look. At the same time, a refreshing yet oppressive scent of pheromone began to fill the room. For a moment,Yihyeon felt like his heart was getting tight, but he managed to get through it. But Wooyoung, who was sitting on the bed trembling, didn’t seem well.

“Ah… Ugh…!”

With his eyes wide open, he fell as if he was about to faint. His face was red as if it was about to burst, and the tears that were in his eyes flowed endlessly.

“Are you saying no even after feeling my pheromones?”

Frightened by the alpha pheromone, which was likely to crush him, Wooyoung groaned and shook his lips. Yihyeon blocked Wooyoung with his body and faced Joohyuk. Yihyeon also felt his heart beating faster and his chest tightened because of Joohyuk’s pheromone, but it was not enough to show it.

“It’s my fault that I haven’t looked into it more deeply. I’ll take him out right now.”

Joohyuk, who was staring at Yihyeon’s calm expression for a moment, quickly removed his pheromone. Wooyoung, who was behind Yihyeon, let out a breath.

Joohyuk warned Wooyoung, who was hiding behind Yihyeon’s body.

“Don’t look for me again. Or else I might kill you.”

As soon as he uttered the cold warning, Wooyoung swallowed his breath and bowed his head with a pale complexion. Yihyeon supported him and left the room.

Joohyuk sat down on a chair in the room with an irritated expression on his face. Holding a cigarette case on the table next to him, he quickly put a cigarette into his mouth. The rising anger did not subside until the moment the tip of the cigarette was lit.

This is not the first time an unknown celebrity has been successful with Joohyuk’s support. As a result, there were a lot of people who wanted support, regardless of whether they were unknown or famous. He didn’t think there wouldn’t be an Omega pretending to be Beta among them, but it had been a while since it happened to him, so he felt pretty dirty.

Omegas who want to be his ‘mate’.

The more he thought about it, the more annoyed he got. Do they think that if he was drunk with pheromones, he would bite their neck?

‘Don’t be disillusioned.’

His ‘mate’ had already been decided, and he decided not to accept any Omega other than him. Even if he wanted to accept that person now, he couldn’t.

Joohyuk, who was smoking, frowned as he saw Yihyeon entering the room. As he approached, he bowed his head as if apologizing.

“Mr. Han Wooyoung will never appear in front of the managing director again. Sorry.”

Joohyuk stared at Yihyeon with haughty eyes with a cigarette in his mouth. He received Joohyuk’s gaze with calm eyes as usual.

Joohyuk’s mind filled with a curiosity that was close to a joke.

“I’m sorry, will Kwon Yihyeon take responsibility?”

Yihyeon asked while looking at Joo Hyuk.

“How do you want me to take responsibility?”

In fact, it was not reasonable to ask Yihyeon to take responsibility for this. He only got materials from the chief of staff who were waiting in line to receive a sponsor. It was Joohyuk who was the one who chose the person in it, and Yihyeon just contacted the other person according to his instructions and explained the work.

Even though he knew that, he wanted to touch Yihyeon. It was a kind of anger that couldn’t solve his sexual desire. If he could see that poker face collapse, it would be satisfying in its own way.

Joohyuk sat on the chair and opened the front of the robe he had tied loosely. His body was exposed. With a cigarette in his mouth, Joohyuk raised the corners of his lips coldly and flicked his chin under him. Knowing what that meant, Yihyeon’s fingertips fluttered nervously towards Joohyuk.

Yihyeon still looked at Joohyuk with an expressionless face. Only his slightly trembling fingers seemed to indicate that he was nervous.

Joohyuk’s body was instinctive and honest. Just by looking at the fact that he did not react to Omega, it was enough to know just how amazing his instincts were.

That’s the problem.

He doesn’t respond to Omega.

It’s not that difficult to take Joohyuk’s stuff in his mouth. Other than that, he had the confidence to do whatever he asked of him to do without hesitation. However, sexual contact with him was to be avoided. Because he was an ‘omega’.

“How long are you going to keep me waiting?”

Joohyuk twisted one corner of his mouth and urged. Half of the cigarette in his mouth turned to ashes and was scattered on the ashtray.

Yihyeon was grateful for his face, which hardly showed any emotions at this time. He made an effort to calm himself and move closer to Joohyuk. He went between his open legs and knelt down. Even though it was in a completely dead state, there was an object of considerable size in front of him.

He hesitated for a moment because he didn’t really know what to do. There were several times when he entered Joohyuk’s room for small things, such as running errands for cigarettes or delivering drinks while having sex. But each time, Joohyuk was in the midst of putting his own things into other people’s bodies, so he had never seen the other person perform a felattio.

Still, he had to build his one up somehow. Otherwise, it will be revealed that he was an ‘omega’ and he will be kicked out.

Yihyeon’s hardened hands stretched out toward Joohyuk’s genitals. It wasn’t the first time he’d seen Joohyuk’s thing, but it was the first time he had seen him look so huge even before an erection.

As Yihyeon’s slightly trembling fingertips were about to touch Joohyuk’s genitals, he heard a phone ringing from somewhere. Joohyuk made a short smirk on his face with an annoyed face and blinked at Yihyeon.

Yihyeon, relieved by Joohyuk’s command, got up from his seat. He picked up his cell phone from the bedside table and brought it to him. All of a sudden, Joohyuk was wearing a robe and crossing his legs.

Joohyuk’s eyes frowned slightly when he picked up the phone and checked the name on the screen. He nervously rubbed the burnt cigarette into the ashtray and pressed the call button on his cell phone.

– Are you busy?

As soon as he answered the phone, the man on the other end asked a question.

“Just keep it simple.”

Even though the annoying voice was strong, the other party didn’t take it seriously as if it was normal.

– What, were you having sex again?

“Just tell me why you called.”

He pulled out a new cigarette and frowned. A groan was heard from the other side.

– Do you have time tomorrow? Dad called you home to have dinner together.

“…Leave time by texting.”

When his father calls him, he never refuses. He was a person who didn’t criticize much even if he didn’t show his face often, but if he refused to call him home as he is now, he would be pressured in his own way.

Joohyuk hung up and looked at his phone. When he remembered the face of the person on the phone a while ago, the corners of his eyes rose even more.

The second son of the Shinwoo group and half-brother Lee Sihoon was very annoying to Joohyuk.

Ahn Seohee, the present mother, who was next to his father, Jeongho Lee, was a woman who wanted to be his wife as soon as Joohyuk’s mother passed away in an accident. Lee Sihoon, whose birth was a secret, was in fact Lee Jungho’s child.

Ahn Seohee had always been a kind and caring wife to his father Jeongho Lee, but in fact, she was a person who had no choice but to make Lee Sihoon the next president of the Shinwoo group no matter what.

The problem is that Sihoon Lee inherited his mother’s personality.

Joohyuk, who was looking at the phone, reachedYihyeon, who was standing in front of him with a calm face. If it were not for the threats from Ahn Seohee and Lee Sihoon, Yihyeon would not have been by his side like now.

* * *

Gorgeous dining table with almost no sound.

A man who was about sixty, sitting at the top of the table turned his head, showing his unique and profound atmosphere. At the table were his eldest son Joohyuk Lee, his second son Sihoon Lee, and his wife Seohee Ahn. Haejun Lee, the third and youngest son, was scheduled to show up only after dinner due to a flight delay.

Shinwoo Group Chairman Lee Jeongho, who sliced ​​the steak and put it in his mouth, looked at Joohyuk, who was sitting on his right.

“How are you these days?”

Joohyuk answered without hesitation to Jeongho’s cold eyes.

“It took some time, but we started the redevelopment of the Seongil area without any problems. The future progress…”

“Who wants to hear about work? Even if you don’t want to say anything about your life, you don’t have to talk about work because the report will come up on its own.”

Lee Jeongho, who put the neatly sliced ​​steak piece in his mouth, looked at Joohyuk as if analyzing him.

“I’m asking you what life is like.”

“…May I ask why you are asking that?”

Ahn Seohee, his stepmother, who was sitting opposite him, frowned. Although she was in her 50s, she was so well taken care of that she only looked like she was in her early 40s.

“Joohyuk, if your father is interested, you should say thank you, and answer it quickly.”

The tone that seemed to teach a child was annoying, but Joohyuk did not give her a single glance. It was disgusting to pretend to be a loving mother only in front of his father.

Jeongho, who aked the question, was slicing the steak that was dripping with blood, not thinking too much.

“You’re the only one out, so can I ask you a question?”

As Jeongho said, only Joohyuk, the eldest of his three sons, was living outside his home. He gets reports about him from time to time, but since Joohyuk rarely has anyone around, the stories he hears are limited.

“I am living with nothing. I’m sorry I don’t have anything to tell you.”

“Fine. I didn’t expect it anyway.”

Jeongho turned his gaze away with a slight frown on his solemn face.

“Give me some time next week.”

At Jeongho’s words, Joohyuk looked at him with a puzzled gaze. Jeongho puts the last piece of steak in his mouth and put his fork and knife neatly on the table.

“The second son of Jaewon Resort said he was interested in you. I’ll set up a meeting for you, so let’s have dinner.”

Joohyuk managed to put up with the slight contortion around his eyes. If it was the second son of Jaewon Resort, he was an Omega famous for his off-white color.

“As you know, I never meet Omegas.”

“Who said it was serious? I meant a light meal or dinner.”

Isn’t that what that means?

The second son, Sihoon Lee, who was sitting next to Joohyuk, said with a gentle smile on his handsome face.

“Yes, hyung. Have a meal. The last time I saw him, he was quite a beauty.”

He turned his eyes to his half-brother Sihoon, who only used the title ‘hyung’ when his father was there, but he only showed a friendly smile. Even though he knows that Joohyuk hates being with an Omega.

Jeongho slowly picked up the napkin on the table to wipe his lips.

“Isn’t it time you too should think about the seat next to you? How long do you plan to be stubborn like a child?”

“…If you called me to talk about that, I will head back first.”

Joohyuk, unable to bear it, got up from his seat. Ahn Seohee, who was quietly listening to the conversation, looked up at Joohyuk with a smile.

“Your father said it after much thought, so why not do it as he pleases?”

The two eyes met. Seohee’s face was clearly smiling, but her eyes were fierce. Even if she said that, as Jeongho said, if he had a seat with the son of Jaewon Resort, she would be hysterical by twitching those smooth nails.

‘I want to see that after a long time, but…’

Unfortunately, the person his father had authority over was an Omega. He knows he’s going to have to date someone someday, but ‘omega’ was never an option. Only this time, he has no choice but to do what his stepmother wants him to do.

“Sorry. Then I will go back first.”

With only those words left, Joohyuk turned and left the restaurant. With a small sigh, Jeongho touched his temple with his hand and pressed it down. Seohee quickly got up from her seat and approached him with worried eyes.

“Honey, are you okay? I guess you paid too much attention to Joohyuk. Shall I bring you some medicine?”

“It’s fine, it will go down soon.”

Jeongho gave a bitter expression as he patted her slender hand on his shoulder.

“He still does want to not forget that time…”

Jeongho thought that the reason Joohyuk avoided Omegas was because of an accident he had when he was young. If not for that reason, there is no reason to stay away from Omega until this day.

Seohee gently kissed the back of Jeongho’s hand that covered hers.

“He’s still young. A ‘pair’ can change at any time.”

A red oval-like mark was engraved on the nape of Seohee, who spoke those words. It was a clear tooth mark and engraving by Jeongho.

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