Chapter 59 - 59

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Author: chef

Episode 59 


Joohyuk, who heard Lee Jungho’s story, clenched his fist in anger.


“Father… you are the worst.”


Words of condemnation flowed through Joohyuk’s lips. Lee Jungho’s hand, which was holding the armrest of the chair, tightened.


“If only you had saved Soohyun then… … . At least if you had just told me he was alive… … .”


Joohyuk was unable to speak and bit his lip.


It was a thing of the past, and he knew that Soohyun’s family was so great that Lee Jungho at the time couldn’t do anything about it. It was because of their pressure, but Lee Jungho also thought about himself and designed the work.


But Joohyuk had no choice but to resent him.


He not only left Soohyun, the person who saved him, in the forest, but he lied and said that he was dead. As a result, they misaligned and twisted each other for 17 years.


Joohyuk’s eyes trembled and his eyes were dyed with anger.


“Soohyun, I will definitely find him.”


“Just forget it. It’s been too long already. Even if you want to look for him, you won’t find anything with a fragment of a letter like this.”


Lee Jungho did not know that Soohyoon was by Joohyuk’s side as ‘Kwon Yihyeon’. He just thought Kwon Yihyeon was just one of the bodyguards.


“Even if you find him, is there any guarantee that the child has the same mind as you?”


Joohyuk couldn’t answer anything.


There was no way he thought the same. It may have been the same a year ago, but it must have been very different now. It was because he had brutally ripped his heart out.


Joohyuk, whose lips trembled, spit out a firm word.


“It doesn’t matter.”


No matter how Soohyun felt, there was only one thing he had to do.


He didn’t dare ask for forgiveness, but he was willing to accept whatever he said or did to him, just like he did. Even if he couldn’t make the 16 years of waiting and a year of suffering disappear, he could at least be able to rip him apart as much as he wanted.


“When I meet Soohyun, I will live as he wants. If I have to crawl on the floor, I will do it, and if he tries to kill me, I will quietly die.”


“… what? Are you crazy now?”


“That is the only thing I can do.”


Lee Jungho jumped up from his seat and opened his eyes. Even so, Joohyuk’s eyes did not move even a single inch.


“If my father still feels a little sorry for me, don’t get in my way. If it wasn’t for Soohyun anyway, I would have already died.”


Joohyuk picked up Soohyun’s letter that had been placed on the desk and looked down at it with clouded eyes. It was a cold paper, but it seemed that Soohyun’s warmth was faintly remaining.


Joohyuk, who held the letter tightly as if he would not let go of the letter, glared at Lee Jungho with determined eyes.


“If you get in my way, even if you are my father, I will bring you down without mercy.”


* * *


Joohyuk, who staggered back with a bag full of Soohyun’s letters, received the worried gaze of the bodyguards as soon as he entered the penthouse.


“Director, where have you been? We’ve been looking for you for a while.”


“Why didn’t you tell us if you wanted to go somewhere?”


When Joohyuk suddenly disappeared, Haejun started a riot. He was angry that they sent him alone and was shouting at them asking them what was the use of a Bodyguard if they can’t protect him.


As he was about to pass silently among the bodyguards, one of them suddenly held out a medicine bag.


“Lee Haejun, managing director, left this behind. He said it was antispasmodic.”


“… I do not need it.”




Joohyuk pushed his hand away helplessly and walked inside. The bodyguards looked at his back, which seemed exhausted, and each of them had a bewildered look in their eyes. It was the first time they had seen a lifeless figure like now.


After taking a shower, Joohyuk went into Soohyun’s room as usual, carefully stacking letters on a small round table.


Looking at this, there were so many.


The letters he wrote from about 17 years ago were all stale, so it was difficult to open them. It was left in a damp basement for a long time, so the papers were completely stuck together and did not come off easily.


Nevertheless, Joohyuk carefully unfolded it and read it slowly. Even though there were some invisible letters or sticky paper, he was able to read it somehow.


It was when he reached the last line by carefully reading each word.


<I miss you, hyung.>


I was as if he could hear the words that seemed to contain sincerity.


“… I miss you too, Soohyun-ah.”


What came to mind was not the young Soohyun, but the figure of ‘Kwon Yihyeon’ who was by his side.




Suddenly, tears welled up and fell on the last sentence of the letter. He quickly wiped the water off the letter with his fingertips. It was still dry and blurry, but it was smeared because of the tear drop, and the writing became more blurred.


“No… .”


He carefully wiped the wet part with his sleeve, but the erased writing was not restored. Only the form that there were letters was vaguely maintained.


Joohyuk’s eyes filled with water even more. He rubbed his eyes hard not to drop any more and put the letter on the table.


He was scared.


It was the letters that remained faintly on the faded and brittle letter. Just as the dangerous writing did not automatically restore once it was erased, he thought that Soohyun’s heart would also be the same.


‘I do not care.’


He had his heart set on getting crushed. To expect him to look at him like he used to without hesitation.


He almost died because of him, and he was abandoned in the woods because of him. Still, while wandering through all these years, he managed to find him, but this time he hacked him and sent him away.


Hei trembled at the undeniable reality.


‘Now I’m going to get sick, Soohyun-ah.’


Tears that he couldn’t wipe away ran down his cheeks. Wiping away tears until his sleeves were wet, he picked up the next letter. Every time he read it, it felt like he was digging his heart out, but he read it carefully as if he didn’t want to miss a single word.


A long time passed like that, reflecting on the loneliness and sadness that Soohyun must have endured during the time that they did not meet.


* * *


Hearing from the bodyguards that Joohyuk has returned, Haejun arrived at the penthouse a few hours later.


“My brother?”


When he asked the guards waiting at the front door, the answer was as expected.


“He is in that room.”


Just as Haejun, who was impatient, went inside, a bodyguard handed him a familiar medicine bag.


“He just went in saying he doesn’t need it.”


He frowned and took the medicine bag.  He wondered if he’d had to drill it into him to listen.


With a medicine bag in one hand, he reached the front of the smallest room in the penthouse. He was just about to open it and go in, but instead he knocked twice.


“I’m here. Can I come in?”


He listened inside, but there was no sound. He opened the door, wondering if he was asleep, but then he heard a faint moan.


The room was so small that there was nothing to look at. As soon as he opened the door, he saw Joohyuk leaning on the round table with his forehead on it. His shoulders shuddered and he held back a moan.


“Hyung, are you okay?!”


Haejun ran into the room and looked at Joohyuk. He was in cold sweats with one hand on his stomach. Haejun, who said that he should take medicine, supported him and carried him to the bed. After laying him on the small bed, Joohyuk’s tightly closed eyes opened slightly.


“Room… Don’t come in… .”


“If you don’t want me to come in here, why don’t you stay in your room?”


As soon as he said that, Joohyuk turned his gaze away. Haejun sighed as he looked at him struggling to catch his breath.


“Let’s start with the medicine.”


“… I’m fine.”


He didn’t know why he wouldn’t take medicine even though he had severe stomach cramps. Was he trying to intentionally feel the pain?


“There is one more thing I want to ask you.”




Haejun, who had been contemplating whether to force him to take medicine or to call a doctor, asked,


“The investigator changed about a year ago… … .”


Joohyuk muffled his words and made eye contact with Haejun, who looked down at him.


“Is this the person Kwon Yihyeon planted?”


Somehow, he was half-confident.


Haejun, who was trying to get rid of it at once, was curious and asked.


“Why do you think so?”


“Because it was written in the kid’s letter. He said he’d help me.”


“That kid? letter?”


Haejun opened his eyes and made a puzzled expression. His gaze fell on the letters piled up on the table.


In the last letter that Joohyuk read, there was a part of his background that Soohyun investigated. He will help drive outAhn Seohee and her two sons, who threaten Joohyuk. That was the last thing he had to do to keep the promise he made.


“The investigators and you were actually holding hands.”


“… What are you talking about?”


“At first, I thought Ahn Seohee, Lee Sihoon, and you were threatening me. But for him to disappear leaving behind you, whom he thought was a hindrance, I realized that you were on their side.”


“Who the hell are you talking about?”


He wondered how Joohyuk knew that he and Kwon Yihyeon were holding hands, but the biggest question was who he was talking about.


Soon, an unfamiliar name came out of Joohyuk’s mouth.


“Jung Soohyun.”


After that, he heard a familiar name this time.


“The person we used to call Kwon Yihyeon.”




Haejun’s eyes widened in shock.


“Did you find Kwon Yihyeon?!”


He knew that the name Kwon Yihyeon was a pseudonym. If so, is that unfamiliar name his real name? If so, he wondered how Joohyuk knew his name. He had been looking for his information for a long time, but he wasn’t able to find it.


“All of the data and evidence brought by the investigator, did Soohyun prepare it?”


Haejun did not readily answer Joohyuk’s question, but then nodded.


The investigator, who received Kwon Yihyeon’s data for a year, pretended as if he found it himself. It was only after Haejun and Kwon Yihyeon held hands after nearly half a year had passed.


Joohyuk let out a sad laugh.


Again, Soohyun made contact with Haejun without him realizing it, and was convinced that he was an ally.


So Soohyun handed over the materials and evidence he found in every way to Joohyuk through Haejun and the investigator in order to be able to eliminate Ahn Seohee and Lee Sihoon.


“Hyung, that’s right, but… … .”


Something felt strange. Joohyuk was not calling Kwon Yihyun, Jung Soohyun, but was calling him ‘Soohyun’ in a friendly way. It wasn’t just the familiarity of calling people without their last name, but there was something like a strange vagueness that was difficult to grasp easily.


‘The, that boy…  as if calling a child.’


He automatically shook my head. Then Haejun turned his eyes and looked at the pile of letters again. If the person Joohyuk calls ‘that boy’ is ‘Jung Soohyun’, it means that he was the one who wrote that letter. Haejun, who remembered Soohyun’s face, panicked, thinking that he might have written a letter about each and every information.


But he soon found out that wasn’t the case. There was far more yellowed paper than white paper in the pile of letters. Some of them were so thin that he wondered if they could be read, so his doubts only increased.


“Please answer my question from earlier. Did you find Kwon Yihyeon?”


“… I couldn’t find him myself. Only traces were found.”


He sounded so bitter.


“Hyun was alive.”


“… … !”


Haejun’s eyes widened.


“What? Did I hear you right? Hyun? Hyun?”


He repeatedly asked. It was even more unbelievable because there was only one person Joohyuk would call ‘Hyunnie’. For a moment, he even wondered if Joohyuk was acting.


“Kwon Yihyun is Jung Soohyun… It was Hyun, my mate.”


“What nonsense is that?! If it’s hyung’s mate, he already died.”


He didn’t fully know what Joohyuk had been through in the past, but he had a rough idea. He had his mate he het 17 years ago, and they even made a promise but he heard that he died while keeping Joohyuk. His ashes, which were hard to find, and the clothes he wore at the time of his death, were enshrined in the ossuary like treasures, and Joohyuk has lived desperately to protect them.


But the mate he thought was dead was still alive? He even said that it was Kwon Yihyeon?


Haejun rubbed his forehead with confused eyes.


Then, did Kwon Yihyeon try to protect Joohyuk, not because he was ordered by someone, but because of his own will as a partner? Had he been around like that all this time?


When he linked all of Kwon Yihyeon’s actions to the reason ‘Lee Joohyuk’s partner’, he felt a shiver run down his spine. He was surprised to find out only a few days ago that Kwon Yihyeon, who he thought was a beta, was an Omega, but even this time he was so surprised that it was Joohyuk’s dead partner.


“Soohyun was alive. We need to meet again… … .”


Joohyuk was speechless. Joohyuk, who had tightly closed his lips, which was pale, spoke calmly.


“To meet Soohyun, we need information that Lee Sihoon knows.”


Right now, he didn’t know where to find Soohyun or how to find him. What he needed was the information Sihoon had.


“Prepare both the lawyers and the agreement as scheduled.”


Lee Sihoon said that he knew exactly who Soohyun and his sister were.


If Soohyun was hiding somewhere, it would be better to find his older sister who was not in hiding.


* * *


Everyone in the huge mansion with an impressive garden was in an uproar.


They usually clean it well, but today it was exceptionally shiny. Some even acted as supervisors, carefully checking the inside and outside of the mansion.


The bodyguards surrounding the mansion gathered from dawn and briefed for quite a long time. As a result, there was enough tension to enable a tight security guard no matter who approached.


After a while, the door to the mansion gently opened. A foreign car of an expensive brand, which was said to be rare in Korea, slid inside and crossed the garden. Those who saw the car looked towards it and each bowed deeply.


The security guard, who hurriedly ran to the car approaching the entrance of the mansion, carefully opened the door on the back seat. Soon a middle-aged man in a black suit got off the back seat.


The cold, solemn-faced man glanced at the guards at the entrance of the mansion, and then looked to the man who bowed politely in front of him. He was a man called Director Yoon, who oversaw everything in the mansion.


“Welcome back, President.”


The man called the president passed by him without saying a word and headed for the front door. The security guards standing by the door opened the door by flipping it left and right.


“Did you get a call from Lawyer Woo?”


When the man asked a question in a cold voice, Manager Yoon, who had already caught up with him, answered immediately.


“Yes. It’s not a big deal, and since you’ve come back to Korea after a long time, he wants to treat you to a meal.”


“I don’t have time for that.”


“Should I tell him that you are busy with work and you will cal later?”


At the careful remarks of Director Yoon, the man spoke as if annoyed.


“I don’t plan on going out for a while. If he has anything to do, tell him to come see me.”


“Yes, I understand.”


Director Yoon, who shook his head, said something else afterward.


“And the master is still in the bedroom.”


The man who was walking fast suddenly stopped. The bodyguards following him and Chief Yoon also stopped automatically.


“Is he sick?”


Director Yoon quickly shook his head at the man’s question.


“No. But lately he has been sleeping a lot… … .”


“Chief Yoon.”


It was as if a chill had penetrated his skin. Chief Yoon lowered his gaze with a stiff face.


“Didn’t I tell you to report anything if there is anything unusual?”


“…I’m sorry.”


As he bowed his head, I heard a short tongue click above his head.He nervously blinked his eyes at the thought that he might have offended him, but fortunately he walked away without saying anything. Breathing a silent sigh of relief, he quickly followed along with the rest of the bodyguards.


The man went through the second floor, where his bedroom and study were located, and climbed up to the third floor, the top floor. He told the bodyguards and Chief Yoon who had been following him up to that point to wait in the hallway. The man came to the front of the room where a familiar figure stood alone.


A tall, black-clad man bowed politely.


“Did you come? I’m sorry I couldn’t come out and say hello.”


“It’s fine.”


A man patted his shoulder and knocked on the door.


“I don’t want to wake him up, so just open it.”


The man in black who received the order lowered his head slightly and opened the door. As soon as he entered without delay, the door closed silently.


The man who entered the room alone frowned as he looked around the spacious and neat bedroom.


‘I should leave some decorations.’


In the spacious bedroom, only the necessary furniture was placed, and there were not many decorations. It was not that different from a year ago, but somehow it looked too plain.


The man went straight to the wide bed. Someone was lying on a clean, pure white bed that matched the room.

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