Chapter 62

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Author: chef

Joohyuk gave an example while thinking of someone obvious.


“For example, the successor who is going to take over the company soon.”


Lee Jungho’s face appeared in their minds at the same time. Haejun, who had been surprised for a moment, pressed the corners of his eyes and shook his head.


“There is a possibility. But I don’t think he’s going to talk about succession so quickly.”


Of course, the position of the head of the Shinwoo group will go to Joohyuk. However, it was not likely that Lee Jungho would reveal his intention to succeed in just a few weeks. If he announced too early when Lee Sihoon was in detention, public opinion that it is hasty cannot be avoided.


“We have to make it happen.”


Even though he knew the situation, Joohyuk was planning to press Lee Jungho.


He owed him a huge debt, and he was aware of it. If so, he’ll be happy to use it.


Joohyuk, who had unusually lively eyes, held the old watch in his hand.


He must find and meet Jeong Sehyun. He didn’t know how far she can tell him about Soohyun, but she was the only clue.


‘Soohyun-ah… .’


He wanted to catch him and call him.


Like before, like back then.


He looked down at the old watch in his hand. The watch, which he held tight as if he would not lose it, suddenly became very hot with his heat.


* * *


The new brand launching party hosted by Gayeon Group was held by renting a huge hall. As expected, numerous political and business figures and executives who received invitations filled the hall. Countless media officials also helped fill the seats, each with their own cameras.


Gayeon Group, which has the No. 1 brand in the health food industry, officially introduced an eco-friendly cosmetic brand with the motto of health and demonstrated a portfolio prepared in advance. After that, a short briefing session was held on the marketing route after setting up the new brand’s flagship products to be directly tested.


About 3 hours after the launch party started.


Some of the people in the party started moving in secret. Some of the party leaders carefully contacted the VIPs who were eligible to participate in the second party.


One by one, people started to leave. There were so many people who participated in the party, and the number of those who fell into the second party was extremely small, so the decrease in the number of people was hardly noticeable.


Joohyuk, who participated in the party, also moved to the hall where the VIP party was held with his father, Lee Jungho. Jungho had an unappealing face until then.


Two weeks ago, when Joohyuk brought information that his partner’s older sister was Muyeol’s interim president, Jeong Sehyun, and asked him to share the succession story to attend a party, there was an uproar. Even if there was no blood relation, Lee Sihoon, who was said to be Lee Jungho’s son, was still in the detention center. In the meantime, if he talks about succession leisurely, the image of the group will only deteriorate, and it will never be good.


But Joohyuk was adamant. He started threatening Lee Jungho using the past as an excuse, saying it was not the time to choose the means and methods. He told him to thank him for making a request before he brought up everything of the past and forcibly removed him from the spot.


Although he felt betrayed and sad, Lee Jungho had no choice.


“What are you going to do about meeting your sister-in-law?”


He asked in a dissatisfied tone, but Joohyuk was silent. Rather than avoiding an answer, it seemed that all his nerves were focused on the people in the hall.


As expected by Lee Jungho, Joohyuk was thoroughly scanning the people gathered in the hall.


His piercing eyes soon reached a point. A familiar woman walked in through a door that could only be entered from outside, not through the door leading to the first party. She was a very beautiful woman wearing a dark gray translucent shawl in a black party dress.


It was Jeong Sehyun


It was the same when they met as Yoon Jaehee, but now that she came as the representative of a group, her dignity and intimidation were doubled. It seemed that the present party dress suits her more than when she was dressed in a suit.


As soon as she entered the hall, a large crowd had already gathered around Sehyun, who greeted several people with a smile. They must also be the chairman or vice president of a company, but the momentum was quite enthusiastic, probably because they were in front of Sehyun, who was rarely seen.


Among them, a 50-year-old man with a fussy feeling asked with a bitter smile.


“Last time we sent you an invitation to our party, why didn’t you come then? I have been waiting impatiently.”


“I’m sorry. As you know, I’m a temporary worker, so I wanted to be a part of this precious party.”


“Ha, what are you talking about? It is obvious that you will become the official president like this.”


“Thank you for saying that, but there is someone else sitting in the chairperson’s seat.”


When Sehyun lightly covered her mouth with her hand and let out a pleasant smile, the people around her all roared in unison.


“Didn’t you just say you didn’t know, that it hasn’t been confirmed until now? Is the real president-elect confirmed now?”


“Really? Did the person who will be seated as president-elect also attend the party today?”


“If it’s the next president, would it be Lee Hyerin? Or is it Director Kim Dongwoon?”


From the time Sehyun stepped up as interim president, the names of the candidates for the next president who followed her began to flow one after another. Still, Sehyun just smiled without saying a word.


A man’s arm was gently placed on Sehyun’s shoulder. People couldn’t help but be surprised when they saw the owner of the arm. He was not only a person in the business world, but also a person who had many interests in the economy.


He looked like he was more than ten years younger than his actual age, probably because he had sharp eyes and was of mixed race. He was a very handsome man with a gentle smile on his face, but he had a strange weight and a sense of intimidation that no one could easily approach.


According to the saying, a tortoise that is hundreds of years old is sitting inside. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to sit for decades as the chief executive of the Allen Corporation, America’s largest investment firm.


Even in the United States, he could not understand why a man with a name as one of the most prominent chaebols in the business world was here. Was there any kind of contract with the Gayeon group? However, to think that was the case, even the vice chairman of Gayeon group was surprised, on the other hand, he seemed quite friendly with the interim chairman of the group Muyeol.


Among the bewildered people, the old chairman of the Gayeon group rushed to say hello.


“Welcome. I got a call a while ago, but I didn’t think you’d really come… … .”


The president with high expectations reached out his hand as if to shake hands with the man. The man holding his hand smiled softly and said his name.


“Allen Jung, my Korean name is Jeong Seohwan. Are you Shin Taewoo, chairman of Gayeon Group? Thank you for allowing me to attend despite the sudden contact.”


“No. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for attending. But what about Chairman Jeong Sehyun? ….”


He glanced slightly. The old chairman of the Gayeon group seemed to be very interested in the friendly appearance of the two.


“Oh, I guess you all don’t know. It has not been publicly announced.”


Seohwan’s gaze reached Sehyun, his hands on her shoulders.


“Sehyun is my daughter.”


People were surprised and made a face of astonishment.


Everyone knew that Allen Corporation’s CEO, Allen Chung, had a wife. He had been married twice, and divorced his first wife, who had a grand wedding, less than 10 years later. After that, the second wife was married so secretly that only rumors abounded, and there were no definite information.


Allen Jung said that he had a daughter from his first wife and a son from his second wife. Neither of them was revealed to the public, so their exact age and appearance were unknown.


“Your, your daughter?”


Surprised eyes looked at Seohwan and Sehyun alternately. No matter what they thought, the combination of the two did not match. Why has Allen Jeong’s daughter been acting as interim president of Muyeol Group for years?


Seohwan brought up a surprising story as if he had made up his mind to them.


“My wife is Yoon Jaehee, the former chairman of Muyeol Group.”


People were assured that there would be a lot of uproar if there were reporters here. The former chairman of Muyeol Group, who died 20 years ago, Yoon Jaehee was the wife of none other than the CEO of Allen Corporation.


“Come to think of it, I heard that former Chairman Yoon Jaehee also has a daughter and a son.”


The Gayeon group president glanced at Sehyun. He and others, who were trying to estimate the age in their heads, were convinced that Sehyun was in the interim president position because she was the daughter of the rumored former chairman Yoon Jaehee.


Seohwan said in denial of that thought.


“Sehyun received Jaehee’s investment stake as a legacy. That’s why the private equity fund uses Jaehee’s name as a pseudonym.”


A few people mumbled in understanding. Rumors of Yoon Jaehee, the eldest daughter of the private equity world, had spread quite a bit among them. Sehyun was a very difficult person to capture both as interim chairman and as investor Yoon Jaehee. There were times when she appeared on her own, but usually there was no way to contact her unless she contacted them directly.


The crowds grew louder. All of a sudden, the VIP party was surprised by the great connection between the two.


It was the same with Lee Jungho, who was watching them.


“She… Allen Jung is the father of Muyeol Group’s interim chairman?”


Soon, Lee Jungho’s expression hardened.


The rumor that the second member of the Muyeol group is Omega has been well heard. In other words, the son of the deceased former chairman Yoon Jaehee was Omega, and judging from the circumstances, the current interim president Jeong Sehyeon was her daughter.


Joohyuk said that his partner’s older sister is Jeong Sehyun. Then… … .


It was only then that Lee Jungho realized that those who had been oppressing him in the past were not simply the members of a large domestic group. He wondered if the top authority in the American business world was behind it.


Lee Jungho, who thought that things were twisted, turned his eyes and looked at Joohyuk next to him. He, too, must have heard the contents, but there was not a single word of agitation. It was like it didn’t matter.


“… … !”


Joohyuk’s eyes widened to the size of a candle in an instant. His gaze turned to the entrance to the hall. Some of the people in the hall, including Joohyuk, fixed their eyes on the man entering the entrance.


A neatly dressed man with half of his bangs neatly raised was a more conspicuous face than a model or a celebrity. It was appropriate to say that he was an elegant and graceful beauty rather than a flashy glamor that made his eyes dizzy.


The handsome man in a tailcoat, who caught the gaze of the beholder and made it impossible to look away, walked towards Seohwan and Sehyun. Seohwan introduced him to the people with a smile on his face.


“Somehow, I will be greeting him here for the first time. This is my son Jeong Soohyun.”


Seohwan said without hesitation, so that it would imprint on people’s minds more clearly.


“He will soon be seated as the official president of the Muyeol Group.”


Everyone had their mouths open. They were so shocked that they couldn’t even speak properly.


Those who fixed their gazes on Soohyun with bewildered faces swallowed. It was surprising to see the son of former chairman Yoon Jaehee, who they had only heard of rumors, for the first time, and he was the next president of the Muyeol group.


As if to shake hands with people, Soohyun calmly greeted them by reaching out.


“My name is Jung Soohyun. In the near future, ‘My Group’ will host a party to commemorate my succession, so please attend it.”


There was a bit of tension on the faces of the bewildered young people for a moment.


An Omega, who was young before their eyes, was already calling Muyeol ‘my group’. In addition, he proudly asked for a handshake without bending his back or bowing his head. It was as if he was dealing with people of the same status.


Everyone who knew what that meant looked at each other. Jeong Soohyun already acted like a person sitting in the seat of ‘Muyeol Group’s president’, and they were standing at the crossroads of whether to accept it or not. If they shook hands here, it meant that they would acknowledge that he was the chairman of the Muyeol group and build a close relationship.


If it was someone from another group, they would probably tap or pat his shoulder instead of shaking hands. This would show that he thought that the future of the Muyeol group was at stake because a newcomer with no experience became the chairman. Instead of nervousness, there must have been subtle ridicule in the party hall, and later on, they would have tested their opponents with a big deal they had written in their favor without hesitation.


But no one dared to do that to Jung Soohyun.


Behind Jung Soohyun, who became the next president, was Allen Jung, who had real power in the American business world. He wasn’t even a simple guardian, he was the father. If they looked down  at Jung Soohyun and treated him lightly, there would be no way for Allen Jung to stand still.


In addition, there was a strange sense of intimidation that could not be ignored in Jung Soohyun. Even though it was clear that he was an Omega, it seems that even an Alpha cannot be reckless. From the outside, he was closer to the weak side, but they could feel the natural magnificence of the body overwhelm the surroundings in an instant.


A hand popped out from among the people who were only watching.


“I am Woo Cheolhwan, the chairman of Gayeon Group. Please take care of me, President-elect Jeong Soohyun.”


The party’s organizer, Gayeon Group’s chairman, was the first to hold Soohyun’s hand. He smiled softly and let out an excited voice.


“I never dreamed that such a young person would be the next president.”


“I’m really begging you. We look forward to maintaining good cooperation with each other in the future.”


“Of course. You are welcome today.”


At that moment, a faint smile appeared on Soohyun’s face. Just that alone, they felt the tension-filled air soften a little.


When the organizer of the VIP party, where only the top of the company can participate, acknowledged and accepted Soohyun, they were now clamoring for a handshake. Soohyun calmly held each hands and exchanged greetings briefly.


Jeong Sehyun, who was standing next to Soohyun with a smile, told people that she would serve as his assistant and that she would step down to the position of vice president of Muyeol group after succession. People said that Sehyun has made great achievements as interim president, and if she assists, it was clear that the Muyeol group will grow even bigger.


Soohyun, who had been greeting people, suddenly turned his head. A strong gaze was felt among the people.


Joohyuk, who was frozen with his eyes wide open, and Soohyun, who had an innocent face, looked at each other.


Soohyun looked at him for a moment without blinking his eyes, but finished greeting those around him and walked over of them.


Soohyeon, with an unobtrusive and dignified walk, approached Joohyuk straight.


Joohyuk fixed his gaze on Soohyun, who was approaching him, and couldn’t move. His dark, deep eyes began to fill his face more and more.


“Are you Chairman Lee Jungho of Shinwoo Group? My name is Jeong Soohyeon, the next president of Muyeol Group. I wish you all the best.”


Soohyun, who came closer, reached out to Lee Jungho with a calm voice. Lee Jungho, who had a nervous face next to Joohyuk, glanced at him and held Soohyun’s hand.


“… Yes. I wish you all the best.”


As he spoke, his mouth was still dry. It felt like he was chewing on sand.


Soohyun’s hand turned to Joohyuk this time. He had a pale face, and his mouth was moistened several times as if his voice had not come out.


Soohyun’s eyes widened slightly as he looked at Joohyuk. Just then, a trembling voice came out of Joohyuk’s mouth.


“Soohyun… … !”


“Nice to meet you.”


He felt his heart flutter and fall.


There seemed to be a creaking noise from deep down there.


“I heard that you will soon become the chairman of the Shinwoo Group. Congratulations.”


“Ah… … .”


No voice came out. It was as if the words drew a line, pierced his throat and blocked his speech.


When he was in front of him, he wanted to hug him and cry, saying he was sorry, and constantly calling out his name. He tried to say that he hoped that he would blame him for forgetting the past by putting a name in his mouth that he could not call no matter how much he wanted.


However, in Soohyun’s eyes, he had already become a person who could not even touch his emotions.


He looked down at his outstretched hand. There was no tremor in the white hand that was calmly outstretched.


He raised his hand with a feeling of vomiting blood. He wanted to hold his hand like this, pull him up and hold him in my arms.




My only mate


My omega.


There were many things he wanted to say, but he couldn’t get them out. All he could do was to hold on to the cold hand that showed the already broken relationship.


“… Nice to meet you.”

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