Chapter 58 - 58

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Episode 58 


But Joohyuk’s absence was felt quite significantly. After Park Hyein’s death, the mental strength he had managed to hold back fell into a pit at once. When he was awake, he panicked by thinking of Park Hyein from time to time, and when he fell asleep, he wandered around the house sleepwalking and collapsed repeatedly in Joohyuk’s empty room.


During that time, it was Ahn Seohee, Lee Sihoon’s mother, who got close to him. She was Park Hyein’s old friend, her secretary, and an Omega who had a crush on Lee Jungho.


In the past, one day when Park Hyein was away for work, Ahn Seohee seduced Lee Jungho during the heat cycle. At that time, Lee Jungho not only had no feelings for Park Hyein, but also had doubts about her affection and devotion. So, after having an affair with Ahn Seohee several times, he told Park Hyein about this without hiding it, but she kept her mouth shut and acted as if nothing had happened.


Shortly after Park Hyein’s death, Ahn Seohee confessed that she had given birth to his children in the past and hugged Lee Jungho. Because of that she asked if he would accept her as his mate.


“I don’t need anything but you. Please engrave me.”


With a sad expression resembling Park Hyein, she longed for him with the same words as her.


He had been told that with a new imprint, the waves of feelings for the previous mate will soon subside. He was also told that his pheromone would be directed to the new mate and all of his senses will be directed towards them, so he won’t be mentally exhausted any more.


He laid on the bed and pondered for a while. No matter how much he thought about it, it was not easy to find a new mate to replace Park Hyein.


At that moment, he heard that Joohyuk, who had been sent to the villa, had been kidnapped by someone.


It was nothing short of a bolt out of the blue. After sending people to find him by all means, he suffered from delirium that got worse again.


Park Hyein’s voice could be heard from nearby. The voice that expressed her affection for him could not be ignored, and it soon became resentful and gnawed at Lee Jungho’s spirit.


Then, suddenly, he heard the phone ringing and answered it in a hurry. In reality, it didn’t actually ring, but he picked up the receiver as if he had heard the ringing, and heard Joohyuk’s scream instead of the phone’s static. At the same time, the screams of Park Hyein when she was hit by a car were mixed in with the voice of Joohyuk.


After that repeated several times, he finally unplugged the phone line. He covered his ears with both hands, but he could still hear Park Hyein’s voice.


His love for her was starting to become a fear. His broken mind began to distort Park Hyein’s existence.


So he decided to engrave. Before Park Hyein became a ghost-like figure within him, he wanted to come back to his senses.


So he engraved Ahn Seohee even though he didn’t want it. His mind was cleared as if he was never mentally ill. At the same time, he got a call saying that the kidnappers had been caught and Joohyuk was also found.


The kidnappers tried to extort large sums of money from the successor of the Shinwoo group, but the president refused, so they said they would kill the child in anger. He never received any contact, but they said that they had given up on Joohyuk and threw him away. Despite this, he could not ask the kidnappers anything as they didn’t know anything as well, so a deeper investigation was impossible.


Meanwhile, Joohyuk, who ran away, fainted in the forest, but luckily he just lost consciousness and was not hurt anywhere.


However, a child was found almost dying from decapitation near where he had been found.


The butler, who had previously managed the villa, reported that there was a 10-year-old child who came to see Joohyuk every weekend. As soon as he heard the story, he thought it was the same child.


In his mind, he wanted to completely kill the child and get rid of him. He thought that if he knew anything about Joohyuk, he could be put in a dangerous situation again depending on what the child said.


But he stopped. He heard that Joohyuk was in love with him, and most of all, the criminals said that he escaped from the kidnapped place thanks to the kid.


After much deliberation, he decided not to kill the child. Although he couldn’t take him back and treat him himself, he thought that if he contacted the police and was taken to the hospital on time, he could at least save his life.


After reporting to the police and returning with only Joohyuk, Lee Jungho realized that something was wrong.


“He couldn’t have died! He’s my mate! He’s my omega! Let me see Hyeonnie! Hyeona! Hyeona!”


Joohyuk cried like a madman, even as the attendants rushed and pressed him to the bed. He screamed to the point where his throat cracked, and after taking a stabilizing drug, he barely fell asleep, but had painful nightmares and woke up again and made a commotion again and again. When the attendant took their eyes off of him for a moment, he ran out of the house barefoot and ran to find the child without knowing the way.


They caught him and locked him in the room, but he threw the round table that was in the room, broke the window, and even tried to escape by jumping outside. His room was on the second floor, so he tried to jump off from there. Joohyuk didn’t seem to care about his body, even though he wouldn’t be in good shape.


He locked him up in a narrow room with only one small window in the corner of the mansion, so he couldn’t break something and get out. Except when eating or visiting the doctor, he constantly used tranquilizers and sleeping pills, or tied his hands and feet tightly. Even though he knew that wasn’t the right way to do it, Joohyuk couldn’t help but struggle to open the door without hesitation of his nails breaking when he opened his eyes.


Joohyuk was calm when he heard that his mother, Park Hyein, was dead. He knew that the two had little affection for each other, but it seemed relatively strange for him to make such a fuss over a child he had only met a few times.


But he could understand him. Joohyuk may not have known because he was sent to the villa, but he also caused a riot for Park Hyein, who was his partner.


Lee Jungho asked the police for the whereabouts of the child, giving them money. In addition, he delved deeper into the people who kidnapped Joohyuk and the circumstances at the time.


The answer that came back was ‘there was no one in the forest’.


The police sent a considerable number of men to search the forest, but found nothing but dried bloodstains on the leaves. If Joohyuk’s memory had been intact, he could have had a clue, but due to the drugs administered at the time of the kidnapping and the psychological shock, he could not fully remember the appearance of the child, let alone the circumstances at the time. 


The child was nowhere to be found. He didn’t know if he was alive or dead.


Joohyuk was often exhausted and collapsed because he could not find his mate, and he got thinner day by day. At this rate, it wouldn’t be strange if he suddenly died one day.


Then one day, a stranger visited the mansion. At that time, about a month had passed since the incident.


The uninvited guest was accompanied by four bodyguards. He came to the mansion, handed his business cards to the guards guarding the entrance, and asked them to convey the words, ‘the agent of the child you are looking for,’ to Lee Jungho.


Lee Jungho, who knew who the ‘child’ the uninvited guest was talking about, hurriedly checked his business card.


[Kyungseong Law Firm Representative Lawyer Woo Jaeseong.]


Receiving the business card, Lee Jungho could not hide his shock that the representative of the largest law firm in Korea had stepped forward. Still, he was very nervous.


The search for the child was top secret. He searched around the villa, but he was very careful not to reveal his identity. Still, the opponent came to find him.


It was unclear, but he was glad to see the other person appearing as he could not get even a single clue as to the whereabouts of the ‘child’ At first, he told him to come in with the intention of having a conversation.


It was definitely a familiar face. A middle-aged man with an unusual atmosphere was a celebrity who frequently appeared in various media.


Lee Jungho was also familiar with the fame of the CEO of Kyungsung Law Firm. Even the executives of the corporations that he called the best had to fold up to him, and he often said that there was nothing to be afraid of if he held his hand.


Lee Jungho, who sat opposite Woo Jaeseong in the drawing room, had a very dark face.


Just by looking at the unusual agent, it was clear that the child’s family was substantial.


“The person you are looking for is alive and well.”


As soon as he heard Woo Jaesung’s words, Lee Jungho was relieved while stiffening his face. He was using honorifics for the child and considered him above Lee Jungho.


“If we had been late, he would have almost died of excessive bleeding.”


Lee Jungho clasped his hands tightly and lowered his eyes.


How much does he know?


As if reading Lee Jungho’s mind, Woo Jaesung first told him what he knew.


“I know you’re getting into some pretty complicated stuff with the project backlash. Your son’s safety must have been your number one priority.”


After all, it was certain that they have gathered a lot of information.


“… there’s no excuses. I am really sorry.”


“You’re sorry…”


Woo Jaesung tapped the armrest of the sofa where he was sitting with his finger. He looked at Lee Jungho, who had gathered the influence and power of the person this lawyer was working for, just by the few words he spoke.


Lee Jungho raised his eyes and met Woo Jaesung’s gaze.


“Let me see the person you’re working for and the child. I want to get down on my knees and apologize deeply.”


Even now, Joohyuk was lying in the depths of the mansion as if his soul had gone out. It felt like his insides were being cut away every time he saw him cry endlessly while calling out the child’s name. He felt like he was being punished for neglecting Joohyuk’s mate, the child’s life, and neglecting him when he was in a critical condition.


“You should have said it right away.”


Woo Jaesung’s voice suddenly became cold.


“Aren’t you going to meet them because of Lee Joohyuk’s mental illness rather than an apology?”


Lee Jungho opened his eyes wide in surprise.


There were also major accidents related to corporate projects, so how did they know about Joohyuk’s mental illness?


Only a few trusted people in the mansion knew that Joohyuk was imprisoned due to mental illness, and they kept their mouths shut. He thoroughly managed to prevent it from leaking outside, but he couldn’t figure out how he knew.


However, he did not ask questions or show any displeasure.


The amount of information indicated the magnitude of the force. The fact that he had information about him in his hands despite him paying close attention to block it was like saying that the person behind Woo Jaeseong had much more power than Lee Jungho.


Lee Jungho’s complexion quickly turned pale.


He must have possessed all of this information. They had already entered the mansion, gripping his neck.


“I will tell you straight up.”


Woo Jaesung proudly crossed his legs and folded his arms. He sent a cold look to Lee Jungho, who understood the situation.


“Our client wants his son and Lee Joohyuk to never meet again.”


His heart plummeted.


“He asked to tell Joohyuk that the child he met at the villa had died. He knows that Lee Joohyuk also lost most of his memory due to insanity.”


Lee Jungho felt a chill in his spine. How much did they know? No, maybe there’s something they didn’t know.


Looking at Lee Jungho, who had stiffened with his mouth shut, Woo Jaesung gestured to one of the bodyguards standing behind him. He was handed a shopping bag containing a black envelope and placed it on the table between the two of them.


“It is the clothes he was wearing at the time of the incident. The smell of blood and pheromone is still there, so giving this to him is sure to make him believe. If you do that, he will never find him again.”


“Wait. Even though…”


“Five years.”


Woo Jaesung, who spoke briefly, got up from his seat.


“He’ll be an adult in 5 years anyway. At that age when imprinting becomes possible, he’ll be able to find a good omega and imprint and forget the child. Since Lee Joohyuk is tall and has a lot of talent, he’ll have a good partner soon.”


“Are you telling me to find him another pair?”


“What, you can’t?”


Woo Jaesung’s eyes were staring at hi,.


“There is a person here who made a new pair to clean up the old one.”


Lee Jungho trembled with a tired face. Although it was not surprising, his words were enough to arouse a sense of guilt about the deceased Park Hyein.


Woo Jaeseong took an envelope from another bodyguard.


“Come to think of it, that new mate is also a wonderful person.”


Woo Jaesung put down his briefcase next to the shopping bag and smiled.


“Think of it as a gift for the sudden arrival.”


Having said that, Woo Jaeseong walked towards the door. It seemed that his work was done.


At that moment, the mansion attendant hurriedly knocked on the door from outside. Woo Jaeseong, who just arrived at the door, opened the door, and the attendant flinched and stiffened.


“What’s going on?”


Lee Jungho sat on the sofa and asked helplessly with his head bowed.


“I think something serious has happened.”


At the words of the attendant, he opened his eyes and jumped up from his seat.


“Serious? Did something happen to Joohyuk?”


“It’s not, but…”


Lee Jungho, who was relieved to hear that it was not Joohyuk, opened his eyes at the next words.


“The prosecutors came to the company with a search and seizure warrant.”




It was so sudden. A search and seizure, what the hell was it for?


“Oh, I forgot.”


At that, Woo Jaesung cut his words and looked at Lee Jungho.


“Anyway, you must take responsibility for making him almost die.”


The corners of Woo Jaeseong’s lips went up.


“If you don’t listen to what I said today and try to dig deeper, next time…”


He deliberately left the mansion, cutting off what he was saying.


It was confusing. It was as if a storm had just swept away.


After sending the attendant to find out the company’s status in detail, Lee Jungho sat down on the sofa as if he had lost his strength.


He felt like he was unilaterally beaten. He thought he would persistently ask who his client was, but it was obvious that he wouldn’t even talk about them. On top of that, even if he tried to use someone to follow suit, he would be caught in no time because they had such information about his family. If that happens, it was only the beginning that his company was overturned with a seizure search like today.


In Lee Jungho’s eyes, which were deeply sunken, the paper envelope on the table was visible. He took out the documents inside and slowly read them one by one.




He laughed out loud.


Ahn Seohee was secretly meeting with familiar faces in some of the photos interspersed in the documents.


The people who caused the car accident were rightly opposed to the project, but it was Ahn Seohee who encouraged them and made them work. It was just an accident to threaten him, but when Park Hyein died as a result, Ahn Seohee proudly mentioned the past and wanted to become his partner.


Even so, he wanted to get rid of Joohyuk in order to secure the position of Chairman Lee Jungho’s mate. At the same time, there were people who were trying to secure their share by kidnapping the children of the chaebol family, so she secretly leaked Joohyuk’s villa address. In addition to the detailed information of those who guard it.


As expected, Joohyuk was kidnapped by them. Lee Jungho took advantage of the confusion due to his mental illness, pretended to be a ruthless president, and abandoned Joohyuk. Thanks to that, they acted as if they would kill Joohyuk and send his corpse at any moment.


She was an evil woman.


He didn’t know whether her words ‘I love you,’ were real, but seeing that she was holding hands with the forces that opposed the project, she seems to have a considerable interest in power and wealth.


He wanted to remove the engraving right away.


However, Lee Jungho decided to use her instead of removing the engraving, and finally decided to take revenge.


Her children were pretending not to be, but they were already showing ambitious eyes. If he used them appropriately, they could make Joohyuk, who was weak like now, come to his senses.


In addition, Ahn Seohee, who joined hands with the opposition, will help him deal with his work smoothly as long as she was paired up with him. Of course, later on, he could deal with all the people who killed Park Hyein.


He will use them as he see fit, and in the end he will destroy all children and their mother.


In Lee Jungho’s mind, who had been grinding his teeth for a long time, he remembered Joohyuk’s face, which had gone mad.


If he lets him meet the child he was a mate with, he would return to normal at once, but they can no longer meet. His company wasn’t a small company either, but it was clear that the opponents were not easy to deal with. If he ignored Woo Jaeseong’s words and tried to find the children or uncover their identities, they wouldn’t be as gentle as they are now. Maybe Joohyuk was in danger.


Even Joohyuk wouldn’t be able to deny it blindly if he showed him his mate’s clothes anyway and said that he was dead. If possible, he would make him a plausible ossuary. If his mate is dead, and if he convinces him to get a new mate when he grows older, there will come a day when he will give up too.


He also suffered from mental illness for the same reason, so he knew how difficult it would be for Joohyuk. He lamented that he had no choice but to do this, and yet he thought that this was the only way.


Fortunately, Joohyuk was able to stand up again at the thought of protecting the ashes and found his will to live. He was worried about that alone, so he tried to attach Omegas to his side one after another. He thought that only then would he be able to shake everything off if he could find a new mate and even engraved them.


However, contrary to expectations, Joohyuk still only had that mate in his heart even after 17 years had passed. Just like there was not a day when Lee Jungho forgot the dead Park Hyein.

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