Chapter 43 - 43

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Author: chef

He checked the name on the screen and put the phone to his ear.


Without listening to the other person’s words, he unilaterally notified and put the cell phone back on the bedside table.

Joohyuk, looked at Yihyeon who was sleeping soundly on his arm, and with a sad face he gently raised his head. Joohyuk, who laid him down with a careful motion and covered him with a blanket up to his neck, picked up the gown he had thrown on the sofa. Joohyuk, dressed in a relaxed manner, brought his cell phone and headed straight for the study.

After the library door was closed, Joohyuk put his phone to his ear.


– The interim investigation contents have been sent by email.

He walked closer to the table on which the laptop was placed. As he sat on the sofa and turned on his laptop, a middle-aged man over the phone spoke.

– It’s still in the detailed investigation phase, but one thing is for sure.

Joohyuk’s eyes widened for an instant when he opened the mail sent by the man and checked the report.

– The person that is beside the managing director is not ‘Kwon Yihyeon’.

Joohyuk’s face hardened as he fixed his gaze on the report as he listened to the confident man’s words.

The photo in the report contained a photo of a young man who appeared to have just become an adult. Even if he looked hard, he could see a man with an ordinary face, wearing a vest from a courier, carrying luggage, a face that was so normal that there were more than one or two with similar looks.

-As you can see if you check the report, ‘Kwon Yihyeon’ from the orphanage is a completely different person.

At the bottom of the photo, the name ‘Kwon Yihyeon’ was proudly written, and a copy of the old resume of the courier he worked for was also attached. The person in the ID photo was also the same person as the man in the report.

“Are you sure?”

Joohyuk’s voice became even lower. The man on the other side flinched and said confidently.

– I’m sure. It seems like the nursery school has been receiving huge monthly donations from a specific person since about a year ago. I persistently threatened one of the life coaches, but he said that he had only seen ‘Kwon Yihyeon’ over there once.

There was a smirk, a disappointing laugh.

It wasn’t that he didn’t foresee that he was hiding something, but at best, he just thought that his past was a bit twisted. But he couldn’t believe that he used a fake identity..

– I’m just guessing, but it looks like the fake ‘Kwon Yihyeon’ was ordered by someone else and was intentionally put next to the managing director…

Joohyuk frowned and put his hand on his forehead.

‘No way…’

Ahn Seohee and Lee Sihoon and their father’s faces flashed through his head for a moment.

He’d rather it be his father. If it was to protect him from the instigation of his father, it seemed reasonable that he threw himself away whenever there was danger and stayed by his side no matter what he did.

But what if he was from Ahn Seohee or Lee Sihoon’s side?

Just thinking about it made him angry.

‘No, no. I don’t know yet.’

He decided not to think too much. If it was Ahn Seohee or Lee Sihoon’s side, there was no reason for him to risk his life to protect him. There were plenty of opportunities if he dared to do something by his side.

It was Joohyukk who was relentlessly cold to anyone with any doubts, but without realizing it, he left room for Kwon Yihyeon’s work.

“Where is the ‘real Kwon Yi-hyun’?”

-That is…

The other person blurted out the end of his speech, and then opened his mouth with difficulty.

– He suddenly disappeared about a year ago.

That would have been the case.

He wasn’t even mad at the answer as expected. A fake was pretending to be the real thing, so there’s no way he could go around.

In any case, it was enough to put together all the data pretending to be real so that he would never be caught. If it was that thorough, wouldn’t the ‘real Kwon Yihyeon’ already exist in this world?

“It doesn’t matter if he’s in good condition or if he’s a corpse. Find him.”

Joohyuk’s eyes looked at the ‘real Kwon Yihyeon’ floating on the laptop screen.

“I am not very patient. Bring me the perfect report and the ‘real Kwon Yihyeon’ within a month.”

He hung up the phone, leaving only those words. Joohyuk, who stared at the phone for a moment, tapped the table with his finger on the table.

For a while, Joohyuk glanced through the report with photos of the ‘real Kwon Yihyeon’ several times. His black eyes sank deeply.

* * *

In the past, when he dreamed of the past, he was always excited.

The events of the past appeared as realistic recollections rather than dreams containing delusions and fantasies. As he recalled the memories of that day, Oh, it was like that back then, his hyung said this to him back then, and he really liked those words back then.

He hated waking up every time that happened. When he opened his eyes, there was not a day when he didn’t shed tears in the gloomy and difficult reality. He’ll do anything to find his hyung. He hoped he found him, because he was dying without him.

He believed that he would be alive, even if he judged soberly. His hyung was alive somewhere. But no matter how much he looked, he couldn’t find him.

The owner of the villa where his hyung was staying said that a few months before the incident, he moved abroad. He had never rented or entrusted the villa to anyone, and there was no trace of anyone who had been there since that day. It was nothing more than a very basic clue to finding his hyung.

There was not much information in the beginning, and he was young at the time. Other than the villa, he didn’t know what could be the clue to finding his hyung, so he brought out all the words in his head, and the more he repeated it, the more worried he became.

He thought he was pretty bright at the time. Whenever he met hyung, he heard a lot of words saying that he was good because he was bright and that he was like sunlight. Seeing his hyung, who had no expression on his face every day, he would have had no choice but to look bright at that time.

As his hyung disappeared, he cried day by day, he stopped laughing at some point. He was more busy crying than laughing, and then when he made a riot, he fell asleep with a tranquilizer. Then when he dreamt about the days he spent with his hyung, he was so happy that his feet felt like they were floating. But when he woke up from the dream, he faced reality and cried bitterly.

As this happened every day, he voluntarily sought sleeping pills from a certain point. Wouldn’t it be possible to see the dream of that time and his own alpha again when he fell asleep?

Perhaps the wind had touched him, and when he fell asleep like that, he dreamed of the past once or twice. The scene as it was at that time, without adding or subtracting anything, was played over as if reminiscing. Fortunately, in his dream, he did not come out that night when he was decapitated while trying to save his alpha.

The waking hours gradually decreased.

One day, he started to develop a tolerance to sleeping pills. He couldn’t fall asleep easily even after taking twice the amount, so he poured quite a few pills into his mouth. He slept as deeply as he wanted, but he couldn’t dream. When he woke up thinking that it was a pity, it was not on the bed in his room, but on the hospital bed.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he was about to be slapped on the face by his sister. But his sister couldn’t bear to hit him and patted his cheek in pain. It was only then that he realized that he was about to die when he saw his older sister hugging him and crying sadly.

He was horrified, horrified.

When he dies, he will never see his hyung again.

He was young, but one thing was certain.

After that day, he cut off on sleeping pills. He didn’t know if it was because he was awake a lot or it was because of the side effects of sleeping pills, but he was often depressed, crying and feeling helpless. He thought about whether it would be easier if he died, but every time he did, he clenched his fists so hard that his arms trembled. By the time blood gushed out of the palms where his nails pierced in, that weak spirit disappeared without a trace.

He had to stand still and be full of useless thoughts. So he devoted all of his time outside of school to training so that he couldn’t think of anything else. If hyung was in danger when they meet again, he would have to save him properly this time. It was not dangerous, he’ll save him.

Memories with his hyung, which he sometimes dreamed of even though he was exhausted after repeated hard training as if he was self-studying, became the driving force for him to wake up again. He thought it would be great if he could find and meet him, no matter how many years it would take, if he could hug him again.

As time passed, he found his hyung again and all that was left was regret.

He’d rather he didn’t look for him.

He’d rather forget him.

He’d rather… he’ll find another alpha.

However, the covenant, which had been deeply rooted for a long time, was cramped and were like suffocating shackles, binding his whole body and paralyzing his brain. All that remained was the instinct to protect his hyung.

Yes, he will protect him. He’ll help him clean up the people who threatened him.

So when that was over, will he stop dreaming like this?


He saw a young boy squatting and pounding on the floor in his shrewdly resigned eyes. The floor he pounded looked like a regular lawn, but the sound was like hitting a wooden board.

The boy who knocked on the floor was squatting with his knees bent, looking at the floor calmly. The floor, which was once flat, seemed to shake, and then the floor was lifted from the bottom up. From the floor, someone raised their eyes and looked at the boy.

“You’re here?”

The boy looked at the pair of eyes that had risen from the dark basement and smiled. Then the door that had been opened from below opened wide.

As expected, it was his hyung who came out of the door.

A young, bright hyung.

Damn it, the hyung who shook him up every time they met through dreams.

The hyung was undoubtedly his alter ego and smiled at his former partner.

“I thought you were here because you weren’t on the terrace. Can I come in?”

“Of course.”

He gladly nodded at the boy’s question and led him into the basement. He didn’t want to see the work inside, but his field of view shifted and reflected the scenery of the basement.

The secret basement behind his hyung’s villa was narrow and stuffy.

Due to the small space, the only furniture was a soft chair and an old desk, and everything else was full of unorganized books and other clutter. It was a shame because the butler often cleaned it because of his hyung’s visit, otherwise it would have been full of all sorts of bugs and humid air.

But for his hyung and him, at that time, it was a more cozy and secure place than a large villa. It was like a secret base that was often said to be the romance of young children. Actually, this place was unknown to anyone except his hyung, him, and his butler.

“I wish the butler didn’t know about this place.”

The boy pouted and grumbled as if his thoughts had arrived. His hyung, who was sitting in the chair, pulled the boy and put him on his lap.


“I wish it was a place only the two of us knew. It’s more special like that.”

At the childish grunt, the hyung smiled a little and hugged him tightly and rubbed his face against the nape of his neck.

“I know. I wish it too, but if the butler doesn’t know about this place, he’ll always think that I’ve been kidnapped, and there’s going to be an uproar.”

“Um, then there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Suddenly, at the word ‘kidnap’, he made a dark face. His hyung put his chin on the boy’s shoulder with a sad face and apologized.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“It’s a thing of the past, so I’m not scared or anything like that anymore. just…”

As he sat on his hyung’s leg, he lowered his eyes, saying that he bent his knees meaninglessly.

“I wish I didn’t have to go through something like that. It was very scary and difficult back then.”

A few years before he met his hyung, he had yet to go to school. He was kidnapped at an unknown young age, and obviously their purpose was money. His father who received the call did not hesitate at all. He did his best to save him as quickly as possible regardless of how much he did, and thanks to him, he was rescued in one day.

After that, his father said that training to protect himself was more necessary than studying, and he semi-forced him into a harsh training center attended by bodyguards.

Thanks to that, he was in a very disciplined state to the point where he was judged as a child, but apart from that, he was still so afraid that he did not want to recall the past kidnapping incidents.

He gently stroked the boy’s hair as if he was sorry.

“Yes. yes.”

His face also darkened. Thinking it was because of him, the boy quickly changed his face and smiled.

“Don’t worry too much. Even if you are kidnapped, you will be rescued soon. My dad says that, but if you give them money, since they don’t want to make a big deal, they just move away quickly… No, he said they would disappear. And these days, the cops do a really good job and catch them quickly.”

The hyung’s face was still dark with a smile. As if in denial of his own words, but as if he didn’t want to say it out loud.

The boy turned his upper body back and gently stroked his hyung’s head.

“And if it’s not for them, I’ll go find you.”

With a bright face and a bashful smile.

“I promised. I will protect you.”

At that, his hyung’s eyes fluttered slightly. The dark face began to brighten gradually, and he took the boy’s hand that was stroking his hair and lowered it.


He kissed the back of the boy’s hand he was holding onto briefly. The back of the boy’s hand, where his hyung’s lips touched, was burning as he watched.

His hyung opened his mouth with a bright smile on his face.

“Then I…”

The sound gradually faded away.

He couldn’t remember what his hyung said back then. He didn’t know how many times he had this dream, but it always ended here.

But one thing was certain.

Whatever he said back then, he was sure his hyung would have forgotten it too.

* * *

Even though he woke up from his dream and knew he was awake, the warmth he felt on the back of his hand was still there. He struggled to open his hard-to-open eyes, and through the blurry vision, he could see someone’s black eyes.

“Did you sleep well?”

He blinked blankly at the sound of the tone that pierced his ears, and he was startled. He quickly regained his focus and began to clearly recognize who the person in front of him was.

He froze as soon as their eyes met. He was looking at him with eyes very similar to the hyung in his dreams.

He couldn’t do that anymore.

With his eyes wide open, as if he had forgotten to breathe, Joohyuk, who was burying his lips in the back of his interlaced hand, stroked the corner of his eye with his other hand.

“It’s still swollen.”

He was startled by the unexpected touch, and he couldn’t breathe. It wasn’t a dream, it was reality.

Surprised, Yihyeon shook off Joohyuk’s hand with a stiff face and tried to raise his upper body in a hurry. He felt extreme pain in his back and his spine was creaking, but he thought it would be better than lying face to face like that.

“I want you to lie down a little longer.”

Standing up, he grabbed Yihyeon who was staggering and sat him down. It didn’t end there, he wrapped his arms around his shoulders and leaned against him, so Yihyeon had no choice but to be embarrassed.

He couldn’t get used to it when he raised his head and made eye contact. His eyes and warm hands that resembled his hyung when he was young confused his mind.

Joohyuk, who smiled at Yihyeon, who was hardened and couldn’t even open his mouth, grabbed his hand and clasped it again. It feels like Yihyeon’s body has become even more tense and has turned into a stone.

“… Director.”

He tried to speak out with a sharp voice, but the words did not come out easily. Joohyuk grabbed Yihyeon’s hand, which was hard but soft with calluses, and met his gaze.

“I know what you want to say.”

Yihyeon’s shoulders shuddered as if his insides were caught.

It wasn’t that hard to figure out what he was going to ask. Because he asked several times during sex. Maybe he thought it was just a habit?

‘Don’t do that.’

Understanding Yihyeon’s confusion, he pulled his shoulder closer and closer. Yihyeon’s body, which had cooled down, was quickly eroded by Joohyuk’s warmth.

“I have no doubts about what I do.”

Despite the soft tone, the content was just as hard as usual. His eyes were warmer than ever, but he didn’t think he was the one reflected in those eyes.

“Kwon Yihyeon, you can do what I tell you to do and just accept everything quietly.”

For some reason, it seemed that there was another meaning behind it. The cold eyes and air that he felt for a moment made him speechless.

* * *

The only sound in the silence was the rattling of dishes. Even while he was eating slowly, his body was rising like a person eating food in a rush like crazy.

He couldn’t eat half of it, and when he tried to put down the spoon, he felt a stinging gaze in front of him.

“You must have been hungry because you skipped yesterday’s meal, so why eat only that?”

He pondered for a moment at the dissatisfied voice, but put down the spoon.

“I’m sorry.”

He didn’t like the dry apple, which wasn’t a good answer, but he didn’t say a word. Then, seeing that Yihyeon’s glass of water was empty, he raised his finger to the housekeeper standing at the edge of the kitchen. Then he came over and filled his cup.

The previous housekeeper completely disappeared the day Yihyeon was kidnapped. Someone was ordered to investigate, but even the company that dispatched the housekeeper in the first place was unaware of her existence. Rather, they dispatched a person from their side, but Joohyuk’s side was informed that they cancelled it.

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