Chapter 52 - 52

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Author: chef

“Kwon Yihyeon, why are you doing this?”

“What would an alpha on a rut cycle and an omega on a heat cycle do together?”

Yihyeon added sped up his movement. Then, at once, he lowered his buttocks into Joohyuk’s.

“Huh… ah-!”

Yihyeon’s waist bent and a painful moan erupted from his mouth. It was hard to breathe properly, so he just stiffened and his body trembled.

Joohyuk, who was about to ejaculate as soon as he got stuck inside, frowned and swallowed a moan. Joohyuk, who grabbed Yihyeon’s arm while holding his breath, looked at his excited face.

“Stop it. Do you want me to ejaculate like this?”

“… Can’t you?”

Yihyeon gasped for breath, and touched Joohyuk’s chest to support his body.

“That’s what the director was trying to do. So do it.”

“Are you crazy?”

Yihyeon’s disheveled face once again had a smile. Every time he saw it, Joohyuk felt his heart ache.

“… !”

Suddenly, his head went blank and his body was full of heat. He was still excited, but as if he had been in a very hot bath, his fever was rising and he felt like he was going to lose his mind. His breathing was getting rough and his heart and lungs felt like they were about to explode.

All his nerves were focused on Yihyeon clenching tightly below. He shouted as he crushed the reason that had no instinct left.

To commit to Kwon Yihyeon as he wished.

Joohyuk, possessed by Yihyeon’s strong pheromone, could not resist any longer.

Joohyuk’s two hands grabbed Yihyeon’s side, and then he raised and pushed his body violently inside.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah-!”

From Yihyeon’s mouth, a harsh exclamation of pleasure erupted. While holding onto his body, Joohyuk shoved inside like an animal that had been eroded by his instincts. Yihyeon’s body shook violently, and he slowly got hard.

Joohyuk’s eyes did not fall from Yihyeon’s face even while he was stabbing his insides. The expression on his face, with a blank smile on his face, with tears flowing endlessly, seemed like he was ripping through his chest with his bare hands.

Recently, he had been imagining Yihyeon’s smile.

Will Kwon Yihyeon also have days when he would smile, if yes, when will it be, how will he smile, how much… Was it pretty?

He thought it would be nice to see him smiling at least once, but he didn’t want to see something like this. He didn’t want to see any more painful smiles like laughing at himself and hurting himself.

“Ugh… !”

He felt his pleasure rising and wanted to ejaculate inside Yihyeon at once. His reason, which was pushed to the other side of instinct, persuaded him to stop and ejaculate inside.

Yihyeon’s cold fingertips caressed Joohyuk’s face, who was trying to regain his reason.

“Please do it inside, Managing Director.”

He felt like his mind was blown away by that one word. As if being manipulated by Yihyeon, Joohyuk’s responded immediately.

“Ugh… !”

“Ah, uh-!”

Joohyuk shoved into Yihyeon. Maybe it was because he was ejaculating after holding it in, so he twitched several times more than usual and started ejaculating for a long time. Even Yihyeon, who felt the sensation of Joohyuk’s genitals throbbing inside, started cumming.

“Yet… ha, not yet…”

Yihyeon muttered and leaned over. He kissed Joohyuk’s mouth first and stuck out his tongue. The hot tongue that went into Joohyuk’s mouth gently stimulated him. With his eyes wide open, Joohyuk grabbed his tongue at once, as if he didn’t want to miss the sensation that invaded his mouth. Still, he hugged Yihyeon tightly, hoping that his body would not fall.

Joohyuk, who had been kissing him for a while, grabbed Yihyeon’s butt with one hand. The heat rose, and the hole twitched when he entered. Joohyuk, whose lower back became stiff from the stimulus alone, could not bear it and laid him down. Yihyeon, who was stimulated inside thanks to being laid down while connected, moaned briefly.

“Ha… ”

“Haaa, Kwon Yihyeon… . Kwon Yihyeon… .”

Seeing Joohyuk calling him repeatedly like a crazy person, Kwon Yihyeon lifted himself up.

“You can do whatever you want, … What you wanted to do with that mate… Do it all to me.”

Joohyuk’s body flinched, and his dazed eyes gradually began to tremble. Yihyeon caressed his face and his eyebrows furrowed.

“I am his substitute. Instead of that person who is so precious, you can make a mess of me.”

It was already messed up. It was already messed up because of his hyung, but if he breaks even more, what will be different?

‘I’d rather have it completely destroyed.’

Joohyuk’s tightly closed lips twisted as if he had reached the limit. Already out of his mind from the heat, he grabbed Yihyeon’s waist and repeated a rough shovel.

“Haa, uh, ha-!”

From Yiheyon’s mouth, a series of moans broke out. His stuff swelled up in an instant when he ejaculated, and Joohyuk also ejaculated inside him several times. But he did not stop the rough insertion even during ejaculation.

“Ha, more, haha…, give me more more…Haa haa, ah, ah-!”

He felt like he was going to lose his mind from the over-stimulation, but he kept urging. To never stop, not even for a moment.

Joohyuk’s eyes, which seemed soulless, looked at the skinny belly of the man beneath him. The white liquid that was continuously sprayed before it hardened was particularly irritating. And every time he went in and out, he saw that his stomach was slightly moving which made him more aroused, and his body shivered.

Instincts that didn’t seem to belong to him rushed to the bottom. It was almost at the same time that Yihyeon’s eyes opened wide.

“…ah, ah… haa-!”

A scream-like moan erupted from his mouth.

He breathed in with a feeling of pressure that could not be compared to before. The pulsating member seemed to push the insides of his stomach and rip him open. His limbs trembled like crazy, and pain followed, as if his lower body was being ripped to pieces.

The first knotting he experienced was very scary. Despite the fear of being torn apart like this, the body engulfed by the heat cycle squirmed happily while swallowing Joohyuk’s. Even though his head was hurting and he only wanted to stop, he couldn’t help it and started ejaculating. The feeling of having the body and the head play separately was indeed the worst pleasure.

Only the faint sound of breathing fluttering from his lips, who couldn’t breathe properly, was heard. What had swelled inside as if it was going to break his body suddenly hardened again. Every time he took a heavy breath, his body shuddered at the feeling inside that was clearly felt.

Closing his eyes, he tried to breathe slowly, trying to somehow withstand the pain he felt below, but nothing worked. He grabbed the sheet on the floor with both hands. The fingers between the sheets trembled and he felt pathetic. He felt like he would stop breathing and die like this.

Joohyuk’s hands were placed on Yihyeon’s hands. His tightly clenched fists were completely wrapped around Joohyuk’s.


It was a movement close to instinct. He shook off Joohyuk’s hand and glared at him with contempt. He wanted to open his mouth and pour out words, but the only thing that came out was the sound of difficult breathing.

Joohyuk’s face, as if he had gone insane, was disturbed for an instant. He must have been completely intoxicated with pheromones, but for some reason there was hesitation on his face.

Yihyeon, who gripped the sheet again, avoiding Joohyuk’s hand, uttered in a voice that seemed to fade away.

“Deep… finish deep inside…”

Could Yihyeon’s words be hypnotic? Heat rose even more over Joohyuk’s disheveled face. He took a rough breath and wrapped one arm around Yihyeon’s waist. He used his fingertips to touch the thing that protruded above the lifted lower abdomen.

“Ugh… ugh…”

He felt like he was being swept away, and his heart fluttered, and the sound of his breath mixed with a moan. He wondered if Joohyuk’s breathing was getting rougher, and Yihyeon felt his member, which had reached deep inside, pulsate

“Ah, ah-!”

A scream erupted from his mouth. Joohyuk’s thing, which had been deeply embedded and swollen up to the glans, started pouring out a lot of semen that couldn’t be compared with before. It felt as if the hot liquid did not only fill the inside but spread all over the body. The alpha pheromone contained in his liquid quickly spread inside.

A crazy feeling of pleasure shook his head. The sensation of every single cell being touched as if his whole body was being harassed by Alpha’s pheromone brought Yihyeonn the ultimate pleasure.

At the same time, he felt a pain as strong as pleasure, tearing his limbs apart. Knotting while not engraved was accompanied by excruciating pain, and it was just as they said. His toes curled up, and the scream that came out from inside became a pathetic sound as he ran out of breath.

With his head tilted back, tears flowed down as much as the semen from his genitals. The feeling of extreme pleasure and pain together was difficult for Yihyeon’s reason to handle.

“Kwon Yihyeon… .Yihyeon-ah… .”

Yihyeon’s name flowed out of Joohyuk’s mouth like a spell. A meaningless fake name.

“… don’t call my…name… ”

It was hard to breathe, but somehow he spit those words out.

“Yihyeon-ah… ”

“Haa, don’t call… don’t…”

‘Don’t call me so sweetly.’

‘Don’t call me pathetically.’

‘Please… … stop making me miserable.’

Joohyuk’s hand went towards Yihyeon’s eyes. He tried to stroke his tear-soaked face, but he tilted his head to avoid it.

Could it be that he didn’t like the feeling of being explicitly rejected?

There was an obsessive look on Joohyuk’s face. He leaned over and hugged Yihyeon tightly as if he would never let go. Through their belly,Yihyeon’s genitals were moving as if trying to breathe.

Joohyuk, who embraced Yihyeon’s powerless body, licked his lips. Then, as usual, kissed deeply.

Yihyeon was still short of breath, so he was confused, so even if he was trampled in various places in his mouth, he only flinched and couldn’t do anything to push him out properly. The tongue, which was trying to push Joohyuk’s tongue out, was caught by him and entangled without him knowing.

Joohyuk’s pheromone, which started to spread through his body even though he was not engraved, reacted enthusiastically to the small pleasure given by the alpha in front of him. His powerless body trembled, and his hands went up instinctively. Because of the instinct to hug the Alpha who embraced him.

But it didn’t go up much and it sagged. The sound of laughter mixed with groaning was scattered between the lips of Yihyeon, who was kissing Joohyuk. The tears that had been welling up slowly flowed down the corners of his eyes, which were slowly closing.

* * *

HeI hadn’t dreamt in a while, so the sudden dream only made him feel bad.

He didn’t want to see him anymore.

He wished he could stop.

As if he didn’t care about his heart, a past moment unfolded before his eyes.

An old basement, their secret space.

There they were once again.

“Come here, Hyuna.”

When he was young, he stood in front of him with a wide smile on his face, wondering if it felt good just to hear him call his name. His hyung, who was hiding something behind his back, made eye contact with the young him and smiled meaningfully.

“Put out your left hand and close your eyes.”

The young him, who had twinkling eyes full of anticipation, gently held out his hand and closed his eyelids.

He still remembered that day clearly, but he could tell just by looking at the back of his hand and holding it out. That he was expecting something special.

Contrary to what he had expected, what he gave was a watch with a size slightly larger than his wrist. Just then, when he opened his eyes, he saw his hyung smiling kindly.

“You look good, Hyuna.”

But as he pouted in disappointment, his hyung grabbed his cheek without hurting it and shook it slightly.

“Why do you look so disappointed?”


Even if he didn’t have to say anything, his hyung quickly figured it out.

“The ring should fit snugly on the finger, but you’re still growing. And when we grow up, I want to do it formally.”

After hearing those words, his pouting vanished. He turned the watch on his wrist back and forth. It was an adjustable watch, but it was loose even in the tightest condition.

“It’s a little loose right now, but you will grow quickly, so it’ll fit you in no time.”

“Well… it looks a little old, but not bad.”

When he said something intentionally grumpy, his hyung patted his head and smiled a little.

“This is very important.”

“Why? Because hyung gave it to me?”

At the innocent question, his hyung smiled warmly and embraced him like a child. He took him lightly in his arms and wrapped his arms around his back as if it were natural.

“Hyun-ah, can you make a promise to me? Later, if we are ever apart for a long time…”

“What?! I can’t see you anymore?!’

“Um, no, maybe. Perhaps… If we don’t see each other as often as we do now…”

Hyung’s voice gradually diminished. He whispered softly, like a tickle in his young ear.

He could tell even if he didn’t hear it. Because he hasn’t forgotten a single thing his hyung said.

As a young child, he nodded his head as if listening to him. Likewise, he whispered a little and asked questions.

While being held by his hyung, he unwrapped the watch on his wrist and looked inside. Something was engraved on the silver plate with no scratches.

He groaned in a small voice. The engraving was so small that it could not be read, but he pouted again, saying that he was ignoring him because he didn’t know what it meant. He said it was just in case, grabbed his young head and kissed him briefly to comfort him.

He said it was just in case. In case he forgot, he said so. Even after that, he said that they might have a conflict with each other, so he hurriedly accepted the promise.

But it probably was only a promise for himself.

He felt stupid.

It was him who always kept his promise. Even though he knew it, he realized it again.

Ever since they were little, he had always been the only one who kept their promises. From small promises to covenants, there was nothing he kept…

The corners of his vision fell off as if a thin plate had been broken. A black space was filled in place of the broken place, and it gradually disappeared piece by piece as if gnawing at the inside. Finally, the faces of the two smiling young people facing each other split, then completely separated and fell apart.

The place where the dream was shattered was filled with only silent darkness.

He’d rather have this.

He didn’t want to see the faded memories of those days anymore.

* * *

His body felt heavy, as if being crushed by a heavy weight.

He wanted to keep sleeping like this.

He didn’t want to see anything, hear anything, or think about anything.

But even if he didn’t like it, his eyes opened, he could hear the person’s breathing even if he didn’t like it, and his head moved even if he didn’t want to.

As soon as he blinked a few times to focus, he slowly raised his upper body. There was a lot of pain in his lower back and he was hurting, but he was able to get up with some difficulty.

He blinked blankly and looked down to see a strong arm wrapped around his waist. As he turned his gaze along the arm, he reached the face of Joohyuk, who was sleeping deeply.

His stomach, which seemed to be paralyzed from throbbing, was no longer in pain.

He removed Joohyuk’s arm without any regrets and got off the bed. The tingling pain from the lower back down the spine to the back of the neck made him stop breathing for a moment, but it seemed like he could somehow stand up.

It was difficult for him to straighten his weak leg, but he took a step forward. Then, the slimy liquid that flowed from the numb hole ran down his legs.

He looked between his legs for a moment, then picked up his shirt that was lying on the floor. He roughly crossed his arms and went straight to the door, fasting the buttons.

Before turning the doorknob, he turned around and looked at the bed. He saw Joohyuk, who was deep asleep.

He was completely engulfed by the dominant omega’s pheromone and pulled out his sexual desire to the point where his body could not stand it. He just fell into a deep, restless sleep.

He looked at Joohyuk with emotionless eyes and smiled.

“Kwon Yihyeon…ha… Kwon Yihyeon…”

“You can’t go anywhere…Damn it, I won’t let you go…”

“Be with me for the rest of my life…”

Even though he was being like that due to his rut ​​cycle, his words were just ridiculous as if he memorized a spell.

The reason Joohyuk needed him was because he resembled another precious partner that he did not even dare to imprint. No matter how similar he is, he was not someone else, but a substitute for his current partner. Plus, he tried to use the cycle as a way to hold him, a substitute.

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  1. Yes, the imaginary third party that you remind him of. The simplest explanation is that you remind him of yourself, but gotta be a drama queen.