Chapter 6

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Yihyeon’s annual salary was high for a bodyguard, and saying they’ll give him several times that amount would be a matter to deeply consider.

They even said they’ll pay five times the annual salary of Joohyuk’s contract as a bodyguard. It was practically impossible to pay such an amount as penalty fees and pay him several times the annual salary. He hated rumors, so he kept quiet about his salary and contract, but they still talked about it several times.

He was lying flat on the single bed he was sitting on. Joohyuk came to mind automatically.

Even if it was around midnight, he probably wouldn’t have slept yet. He usually goes to bed late on days like today when he doesn’t have a sex partner, so he’ll probably fall asleep in two or three hours. And Yihyeon had to stay awake until he fell asleep, because he had to run right away if he called for him.

Blankly, he thought of Joohyuk.

The contract period was one year. That’s enough.

‘Only one year…let’s stay for one year.’

Then they can sort it out.

It’s been half a year, so there wasn’t not much left, but it was something that needed to be sorted out slowly within the remaining period.

Yihyeon’s eyes sank deeply.

His cell phone started vibrating again. With a sigh, he picked up his phone and checked the number displayed on the screen. Instead of a number, some caller ID restrictions were displayed.

He did not want to accept the call because it was suspicious, but he couldn’t ignore it. He got used to working as Joohyuk’s secretary and bodyguard. Even when he was sleeping, he had to wake up to answer the phone call. Because there was overseas contact, he couldn’t ignore even a single call because he thought it may be a call from someone who ignored the time difference.

This time, he received the call hoping that it would be an important call.

“This is Kwon Yihyeon.”

– Are you Hyeon?

Yihyeon’s eyes widened at the clear voice of a woman from the other side.


It’s been a while since he heard that voice. The tension in his body was released and he felt more comfortable.

“I thought I might not receive it because of the caller ID restriction.”

– I did that in case you saw that it was my number and avoided it.

“It’s not anyone else, it’s my sister’s phone, so I would never… How did you get the number?”

He didn’t give out his number on purpose, but he thought he’d contacted them well. Even then, he realized that it was futile. If it was her, she would have figured out the number easily. It must have been that she deliberately did not contact him because she was being considerate of him.

-Is there something your sister doesn’t know about you?

He smiled slightly and spoke like a child, thanking her again. She must have been the one who suffered the most because of his stubbornness.

Yihyon’s older sister Sehyeon asked the question with a smile on her face.

– Are you okay?

“… what?”

– Isn’t it difficult to do what that person is doing?

Yihyeon closed his eyes and covered it with one arm. The light that had shone through the gap between his eyelids was quickly obscured.

“It’s okay. Because I wanted it.”

-If you are…

Sehyeon straightened out her bitter voice and spoke brightly.

Sehyeon would have known the traces of Yihyeon’s manipulation of the past. He deliberately removed all of his relatives and pretended to be an orphan who lived alone, so it was worth saying something from her point of view, but there was nothing much to say about it.

As soon Yihyeon was grateful towards her, Sehyun changed her tone.

– Still, he gives you plenty of money. I was a little surprised when I checked the bank account. It isn’t the amount a simple bodyguard would receive.

He knew it from the moment she found the number and called, but she must have found a bankbook that wasn’t in his name and looked through all the details. In fact, he didn’t care how much money was put into the bankbook or how much money was collected.

“He hates owing people. That’s why he is giving me a huge salary. That’s how much money he gives to keep me right by his side.”

Explaining the situation coldly, he could hear Sehyeon worrying again.

– You said you found him, but you’re being exploited for money, aren’t you?

“It’s not like that.”

– No, it’s not what. Rumors are already circulating.

Yihyeon took off his arm and opened his eyes. He frowned slightly.

“What rumors?”

– He’s treating his own bodyguard harshly.

As if worried for nothing, Yihyeon’s eyes quickly relaxed.

“Is that all?”

– It’s important. Why do you have to be treated like that by him?

Sehyeon, who was crying, raised her voice. She pretended not to be, but it seems that she was worried after hearing such rumors.

– I feel like I want to drag him out right now. I know your stubbornness, so I’ll just let it go.

“Thanks. Thank you for recognizing my stubbornness.”

-I’m serious.

Suppressed anger could be felt from the other side.

– By my standards, that guy’s anger won’t be suppressed even if he tries to swallow it.

He was a person who got angry on his behalf since childhood. He was still as empathetic as he was then.

“It’s okay, noona…It’s really okay.”

He can still stand it.

– I’ll call you often. If you ever need anything or need help, call your sister’s number anytime.

“Yes, I will.”

A small smile appeared on his lips as he thought of Sehyeon, who was by his side at any time. Yihyeon’s face, which had always been expressionless, was then brought to life.

He felt sorry for Sehyun. He sincerely hoped that he wouldn’t call her, but he doesn’t think it was going to go as planned.

* * * A

A few days later, Joohyuk headed to the lobby of a hotel. He went out to make a deal, but somehow he was very uncomfortable.

The reason was because of the man sitting in front of him.

“You can sign it here. The subsequent work proceeds as described above…”

“How about a meal together?”

The man didn’t want to stop talking, so he asked questions that had nothing to do with the contract. The man who was holding a pen to sign came round and made eye contact. Joohyuk looked at the man, who showed his interest without any shame, a bit bitterly.

“There is still talk of the contract.”

“Isn’t that what I should sign here?”

The man who tapped the part where he had to sign with the back of the pen, put on a smile worthy of an attractive face. Joohyuk looked at the man without saying anything and clicked his tongue.

It was probably the work of his father, Lee Jeongho. It was true that there was talk of a contract with Jaewon Resort, but the managing director of the company was originally supposed to come here. However, when they arrived at the appointment, he got a call. The manager will be coming instead.

And it was the man in front of him who came out as the managing director of the financial resort. He was Woo Jaejin, the second son of Jaewon Resort, who was mentioned at a family dinner the other day.

Jaejin didn’t seem particularly interested in the Paju resort construction project. Of course, it was a good contract, so he’ll sign it, but he wasn’t passionate enough to know the details. He came here purely because he had feelings for Joohyuk. It seemed that it was difficult to arrange a separate dining table, so they decided to let them meet face-to-face with the excuse of a contract.

Jaejin looked into Joohyuk’s eyes with a smile that matched him.

“Shall we eat together?”

While saying that, he kept tapping the part to be signed with the back of the pen. Even now, he could smell a sweet scent that stung his nose, and if they ate together in the midst of this, he might not be able to eat much and feel nauseous. Originally, Omega’s pheromone was supposed to be sweet and pleasant for an Alpha, but Joohyuk was an exception.

“Sorry, but a meal seems difficult.”

“Then let’s have a drink.”


He didn’t seem to want to back off. Even if it was not today, he felt that he was going to recommend meeting one after another using the contract as an excuse. In that case, rather than pushing him out, it would be better to have a drink and not only have no feelings for him at all, but also nail him down that he doesn’t want to meet him in person.

“… That’s fine. Just for a drink.”

“Thank you.”

Jaejin finally finished signing the contract with a smile on his face. Joohyuk handed the contract signed by Jaejin to Yihyeon, who was standing behind his chair. Like Yihyeon, who sealed the contract in a paper envelope, the secretary on the other side did the same.

“It’s all over, let’s go.”

Jaejin smiled broadly and got up from his seat.

“The rooftop bar atmosphere in this hotel is good. I will guide you.”

He sounded excited. Joohyuk’s face, following Jaejin, who was walking ahead, didn’t look very happy. While following the two of them, Yihyeon looked at Joohyuk’s complexion from time to time.

The famous hotel with the place where they had a meeting with Jaejin, and the rooftop bar, it was well known for these two things. He had an ominous feeling.

A huge space that can be seen as soon as one reaches the top floor of the hotel. As they sat down at the bar on the outdoor terrace there, a male bartender in a neat outfit approached them with a smile. Jaejin, who made eye contact with the bartender for a moment, looked at Joohyuk sitting next to him and asked.

“What would you like, Joohyuk?”

“I drink just about anything. I’ll have the same thing that Executive Director Woo Jaejin eats.”

“Then let’s have a glass of whiskey.”

Saying that, he looked at the bartender, and he smiled brightly and started preparing the drinks.

Jaejin turned around and told his secretary to go down. In addition, he said out the same words to Yihyeon.

“Your secretary should also go down. I think it would be good to talk together in a place like this.”

Joohyuk, not Yihyeon, responded to his words.

“I don’t know what kind of place this is.”

Jaejin shrugged at the cold words.

“I have come here with the hope that our business will do well. So I think my secretary can stay with me.”

Yihyeon turned and looked at Jaejin as if glaring at him. Jaejin, who received Joohyuk’s strong gaze, smiled awkwardly and replied that he should do it.

So, Yihyeon stood behind Joohyuk and held his place. Jaejin didn’t like it, but unless Joohyuk ordered it, Yihyeon had no intention of running away from him.

Two on-the-rock glasses of whiskey came out, and Joohyuk, who received them, listened to Jaejin’s story while savoring the unique scent and taste.

It was a really silly story. Jaejin never spoke about the business. No, it wasn’t that he couldn’t, it was that he just didn’t. Joohyuk knew that he was only interested in love, not business.

He was also somewhat blunt. He said that he wanted to form a relationship with an Alpha who was as good as an Omega, and looked at Joohyuk with fond eyes. Joohyuk, who was the real target, didn’t care about such gazes at all, and rather openly dismissed it as not having any interest in Omega.

In addition, like the rumors spreading around, he told him that he had an Omega who was going to be his ‘mate’. Nevertheless, Jaejin did not give up and bragged about his personal pride, asking him to reconsider himself.

Around that time, the glass filled with whiskey was suddenly empty.

Yihyeon later noticed that Joohyuk had become strange. His calm alpha pheromone began to fluctuate gradually.

Joohyuk suddenly touched his forehead with one hand as if dizzy. He was a very strong drinker, so he couldn’t feel dizzy with just a glass of whiskey, but somehow his condition was strange.

“Are you drunk already? You’re drinking less than you think.”

Jaejin, who had half the whiskey left, put the glass on the bar and stood up. He grabbed Joohyuk’s arm.

“Are you okay?”

Joohyuk was speechless. With a serious expression on his face, he was rolling his head to grasp the changes in his body.

‘What, this.’

He felt like his stomach was churning, and his head was pounding. At the same time, the pheromone in his body tried to run wild. He was suppressing it as much as possible, but he could guess that it was absolutely not in a normal state.

At that time, when Joohyuk’s pheromone was gradually flowing out, a sweet smell that seemed to invade the brain blew out. A seductive omega pheromone began to flow from Jaejin’s body as strongly as Joohyuk.

Jaejin smiled and supported Joohyuk’s arm as if hugging him.

“You must be very dizzy. Since there is a hotel downstairs, let’s get a room and rest.”

Joohyuk’s pheromone became strange, and at the same time, Jaejin was spreading his pheromone as if he was waiting. Yihyeon, who thought this was strange, stopped Jaejin, who grabbed Joohyuk’s arm.

“I will see to him.”

Jaejin frowned as he looked at Yihyeon. For him, Yihyeon’s existence was nothing more than a mere hindrance.

“I will take him. It would be better for the secretary to wait outside.”

He spoke so coldly to Yihyeon and sent his warm eyes towards Joohyuk.

“Come on, Joohyuk.”



As swear words came out of Joohyuk’s mouth, Jaejin’s eyes widened. Joohyuk’s teeth clenched between his lips, but he raised his eyes and looked at Jaejin. The alpha pheromone, which was starting to run rampant, suddenly increased and put pressure on Jaejin.

“Ugh… !”

Jaejin’s eyes widened and his face quickly turned red. He kept twitching at the alpha pheromone that wrapped around him. His fingertips and toes were cramping, and he couldn’t breathe properly, as if something was caught in his airway. It was just frustrating as if a heavy stone had been placed on his chest. He was dizzy from the scent, but he shuddered with the pressure.

“Put your hands away.”

When he warned with a voice that seemed like a snarl, Jaejin’s arm quickly fell off. Jaejin, who had hesitated, took a step back and swallowed dry saliva.

Joohyuk took a deep breath and looked at him and the bartender alternately. The bartender, who was looking at this from afar, was startled and quickly averted his gaze. That alone seemed to show what the situation was.

Joohyuk, who had taken in the omega pheromone, covered his burning face with one hand. His blue eyes stared at Jaejin from between his fingers.

“I’ll pretend I don’t know. Please do not contact me unless it is about future work… It’s disgusting.”

Having said that, he turned and walked towards the door. Jaejin hurriedly ran and grabbed Joohyuk’s arm.

“Come on, wait a minute, Joohyuk!”

“Don’t touch me.”

Joohyuk’s cold voice and blade-like alpha pheromone tightened Jaejin’s body. Joohyuk, who shook his hand away, left the bar with Yihyeon.

They headed straight to the hotel’s underground parking lot. Yihyeon, who sat in the back seat with Joohyuk, who was staggering because the pheromone could not be controlled, let go of the breath he had been holding back, and pushed back his slightly pale face.

His body was starting to react to Joohyuk’s strong pheromone. If he had been a normal omega, he might have lost his sense and rushed in due to overexposure to his pheromone by now.

After taking a deep breath, Yihyeon climbed into the driver’s seat and managed to exhale from the already full alpha pheromone in the car. As the car started and headed for his home, the alpha pheromone only grew stronger and stronger.

He glanced at the room mirror. Joohyuk’s face, with his eyes closed and his brow furrowed, was slightly reddened.

Jo-hyuk let out a hot breath and poured out harsh swear words several times inside.

‘Is it a rut booster?’

The only case where an Alpha cannot control pheromone to this extent was the rut cycle. According to the cycle, his rut cycle was still a month and a half away.

There are only two things that cause a sudden rut. Either he was exposed to excessive pheromones of the dominant omega during the heat cycle for a long time, or he took a stimulant that accelerated the cycle.

Woo Jaejin seemed to have bought the bartender at the rooftop bar in advance. No matter what he ordered, the drink that would come to Joohyuk would have had a rut accelerator.

Did he think that if he were in rut, things would go his way?

Unfortunately, Joohyuk never held an Omega even when he was in rut. Even if there was an Omega nearby, he had never succumbed to its scent and had sex. It was not that he was rational, but only instinctively trying to avoid Omega. His mental problems greatly affected his instinct as well.

After that, Joohyuk thought that he would never meet Jaejin again, who had done such a thing in the first meeting. In the meantime, they arrived at a tall officetel building with a penthouse.

When Yihyeon parked his car in the VIP parking lot and opened the back seat door, Joohyuk slowly took a deep breath. He was doing his best to suppress the rampant pheromone.

Unable to see, Yihyeon reached out to Joohyuk.

“Are you okay? I support…”


Yihyeon’s hand hurts. Joohyuk opened his eyes full of anger.

“Don’t touch me.”

His hand was painfully numb, but Yihyeon lowered his hand as if nothing had happened. Joohyuk staggered and got out of the car, and he roughly pushed Yihyeon’s shoulder and walked ahead.

Joohyuk, who had his face distorted, stood at the entrance of the penthouse without Yihyeon’s support. The bodyguards who were waiting outside looked bewildered.

Yihyeon, who opened the door and let Joohyuk in first, shook his head at the two bodyguards who were about to follow him inside.

“Please guard him outside today.”

The two bodyguards replied that they would do so without question. They intuitively thought that Joohyuk was in a rut.

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