Chapter 51 - 51

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Author: chef

He has never had someone’s semen in his mouth before, but he thought if it was Yihyeon’s, he could eat as much as he wanted. It was only limited to Yihyeon.

Joohyuk’s semen-stained hand was habitually directed towards Yihyeon’s downwards. The moment his fingertips touched the hole, he could feel how it was soggy.

“… you are an Omega.”

Due to one violent ejaculation, the entrance was already moist. If it had been for other Omegas, the love liquid would have flowed out of control at the same time as the heat cycle came, but Yihyeon, who has strong mental power, seems to have endured it desperately. He usually suppressed his pleasure and deceived him so well.

Joohyuk looked back on his sex with Yihyeon one by one. Even when he first hugged him, he did not even think about recognizing Yihyeon’s condition at the time when he was doing what he wanted to do every day. It was just a habit to ejaculate inside him even if the hole was ripped or not, and he pierced it again and again. Even if the love juice came out like instinct, there was too much semen inside, so it didn’t show.

After that, there were times when he wanted to cum inside Yihyeon, and there were times when he used gel. When he thought about it that far, he laughed again.

One of Joohyuk’s fingers dug into Yihyeon’s hole. The inside had already softened quite a bit due to the love liquid. As he repeatedly put his finger in and out of it, his excited inner wall shook and grabbed him.

“Kwon Yihyeon, do you know what’s amazing right now?”

“Oh, uh… !”

“You’re just griping my finger and making a lewd sound. Can you hear?”

The squeaky, wet rubbing sound stimulated Yihyeon’s ears. The feeling of the fingers stinging inside and the growing heat made him fuzzy. He could feel his penis tingling once he had ejaculated.

Joohyuk, who was looking down at Yihyeon’s eyes that had begun to loosen, exhaled a rough breath and put in one more finger.


As his two fingers went deep, Yihyeon let out a moaning breath, and his pelvis and buttocks trembled. Joohyuk looked down at Yihyeon and licked his lips.

“Ha… It feels better than I thought to be intoxicated by the strong omega pheromone.”

Every time Yihyeon reacted visibly, it was a strange feeling as if he was pleasantly touched with a large feather from head to toe. It came without Joohyuk’s awareness, and rather calmed his heart, which had only been running around like crazy due to rut. Still, it made him focus all my senses on the man in front of him.

Yihyeon’s breathing, his heartbeat, his trembling, his inner sensation, hiss heat.

All of them controlled Joohyuk’s five senses and wrapped him up in it.

The unscented pheromone of the dominant omega was this much, but if he could have taken the fragrance, he would have gone insane.

Joohyuk stretched his fingers down to three, slowly moving in and out, and briefly kissed Yihyeon’s lips.

“I wonder what Kwon Yihyeon’s pheromone scent feels like.”

The two soft lips parted and fell apart. Joohyuk looked down at Yihyeon’s black eyes, who still didn’t let go of his reasoning, with half-obsessed eyes.

“Is your scent as sweet as that child?”

At Joohyuk’s words that clearly reminded him of someone, Yihyeon’s eyes fluttered slightly. Joohyuk couldn’t stand it and moved towards Yihyeon’s lips, which were opened to ask something. With him, the three fingers that squeezed downward began to move rapidly.

“Ugh-! Ah, Ahh-!”

He took over the lips and ravaged the inside and the bottom at the same time. He pulled and released it as hard as if he was going to pull his tongue out of his mouth, and tapped it with the tip of his tongue all the way to the front of his throat. It felt like it would go in and out of his throat if he could.

Fingers pricking the inside, Yihyeon reacted wildly to the part he pressed. His body was still sensitive, so he trembled even if he didn’t press hard, but when he pressed it quickly and persistently as if asking for a more reaction, he couldn’t control his body and shook vigorously.

Every time he stabbed the inside and pulled it out, the warm love liquid ran down his hand and reached his wrist. The slimy liquid that started to wet the sheet rubbed against Joohyuk’s hand and began to make a sound as loud as a moan.

Yihyeon’s, which had just started to grow, touched Joohyuk’s lower abdomen. He liked the feeling that even after ejaculating once, it quickly became firm as soon as the inside was throbbed.

“Hmm, uh-!”

Thanks to the deep kiss and attacking only the sensitive part of the inside, Yihyeon’s body shook again and ejaculated. The sensation of the hot liquid spreading on his belly that touched them made the two of them feel more heat.

Joohyuk, who opened his lips as if regretfully, licked his neck tenderly.

“Are you okay?”

Yihyeon kept his hazy eyes elsewhere and was only breathing. Joohyuk briefly kissed Yihyeon’s eyelids and raised his upper body. The semen that was crushed and scattered on the stomach and the genitals that were intoxicated with ejaculation stimulated Joohyuk’s insides.

When he pulled out the fingers that were invading the inside, his body shuddered for an instant.

Joohyuk looked down at his hands, which were soaked with Yihyeon’s love, and was silent for a moment. Omega was the clear evidence, but he wondered why the love juice, which was like a lump of pheromone, had no scent. And even though he knew he was an omega, his body reacted more rather than disappearing.

“After all, I think Kwon Yihyeon is special to me.”

The tone, drunk by the heat, stimulated Yihyeon’s ears. At the moment when the heat that felt like it was crushing his head seemed to take his mind away at any moment, Joohyuk continued to say with a smirk.

“Surely, I didn’t know I would react this much to another Omega.”

Joohyuk’s large thing was rubbing Yihyeon’s testicles and perineum. No matter how much of a rut he was in, if the opponent was an Omega, it didn’t respond at all.

Even though the bottom was just being rubbed, a strange feeling of pleasure kept coming, and it seemed like a moan would flow out of him. He was somehow enduring his moan, but he opened his eyes wide to the hard thing that pressed the hole.

“Director… ! Ha-!”

Yihyeon swallowed his words when he felt Joohyuk pushing in. Something hard, as if heated by fire, began to open the hole relentlessly.

“Ah, Ahh… !”

“Shh… . just relax and stay still.”

The pain in his lower back felt like it was cracking because it couldn’t open up. Yihyeon twisted his body because of the fact that Joohyuk was putting it in without a condom rather than the pain below.

“Executive Director, if you do this now…!”

“I know.”

His low laughter could be heard through Joohyuk’s disturbed breathing.

“If I ejaculate in you like this, your chances of getting pregnant are high. It would be just a simple heat, but I’m in rut, and you are dominant.”

The corners of his smiling lips seem bizarrely twisted.

“It’s good. I’d rather you get pregnant.”

“What… … ! Haa-!”

The hot thing, which had been coming in slowly, hit his insides at once. It was burning like crazy on the inside, and he could feel the intestines wriggling inside, which had been pushed so painfully by a huge object. In the midst of this, the prostate, which had been stimulated by Joohyuk’s, convulsed strongly, bringing a chilling pleasure to the whole body. As his back shook greatly and his head tilted, only a gasp sounded as if his breathing and moaning were blocked from his throat.

Looking down at Yihyeon, who was stiff and trembling, Joohyuk ran his fingertips across his body. His body, full of heat, gradually regained his breath according to the sensation of his fingertips.

Yihyeon was particularly unfamiliar with Joohyuk’s, which was packed tightly as if it were a part of his body from the beginning. He couldn’t get used to his fiery obsession yet.

“Why… “

He bit his mouth with difficulty.

“Why… are you like this… .”

Yihyeon’s voice, which seemed to disappear quickly, contained a question. Joohyuk, who was looking down at Yihyeon, slowly released his wrist.

“Why do you think it is?”

“Towards me… If you’re angry…”

Because of the constant heat, his breath became rough and his eyes were filled with heat. It felt like his head was being rubbed like clay, so he didn’t want to think about anything like this. But he couldn’t help but ask. He just wanted to be sure about the reason for doing this to him.

“I hid the fact that I was an omega… Because I deceived the managing director…”

“Are you mad?”

Joohyuk, who loosened Yihyeon’s wrist and wrapped his arm around his neck, grinned. His deeply sunken eyes did not think of falling while holding Yihyeon.

“I think it went well.”

Unknowingly, Yihyeon’s hot arms covered by his shirt wrapped around Joohyuk’s neck and grabbed him. His head was full of thoughts that he had to push him away and get out of this place, but the body engulfed by the heat cycle wanted to release this heat by mixing with him as quickly as possible, even for one minute and one second.

Joohyuk kissed Yihyeon’s hot cheeks and neck briefly.

“I thought I could only have one Omega. I wanted it to be, and I thought it should be.”

Yihyeon realized that the words coming out of Joohyuk’s mouth were referring to his mate. His heart, which had been beating fast, was beating even more violently. His stomach, which started to hurt at some point, now seemed to be pierced by hundreds of thousands of needles. It felt like it was being shoved down hard.

“… Then that happened … ”

Joohyuk’s voice suddenly shattered. Yihyeon, who had been turning away from his gaze, finally met his gaze.

He was selfish, but the man’s eyes had a watery look that he had never seen. Yihyeon looked into his unfamiliar eyes and lost his mind.

Joohyuk covered his eyes with one hand.

The more possessive and obsessive he became with Yihyeon, the more he felt sorry for his dead partner in proportion to his sense of satisfaction that soared with it. It wasn’t this much when he treated Yihyeon as just a shell, but he didn’t know when he started to feel this good that he sometimes forgot about his partner.

Even the moment when he felt betrayed by Yihyeon like now was considered an opportunity and a strange bliss came to him that there was a way to bind him.

But his mind was filled with fragments of conversations he had with his partner when he was young and his scent. As if asking him not to give up on him. As if to keep the covenant he made with him.

Ignoring such a thing, if he blindly trapped Yihyeon and pressed him into a bondage, would his dead partner forgive him? As he used to think of him as a substitute for his dead partner, if he even engraved him, he might end up losing both his partner and Kwon Yihyeon.

He had such a terrifying thought.

Neither of them, he wanted to lose.

A faint sound came out of Joohyuk’s mouth as if sobbing.

“… I can’t either. I’m sorry. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. I’m sorry…”

Yihyeon only blinked while listening to Joohyuk’s voice. He just repeated saying he was sorry. He could see a faint moisture forming between his fingers that covered his eyes.

He couldn’t say anything.

The remnants of the past that he wanted to forget but couldn’t forget, which he had to forget, remained intact in Joohyuk. It was to the point of being confused by a completely different feeling from what he had seen before.


He almost would have said that one word and called him. Yihyeon, who lifted his arm from Joohyuk’s neck, reached out and headed towards his eye-covered hand.

“Sorry… .”

In Joohyuk’s voice and crying face, the older brother from his younger days could be seen.

The moment Yihyeon’s fingertips were about to touch Joohyuk’s.

“Even if it’s a substitute, in this way…”

His fingertips stopped moving. Yihyeon’s eyes shook greatly.

Joohyuk, who saw from the corner of his eyes, pulled out what was in Yihyeon’s inside at once. An uncontrollable moan flowed from Yihyeon’s mouth, but he was still looking at Joohyuk with his eyes wide open.

Joohyuk, who brushed Yihyeon’s hair, smiled hard with tears in his eyes.

“I’m sorry… It’s not like this either.”

All the while, he has been acting selfishly by projecting his dead partner to Yihyeon. Then, after a long time, at this very moment, he realized that he couldn’t simply use him as a substitute for his mate. That he was not someone he could hold on to that easily.

So he was nervous. Since he had guessed that the person behind Yihyeon was someone he couldn’t control even with his own power, he had to let go even though he knew he was a spy.

But his mind and heart already did not consider the option of letting him go. He only thought intensely about how to keep him by his side.

Anyway, this wasn;t it. The choice to force him to be impregnated because he did not want to lose Yihyeon was definitely wrong. It would rather be a way to lose Yihyeon.

‘I’d rather have some time to talk.’

As he turned his head with that thought, he met Yihyeon’s eyes, the heat of which had begun to subside. His eyes fluttered violently in confusion.


Yihyeon caught his breath and licked his lips.

“With the managing director’s partner… Do I resemble… ?”

Joohyuk paused for a moment, then meekly admitted it.

“… yes. Even though it doesn’t seem like it, something very… It was like that.”

Joohyuk’s eyes fell into the memory for a moment.

“Still, I… !”

The moment Joohyuk continued speaking, suddenly his arm was strongly grabbed. Joohyuk, who was put on the bed by Yihyeon in an instant, opened his eyes wide and was surprised. Suddenly, Yihyeon was riding on top of him.

“… Kwon Yihyeon?”

“… ha… .”

With his head bowed, Yihyeon’s shoulders trembled finely. He stretched out his hand to see if he was crying, but Yihyeon slapped his hand hard enough to make a sound.

Joohyuk, who faced Yihyeon’s face with his head tilted like a broken doll, felt a chilling sensation in his back.

“Am I your mate’s substitute?”

Although his eyes were distorted as if crying, Yihyeon was definitely smiling. It hurts so much.

“… Kwon… Yihyeon?”

“Yes. Well then…”

Joohyuk was speechless for an instant at the voice mixed with hatred. yihyeon’s face was crumbling like he had never seen before.

“Kwon Yihyeon, that’s…”

“Don’t call me by that name.”

A faint smile continued to mix in between Yihyeon’s miserable voices.

“You know it’s not my name after all… Now, just the name I wrote for you makes me cringe.”

“Mr. Kwon Yihyeon.”

“Don’t call me that!”

Yihyeon bowed his head in anger in a loud voice.

“How… How are you doing this to me?”

He covered his face with one hand and shook his head again.It was the worst feeling, that the blood in his body ran cold.

“Is your scent as sweet as that child?”

The scent that his hyung said was the sweetest and that he thought he would die because it was too sweet, he has completely lost it to the point where he couldn’t find any traces of it. He didn’t regret it though. Even if he couldn’t find his hyung, he thought that it was nothing more than proof that he saved him.

“Surely, I didn’t know I would react this much to another Omega.”

He thought he was a little special even though he was quietly being crushed by his hyung. Still, Hyung’s body instinctively remembered him, he thought. He wanted to believe that his instincts knew that he wasn’t one of those Omegas that just passed by. Even if it was just for a moment, they were partners who even made a covenant.

“I thought I could only have one Omega. I wanted it to be, and I thought it should be.”

There were days when he wanted that one person to be him, but after he found his Hyung,  he didn’t even dare to think about it. Just for one year… there was just one loyal bodyguard, it was enough to remember that.

“Even if it’s a substitute, in this way…”

Sometimes it felt like he was projecting someone through him, but maybe that’s…

“… yes. Even though it doesn’t seem like it, something very… It was like that.”

He didn’t know it was Hyung’s omega. He didn’t think he’ll be that person’s ‘substitute’…

The daggers that piled up one by one became a big blade and slashed Yihyeon. Disguised as ‘Kwon Yihyeon’, who was holding on to him, and he wanted to be the last one remaining as ‘Joohyuk’s omega’ in his heart.

Yihyeon’s shoulders trembled like he was having convulsions, and from him, which was covered by his hands, faintly mixed laughter and sobbing came out at the same time.

Joohyuk, who had confused eyes, reached out to him and removed the hand that was covering his face.

“Kwon Yihyeon, look at me. It’s fine…”

Joohyuk was unable to speak.

Familiar, empty eyes were filled with poison that he had never seen before.

Yihyeon, who was shedding thick tears, smiled deeply with unfocused eyes. His smile was incomparable to any other.

He wondered if Yihyeon would lift his upper body a little by standing on his knees, and then his hand stretched back and gripped Joohyuk’s hard genitals.

“Wait, wait, Kwon Yihyeon?”

“You have to do what you did.”

He was smiling obviously, but his voice was dry, as if all emotions had been excluded.

Yihyeon, who grabbed Joohyuk’s and aligned the tip with his hole, slowly lowered himself.


Even though the love fluid was dripping down, Joohyuk was so big that it slowly invaded Yihyeon’s body. Joohyuk, who felt the pleasure hitting his brain just by entering the glans, clenched his teeth and grabbed Yihyeon’s arm.

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