Chapter 46 - 46

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Author: chef

Ahn Seohee widened her eyes and called out ‘Honey’ several times, but Lee Jungho didn’t look back.

Ahn Seohee, who bit her lower lip, was dragged out by men and stared at him harshly. Lee Jungho only casually met her gaze, but didn’t say any words of comfort to her. Instead, he raised his hand and tapped his neck. Ahn Seohee, seeing this, stiffened with her eyes wide open.

Lee Jungho, who was watching Ahn Seohee’s back as she was dragged, raised one corner of his mouth.

Now that he’d trimmed the corners, it was time to cut off the roots.

* * *

Joohyuk, who was reading the morning riot article on his desk computer, had a satisfied smile on his face resembling his father.

Ahn Seohee made a stupid mistake by laying her hands on the ossuary.

His father said that he would not interfere unless she tried to mess with the ossuary without any convincing reason or if Lee Sihoon tried to take Joohyuk’s life.

But for some reason, Sihoon not only tried to take his life, but also trampled on his penthouse. As punishment for breaking his arm, his father didn’t say anything much, but in reality, he had passed on some evidence to him and had talked about it in advance.

Lee Jeongho nodded his head firmly. Now it was time to kick them both out.

Although the corporate foundation was said to be under Ahn Seohee, it was actually a place that was started by Chairman Lee Jungho. His father secretly replaced Ahn Soohee’s people stationed in the ossuary with Joohyuk’s.

If Ahn Seohee had been quiet, the current situation might have continued with only the manpower being replaced without her knowledge. If she had, she would have been able to enjoy a more comfortable life.

Ahn Seohee tried to steal from the ossuary with the people she hired to pretend that Joohyuk messed with the ossuary first. After that, she would have thought of preparing and distributing some fabricated evidence that Joohyuk was the culprit.

If that was the case, Lee Jungho, who would’ve heard this news, would have run rampant and driven off Joohyuk. Not only would he deeply intervene with his work, but he might even try and keep an eye on him. That is, if it was Lee Jungho from the past.

As expected, she made things easier now.

Did Ahn Seohee think that his father really recognized and loved her as a mate?

It was funny.

Even the woman who was his first mate and even sacrificed her life to save his father was treated like a past affair.

He smiled bitterly and lifted his head and looked to the side. He saw Yihyeon sitting quietly in the chair he had brought before. It bothered him quite a bit when he saw him think deeply about something with his eyes closed.

He grabbed the armrest of Yihyeon’s chair and pulled it closer. Then he lifted his head and looked at him.

“What are you thinking about?”

Joohyuk, who turned the chair towards him, put Yihyeon’s legs between his legs and pulled him tight as if swallowing him up. He suddenly put his face closer to Yihyeon’s, but it was comforting like he had adjusted to the presence.

“It’s nothing.”

“Don’t lie.”

He frowned slightly, but spoke softly.

“If you have something you want to say, say it. I don’t know. Right now, I might listen.”

Yihyeon stared quietly while making eye contact. It made his stomach flutter strangely at how good it felt to be watched with those eyes.

It felt like his vision, which had been focused on his eyes from a certain moment, was gradually getting brighter. The feeling that had been confined to the two pupils gradually spread around the eyes, the pointed nose, the soft cheeks with a slight blush, and the red lips that he wanted to kiss. Then, at some point, he realized that he was looking at his entire face, not just his eyes.

Joohyuk, who was smiling slightly while waiting for Yihyeon to speak, tilted his face and drew closer to him. Their lips were getting closer. Yihyeon didn’t even think about avoiding him, he just looked at Joohyuk’s eyes.

“… Director, I…”

Knock knock-

“Executive Director, Lee Haejun, managing director of Shinwoo Department Store, is here.”

He was expecting him, but must he arrive at a time like this?

Yihyeon, who seemed to keep his mouth shut even when he kissed him, finally opened his mouth, but the two knocks and the voice of the new secretary set the tone properly Joohyuk, who was approaching him as if he was going to swallow his lips, briefly clicked his tongue and pulled his head away.

Yihyeon got up from his seat and turned expressionless.

“I’ll be over there, so talk.”

Joohyuk grabbed Yihyeon’s arm.

“”Stay here.

For some reason, Joohyuk, who had a strange smile, grabbed his arm even tighter and did not let him go.

Joohyuk grabbed Yihyeon’s arm and told the person by the door to let Lee Haejun enter.

“Tell him to come in.”

As soon as he said that that, the door opened and Lee Haejun entered.

“Hyung, I saw the news… Huh… ?”

Lee Haejun, who had a surprised face, looked at Joohyuk and Yihyeon who was caught by the hand, and made a bewildered expression. It had been a while since Yihyeon was with Joohyuk, so it was not unfamiliar to him, but he wasn’t surprised by that.

Behind the work desk, there was Yihyeon, who was held be Joohyuk’s arm, and next to him was a chair where he would have been sitting. Joohyuk, who usually had a hard or expressionless face, had a weird smile, with his gaze fixed on Yihyeon even when he entered.

‘What’s this mood?’

This atmosphere, which made his back cold and made the hairs on his back stand up, was difficult for Lee Haejun to understand at all.

“What are you doing standing there? Sit down.”

Joohyuk, who gave Lee Haejun, who was standing blankly in front of the door, a sofa, got up from his seat. He still held onto Yihyeon’s arm and headed to the sofa, but Yihyeon stayed firm and held on.

“I’ll bring you some tea.”

“Someone else can do it.”

He said there was no need to do it, but Yihyeon removed Joohyuk’s hand, which was holding his wrist.

“Please let me do this. People will find it strange.”

People would look at him strangely as he sat still inside the executive office doing nothing all day. Joohyuk wanted to ask what that had to do with this, but Yihyeon was still his bodyguard and secretary to the people. His words made sense.

Joohyuk, who folded his hand and let go of Yihyeon, was unable to take his eyes off of Yihyeon until he left the door.

“… Hyung, sit down for a moment.”

Lee Haejun sat on the sofa and called Joohyuk with a serious face. Joohyuk, who sat quietly across from him, finally looked at Lee Haejun.

“What’s going on with Kwon Yihyeon?”

“Yes there was…”

He didn’t know about Yihyeon, but he was weird.

“How about Ahn Seohee?”

When Joohyuk asked, Lee Haejun shrugged and buried his back on the sofa.

“She probably won’t come out easily. The evidence was solid, and the corporate executivessheI was working with were almost thrown out, so there’s a big mess within the group.”

Lee Haejun talked as if he was not having a conversation about his mother, but it rather seemed like he was talking about someone else. He continued to speak in a cold, yet emotionless voice.

“Even if my mother did everything she could to get out quickly, she would be a powerless person now, and there would be nothing she could do at that time. In the meantime, the corporate foundation will be sentenced, and the succession will be over.”

Lee Haejun raised his head and looked at Joohyuk’s face. As expected, he was in a good mood.

From the back of the sofa where Lee Haejun was seated, a clicking sound was heard. While holding a tray with two cups of coffee on top, he closed his mouth as he watched Yihyeon approaching.

He knew vaguely that he was Joohyuk’s greatest ally, but he didn’t know his exact identity or why. He didn’t say much because he knew his weaknesses and that he had been helping him from behind, and he thought that he couldn’t fully believe him yet.

However, Joohyuk spoke out without hesitation with a face like he didn’t care.

“Do you have any intention of taking the position of representative of the corporate foundation?”


Haejun, who was looking at Yihyeon who placed the coffee in front of him, looked at Joohyuk in surprise. Joohyuk grabbed Yihyeon, who was about to leave behind the coffee, and sat him down next to him. Joohyuk, who wrapped his arms around Yihyeon’s waist and pulled him to sit, continued speaking with a nonchalant face.

“I don’t care as long as my partner is safe. The reason I dealt with Ahn Seohee first was because I didn’t know when that woman might touch my partner.”

At Joohyuk’s words, Yihyoen’s eyes seemed to shake for an instant. However, it was so fleeting that neither Joohyuk, who was next to him, nor Haejun, who blinked in surprise, noticed.

“I’m only giving you the position of a representative, I’m not saying I’m giving you the power to touch my partner.”

“I know that. I know…”

Lee Haejun’s mouth went dry and he drank the hot coffee. He felt a burning sensation in his mouth, but he thought it would be difficult to come to his senses if he didn’t drink even that.

The assets of the corporate foundation were enormous, amounting to tens of billions of dollars, to the extent that Ahn Seohee risked her life to hold the position of CEO. Although the process was complicated, he couldn’t help but be surprised that he was willing to give him the position of representative of such a foundation.

“Is it okay?”

“It doesn’t matter as long as you don’t cross the line. You deserve at least that much profit.”

Saying so, he raised an eyebrow.

Seeing this, Lee Haejun realized that the reason Joohyuk went after Ahn Seohee first was really simply because of that person who he called ‘partner’. IHeknew he valued him more than his life, but was it enough for him to hand over the corporate foundation.

‘Is it such a good thing to be a pair?’

In fact, Lee Haejun could not understand Joohyuk, who was tied to a partner. He knew that they met like fate when they were young, and that it was enough for them to even share a covenant with each other. At a young age of just ten years, he was an omega devoted enough to risk his life for his Alpha.

But he was dead.

Even Joohyuk couldn’t remember his partner’s face or most of his work due to his memory impairment. All he could remember was the eyes of his mate, and the rich and sweet scent he had never smelled before.

What was the use, he was no longer around.

He felt that it didn’t really suit Joohyuk. But he didn’t have enough courage to say it, so he kept his mouth shut.


Lee Haejun glanced at Yihyeon. Yihyeon, who was sitting quietly, made eye contact with him. They were holding hands behind him, but Joohyuk was unaware of it. This meant that Joohyuk, who was suspicious of him, was casually telling secrets in front of Yihyeon, who was only his bodyguard.

Until now, whenever Lee Haejun visited, Joohyuk used to send Yihyeon out of the executive office. Lee Haejun also had a secret bond with Joohyuk, so when Yihyeon was present, he just played the role of ‘the third son of the Shinwoo group’ as usual. When he left the executive office, he would reveal his true face and talk about it.

So, now the situation was confusing. Did Yihyeon even tell Joohyuk that he was helping him? If that was the case, something would have been said to him as well.

If not, what was Joohyuk thinking while letting Yihyeon sit next to him? Even talking about corporate foundations.

Joohyuk, who knew Lee Haejun’s thoughts, grinned.

“Don’t mind it. I am the owner of Mr. Kwon Yihyeon, who is he going to tell this to?”

Then he narrowed his eyes and looked at Yihyeon’s face.

“Isn’t that right, Kwon Yihyeon?”

“… Yes.”

Yihyeon answered with a very brief pause. The corners of Joohyuk’s lips rise even more intensely.

Lee Haejun, who was looking at the two of them, felt something strange, but could not say anything. There was a strange air between the two.

It had been a while since they chatted with Yihyeon next to them as if he wasn’t even there.

Haejun lowered his voice and asked Joohyuk as he saw Yihyeon leaving the executive office to clean out their empty glasses.

“Are you really okay, hyung? Why are you not answering?”

“It’s on purpose, so don’t show it.”

A sharp light shone on Joohyuk’s face, who seemed to be in a good mood today.

“On purpose?”

Lee Haejun asked curiously. Joohyuk leaned his back on the sofa and stared at the tightly closed door.

“I think Kwon Yihyeon is working for someone else.”

“… What?”

Lee Haejun made a genuinely surprised expression.

He expected it was about an informant, but that was because he knew that Yihyeon was busy moving in the dark to help Joohyuk. But how did Joohyuk find out without much information?

Joohyuk thought that Lee Haejun was surprised because of the ‘someone else’ part.

“The problem is, I still don’t know who it is. First of all, it is not my father and Ahn Seohee.”

Joohyuk clenched his chin with one hand and looked amused.

“My father thought of Kwon Yihyeon as my sex partner. He even had someone look into it, but there was no sign of contact. If it were Ahn Seohee’s person, there should have been some action at the time she hit the job or got caught, but there wasn’t any.”

To say that it was because he was careful, he was too meek even though he was careful the whole time Ahn Seohee moved. Even though he was constantly watching from the night to the morning of the day the incident occurred, there was no movement of contact with anyone or anything suspicious.

“I intend to use you.”


Lee Haejun’s eyes widened at the sudden words.

“I am now suspecting whether Kwon Yihyeon is Lee Sihoon’s person.”

“No way. Anyway, that person…”

For a moment, Joohyuk’s eyes lit up. He stared at Lee Haejun as if he was about to eat him.

“Do you know anything about Kwon Yihyeon?”

“No, not at all.”

It was a shame because he caught him so quickly.

He pretended not to know anything, but a cold sweat ran down his back. Fortunately, Joohyuk did not deeply doubt Lee Haejun.

“It’s like showing evidence that I’m close with you in front of Kwon Yihyeon. If Lee Sihoon starts to doubt you, that will be the evidence.”

Lee Haejun sighed deeply. He was just frustrated because he knew that Lee Sihoon and Kwon Yihyeon would never have a cooperative relationship without anyone else knowing.

“… What would you do if Sihoon really held hands with hyung? Do you want me to catch and kill Kwon Yihyeon?”

He asked like a sigh, but the answer he returned made Lee Haejun astonished.

“No, I have to kill Lee Sihoon and take him back.”

Take him? Not an object but a person? Kwon Yihyeon?

At some point, he knew that he cared about Yihyeon, but wasn’t this an obsession? It won’t happen, but if Yihyeon was really holding hands with Lee Sihoon, he would be an obvious spy and enemy. Still, instead of throwing out and retaliating, he wanted to take him back?

“Are you serious? If it’s what you say, he’s still a spy even if you like him, isn’t he?””

He couldn’t understand Joohyuk’s true intentions, so he asked him to confirm.

“I don’t care. I will force him to stay by my side.”

The only words that came back were a firm word.

Joohyuk was speculating that Yihyeon might have communicated with Lee Sihoon and informed him that he was locked up in the penthouse with the excuse of treatment. So, he and his personal security team were attacked while he was on a business trip, and he thought they had arrived at the penthouse just in time. Now that he thought about it, the reason why Yihyeon didn’t rebel was probably because he was Lee Sihoon’s person.

Lee Haejun managed to suppress the feeling of wanting to pound his chest as he saw Joohyuk, who was convinced that Sihoon was the one who owned Kwon Yihyeon. It felt like he was swallowing a hard object without water.

He didn’t know exactly what kind of person Kwon Yihyeon was, but he didn’t like this misunderstanding because he knew that the people who served him and him, too, were trying to help Joohyuk in some way.

Because of the inaccurate identity, Lee Haejun was also secretly finding out about Kwon Yihyeon. Joohyuk, who was attached to him every day, had been hiding it so thoroughly that he was now suspicious of his identity, but there was no way that anything would be revealed at once just because he was investigating.

However, the reason he did not stop the investigation was because he wanted to know what was between him or the person above him and Lee Joohyuk. To add, he also wondered who he was being threatened by.

Aside from his identity, Joohyuk’s ally was certain, but he couldn’t tell the reason why, so for Lee Haejun, it was just frustrating. Did he think that he was an enemy that needed to be dealt with in the future?

‘Should I be lucky that he didn’t think to deal with it anyway.’

Lee Haejun, who had been thinking that, looked at Joohyuk quietly and asked, unable to bear it.

“Why are you so close to Kwon Yihyeon?”

Joohyuk’s eyes turned to Lee Haejun. Looking at his unshakable eyes, Lee Haejun pushed harder.

“Anyone who was a spy or suspicious person was kicked out without mercy. But why is only Kwon Yihyeon different?”

It was a natural question. And Joohyuk came up with what he thought was a natural answer.

“He has eyes like that kid.”

“… What? Who?”

“… Hyun.”

For a moment, he wondered if he heard it wrong. Joohyuk lowered his eyes and remembered the dim eyes of his mate.

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