Chapter 74 - Chapter 74

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The fact that the two of them recognized each other even before they were marked and had already shared a covenant became a hot topic.


There were two meanings between Alpha and Omega’s pairing. One was that  they were clearly ‘paired’ through imprinting. And the other was that even if they don’t imprint, they were fateful ‘mates’ who recognize each other and love each other more than anyone else.


The two young presidents made it clear that it was the latter.


Among them, there were rumors that they were imprinted for the purpose of growing their business, but they said that the risk due to hasty imprinting was too great for that because they were both people who sat in a high position and were chairman.


As a result, people took a favorable interest in their situation and the unseen connection.


The two people’s imprint, pregnancy, and marriage have been steadily talked about for a while amidst a lot of interest from people.


* * *


“The report submitted by this company seems to have made some mistakes.”


At Joohyuk’s words, the head of the secretary shrugged his shoulders a little with a nervous face.


“Isn’t it a report that was reviewed and uploaded by us?”


“That’s right, but it seems I didn’t understand it. I’m sorry.”


He quickly looked down, but the chief secretary couldn’t relax.


He has been with Joohyuk in the same position since he was the executive director of Shinwoo Construction, and recently belatedly joined as the chairman’s chief of staff. In addition, he was also a person who knew everything about Joohyuk’s past.


So he got nervous. In the past, Joohyuk used to coldly shout at them for waste his time when this happened. Either he or he called the person in charge and uttered terrifying words.


However, Joohyuk showed a different appearance than before.


“Tell them to review and submit, and make sure to tell them not to do this next time.”


Joohyuk, who presented the payment documents with a calm face, added.


“Each of these minor mistakes affects the image of the company. If I see the same mistake in the same place next time, I can’t simply warn and move on.”


“Yes… I will deliver the word.”


He managed to hold on to his confused face and accepted the documents Ju-hyeok held out. Even so, he was busy trying to gauge Joohyuk’s planting.


Was he in a bad mood, or was he bored, or was he annoyed?


He tried to speculate on the negative side, but there was nothing that he could catch from Joohyuk’s expressionless face. He only looked calm.


It’s been like this lately.


In the past, Joohyuk would sometimes make a fuss, and there would be times when he would use harsh words. However, he hadn’t been emotional for quite a while lately, and it felt like he had hit a wall that was calm and of moderate thickness. He was a person who has risen to a remote position now, with the bodyguard who never left his side.


He didn’t know anything else, but it was clear that it had a good influence externally. When he went directly to collaborate or trade with other companies, he would roll them in his mouth, no matter who he was, and sign a contract on good terms. Calmness, which shows little emotion, was able to gain a significant advantage.


There was a time when Joohyuk’s face was the only one with a pleasant smile.




Joohyuk’s cell phone on the desk made a clear vibrating sound. Joohyuk’s face naturally smiled when he saw the name on the screen.


“Get out.”


As soon as he heard Joohyuk’s words, the chief of staff bowed and turned around. He thought that he should avoid the seat quickly, so he walked quickly and reached the door. As he turned the doorknob to open it, he heard a different voice behind him.


“Are you done with work already?”


A kind voice that he had never heard before. The expression ‘honey drips from the voice’ was appropriate to use at times like this.


It was a voice he could never have imagined was the same person as before. He couldn’t even compare it to when he was in charge.


The chief of staff pressed the corners of his mouth that went up involuntarily and pulled them down as he left the conference room.


Joohyuk, who was left alone in the chairman’s office, leaned back comfortably in his chair and focused on Soohyun’s voice over the phone.


-I’m on my way to my last meeting. I don’t think it will take long, but do you have time in the evening?


“Of course. Anytime you want.”


A small laugh was heard from the other side.


– I want to ask you a favor.


It was rare for Soohyun to bring out the word favor. At times like that, he usually knew very well that it was when he had something that only he could listen to.


“What kind of request is it?”


He would listen to anything he said, but for some reason, he thought it was an important request.


As he waited for an answer, Soohyun calmly asked.


-My ossuary, please go with me.


Joohyuk’s face hardened in an instant. There was no way he didn’t know what he was talking about.


“There… why?”


It was a bittersweet place for Joohyuk.


It was the place where he missed Soohyun for 17 years, leaving an urn of unknown origin. In honor of him, he shed countless tears and sobbed. It was also the place where he prayed for the permission of ‘Kwon Yihyeon’ to the young Soohyun.


After he found out that Soohyun was alive, he never set foot in it. It was a pitiful shame for Joohyuk, but he couldn’t find a reason to go there anymore after meeting Soohyun. So it was practically abandoned.


However, it seemed that Soohyun had no intention of leaving the place unattended.


* * *


Joohyuk, who arrived in front of the charnel house, saw Junwoo standing at the entrance and approached him. Soon it will be winter, so even though the weather was cold, he was waiting without even entering the charnel house.


Unlike when they met before, Junwoo, who calmly stabilized his alpha pheromone, bowed slightly toward Joohyuk.


“Why are you here?”


“The chairman is inside. I’ll be waiting outside.”


Joohyuk grabbed Junwoo’s arm, who answered emotionally in a husky voice.


“There’s a lounge inside where you can wait. Wait there.”


“That’s all right. As it is…….”


“If Kang Junwoo’s condition is disrupted, it will affect Soohyun, right? Please wait there.”


Junwoo’s legs, which were firm, moved only after making an excuse using Soohyun’s name. Yet his eyes looked a little sour.


After dragging Junwoo and taking him directly to the lounge, he headed to the room where Soohyun was located.


Soohyun stood at the entrance of the mortuary. What was he thinking, he remained motionless with his eyes on the empty plaque.


“Soohyun, why are you standing like this?”


Haejoon previously said that Soohyun had his fingerprints registered just in case he stopped by. Soohyun probably knew about it.


Soohyun, who looked back at Joohyuk, smiled slightly.


“I don’t think I should be opening the door.”


Soohyun reached out and touched the solid glass door of the mortuary as if stroking it.


“It’s made for me, but the owner of this place is definitely hyung.”


On the surface, it was a place to honor him, but in fact, it was Joohyuk who needed this place to live. It was he who needed this place most, and soon he was the sole owner.


“Please open it yourself.”


Don’t be afraid of the 17 years of illusion.


Don’t even look away.


Look at it directly.


“The time that hyung stayed here is precious to me, so please open it for me.”


The words moved Joohyuk’s legs, which had been grounded.


He forced his trembling finger to put it on the fingerprint recognition device. There was a small mechanical sound and the door opened.


There was nothing different from the previous one, which he stepped into a few months ago.


The things that filled the cupboard, the unique cool air, the unnamed urn.


Unlike Joohyuk, who couldn’t even walk a few steps and stopped in the middle of the mortuary, Soohyun walked unreservedly across the place made for him when he thought he was dead.


From the end of the cupboard, Joohyuk did not move until Soohyun looked at the items one by one. No matter how much he thought about it, he couldn’t bear to see Soohyun’s face because he thought it was an item dedicated to an illusion.


“Soohyun, as expected…….”


“Hyung, the things here.”


Soohyun turned around and stood in front of Joohyuk. Unlike Joohyuk with trembling eyes, Soohyun’s eyes were infinitely deep and calm.


“Can you give me everything?”


Joohyuk looked surprised at the unexpected words.


“The things…here?”


He thought they were useless items dedicated to an illusion.


Joohyuk shook his head quickly. Even though Soohyun wanted them, he thought it was wrong.


“I’d rather buy you a new one with all the same things. There are a lot of old things here, and moreover… No, let’s get out for now.”


He spoke hastily and grabbed Soohyun’s hand and pulled him out, but he held out and rather pulled Joohyuk.


“There’s no point in buying a new one.”


Soohyun’s voice was firm.


“These are the evidence of hyung missing me for 17 years. You collected it here to give it to me.”


“That’s true, but…….”


Soohyun smiled kindly as he gently swept Joohyuk’s trembling eyes with his thumb.


“I want everything because it’s a trace of my brother who dedicated it to me.”


He thought they were useless items dedicated to illusions.


Rather than thinking of a vague partner with little memory of the past, he gave his heart to the unnamed urn and looked at it with affection. Filling in his own gifts for the dead.


However, Soohyun was saying that it was not an illusion or another person, but that it was dedicated to him.


“Actually, it’s already mine.”


Even if Joohyuk does not allow it, he has clearly said that the owner of the item is him, and he has said again that he wants to have all the traces he has left. None of the traces were useless.


The objects that had been offered with tears for 17 years finally found their owners. No, the owner was decided in the first place. Even in the past when he was drawing up a vague pairing, and even now when he has a lifetime promise.


Soohyun wrapped Joohyuk’s face in his hands and kissed him briefly as if to soothe him. When he soothed him, he said, “Why are you crying again?” and “Crybaby.”


Does Soohyun know?


His trivial words have given great meaning to some of Joohyuk’s past, which has become meaningless.


* * *


All of the charnel house’s items were to be put into the villa. Soohyun wanted to fill each other’s traces in a place full of memories of the past.


But there was work to do before that.


“Be careful of the door when you take out the goods. So that it doesn’t hurt.”


Joohyuk warned the two men who were taking out the dusty sofa with a serious face. As soon as they took the goods out with utmost care, other people came out with shabby tables. He rolled up his sleeves and carried them together because he couldn’t stay still.


Before he knew it, the old furniture and machines in the villa came out one by one.


Soohyun arrived when almost all the things inside were coming out and many people were trying to clean up the villa. When Soohyun got out of the car, he approached Joohyuk a little shocked.


“I think I’m here on time. Did you start already?”


He took out a handkerchief and wiped the sweat on Joohyuk’s forehead.


“I thought we would work together.”


“No matter how much it is….”


Since Soohyun can’t stay still when others work, he started working earlier than he promised on purpose just in case he tried to help.


Soohyun, who was looking through the villa with his eyes on the working men, asked quietly.


“What about the basement?”


“It was a secret, of course. I’ll clean up when everyone’s gone.”


“I’ll help you, too.”


“No, I’ll do it alone…….”


Voices burst in behind the two squabbling in a whisper.


“I’ll clean the basement behind the villa.”


When he turned his head, Junwoo, who drove Soohyun’s car, was standing. He looked at the faces of the two with expressionless faces.


“…”How does Secretary Kang know about that?”


When Soohyun asked with a nervous face, Junwoo answered calmly.


“After receiving the land, I found out while looking at the condition of the building.”


Soohyun looked bitter.


He was such a sharp-eyed person that it was worth noticing.


He looked at Joohyuk’s face thinking about what to do, but he looked fine. Rather, he whispered to Soohyun with a smile.


“It might turn out better that way. If we’re both in the basement, they’ll think we’re missing and go crazy.”


“We’re not at a young age, it can’t be.”


While answering, he smiled because he remembered a day from the past. Even then, there was one more person who knew the existence of the basement. If he couldn’t find the two of them, there was someone who would come by.


Anyway, Soohyun was going to stay at this villa for prenatal education after two days. He will be with Joohyuk, but Junwoo will also be there. Instead of letting others in, he volunteered to play the role of bodyguard and butler.


Soohyun had opposed Junwoo’s decision. Even so, it was so cruel to have him by his side even though he knew that he liked him and that it was the same now.


However, Junwoo has said that he is only for Soohyun, and that he has already completely given up his desire for the seat right next to him. The only goal in his life is to support Soohyun in a healthy and safe manner, so he asked him to tolerate that. He hesitated to ask with unshakable eyes, but he couldn’t push Joohyuk out recklessly when he was told to do so with a smile.


Perhaps it was inevitable for Junwoo, who became a butler, to know the existence of the basement.


After the cleaning was over and all the workers stepped down, Joohyuk and Junwoo headed to the basement. Soohyun said he would clean up together, but the two were so adamant that he had no choice but to look around the interior of the villa.


The two, who entered the basement, which was humid and slightly moldy, decided to put out useless junks first. It was Joohyuk’s job to distinguish between junk and miscellaneous things because he intends to leave the items containing memories with Soohyun as they are.


Wearing woodworking gloves, he took out an old wooden table and a rusty drawer about the height of his knees and collected them in front of the stairs, and Junwoo put them out of the basement.


“Thank you.”


When Joohyuk spoke out, Junwoo, who was coming down with a drawer outside the entrance, replied with an expressionless face.


“Chairman Jung will also be there, so of course we should help him.”


“Of course, it’s the same for you to help me like this, but that’s another story.”


Junwoo, who was about to go outside with a heavy wooden box, paused.


“I wanted to say thank you for the opportunity.”


Joohyuk put down some useless boards and looked straight at Junwoo. There was a calm smile on his face. His face was so bright that he believed he was a completely different person from when he met him at the hospital.


“There’s nothing to be thankful for. I just respected the chairman’s decision.”


“Still, Kang Junwoo wouldn’t have had a hard time making the decision to go to him.”


Joohyuk had no choice but to thank Junwoo.


Through his father Lee Jungho, he heard all about the situation when he visited Soohyun. At the beginning of the story, Junwoo’s story came out unexpectedly. Without him, he was told that it would not have been possible to meet Soohyun or to confide in him about past events and Joohyuk.


He thought about what would have happened if Junwoo had prevented Lee Jungho and Soohyun from meeting. If so, both him and Soohyun would have been completely different from now.


“…I only want the chairman to be happy. It’s been like that since I first met him, and it’s the same now. It will continue to be so.”


Junwoo’s eyes became cold for a moment.


“Don’t forget that if the chairman finds it difficult to be around Lee Joohyuk at all times, I can take him away any time.”


His warning was sincere, and he was there for it.


“If you show a gap, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.”


Even though the words were harsh, Joohyuk’s face still had a calm smile.


“One opportunity is enough. I don’t want to regret it any more.”


Joohyuk’s lips went up a little higher.


“I’m so glad that someone like Kang Junwoo was next to Soohyun. It’s unnecessary for me to say this, but please continue to take care of Soohyun.”




Junwoo, who was staring at Joohyuk’s face, picked up an object on the floor with the intention of turning his eyes.


“You have no sense of crisis.”


“That’s right.”


Joohyuk, who laughed in vain, also turned to stack other objects. Then, a voice came from the end of the stairs.


“As expected, I’ll help.”


“You can’t.”


“No way.”


Both of them spat out words of dissuasion at Soohyun’s voice. Their voices were as determined as if they had been woven together.


* * *


The neatly arranged villa was filled with new furniture in just a few days. The largest room on the second floor was filled with items from the charnel house.


Soohyun was smiling unconsciously as he looked at the items placed in a transparent glass cupboard with a view inside. The traces of all the time Joohyuk missed him were truly heartwarming and touching.


He was looking at things quietly when someone gently hugged him from behind. Soohyun, who already smelled the person’s scent through the open door, leaned his back head against him without being surprised. So naturally, soft lips touched his forehead.


“This room has become a complete exhibition room.”


Joohyuk, who hugged Soohyun, whispered in a smiling voice. Soohyun closed his eyes, relaxed as if he had completely entrusted himself to him.


“I like it.”


A room full of traces of the chief mourner. When he thought he was surrounded by evidence of missing him, he felt at peace and a strange joy overcame him.


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