Chapter 66

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Author: chef

Episode 66 


“Are you okay? Why are you likethis?”


“… why do you…care… .”


His hand, which was raised with difficulty, gently pushed Joohyuk’s chest. Joohyuk frowned as he looked down at his fingertips, which were merely touching.


“Sorry. … You can push me away as much as you like later.”


Putting his arms under Soohyun’s back and legs, Joohyuk pulled him out of the driver’s seat and held him lightly. Then another Alpha’s scent came out. It was the same faint scent he felt when they met at the party. His feet were tied to the spot and his whole body stiffened.


It was as if he was saying, ‘I’m not your omega anymore, so don’t mind me.’ It felt like he was saying not to interfere because he was the omega of another alpha.


I grinded his teeth.


‘What’s wrong with another Alpha?’


He stretched out his stiff legs without hesitation.


‘Even if he abandons me, my only omega is Soohyun.’


Without delay, he headed straight to his car. Joohyuk, who sat Soohyun in the passenger seat, immediately moved the car.


“Oh… .”


Soohyun, who had been groaning softly, turned his head as if he was having a hard time. The pale face that had lost consciousness turned to Joohyuk.


Joohyuk held the steering wheel with one hand and squeezed Soohyun’s hand. The cold hand gradually warmed up with Joohyuk’s body temperature.


* * *


Joohyeok, who urgently visited the large nearby hospital, immediately took Soohyun to the doctor. 


In the meantime, Joohyuk cracked down on the mouths of people in the hospital. It was late at night and it was fortunate that there were not many people, but the two were the most talked about entrepreneurs in the media recently. No matter how collaborative they were, the young Alpha and Omega were together at such a late hour that nothing good could come of it. Even if he was like that, he thought that it should not have a bad influence on Soohyun.


By the time he thought he could die from nervousness and anxiety, the busy movements of doctors and nurses stopped and Joohyuk had an interview in the name of a guardian.


According to the doctor, Soohyun had symptoms of dehydration, nutritional imbalance, and stress and anxiety. Although he covered it up with his clothes, Joohyuk felt apologetic as he noticed that he had lost more weight than before. If only he could, he wanted to hurt himself as much as he suffered and hurt. He couldn’t understand why Soohyun had to be sick.


Looking at Joohyuk’s serious face, the doctor even opened his mouth.


“If this gets worse, pregnancy can progress to premature birth, so stay at the hospital for a few days and continue to drink fluids that supplement glucose and vitamins… … .”


Joohyuk, who was listening to the doctor’s words, heard the words pregnancy and raised his head.


“What did you say just now?”


“Yes? Oh, of course he must be busy, but he still have to be hospitalized for a few days and get fluids… … .”


“No, before that. What did you say before that?”


The doctor, who was tilting his head, spat out the words that stole Joohyuk’s nerves.


“I told you that it could lead to miscarriage.”


Joohyuk’s head was quickly filled with confusion. He couldn’t be sure what the word ‘pregnant’’ meant, but he couldn’t help but ask.


“Pregnant… ?”


“Yes, some pregnant people… .”


Hearing the doctor’s words, Joohyuk quickly passed out. His legs, which he had been standing on, momentarily staggered, so the doctor quickly supported his arms.


Looking at Joohyuk’s bloodless face, the doctor couldn’t help but think that he had said something wrong. He clearly had a shocked face. Still, it was the doctor’s duty to explain the patient’s symptoms and subsequent treatment to the guardian, so it could not be said that what he had already said was nothing.


The doctor asked cautiously.


“Didn’t you know he was pregnant? He must have had severe morning sickness and stress.”


Upon hearing the question confirming that he was pregnant, Joohyuk sat down on the floor.


Joohyuk, sitting on a chair next to Soohyun’s hospital bed, stared at his face for hours. A bit of blood had returned to his pale face, but he still looked sick.


Joohyuk gently squeezed Soohyun’s hand out of the blanket. He lightly wiped the hand that was wrapped in one hand without straining it, and then carefully put it on the bed. The feeling of each other’s body temperature mixing was incredibly pleasant.


In an instant, Soohyun’s hand twitched.


“Uhm… .”


Joohyuk, startled, quickly released his hand. Fortunately, Soohyun didn’t seem to notice.


After opening his eyes, Soohyun blinked a few times before recognizing Joohyuk.


“why… … !”


Soohyun was surprised and tried to raise his upper body, so Joohyuk quickly stopped him.


“Lay down. You can’t wake up all of a sudden.”


With a careful but determined hand, he lightly pressed Soohyun’s shoulder and showed a somewhat troubled smile.


“How are you feeling? Shall I call a doctor if you’re tired?”


Soohyun, who was looking at Joohyuk with a hardened face, turned his head away and said coldly with his eyes closed.


“Why am I here?”


“You passed out in the car. It looks dangerous, so I took you to the hospital… … .”


“Don’t do something useless.”


Joohyuk lowered his eyes at the thorny words. In his eyes, Soohyun’s hand was clenched into a fist as if holding back something. Unknowingly, Joohyuk, who had reached out over the back of his hand, hesitated and withdrew his arm.


“… Do you want something to eat?”


Soohyun frowned at the sudden question and looked at him. Joohyuk was holding his hands together and his head half bowed.


“Tell me anything you want to eat. I’ll get it for you soon.”


“Lee Joohyuk, what are you doing?”


It was obviously strange to suddenly ask him if he wanted to eat something.


“They said it seemed like you couldn’t eat properly because of morning sickness. Even if you have severe morning sickness… They say you have to eat something so you don’t go hungry.”


Hearing Joohyuk’s words, Soohyun was shocked and surprised. Then, his eyes lowered. After being brought to the hospital, he wondered if he might have found out about the pregnancy.


He could see Joohyuk’s shoulders and hands shaking a little. It looked like it was hard to close his eyes as soon as he lowered it.


When Soohyun didn’t say anything, Joohyuk couldn’t stand it and got up rather hastily as if he was trying to leave.


“I’ll buy you something you might like. You should be resting.”


The moment he smiled and turned around, Soohyun held him back with his words.


“Aren’t you going to ask?”


Joohyuk stood tall with his back turned.


“What… … ?”


Sensing that he deliberately pretended not to know, Soohyun slowly raised his upper body and sat down.


“You knew I was pregnant. Why don’t you ask who my partner is?”


It was a calm, but cold word. On the other hand, Soohyun’s clenched fist was shaking so badly. To the extent that if Joohyuk had turned around and looked at him, he would want to hold his hand right away.


Joohyuk said nothing. He thought he shouldn’t have answered, but he didn’t move at all, as if something caught his leg.


In the meantime, Soohyun’s calm voice was heard.


“It is not your child.”


It was a calm voice that seemed to flow in passing. But the blade inside it was too sharp. A merciless blade pierced Joohyuk’s chest and cut his heart painfully.


But he couldn’t let out a single groan. All he could do was refrain from shaking his body.


“… I’ll be back soon.”


He stretched out his feet that would not move and headed for the doorway. His eyes were dizzy and his vision shook uncontrollably, but fortunately he managed to hold on until the moment he left the door.


He left the hospital room, closed the door, and took a step down the long hallway. It felt like a heavy weight was attached to his leg.


When he took the second step, the vision he was forcibly holding on to became blurry at once. He tried to take another step with one hand on the wall, but his legs gave out and he fell to his knees.


He felt heat rushing to his eyes, and hot tears flowed helplessly.


“Ugh… .”


Joohyuk groaned and swallowed his breath. Tears rolled down his cheeks and fell on the hallway floor with a small sound.


It was already expected. Next to Soohyun was a decent dominant alpha, and his partner was probably him.


Regarding collaboration, he found out when he toured the villa with executives. The fact that he, who was attached as Soohyun’s secretary, has an upright affection that he cannot have in a short period of time. It was hard to see it as loyalty.


There was never a time when the dominant alpha didn’t have Soohyun in his eyes. just like he did


‘To Suhyeon, he’s a very nice person. Good… … .’


His mind went blank in no time. He couldn’t think of anything.


He thought the sound would come out at this rate, so he covered his mouth with both hands. He was out of breath, but that was better.


His heart ached like crazy. It was as if a knife had been plunged in his chest and stirred around.


But despite the pain, he didn’t groan. He just swallowed desperately, covering his mouth. Because he thought it was pain that he should endure.


After Joohyuk left the hospital room, Soohyun, who was left alone, broke down the expression he had managed to maintain. On his face, instead of the solid cold, only a dangerously shaking sadness remained.


<Even if hyung can’t remember, I just need to remember. I just need to remember where we were together, and I’ll remember the words we said together and our covenant.> 


‘I’d rather not remember anything.’


The more he remembered, the more it hurt him, and the more painful it was. Just like Joohyuk did, it would be nice if he could forget everything, even for a few years.


He remembered the back of Joohyuk as he left the hospital room.


There was no trembling. The low voice was still there, and it only felt like he looked a little bad. His steps were steady as he left the hospital room, and even when he closed the door and left, nothing out of the ordinary was seen. If anyone else had seen him, he probably wouldn’t have noticed anything strange.


If anyone else saw it, that is.


A subtly rigid response, a feeling of suppressing pain, and suppressed pheromones.


Soohyun, who had only looked at Joohyuk, could not possibly know.


It was strange.


He wanted Joohyuk to return even a little bit of the wounds he had received so far, but for some reason, the size of the blade coming back to him was not small.


He hated being sick because of him. He wanted to stop hurting now.

His past self vowed to love him for the rest of his life, no matter who he was, no matter what he looked like, no matter how he changed. He thought it would be nice to watch him from a distance, and to see him happy with the other omega.


If he had known it would hurt like this, he would never have thought of such a thing.


Clear drops of water fell on the back of his hand, which tightly gripped the blanket covering his legs.


<I love you, my only alpha.>


He recited it countless times as he wrote it in his last letter. It was a word he couldn’t get out of his mouth even while his heart was being torn apart by Joohyuk, and he just swallowed it.


And now, it was also something he should never have said.


* * *


Joohyuk came back after a long time.


Entering the hospital room with a dark face, he saw Soohyun getting off the bed and picking up his coat, and approached him a moment later.


“Why aren’t you lying down more?”


Soohyun silently tried to pull out the drip needle attached to the back of his hand with his back turned. Joohyuk put down a heavy black plastic bag full of something on the bedside table and quickly grabbed his arm and turned it around.


“Soohyun-ah, wait… … .”


“I told you not to touch me.”


The cold eyes and sharp voice pushed Joohyuk away. He flinched, but did not let go of the hand holding Soohyun. Even that was not enough, and he even forced him to sit on the bed.


Joohyuk’s eyes touched the half-remaining ringer’s liquid.


“Go after it’s done. Or you’ll fall again.”


“It’s none of your business.”


“I know, but for you… … .”


“Lee Joohyuk.”


He took Joohyuk’s hand away from him and called out his name like a sigh. As expected, Joohyuk kept his mouth shut like a speechless person.


“Didn’t you hear what I just said?”


Soohyun’s eyebrows went up.


“You don’t have children.”


“I know.”


Soohyun’s eyes began to twist as he looked at Joohyuk.


“If you know, stop it. I don’t want there to be gossip about you and I.”


“… I’m going, so take this instead and go. I’ll go if you agree to do so.”


No matter what Soohyun said, Joohyuk was stubborn. When he replied that he had no choice but to do so, his face softened.


Soohyun, who forcibly looked away from Joohyuk, gave out a tired voice.


“I called someone, so stop it.”


“Okay… .”


He seemed to know who Soohyun had called. Joohyuk’s eyes fell and his face darkened even more.


“… Alpha pheromones are also lacking. Try not to get away from your alpha partner if possible… They say it’s good to have a relationship.”


He tried to speak calmly, but at the end his voice trembled. Thinking that Soohyun should have a relationship with another alpha made his fingertips tingle as if electricity were running through him and his heart skipped a beat again.


“Are you okay?”


Even though it was not a casual face, Soohyun pretended not to know and dared to ask.


“Is it okay if I have a relationship with another Alpha?”


Joohyuk’s eyes trembled. He made no reply.


Soohyun frowned and asked another question.


“Do you want to care so much even if it’s not your child?”


The question kept poking at Joohyuk’s chest. His face contorted painfully.


Joohyuk swallowed his words for a moment with his eyes tightly closed, then turned and headed for the door.


“Because I’m worried, until someone comes… I’ll be outside.”


Soohyun’s gaze followed, but Joohyuk immediately left the hospital room. Looking back now, it seemed like he was going to hold on to him and pour out all sorts of words.


Joohyuk closed his eyes and closed the door to the hospital room.


“… How can I not care?”


He thought he should swallow it, but the words flowed out of his mouth on its own. The suppressed sound pushed its head out of his throat, ignoring his will.


Joohyuk, who leaned against the door and sat down as if sliding, touched his forehead.


‘It’s my job. It’s my job, no one else’s… . How can it not matter… there is no… .’


His heart, which he thought would calm down, soon began to ache. It was so painful that he kept breathing heavily.


‘It’s your child.’


Joohyuk, with a distorted face, struggled to swallow a moan with his eyes wide open.


‘It’s your child in your arms…’ .’


It didn’t matter who the opponent was. It was just that Soohyun had a child because of someone, that was important.


And because of that important fact, his heart was getting ripped open and tattered from being cut again.


He kept thinking nonsensical thoughts.


‘If that child was my child.’


‘If the child Soohyun had was none other than my own,’ he thought.


‘It’s disgusting, Lee Joohyuk.’


He blamed himself and inflicted more pain on himself.


‘It’s a child of another alpha, not yours.’


The words he chewed through made him suffer so much that his blood went cold inside him. A terrible chill pierced his heart, spreading more intense pain.


He groaned and rose from his seat. If Soohuon came out and saw him now, his heart, which he had hardened for so long, might weaken. Because he was a kind and tender child by nature, he could be shaken.


‘No, Soohyun-ah. Do not be shaken and do as you wish.’


Even though the words were spoken to provoke him, Soohyun’s face reflected anguish, albeit weakly. It shouldn’t be.


The only thing that should hurt was himself.


He dried his face with his hands and straightened his distorted face as much as he could. He sat in a chair at the end of the hallway and turned to watch the entrance to the hospital room.


Joohyuk saw a man standing on the stairs at the end of the hallway.


The man in black, who ran up the stairs in a bit of a hurry, immediately recognized him. It wasn’t long before Joohyuk also recognized who he was.


Junwoo, who couldn’t wait for the elevator and climbed the stairs so quickly that he was out of breath, strode toward him as soon as he saw Joohyuk. His normally expressionless face is distorted with anger.


“Why are you here?”


A large alpha pheromone swelled and approached menacingly. Joohyuk felt the thrill of being stabbed due to his huge pheromone, but he did not show it. In Joohyuk’s head, only the thought that the man in front of him would be Soohyun’s mate remained.


An Alpha who has loved his Omega, and an Alpha who will protect his Omega for the rest of his life no matter what.


And possibly, the father of the child his omega harbors.


Thinking so, Alpha’s instinct to raise his head was gradually suppressed. Rather than being an alpha who stole his omega, he first thought that he was just someone who would care for and support Soohyun. The only Alpha who can do what he couldn’t do.


Joohyuk smiled bitterly and passed Junwoo.


“Soohyun, please take care of him.”


It was a calm voice, but inside it was full of anguish.

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