Chapter 47 - 47

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He didn’t know anymore. Beyond the thought that his partner and Yihyeon’s eyes were similar, Yihyeon’s eyes itselves were now equal with his mate. If he closed his eyes and thought of his mate’s eyes, he unconsciously thought of Yihyeon’s eyes.

“Hyung couldn’t even remember your partner’s face properly, but only the eyes, and now the resemblance… Um, sorry.”

He spoke out because it was ridiculous, but he swallowed back his words because he thought he had said too much. Fortunately, instead of getting angry, Joohyuk admits to him and smiled.

“I know I am not normal.”

Joohyuk’s eyes sank deeply and gave off a faint light.

“When longing grows, people want to hold on to something.”

At that, Lee Haejun couldn’t say anything.

Lee Haejun knew how much Joohyuk missed his partner. Not only did he save Joohyuk in exchange for his life, but he even made him live thanks to him, even though he was a hostage. For Joohyuk, his mate was a unique and absolute existence.

Now he says that his partner and Yihyeon looked alike?

He was puzzled because he had never seen Joohyuk’s mate except for the cold vase holding his ashes.

He suddenly remembered the eyes of Joohyuk, who was looking at Yihyeon. From there, he thought of every action he had done to Yihyeon one by one.

Material things such as high-end suits and expensive wristwatches that Joohyuk gave to his mate every time he went to the ossuary were presented to him, so he thought it would be enough for Joohyuk to use Yihyeon.

However, while he was convinced that Yihyeon was a spy, he not only brought him into the company but also made him sit next to him. Joohyuk usually hated when people touched him, he even avoided unnecessary touching while having sex. But when they were sitting on the sofa and their thighs were pressed against each other, he wondered what he was looking at.

The most important thing was the eyes. Not the eyes of Kwon Yihyeon who resembled his mate, but the eyes of Lee Joohyuk.

When he looked at Yihyeon with his unusually friendly eyes, he got goosebumps. Whoever looked at him, they would say that he was not looking at the eyes that looked like his partner, but at Kwon Yihyeon himself.

“Hyung… What do you want to do with Kwon Yihyeon?”

In response to the implicit question, Joohyuk looked at Haejun with eyes wondering what he wanted to say. His face was strangely distorted, like his thoughts were complicated.

“Let’s say he resembles your mate’s eyes. Let’s say that you became the real owner and kept Kwon Yihyeon by your side. So? If that person is not your partner, does it not matter?”

“Yes. If he resembles him even a little, that’s enough.”

“Aren’t you crazy?”

In the end, Haejun contorted his face in frustration.

“Didn’t you promise that you would treasure even the ossuary, and that you wouldn’t have anyone in the future?”

“You’re right. I have nothing to give him.”

Joohyuk, unable to understand why Lee Haejun was starting to get angry, just said calmly.

Then the pit of his stomach started to tingle strangely. He frowned at the feeling of being pricked by a needle.

Hearing Joohyuk’s words, Lee Haejun laughed.

“You have anything to give him? Really? Do you really think so?”

It was very different from when he saw Joohyuk with Yihyeon a few months ago. At that time, he looked like a person who did not have any feelings while playing with Yihyeon recklessly. After that, even when Yihyeon was kidnapped, he saw him calling him ‘mine’ and thought it was just because he was a close confidant.

It was a huge mistake. From that time on, Joohyuk had already looked at Yihyeon with completely different eyes. How about the talk today? If Lee Sihoon, who was nothing more than an enemy, was the owner, even if he killed him, he thought of taking Yihyeon back. It was a maddening obsession that could not be explained simply because his eyes resembled the eyes of his mate.

Joohyuk was looking at a man who was just a bodyguard, or a spy with eyes he had never seen before. What?  Were their eyes really similar? So that’s why he was trying to keep him by his side? He was exhausted and just sighed.

As Joohyuk, who did not know Lee Haejun’s feelings, was suddenly annoyed and asked.

“What do you want to say?”

There were a lot he wanted to say, but there were no words that he could bring out.

“… What if Kwon Yihyeon seriously injured his eye? What if he not only couldn’t open his eyes, but he got so hurt that he had to wear a bandage for the rest of his life? Will you still stay with him?”

Joohyuk frowned at the extreme metaphor. He didn’t feel good when he brought up such an example that he couldn’t even imagine it. Nevertheless, Haejun continued to speak.

“According to what hyung said, he just has eyes that resemble the person who died. So, if Kwon Yihyeon loses that eye, can you kindly throw him away?”

He was speechless at the sharp question. The words that it could be like that came up to his throat, but somehow he couldn’t open his mouth and say. So it was frustrating.

It was a natural answer.

It was a natural answer, but why?

Looking at Joohyuk with his mouth shut, Lee Haejun thought that he might try to push it a little more properly. However, Joohyuk, who could not give a proper answer, turned his head and looked away.

“… It is not for you to meddle with Kwon Yihyeon. Don’t cross the line.”

He drew a line as if not to mention Yihyeon any more. When it came out like that, Haejun couldn’t say anything more.

At the same time, Yihyeon entered the executive office with a knock. Lee Haejun, who glanced at him, relaxed his expression and smiled.

“Then the business is over, so I’ll go.”

Saying that, he whispered softly enough that only Joohyuk could hear it.

“I will hand over the recording that the investigator secured as soon as I receive it.”

“… yes.”

Lee Haejun greeted Yihyeon with a straight face and left the executive office.

Yihyeon, who was seeing him off with his eyes, turned his head to look at Joohyuk at the stinging gaze on his face. Joohyuk, who was leaning his hips on the desk with his arms crossed, stared at Yihyeon, then extended his hand. Even though he didn’t tell him to come closer, he knew what the hand meant, so he got closer.

Joohyuk, holding Yihyeon’s hand lightly, fixed his gaze on his face. He had a calm expressionless face, but he looked strangely lonely.

‘Hyung… What do you want to do with Kwon Yihyeon?’

As he recalled Lee Haejun’s words, he instantly felt a tingling sensation.

What does he want to do?

‘Lee Haejun… . By saying nonsense…’

He tried to beat Lee Haejun, who was not present, but he couldn’t come up with an answer. Inside Joohyuk, strange emotions that could not be defined were swirling.

If possible, he would rather ask Yihyeon in front of him.

What does he want from him? He didn’t know if it was right to keep him by his side as a substitute for his mate…

* * *

A dark office.

There was tension in the place that was almost surrounded by various CCTVs.


At the sound of the door lock being released, the air became sharp like a forged blade. The men who were sitting in the office monitoring the CCTV screens simultaneously stared at the entrance.

Knock knock-

They heard a certain noise, like a knock. Then the men relaxed.

The door opened and a man in black came in. The man, who was wearing a black hat, black sunglasses, and even a black mask, took off his sunglasses and mask and looked around. The man, who noticed the criticism mixed in his gaze, waved his hand as if hesitantly.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It’s been a while since I joined this side, so I keep forgetting the rules, hey.”

“Please be careful. I almost took out my gun.”

“Okay, I’ll be careful.”

The man who spoke in a grunt looked around. Since he couldn’t see anyone he was looking for, he looked at the inside door and asked another man nearby.

“Is Team Leader Kang still there?”

“Yeah, he’s not coming out.”

He answered the question dryly and fixed his gaze on the CCTV. One of the CCTV screens contained the exterior of the Shinwoo Construction Building.

“Still? Why isn’t he coming? Isn’t he just cutting the recording?”

“We don’t know.”

“Um, I have something to report, can I come in?”

The man who was looking at the door inside the office was worried, smacking his lips like a habit.

Inside the door, a man named Kang, who was dressed in black like him, was sitting alone on the sofa. On the table in front of him was a laptop and expensive mechanical equipment connected to it.

Half of his face could not be seen because his hat was pressed down, but it was easy to see that the atmosphere around him was dark.

-Why can’t I be that bastard? Why can’t I even kiss you while you give your whole body to that bastard? Do you have a contract? Then can I sign a contract with you too? Okay?

Team leader Kang’s shoulders shuddered at the words heard through the headphones.

-Come to think of it, there was a contract law between Alpha and Omega, right?

Even though he listened to it several times, his anger still grew.

-… ah!

There was a different voice than before. When was the last time he heard such a startling voice?

-Is this the erogenous zone? What a good reaction. I’ll find your favorite parts one by one. Unlike that bastard, I’m very kind, so it’s okay to look forward to it. But before that …

He gritted his teeth.

– We start with engraving.

Unable to contain his uncontrollable anger, he angrily took off his headphones and hung them around his neck. He pressed the stop button and took a deep breath. The air became heavy as if a foreign air was mixed around it.

Team leader Kang wiped his face with one hand and calmed his heart, which was beating rapidly due to his anger.

Although it was a simple task of cutting the unnecessary parts and parts that would reveal that Kwon Yiyeon was an Omega, there was no progress at all. He kept imagining the situation of the two people from the recording.

It had been too long since they last met face to face. Although they made frequent phone calls, only their owner could contact them, and the only conversation they had was about Lee Joohyuk.

‘Lee Joohyuk…’

The mean-spirited man in the recording was also annoying, but he hated him the most. His owner almost died because of that man, but he unilaterally forgot it as if nothing like that had ever happened, but he also had another omega mate. It was unimaginable for him.

A bright smile reminded him of his boss from a beautiful childhood. His scent was so enchanting and alluring that no one dared compare it to. At the time when he was also young, he claimed to be his escort, wishing he could smell the scent of his master even a little more. After the day, he fell asleep on guard in front of his master’s room with a pleasant face.

However, one day while entering the bodyguard training center for full-scale security, his master lost both the sweet scent and the bright smile. Not only that, but his entire life was shaken up.

Only because of Lee Joohyuk.

His fists clenched and trembled. If he hadn’t been bound by the covenant, his master wouldn’t have to be by his side as hard as he is now. It would be nice if he let the Alpha, who didn’t even recognize his mate, die.

“We need to know who your owners are so we can trade or be wary, right?”

What a fool.

He shouldn’t have said that, even if he didn’t know.

He talks well without knowing what kind of mind his owner had.


He took a deep breath and calmed his chest. He repeated it several times in his mind.

If he finishes this, his owner will no longer see Lee Joohyuk. He promised never to see him again. He wanted to go back to his original place.

‘That’s it.’

He had a long-cherished desire, but his heart was good. He just hopes the owner can relax.

Knock knock-

“… Come in.”

After hearing the knock, Team Leader Kang closed his eyes and squeezed his forehead to give permission. Soon the door opened and a man who had just arrived at the office entered.

“Team manager, I’m here from MYS.”

“What did he say?”

“I told the detective what I had planned in advance, but…”

The man came closer and held out his phone. Team leader Kang, who woke up, frowned at the picture on his phone. In the photo, a middle-aged man was handing out a picture to the counter staff in the lobby. He couldn’t see the picture in detail, but he could tell it was the head of a man in black.

“It looks like they grabbed several staff members while showing them the photos. Then he asked, ‘Is his name really Kwon Yihyeon?’”

The man continued, feeling the illusion that the air around Team Leader Kang had become heavier.

“The orphanage said it was handled well, but I think there’s a problem.”

Team leader Kang was glaring at the detective in the cell phone, and the man added:

“And they are tracking the past of ‘Kwon Yihyeon’ under the pretext of searching for the missing person.”

Team leader Kang thought that the troublesome fly had been twisted and got up just then.

* * *

“Ha, ha ha… .”

The man, who had dug into a narrow alley where two or three people could barely pass, took a deep breath and looked at the front and the back alternately. The old streetlights in the alley had exhausted their strength, so there was only darkness in his field of vision, but not a single shadow of a human being.

Checking that no one was around, he took something out of the inside pocket of his jacket while walking fast. He opened the paper, but couldn’t see anything because of the darkness.

The man hurriedly took out his cell phone and pointed the camera at the paper. The flash flashed momentarily with a click.

Just that alone, he could feel the air around him change. He had an ominous feeling.

The man crumpled up the paper he had just taken and put it in my mouth. Using his tongue and teeth, he chewed the paper properly to make it as small as possible, while at the same time pressing a small button on the edge of the phone. Then, a black, nail-sized rectangular SD card appeared from the side of the phone. The man who quickly crumpled it into his sock swallowed the smallest possible piece of paper in his mouth.

“Ugh, Ah!. Ugh.”

His throat hurt so much that tears welled up because of the rough, thick lump that passed through his throat. The man who made as little noise as possible and coughed was now running down the alley. The closer he got to the corner right in front of him, the fainter the light was. It was a small, powerless light, but he ran towards it as if he were a fire moth.

The moment he turned the corner in front of him.


He was surprised by the men in black who were approaching him as if they had been waiting, and he took a step back. They were wearing black hats and black masks to the point where it was impossible to recognize who was who, covering their whole bodies in black clothes. If it wasn’t for the streetlight, he would have almost hit them without noticing even if they had been in front of him. The streetlights beyond them flickered slowly, as if they were night baits.

The man swallowed the lump in his throat and turned to run backwards. But suddenly, the crowd of men approaching without a sound punched him.

When he was stuck in a corner and couldn’t move, he couldn’t get a word out despite his long career as a gangster detective. He’d rather not know if they were even people, but as he was surrounded by men who looked like black shadows all over the place, a near-extreme fear came over him.

He couldn’t breathe properly but his mouth was clenched, but when he came to his senses, his arms were being grabbed by men and was being forcibly searched. He made a noise that was close to screaming, twisted his body and made a fuss, but he couldn’t move because the men’s strength was so great.

“What, what are you doing?! I’m a detective, you bastards! Hyung…! Ugh!”

As he ran wildly, a man quickly thrust his fist into his stomach. He was suffocated by the fierce attack that he almost lost consciousness for an instant. By the time he managed to catch up, they had already taken some folded documents, his wallet, and his cell phone from the inside pocket of his jacket.

The items were passed on to a man who appeared to be the leader of the group. It was the same attire, but somehow, something like an incomparable intimidation seemed to flow from him.

The group leader scanned the paper and handed it to the man next to him. He turned on the lighter he had and set it on fire.


It was a clue that was hard to find, but it turned to ashes in an instant in front of his eyes. The detective struggled as he watched the first, second, and third papers all burn down. However, it was after being hit so hard that it hurt his stomach, so he couldn’t use his strength at all.

After burning all the papers, he went through his wallet. He checked all the money, cards, and receipts inside, and found the memo pad between them. It also met the same fate as the previous papers. The detective gritted his teeth and swore in various ways.

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