Chapter 68

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Author: chef

Episode 68: 


Soohyun, who left the mountain hut and got into the car, was staring blankly at his hands.


The hand held by Joohyuk was still hot. He tried to cover it with his other hand, which was cool, but it only heated up together, but the heat did not go away.


When he set foot in the mountain hut, the sense of the day he saved Joohyuk was revived again.


He was desperate, obsessed with one thing: to save his alpha. Even when he was chased, that thought did not change. When he was caught by the kidnappers, he heard the first regret that he would go a little further and take a little more time. He wanted Joohyuk to survive and escape no matter what he did.


When he was about to die and then came back to life, the only thought in his head was the comfort of his alpha. As he crawled on the floor to find him, a chill from the bleeding rose to the top of his head, but even that was so desperate that he could ignore it.


Thinking about the past, he gritted his teeth. At this rate, it seemed that he would be dominated by the sensations of that day. The sense of wandering in search of only his own alpha.


He turned back to clear his mind. He felt like he couldn’t stay here any longer.


But in front of the door was none other than Joohyuk. Joohyuk from that day overlapped on his face, which appeared silently. He was begging for it was dangerous, and to please throw him away and run away.


‘I’m sick and tired of it..’


He hated him for constantly shaking him.


If he erased all traces of being with him, will it be okay only then?


“Don’t tremble, Soohyun-ah.”


When he remembered what Joohyuk had said, the hand he was holding trembled.


“Don’t hesitate and do whatever you want.”


He wanted to erase all traces of him.


But as if denying it, the afterimage of the past did not let him go easily.




 As if disturbing his suffocating head, the cell phone he put in his jacket pocket vibrated as it touched his chest. Maybe it was because he was thinking of Joohyuk, and even though he couldn’t call him directly, for a moment, he wondered if it was him.


Fortunately, the sender was Sehyun.


– Hyuna, there’s good news.


Sehyun’s voice was a little excited. She spoke in a voice filled with laughter.


– I think a board meeting will be held at Shinwoo Group soon. The main agenda is the dismissal of Chairman Lee Joohyuk.


It was expected. Collaboration with the Muyeol group itself was a big deal, but everything else went wrong, so the proposal for dismissal came out quickly.


But even though it was what he had hoped for, for some reason, he was heartbroken.


He was listening to Sehyun half-heartedly, but Junwoo, who was at the steering wheel, also took out his cell phone. After confirming the sender, he made eye contact with Soohyun through the rearview mirror. He nodded his head slightly and then answered the phone.


After the brief call with Sehyun was over, and when he put his phone back in, Junwoo looked at him again through the room mirror. It seemed that the call was still going on, but Soohyun, who felt the gaze, asked aloud.


“What’s going on?”


Junwoo seemed to hesitate for a moment. Then he answered with some caution.


“It is said that a person who wanted to meet the president urgently came to visit.”


Soohyun’s brow furrowed slightly. Wasn’t it a fact that everyone knew that people in the position of president can’t be idle enough to meet someone who wants to meet in a hurry? Even while ignoring that, he wondered who the other person was asking for a meeting.


“Who is it?”


Junwoo hesitated once more.


“… Lee Jungho, former chairman of Shinwoo Group.”


* * *


Jung Junghwan had been as busy as Soohyun lately as he has been having meetings with Korean business people. It was the moment he was moving towards the important meeting place that was still scheduled in advance.


Reports about Lee Jungho were also delivered to him.


“Now, what are you going to do? … .”


Seohwan, who had a sharp tongue, immediately called Lee Jungho.


After meeting at the Gayeon group’s party, there was a meeting just before he resigned as chairman. Since Joohyuk had recognized Soohyun, it was obvious that he would inevitably recognize him anyway. So Seohwan kept his mouth shut once more, as he had done in the past.


He quietly handed over the chairmanship to his son and wanted to be quiet until now, but when he suddenly popped out without notice like this, he became annoyed.


As soon as Lee Jungho answered the phone, Seohwan made a low voice.


“Former Chairman Lee Jungho, I thought you understood my warning properly.”


A voice was heard from the other side one beat later.


-I’m sorry.


“Speak with me for a moment. I will send someone there, so please come out immediately.”


-I’m sorry.


Seohwan’s eyes were getting wrinkled at the repeated words like a machine.


“Mr. Lee Jungho.”


He wanted to warn him once more strongly by removing even the title of ‘Ex-Chairman’, but Lee Jungho spoke up first.


– The only thing I have to say to the President is that I am sorry.


Seohwan, noticing the intention behind Lee Jungho’s words, grabbed the cell phone in his hand as if he was about to break it.


“Don’t talk nonsense to Soohyun.”


The tone was so full of venom that even the driver who was holding the steering wheel and the secretary in the passenger seat shuddered. The air suddenly became heavy and it felt stuffy.


-… sorry.


In the end, Lee Jungho, who ended with repeated words, hung up the phone. Seohwan looked at the phone and dialed again, but the connection was not made because the power was turned off.


He wondered if Seohwan’s face was getting expressionless, and then a cold chill turned around.


“Call the Muyeol group’s secretary and tell them to get Lee Jungho out right away.”


The secretary looked at him in the mirror in surprise.


“But nonetheless, he is the former chairman of the Shinwoo Group. If you forcefully pull it out, it will probably look… … .”


“I do not care. Take him out and prevent Soohyun from meeting him.”


The secretary had no choice but to find out and took out his cell phone.


“Postpone the meeting and turn the car around.”


The secretary who was just about to call the Muyeol group’s secretary’s office was startled and stopped. Seohwan’s voice had a rare hint of impatience.


* * *


Lee Jungho, who had arrived at the Muyeol group to meet Soohyeon, sat down on a chair in the waiting room and sighed deeply. In his hand was a cell phone that had been turned off.


Fortunately, with Soohyun’s permission, he was able to stay in the waiting room until he arrived.


He clasped the phone with both hands. His hands were trembling like a man with tremor.


“I don’t care if I lose everything. In the first place, I was just thinking of Soohyun and holding on.”


“I can give up anything if he wants.”


After reuniting with his partner from 17 years ago at the party, all of Joohyuk’s nerves were directed towards Jung Soohyun. It wasn’t just about having someone to look at. It wasn’t all that because he finally found the mate he thought he had lost.


Joohyuk was thinking of giving everything he had to his partner. Even though he had a face that looked like he was going to die of sickness, he tried to embrace all his choices. Even a sharply forged blade.


Soohyun’s outstretched knife was sharp and merciless, as if it would cut through everything. He didn’t know what words were exchanged between the two, but just by looking at Joohyuk’s face, he could tell how painful it was.


As it was for his son, he threatened Joohyuk and forced him to hold on, and in the end he passed the company to him as he wanted.


But Joohyuk was not happy. Of the things he had accomplished, he just couldn’t make him laugh.


Rather, what he has built up for Joohyuk has only become one of the things that will make him difficult and painful.


‘This is the knife I made.’


The knife that cut through his son was made because of his own mistake. Even if he can’t get rid of that knife at all, if he can make it a little dull… … .


In Lee Jungho’s head, only Joohyuk’s regrets and resignation filled his face.




Immediately, the door opened and a secretary came in and announced the arrival of Chairman Jung Soohyun with a smile.


He quickly got up and followed his instructions. He clenched the cell phone in his hand as if it were something to solidify his resolve.


While heading to the president’s office to meet Soohyun, security officers in black suits suddenly stopped in front of them.


“I’m sorry, but you can’t see the president. Please leave.”


The secretary who was guiding was puzzled and asked what was going on. He had already received Soohyun’s permission, so as a secretary, he couldn’t understand why they were suddenly doing this.


“This is President Allen’s order.”


Then the secretary’s mouth was shut. No one already knew that Allen Jung of Allen Corporation, which was larger than the Muyeol Group, was the father of Chairman Jung Soohyun. It was the same with the secretary.


While the secretary hesitated, not knowing what to do, the security guards firmly grabbed Lee Jungho’s arms.


“No matter how I resigned, I was definitely the president of the Shinwoo group. Who is trying to force me out like this?”


“I’m sorry. We’re just doing what we’re told to do.”


Even with Lee Jungho’s words, the security guards were just stiff.


Rather than thinking that it was the first time in his life to be treated like this, he first thought that he would not be able to meet Soohyun if this was the case. Allen Chung, no, Jung Junghwan was a person who did not know what to do with himself after that. If he was in the position of chairman of the Shinwoo group, there would be an element to protect himself, but now that he has stepped down, he will be nothing more than dust in his eyes.


In such a state, it was not difficult to prevent people from opening their mouths like this.


Lee Jungho, who was pretending to be meek, twisted his body and raised his voice.


“Leave me! I must see the president today… … !”


“What’s the matter?”


The movements of the security officers stopped for a moment. In the place they turned around, Kang Junwoo, secretary to Chairman Jung Soohyun, was standing. In addition, he was the general manager of the MYS, which, until a few months ago, was a member of the security staff.


The security guards bowed to him in unison with tense faces.


“He is the former chairman of the Shinwoo Group, Lee Jungho. President Allen told us to bring him out right away.”


Lee Jungho, who did not know who Junwoo was, looked at the actions of the security personnel and predicted that he was a person sitting in a fairly high position. However, he too would be under the influence of Jung Seohwan, so it was difficult to expect help.


However, contrary to his expectations, Junwoo dissuaded the security personnel.


“Let go and go back.”




The security guards looked bewildered.


“President Allen ordered it.”


“I know. It doesn’t matter, let him go.”


“But… … .”


Junwoo, who came closer, grabbed the wrist of the security guard who was holding Jungho Lee’s arm. Because of the sudden and strong grip, the security guard’s hand fell with difficulty.


“Don’t be mistaken for the president you are serving.”


The security guards hesitantly watched. Junwoo said, removing all the hands of others holding Lee Jungho.


“The only president of the Muyeol Group is Chairman Jung Soohyun.”


No one could say anything at those words. Although Jung Junghwan’s power is enormous and he was Soohyun’s father, technically, he was the CEO of another company. As a habit, they placed Seohwan on top of all authority.


Junwoo, who took Lee Jungho from the security guards, took him to the president’s office.


Just before knocking on the door, Junwoo asked Lee Jungho without even looking at him.


“Are you here today as the former president of Shinwoo Group?”


Junwoo’s head turned and his cold gaze reached out to Lee Jungho.


“Or as Lee Joohyuk’s father?”


Lee Jungho, who met his gaze, noticed only then. That the man in front of him knows what Joohyuk and Soohyun were like.


He hesitated.


If so, he thought he should change the subject. If it was because of Joohyuk’s work, it may be infinitely private and reluctant for them.


After thinking for a while, Lee Jungho finally answered honestly.


“… I came here as a father.”


He thought that maybe the words might cause the security guards to come in again. If that happens, he’ll have to open the door in front of him to meet Soohyun, even if he purposely made a riot.


At the moment he was nervous, Junwoo’s eyes were removed. He raised his hand and knocked briefly, then opened the door. Lee Jungho looked at Junwoo with a slightly surprised face, but his face was so expressionless that he couldn’t read anything.


Lee Jungho, who entered the chairman’s room alone, could see Soohyun coming out of the desk and walking over. He looked a little more emaciated than when he saw him at the party, but his sense of dignity and coercion was not unusual enough to be called Jung Junghwan’s son.


Soohyun, who came closer and asked to shake hands, suggested Lee Jungho a sofa. With the glass table in the middle, Soohyun, who sat at the top, calmly spoke to Lee Jungho, who was seated at his diagonal.


“I heard you have something to say.”


Soohyun’s eyes narrowed.


“Are you here to tell us that the company is in danger? If not, would you have come to ask for a negative vote on the dismissal of Chairman Lee Joohyuk, who will be on the board of directors?”


It was a voice without emotion, but there was a clear sarcasm mixed with the words.


Lee Jungho did not show any anger or displeasure at his words. He only faced Soohyun with determined eyes.


Then, Lee Jungho suddenly bowed deeply. His head almost touched the glass table.


“I’m here to tell you everything about what happened 17 years ago and apologize.”


Lee Jungho’s voice contained a hint of repentance.


* * *


Minutes before meeting with Lee Jungho, the car carrying Soohyun approached the company.


Junwoo, holding the steering wheel firmly, opened his mouth and asked.


“Why do you think Chairman Lee Jungho came to visit?”


“It must be because of Lee Joohyuk.”


Soohyun, who threw his gaze out of the car window, concealed his complicated mind and spoke as if nothing had happened.


“Ex-Chairman Lee Jungho must also know that there was talk of a dismissal plan. It’s good to see his son being thrown out of his position as chairman of the group he has worked so hard for.”


Yeah, it won’t change anything.


A CNU group that Lee Jungho has built as if he had dedicated everything so far. He will swallow it whole and fire Lee Joohyuk, who succeeded him, and bring him down. There was no wavering in his desire for revenge against Lee Jungho, who was the culprit of the incident 17 years ago.


“Then why did you accept the interview?”


At Junwoo’s question, Soohyun’s shoulders twitched.


The vehicle stopped at the signal, and Junwoo fixed his gaze with the rearview mirror. Soohyun was expressionless, but agitation passed through his eyes.


“It’s going the way you want it to, and no matter how much ex-Chairman Lee Jungho begs, you don’t have any intention of canceling the dismissal plan.”


It was just as Junwoo said. In fact, even if he met him and had a conversation as expected, Soohyun would only get tired. That was why it was a waste of time in itself to meet him.


“You really want to hear a different story, don’t you?”


“… What do you mean?” 


Soohyun asked, frowning slightly. Junwoo tightened his grip on the steering wheel.


“Aren’t there a lot of things you want to hear and ask about Lee Joohyuk?”


Again, Soohyun’s eyes fluttered wildly.


It might be better not to bother. As Seohwan said, he thought that it would be for him not to tell Soohyun about Joohyuk’s past.


Even so, Junwoo eventually ran out of luck.


Soohyun was getting tired day by day. Obviously, he never seemed comfortable, even though things were going the way he wanted them to. It was sad to see him trying not to be shaken.


Sometimes it was so dangerous that he felt like he was about to burst into tears. Every time he did, he sent out a warm pheromone to calm him down and hugged him affectionately.


In that way, Soohyun’s precarious appearance disappeared quickly. But rather than because it was stable, he just pretended to be stable. To hide his shaking heart.


Soohyun’s danger appeared more and more frequently day by day. From a certain moment on, even the pheromone that he released could not easily stabilize him. Seeing him exhausted and anxious, all he could do was hope that his pheromone could completely envelop him, even if it was only once.


However, the reality was very different. Neither the unrivaled size of the alpha pheromone, nor the warm and friendly hug, nor the existence of himself who could hold his hand whenever he stretched out his hand, nothing could support him.


Soohyun said that he would erase all traces of Lee Joohyuk. He said that it is difficult because traces of him remain, and he said that after erasing all of them, he would be able to feel more comfortable.


Junwoo, who was by his side, knows best that this will not be the case.


“It seemed that he wanted to come here as the father of Lee Joohyuk, not the former chairman of the Shinwoo Group.”


He wanted to shut his mouth. It was as if there was a beating in his head telling him not to say anything.


He only just got it. The seat next to him took a long time to get. Right now, he was an alpha like a temporary solution for him, but one day, the time will come when he will stand on his feet in the place where Joohyuk had been.


So, he just had to wait without saying anything.


‘I know. But… … .’


Can Soohyun survive until then?

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  1. This is definitely one of those books where I’m going to finish with a bitter taste, because of the list of side characters that need a beating before the end of the book but did not receive a beating. Especially both fathers need a thorough, comprehensive beatdown.