Chapter 61 - 61

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Author: chef

Episode 61 


“Because you are a dominant omega, we cannot guarantee that the contraceptive will be 100% effective even if you take it immediately after you have sex. It’s a very low single-digit probability, but… … .”


The doctor muffled his words, looked at him, then coughed briefly and turned away.


“If you want, I will give you a prescription, but if possible, it is better to accept it as it is. If you change your mind and plan to have a child, make sure you have an Alpha with you. It would be great if it was the alpha that you had a relationship with, but even if it wasn’t, an alpha that would supply stable pheromones is essential.”


“It will never happen.”


At that time, Soohyun’s eyes were very determined.


“I’m going to get rid of it somehow.”


If Lee Joohyuk’s traces persist, he just has to cut it off.


Soohyeon, who remembered what he had said to the doctor, put the cold empty glass down on the side table. His fingertips holding the glass were trembling slightly.


Soohyun took his hand and put it on his stomach. A cold hand touched the dry skin of his stomach. The sullen skin quickly became cold.


‘You don’t know yet. It could just be that you are not feeling well.’


After a few days anyway, he decided to go to the hospital to check his overall condition. Then he will know for sure.


Was it a side effect of a sudden increase in hormones, or did the drug fail?


He didn’t like either one, but he kept paying attention to the latter. Even if the drug had failed, he was thinking ‘I’ll erase it somehow’ just like he did back then.


Even now.


* * *


On the way to the hospital, an uneasy feeling came over him. Even though he was looking out the window to clear his head, it didn’t empty out, but only various disturbing thoughts came into his mind.


Junwoo, who was holding the steering wheel, glanced at Soohyun through the rearview mirror. His face was still expressionless, but he was concerned about his slightly empty eyes.


At first, a faint scent stimulated Junwoo’s nose. His hand gripped the steering wheel and his strength tightened.


‘Now as well… … .’


Soohyun himself didn’t know. Just as Alpha or Omega cannot smell their own scent and were only sensitive to other people’s scents, so was he.


From the first day, he felt a faint scent from Soohyun. It was a scent Junwoo never liked.


If Soohyun’s pheromone was intact and he still had that sweet scent, he wouldn’t have been able to recognize it as it would be hidden. It was a very mild scent, but now that he was unscented, there was no way to hide it.


Only Junwoo was still watching. Among them in the mansion, Soohyun was the only Omega, and the Alpha was Seohwan and Sehyun except for Junwoo. Fortunately, the two were unaware of the scent emanating from Soohyun.


A fragrance that only a dominant can recognize. He knew what it meant without having to go through a hospital test.


Meanwhile, the vehicle entered the large parking lot of the university hospital. After parking the car, Junwoo unbuckled his seat belt and looked at Soohyun through the mirror.


“I have something to tell you, but may I come to the back seat?”


Soohyun’s eyes widened at the sudden remark. Since they were in the same car, he can listen to him talking from the driver’s seat, but Junwoo said he would move to the back seat.


Junwoo got out of the driver’s seat as soon as Soohyun gave his consent and headed to the back seat. He opened the door and went inside, sat down with Soohyun, and looked at him with a slightly nervous face.


“What’s going on?”


Junwoo, who was looking at Soohyun’s question quietly, grabbed his arm and pulled him in. Suhyeon, who was embraced, took a breath at the sudden, strong alpha pheromone. Shocked, he tried to push Junwoo down, but he was so strong that he couldn’t even dream of it.


“Chief Kang, what are you doing… … !”


“Do you know what your scent smells like now?”


Soohyun was startled at Junwoo’s words. In Suhyoon’s ears, which had hardened at the word ‘scent’, the sound of Junwoo taking a deep breath could be heard.


“Smell… I mean… … .”


Junwoo, who took Soohyun’s trembling voice from his arms, and made eye contact with him, slightly distorted his face.


“It’s weak, but it smells like an alpha.”


He reacted a bit late. Alpha scent? Alpha’s… … ?


It was so easy to figure out what that meant. He was an omega, also an unscented omega. The fact that he can smell the alpha… … .


Soohyun’s confused face lit up with tension. He kept his mouth shut and struggled to clear his voice.


“People who noticed… Are there any?”


“It’s such a weak scent, so it’s probably just me.”


Junwoo calmly spoke to Soohyun, who thought he was lucky.


“When you get tested at the hospital, you will be told that you are pregnant. The head of the hospital here is connected to the president, so if something unusual happens, no matter how much sanctions are imposed, the report will eventually go up to him.”


Soohyun’s eyes fluttered slightly. As he said, if the test reveals that he was pregnant, it will reach Seohwan’s ears regardless of the result. He was a father who was unusually kind and willing to do anything to him, but he did not know what to do in this situation. He promised that he would throw away all his feelings for Lee Joohyuk and all traces of him.


“Different… , find another hospital. ASAP… … .”


He shook his eyes anxiously and spoke, but the sound gradually faded away.


He felt guilty.


The life that had low probability of survival was inside him. It seemed as if the traces he was trying to erase had managed to take root and were talking to him with difficulty.


Asking him to let it live


When he thought of that, the options he had taken for granted until a few days ago seemed to gradually melt away and disappear.


When Soohyun couldn’t speak, Junwoo lightly grabbed his hand.


“Young master.”


Soohyun’s confused gaze met Junwoo’s serious gaze.


“Do you want to get rid of it?”


He asked directly. Soohyun couldn’t answer that question.


Junwoo’s heart was burning as he waited for Soohyun to answer.


In fact, even Junwoo himself didn’t know what to do right. If Soohyun wanted to remove it, he was a person who followed his orders, so he will have to help him do that, but it will affect his body negatively. The day he visited the hospital for the first time, he had already interrogated the doctor and told him the story.


“The morning-after pill itself is very bad for the dominant omega. High concentrations of pheromones and rapidly elevated hormones can collide and cause various imbalances in the body.”


“Then, would it be better to remove it later in another way?”


“That is also a problem. Pheromones and hormones regulate each other and coexist, but it can be difficult if the pheromone glands are damaged like the patient. Hormones that are not controlled can eventually ruin the body, and he may have to live with hormone regulators from time to time. Not to mention his body is getting weaker.”


The doctor said so and advised to have children whenever possible.


Soohyun, who received the medication, did not hesitate at all. It was before he recognized it as life, so he had no hesitation.


But now it was clearly a different feeling. His face was anxious and confused.


I knew it because it was Junwoo who had watched Soohyun for a long time. That he accepted what was in his stomach as ‘life’, not ‘traces’.


This situation was never pleasant.


Although he later realized how much Lee Joohyuk had longed for his master, to Junwoo, he was like an enemy who he could not help but hate. Because of him, young Soohyun’s pheromone gland was destroyed, and there were days when he was mentally exhausted. Even after he barely found him, he did not recognize Soohyun and treated him as he wanted.


It was the seed of such a person.


At the same time, he was also Soohyun’s child.


Not knowing anything else, just the fact that Soohyun was the life he embraced made his anger subside. Even though it was a life with the traces of a man he hated so much, it was his master’s child.


For Junwoo, that was the most important thing.


In addition, if the operation to remove the child was performed, something might go wrong with Soohyun’s body. He just wanted to avoid that.


It was heartbreaking and painful, but he grabbed Soohyun’s cold hand more tightly.


“If you don’t want to remove it, I’ll help.”


Soohyun’s eyes filled with doubt. It looked like he did not understand the meaning of Junwoo’s words.


“I will tell the president that I was the partner. It doesn’t matter if you say you were forced to do it.”


“What are you talking about?”


“I don’t think you want to reveal that you are carrying Lee Joohyuk’s child.”


The gripped hand trembled violently. There was a bigger ripple in the trembling eyes.


“I know that during pregnancy, you need an alpha to provide pheromone by your side.”


Junwoo said in a lowered voice as if he was reading extensively.


“I will protect you.”


“… My father will not stay still.”


No matter how much Seohwan liked Junwoo, if he suddenly had a child, there was no way he could let it go. As he was someone who always puts him first, there will be an uproar. It was natural for Soohyun to think that way, not knowing that Junwoo had a conversation with Seohwan.


Junwoo was still calm. The order was twisted, but Seohwan was already thinking of him as someone to stand by Soohyun’s side.


“I will persuade the Chairman. So, it is up to you to decide.”


Junwoo’s two hands grabbed Soohyun’s arms. Soohyun, who made eye contact, squirmed around as if trying to escape, avoiding his gaze.


“Anyway, I can’t use Team Leader Kang.”


“I am trying to use you.”


The face of Junwoo, who was near Soohyun, came close enough to hear each other’s breathing.


“My heart, don’t you already know?”


He was asking the obvious. Soohyun kept his mouth shut without denying it.


How could he not know? When his cold and huge pheromone touched him, it became especially warm and cozy. Just like right now.


“Use me now. You can use me as much as you can and throw me away when you no longer need me.Even so, I will always be by your side.”


There was no answer to the infinitely devoted and blind words.


Junwoo’s breath, who was getting closer, gently touched Soohyun’s lips.


* * *


The diagnosis at the hospital was as expected.


4 weeks pregnant.


Soohyun, whom Junwoo saw, was surprisingly calm. There was no significant change in his expression to the extent that he was worried that he would be more shocked if he heard the results of the diagnosis. He wondered if it was because he had already told him that he was sure he was pregnant, but rather than that, it seems that he had already guessed before.


On the way home, Soohyun was silent. He looked at his face from time to time, but he was calm as usual.


As soon as Junwoo arrived at the mansion, he received a call. As he headed to the drawing room, he was able to meet Seohwan, who had arrived earlier than expected.


When the door was closed and only the two of them were left, Seohwan stepped closer to Junwoo with an expressionless face. 


“Are you sure about what Director Kim said?”


It looked like they’d already been contacted. Junwoo answered yes briefly and handed the document he was holding to Seohwan. As soon as he set his eyes on the papers, his eyebrows twitched.


Soon, he threw a fist. Even for Junwoo, who had been through alot before and after childbirth, it was a strong blow that made his eyes blur in an instant. His mouth was ripped open and he tasted blood.




Seohwan asked briefly.


Junwoo, who corrected his disordered posture, brought out the words he had prepared in advance.


“It is my fault. There was a mistake in the inhibitor I prepared recently, so I unintentionally… … . sorry.”


“Error… . it’s wrong… … .”


Seohwan looked at Junwoo’s face sharply as if he was trying to find something. His face was still unaffected, with his eyes closed.


Seohwan turned and sat down on the sofa. He loosened the necktie that had been cramped tightly with his fingertips and let out an unusually short sigh. Then he grinned


‘I’m the one who asked you to persuade him, but I’m sure you’ve already done it before that.’


Seeing that he hasn’t said anything about the heat cycle he went through with Junwoo, he wondered if Soohyun had accepted him.


Rather, it was a good thing. He didn’t like the order, but in a way, having a child is the surest factor in persuasion. If he still has feelings for Lee Joohyuk, it will be an opportunity to organize them.


“Don’t let Soohyun fall from your side from now on.”




“I’m talking about not only waiting outside the room.”


Only then did the eyes that had been lowered looked at Seohwan.


“I heard you at the hospital. He needs an alpha to supply pheromones.”


At that moment, Junwoo, who understood Seohwan’s words, bowed his head deeply.


“Thank you.”


Seohwan, who received the words of thanks, clenched his fingertips, and sent Junwoo away. He was pretending not to be, but he also seemed to need time to think.


As soon as he came out of the drawing room filled with heavy air, he could feel lungs opening up a bit. Junwoo, whose complexion had improved, quickly headed to Soohyun’s room.


The door was tightly shut. When he stood in front of it and tried to knock, he got strangely nervous.




Soohyun, who recognized his presence, opened the door from the inside. Judging by the fact that he took off his jacket and didn’t even change his clothes, he must have been nervous too.


Looking at Junwoo’s face, Soohyun stretched out his hand with a slightly startled expression.


“Are you okay?”


Soohyun’s hand touched the burning left cheek. The cheeks, which had turned red after being hit by Seohwan, felt a pleasant sensation at Soohyun’s touch.


Junwoo’s warm palm was placed on the back of Soohyun’s pale hand.


“Don’t worry.”


Even at Junwoo’s words, Soohyun scanned his body with his eyes to see if there were any more injuries. Even though he was old, Seohwan was also a formidable person, so he was worried that he might have touched hit excessively.


Junwoo, who entered the room holding Soohyun’s hand, which was on his cheek, looked at him affectionately. Perhaps it was because the gaze he had always rushed to hide was clearly exposed, he could feel Soohyun’s body tense.


“From now on, I will stay with you in the room.”


Soohyun’s eyes, knowing the meaning of the words ‘I’ll stay with you in the room’, fluttered intricately. Saying those words was nothing more than saying that Seohwan allowed Junwoo to go.


He secretly bit his lip. He could feel the strong scent that lingered around him for a long time, as if stroking him.


Soohyun took off the hand that was holding him and turned his gaze away.


“… I haven’t fully accepted it yet.”


Junwoo’s heart throbbed for an instant. He knew it, but it was too presumptuous.


He did not show any expression and softened his intensely flowing eyes.


“I know. And you catered to my greed.”


He couldn’t have known


When he was about to kiss Soohyun, who was confused in the hospital parking lot, he turned his head and pushed Junwoo away.


“Sorry. I, I… … .”


Soohyun, who said he was sorry, seemed angry with himself for some reason.


Junwoo lowered his painful eyes so he didn’t notice.


Was it because he was lacking, or because of Lee Joohyuk, or maybe because he was not his ‘pair’?


Either way, he was upset, but he tried his best to pretend it was nothing and kept his face expressionless. Then, he said something that would shake Soohyun the most.


“It is for the child.”


As expected, Soohyun immediately broke his expression at that one word. His calm face looked infinitely soft and precarious as it was then.


“Please use me for the sake of your child.”


Soohyun couldn’t push him away until the end.


He didn’t know how many times Junwoo apologized to him inside. He blatantly criticized himself for making him choose his own options using the child as an excuse.


Yet, he never took away his words. It was an opportunity that he would never have again.


* * *


“I got it, hyung.”


Haejun, who had been unable to see his brother recently, finally came to see Joohyuk. It took him a while to see the omega in the business world that he had met before, but luckily he got useful information.


As usual, Joohyuk, who was lying on the bed where Soohyun stayed, and manipulating an old clock, looked away just then. Haejun was not allowed to come in, but Haejun also waited without crossing the threshold.


Joohyuk sat up with his upper body raised and touched his forehead as he felt his head spinning for an instant.


He had been suffering from severe stomach cramps and was unable to eat properly. He was getting used to the pain in his stomach because his stomach hurt so often, but gradually he lost weight and the number of times he felt dizzy increased.


Haejun looked at Joohyuk and clicked his tongue. It was no use talking about going to the hospital because he insisted on saying that he was fine even if he was not in good health. He was halfway giving up now.


‘If you pass out like that, I’ll have to drag you around then, Won.’


He reported calmly, anticipating that he would fall down properly at some point.


“The Gayeon group will hold a party for the launch of a new brand in two weeks. Media officials will also come, but after that, they’ll have a second party for VIPs.”


“Jeong Sehyun will come to the second party.”


A sharp light quickly flowed into Joohyuk’s eyes, who looked helpless.


“Right. But it is VIP, and the people who will attend the second round will all be made up of only the vice presidents or presidents of companies. Agents are not allowed.”


As they realised, neither of them can attend the VIP party. Haejun sighed and said with a bitter expression.


“It’s still the party that Sehyun will directly attend. But there is no way to step in.”


“What are the exceptions?”




Haejun tilted his head and asked. Was there an exception to places where only the vice president or chairman of the company can attend?

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