Chapter 7

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It was always like that during Joohyuk’s rut ​​cycle. One or two people couldn’t handle him, so several Betas were summoned at the same time. Even though it was a rut cycle, he has never climaxed and his sex drive was several times stronger than usual, so one partner couldn’t do it. It was something that could only be handled by taking turns between several people.

It would be better if he could ejaculate, but since that was impossible, he had sex excessively following his instinct to constantly reach his climax. Joohyuk, who immersed himself in sex without sleeping properly for several days, looked like a crazy person.

In such a state, not to mention Joohyuk’s exhaustion and extremes, the people who came in and out were never in a normal state. Such scenes were not good for the eyes, no matter how much the bodyguards saw it. It was easy to get caught up in useless gossip.

Joohyuk and Yihyeon, alone in the spacious penthouse space without a bodyguard, headed to the bedroom. Joohyuk threw his coat roughly on the floor and laid on the bed with his eyes closed. It seemed like he had quite a bit of control over it because he had entered his own space, but it was only for a short time. Before long, he won’t be able to overcome his sexual desire and will try to hold someone.

First, Yihyeon had to call people. He can suppress the pheromone in the room while they arrive, and then move them to the room which can only be entered when having an affair.

Yihyeon picked up Joohyuk’s coat and put it on the back of the sofa in a hurry, taking out his cell phone.

“I will call people soon.”

He turned around and walked towards the door, scanning his contacts. He doesn’t know how many people will be able to come right now, but he was going to call only three people for now. The forced cycle by the accelerator was only about one-third the intensity of a normal estrus, so if three people take turns, it will be enough. Instead, they should promise them compensation for their hard work.

First, he called the secretary general. He couldn’t explain the details, so he told him that Joohyuk would take a three-day break for personal reasons.

As soon as the phone call was over, he looked through the contact information. It was time to reach out to call one of the people he had in mind. Suddenly, an arm wrapped around his waist, and his body was pulled back.


The moment Yihyeon opened his eyes wide from the sudden movement, his body was thrown onto the bed. As he was about to get up in a moment of surprise, big, hard hands pressed both his wrists down. Instinctively, he flinched and tried to get out of the grasp, but Joohyuk didn’t budge because of how strong he was.

Joohyuk, who got on top of Yihyeon, exhaled a hot breath and looked at him. His slightly bloodshot eyes stared at Yihyeon as if he was about to eat him.


He calmly called Joohyuk.

“I will call for people soon.”

Joohyuk’s face quickly drew closer. With his eyes wide open, Yihyeon quickly turned his head. Joohyuk never kisses his sex partner. Even if his eyes were wild because of the rut cycle, after kissing him, Joohyuk might get angry.

“Executive Director, please wait for a moment…”

“Look this way.”

Joohyuk’s voice, approaching his ear, was low. His hot breath seemed to tickle his ears and the insides.

He opened his mouth and made his voice as calm as possible.

“Sir, I am not a partner.”

So calm down.

However, it seems that Yihyeon’s inner feelings did not reach Joohyuk.

“Look at me, Kwon Yihyeon.”

It was a voice that seemed strained.

He slowly turned his head at the command he could not refuse. When the eyes that seemed to grab him met, he gasped for breath.

Joohyuk’s lips urgently touched Yihyeon’s. He held his breath and closed his lips. Joohyuk’s hot tongue pierced between Yihyeon’s lips, but the tightly closed lips did not think about opening.

“Ha…open your mouth.”

Joohyuk gave the command with a rough breath and swallowed Yhyeon’s lips again. Yihyeon, who was hesitating, opened his mouth as he commanded, and immediately pushed his tongue in.

Joohyuk’s tongue, which invaded Yihyeon’s mouth, immediately wrapped around the hardened flesh as if paralyzed. Then, pulling hard enough to hurt, Yihyeon’s body trembled.

Joohyuk swept the back of his trembling tongue with his own, and gently stroked it from the lower teeth to the upper. Then, when he raised the tip of his tongue and drew it in and touched the roof of his mouth, it trembled finely from the depths of his mouth.

It was weird. He had never thought of wanting to kiss someone, but he couldn’t bear to not do it to Yihyeon who was in front of him. He wanted to get into his mouth somehow and swallow his breath.

When they kissed, he couldn’t pull his mouth away. Was the kiss so sweet? He never thought that other people’s saliva could be as sweet as honey. He kept wanting to explore more.

That feeling was also felt by Yihyeon. The pheromone alone was irritating, but the sensation of a dense kiss felt like a mess in his head.

As soon as Joohyuk’s lips fell off, Yihyeon gasped for breath and struggled to pull out his wrist. However, Joohyuk’s grip was so strong, and he couldn’t move because he was pressing down on his body.

“Ha…ha…Manager, I’ll call your partner… !”

“I think I’m going to die right now, Mr. Kwon Yihyeon.”

A voice filled with heat blocked Yihyeon’s words. Compared to a proper rut, he was able to maintain some reason now, but getting his body excited was another matter. Joohyuk’s face, which was already hot, looked very colorful.

“I don’t have time to wait for my partner, so please cooperate.”

As he spit out those words, he wanted to let Yihyeon’s hand go, but instead, he grabbed his tie and loosened it and started tying his wrists with it. As if Yihyeon’s old wristwatch was interfering with the process, it got entangled with the tie, but he didn’t care.

With both hands above his head, Yihyeon, who had been tied up, looked up at Joohyuk with a stiff face. He took off the vest and shirt at once with Yihyeon in his eyes. A strong body with good looking muscles was clearly revealed.

This time, while unbuttoning Yihyeon’s shirt by hand, he couldn’t wait and tore it open. The buttons had fallen off and the white skin that was exposed was exceptionally difficult to be trampled on by the eyes.

Through his shirt he looked plain, but his body was revealed with evenly distributed muscles. It was not even a body he’d seen once or twice, but somehow his sex drive kept growing.

Joohyuk’s lips touched Yihyeon’s neck.

“… Ah!”

A sound leaked out of Yihyeon’s mouth at the sudden pain. His body trembled and his emotions were revealed as if brushing against his face.

Anxiety, fear, excitement.

Just by biting off the fragile neck, that emotion came out at once. Yihyeon, who had always kept his emotions under control, turned his head in case Joohyuk saw his expression. Fortunately, Joohyuk seemed to like the teeth mark on the neck that he had bitten, and was gliding over the area with his tongue.

It was dangerous. If it wasn’t for lying in an upright position, he might have been bitten at the nape of the neck. The engraving wasn’t scary. He was afraid that Joohyuk would have a hard time because of the engraving he didn’t want.

Joohyuk raised the corners of his mouth with excitement, wondering if he thought that Yihyeon’s body was shaking because he felt it. When he lifted his eyes, he remembered a slightly turned face, but there was still no expression on it. Suddenly, he wanted to see that face crumble.

Joohyuk put his eyes on Yihyeon and looked down at his chest. He liked the light colored little nipples. As soon as he put it in his mouth and licked with the tip of his tongue, Yihyeon widened his eyes and looked down. Joohyuk met his gaze and began to roll  his tongue around the small bump.


A short moan erupted from his shaking mouth. Although he quickly covered his face with his tied hands, Joohyuk did not miss the momentarily distorted expression on his face.

“Get your hands off your face.”

Saying that, he quickly tapped the nipple with the tip of his tongue. His back was bent and his chest was pounding. Joohyuk looked up at Yihyeon while pulling on one side of his nipple with his mouth and the other with his fingers. He groaned several times, covering his face with both hands. There was a constant groaning sound.

Yihyeon did not listen to his orders and it instantly annoyed him. He bit the nipple he was holding in his mouth and twisted the other side with his fingertips. An unbearable moan came out of Yihyeon’s mouth painfully.


A slight fishy taste exuded from the bitten nipple. It must have been bleeding.

He scolded him, licking the nipples that were bleeding with the tip of his tongue.

“I told you to take your hands off your face. Don’t make me say it twice.”

At Joohyuk’s threat, he hesitated and put his hand down. He frowned a little, but it was nothing special. Joohyuk put his tongue back in and put Yihyeon’s hands on top of his head and pressed them down on the bed. Then he gripped the bloody nipples tightly.

“Hands, leave them there and don’t move them. If you put them down, you’ll fall from the bed first.”

At Joohyuk’s annoyed voice, Yihyeon looked up at him with trembling eyes. Joohyuk didn’t have to wait for his approval. He was in too much of a hurry to even care about that.

When he unbuckled his pants, Yihyeok looked down in surprise. He wondered if he thought that the bottom wouldn’t be touched. He thought it was quite worth seeing his eyes shaking anxiously.

“Director, there…”

His pants and underwear were taken off at once. His slightly erect penis was exposed.

Joohyuk held Yihyeon’s penis in one hand. With that alone, his body shook and the expression on his face began to appear. It was pretty satisfying to see his eyes wide open with a red face.

When Joohyuk looked into Yihyeon’s eyes, it seemed that something was conflicting. Joohyuk thought he was rolling his head to get out of this situation.

“Be quiet.”

He gripped the genitals he was holding in his hand. Yihyeon’s face distorted.

“Isn’t it okay if I give you  a lot of money after it’s finished?”

At those words, Yihyeon’s eyes widened. With a shocked expression on his face, he trembled around his eyes, then closed his mouth and lowered his eyes.

“I see… I… ”

The words that he struggled to say were annoying, but Joohyuk didn’t have time to worry about it. The expression on Yihyeon started showing and caught Joohyuk’s attention and he did not let go.

A desire other than sexual desire was constantly filling up. The desire to see his unfamiliar faces.

Joohyuk gently stroked Yihyeon’s thing, which was in his hand. His body shuddered a few times, then as he accelerated, his tightly closed lips parted open and hot breaths began to flow out. That alone was strangely stimulating. It was a completely different feeling from the other partners, so he was puzzled. He wondered if it was because he was in a rut or if it was because it was Yihyeon.

He licked Yihyeon’s chest and buried his lips in his upright nipples. Although the bitten part was bitter, the stimulation seemed to be a strange pleasure in combination with the heat below. Yihyeon’s face gradually revealed an expression of excitement.

Joohyuk moistened his lips with his tongue and showed a warm smile.

It was a great stimulus. Yihyeon tried desperately to suppress it, but the excited face that crept out was stronger than any other stimulant. Joohyuk felt the pain in the lower part of his body become so stiff that he released Yihyeon’s lower part that he was holding.

Yihyeon, who was breathing with a half erection, looked down at the sound of the buckle loosening from below. Suddenly, Joohyuk was taking off his clothes.

Contrary to what he was worried about, Joohyuk was fully erect. Judging from the way he reacted to him, he thought that it might be the influence of the rut, but when he thought about what happened so far, it seemed that was not the case. Even if he doesn’t use an inhibitor, he wondered if it had a reaction because he was a ‘non-scented omega’.

Yet another concern arose. He’d seen it a lot while Joohyuk was having sex with other people, but he couldn’t help but get scared when there was such a big bulge between his legs.

But Joohyuk didn’t want to put his in right away. Yihyeon’s legs were spread apart and he licked the inside of his thigh with his tongue, observing the change in his expression. As their eyes met, the sensation felt through his thighs quickly turned into a sensation of heat and focused downwards.

A person who didn’t caress or kiss other partners was acting really strange now.

Yihyeon knew that if his body was excited, love juice would flow out from the back. If that happened, Joohyuk may see it and find out that he was an Omega.

It just had to be stopped. When he finds out that he is an Omega, he would not be able to be with him.

The other partners knew Joohyuk’s behaviour, so when showering, they loosen their bottom enough before coming out. That wasn’t enough, so they used almost half of the gel they had prepared on the bed. It was because if they didn’t do that, they couldn’t be able to have sex with Joohyuk.

However, in this situation, it was difficult to directly use the lower part, which had never been used, and there was no lubricant to replace the love liquid. However, it was impossible to let the love liquid flow down comfortably.

Yihyeon had no choice but to sacrifice himself to the sudden sex without preparation. If the lower part was torn, he will be able to suppress the pleasure due to the pain.

He looked up at Joohyuk with his usual expressionless face.

“If you want to do it, do it quickly and finish it.”

As expected, Joohyuk’s eyebrows twitched. While Yihyeon intentionally aroused Joohyuk’s temper, he clenched his teeth at the feeling that his pheromone was changing violently as if it were grabbing his neck.

Joohyuk smirked.

“Is it Kwon Yihyeon’s preference to be stuck in a blind spot?”

Even though he wasn’t friendly, he did a few things that could be called caressing in his own way.

Joohyuk looked at Yihyeon, who was silent, and moved his finger to the hole below him. When he pressed down on the tightly closed hole with his finger, his thigh clenged for an instant.

“Have you ever used this?”

He knew at least half a year had passed. During this time, Yihyeon stayed by his side without missing a single day.

He trembled in denial.

“… No, I haven’t.”

“That’s sad.”

Joohyuk’s hard thing touched the entrance of Yihyeon’s hole.

“It would be very painful if Kwon Yihyeon did what he wanted.”

At the same time as those words, Joohyuk’s glans began to dig into his hole without any care.

“Ugh… !”

His back twisted with great pain. His hips and thighs trembled, and his hands on his head stood stiffly. His eyes widened at the pain from below, and his mouth opened on its own. More severe pain than he had thought shook Yihyeon’s brain.

He could clearly feel the hot genitals coming in through the tightly closed hole. Even though only a part of the glans came in, it felt like his breathing was blocked.

At that moment, Joohyuk’s thing suddenly pulsated. He could even feel Yihyeon clenching his glans tight.


At first glance, he could hear Joohyuk’s breathing.

But something was strange. It felt like something hot was exploding inside. Surprised because it was so hot, a stronger pain came up his back as he pushed further into the hole.


As he was out of breath, he heard laughter from above. He turned his gaze to look up at Joohyuk, and saw him looking down at him with trembling eyes with his forehead twisted.

Joohyuk pulled out his genitals, where only the glans had gone. When Yihyeon flinched at that feeling, a slimy liquid flowed out of his hole. He was startled thinking it was the love juice for a moment, so he looked down, but a shocked face appeared first.

Joohyuk’s hand touched the hole. He touched the liquid that had flowed out of the hole that had not yet been completely closed, with his fingertips and rubbed it lightly. After seeing Joohyuk’s fingertips, Yihyeon, who had been nervous, was able to feel half relieved.

What was on his hand was thick milky-colored semen. Thinking about it calmly, he wasn’t excited enough, so he was nervous even though there was no way for the love juice to come out yet.

Then he was surprised.

How could Joohyuk be able to ejaculate?

Up until now, Joohyuk was able to get an erection from sex with other people until just before ejaculation, but he was a person who could not taste the climax of the relationship. So, after having sex with a limited time, he went into the bathroom alone, grabbed his own thing that was about to explode, and solved it by masturbating.

It was even more impossible if the opponent was an Omega. Joohyuk’s body, which instinctively distinguished Omegas even if he didn’t feel the pheromone, never had an erection when they were his partners. Whatever the case, it was absurd.

So Yihyeon could not understand this situation.

He was a ‘dominant omega’. In addition, Joohyuk knew him as a beta. Even with those two reasons, he couldn’t believe it because he knew very well that Joohyuk couldn’t reach his climax with him.

It was the same with Joohyuk.

This was the first time he had ever had sex where he felt the climax through someone, and that he ejaculated before it was properly put in.

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