Chapter 75

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Author: chef

“I should have piled up things instead of letters.”


About half of the letters Soohyun left in the basement were difficult to open. He had to open it very carefully, and some of the letters were quite faded even if he opened them.


When he put a letter on the desk in the basement, he sometimes thought it would be better to put it somewhere else. However, he couldn’t do that because he was worried that Joohyuk might not notice the existence of the letter or let it slip.


As such, the existence of white and small letters was so noticeable in the basement full of dark and murky objects. It’s old and dirty now.


“I like the letter.”


Joohyuk kissed Soohyun’s cheek and hugged him tighter.


“I could see what you’ve been thinking, what you’ve been looking at, and how you’ve missed me.”


Because it was a written letter, it was conveyed more vividly. In it was evidence of how much Soohyun searched for and missed him.


“I need to increase the number of cupboards.”


Soohyun raised his eyes and looked up at Joohyuk’s words.


“There’s still a lot.”


“I’m going to put in the letter you gave me.”


When he looked around the empty cupboard with his eyes, Soohyun reached out and turned his face to him.


“Don’t do that, let’s keep the items you gave me, and my letters together.”


Soohyun smiled.


“Put my first letter where hyung gave me a present in the first month, and put the second letter next to the item in the second month.”


Collecting the traces of each other missing each other in one place. If they do that, they will no longer be alone.


“And let’s put our traces in the future in the empty spaces. Sol’s, too.”


Joohyuk smiled softly, imagining the traces of three people filling several empty cupboards.


“Then we should increase the cupboard as expected.”


He whispered, kissing Soohyun’s lips.


“There’s so much more to come that we’ll leave behind.”


As if to sympathize with this, the two lips that were in contact were pleasantly interlocked.


* * *


“Ha .”


He couldn’t hold back the laughter that came out of his mouth.


Lee Sihoon frowned, not even thinking about opening his fist, which was clenched.


‘Marriage? Lee Joohyuk and Jung Soohyun?’


Did this happen when he was busy working on his sentence reduction?


‘What is she doing?! I leaked information to Lee Joohyuk for some reason… … !’


He imagined crushing Jung Sehyeon’s face that popped up in his head as he stepped forward. While heading to the meeting room, he was half-conscious about the news of Joohyuk that his aide had delivered.


He knew that if he leaked information about who ‘Kwon Yihyeon’ was and his sister Jung Sehyeon to Lee Joohyuk, he would definitely pick up on the hint. If it was Jung Sehyeon, she would have proudly kicked out Joohyuk, who couldn’t give up his obsession with Soohyun, and it would have been natural for him to go unnoticed by the Muyeol group. At least in Lee Sihoon’s head.


‘It’s good that Lee Joohyuk went to the party in search of Jung Sehyeon. He knew he was going to be president. But after that, what the hell happened and why did they even get married?’


There was no way that Jung Soohyun would have forgotten the humiliation he suffered in the hands of Lee Joohyuk. Although he knew that a contract had come and gone to protect him at the risk of his life, from Lee Sihoon’s point of view, he couldn’t possibly love Lee Joohyuk. Who would like Lee Joohyuk after being treated like that?


However, they are planning to get married and have a child.


If Lee Joohyuk lost his mind and went to Jung Sehyeon and made a mess asking her to hand over Soohyun, it would have been sorted out on its own. It would have been the same even if Lee Joohyuk sat as the chairman of Shinwoo Group.


However, his expectations were completely wrong.


‘Fuck, that seat was mine. It’s mine, Lee Joohyuk.’


Jung Soohyun was the only omega son of the former chairman of Muyeol Group. Lee Sihoon guessed that the reason why Jung Sehyeon was temporary chairman at the time was to hand over the chairmanship to Jung Soohyun in the future, so he had no choice but to covet him even more.


The seat next to Soohyun, chairman of Muyeol Group, was a prestigious seat that no one could touch. So after Lee Joohyuk was sorted out, he would try to look at him again.


Grinding his teeth and distorting his face, Lee Sihoon soon arrived in front of the meeting room.


The door opened and he saw a familiar face through the transparent wall. As soon as he saw him, the corner of his mouth went up on its own, and it quickly became a smirk.


“Are you here, brother?”


Despite the ridicule in his voice, there was no change in Haejun’s expressionless expression as he was looking at him.


Sitting across from each other, Sihoon gave a sarcastic look at Haejun, who was looking straight into his eyes.


“I thought I was done with my business, but what happened? Oh, it looks like the commutation will be confirmed, so did you come to rub your palms in preparation for retaliation? Or did you come here to tell me that Lee Joohyuk and Jung Soohyun got their boats right?”


Haejun looked at him quietly and muttered like a sigh.


“Should I say I’m glad you’re still the same?”


He knew that the article about Joohyuk and Soohyun had reached him. It was clear that he was probably very upset on the inside. Still, seeing as he doesn’t explode it outwardly, he should be able to have at least a rational conversation.


“Did you hear about Mom?”


Unexpected words came out of Haejun’s mouth, but Sihoon’s face was expressionless, as if he was not interested.


“She blew up everything and became an idiot, right?”


Haejun’s hands, which were on his lap, flinched.


She was the mother who cherished Sihoon the most. However, even though Sihoon heard the news that she had become an idiot, he did not show any change in his feelings.


“Mom was crazy. She would have been fine if she just worked quietly, but she said she tried to blackmail father with Park Hyein’s urn, using people behind her.”


“Yes. And he made sure not to take her urn.”


At Haejun’s calm words, Sihoon pursed his lips.


“I guess mom didn’t know you would be such a traitor. Because you were so obedient and docile from a young age.”


Sihoon leaned back deeply in his chair and looked down with arrogant eyes.


“If I had known that you were a bastard who would backstab us like this, I would have abandoned you a long time ago.”


Haejun didn’t blink an eye even at the angry venomous remarks. Unlike before, he just stared straight at him with a smile on his face.


“So? I don’t think you are here to let me know that mother’s mismanagement has made her an idiot, but what do you really have to say? If you’re here to talk about the asshole Lee Joohyuk, do it quickly. I’m more interested in talking about that bastard.”


If it was the story of Seohee, he knew enough anyway. She was trying to somehow shape her future, but since she became an idiot, he wasn’t very interested in her backstory. She’s become an idiot, so instead of prison, she’ll be in a mental institution for the rest of her life.


To Sihoon, her existence was as if it had already been erased.


“… Hyung still only cares about Joohyuk.”


Sihoon laughed in response to Haejun’s bitter voice.


“Isn’t it obvious? He made me look like this… … !”


“Was it different before she made hyung like that?”


“… what?”


Sihoon’s eyebrows twitched. Haejun fixed his gaze on his face and spat it out clearly.


“You’ve been like that since the first time you met Joohyuk hyung. You were somehow anxious to break Joohyuk, the hyung who had no interest in the world.”


A bitter sneer hung over Haejun’s lips.


“Hyung’s interest was only in Joohyuk hyung more than my mother, me, or father. Even if he didn’t do anything, you just wanted to take away everything that belonged to Joohyuk and tried to destroy it. You’re still the same.”


“That’s right, that bastard has to disappear so I can be part of Shinwoo’s group… … !”


“Think carefully. Was that really the reason?”


Sihoon shut his mouth with a start.


“Even though hyung was pressured by mother, you had no interest in occupying Shinwoo’s group. It was the same even after holding mother’s hand and entering the mansion.”


Haejun’s mind was filled with scenes from before he joined Shinwoo’s group.


An extremely ordinary family, a house with only two young boys, a brother who looked like a mannequin with his gaze fixed on the TV with a bored face as always, and then a faint smile when their eyes met only occasionally.


He was Sihoon, who had no interest in everything until he stepped into the Shinwoo Group family, but he still showed a different face to him. When he smiled once in a while as if he thought he was special, who was not motivated by anything in the world, it felt good enough to bring a smile to his lips.


It’s a thing of the past now.


“Hyung’s eyes changed right after you met Joohyuk in that room.”


Sihoon’s face hardened. No words came out.


The image of Joohyuk lying on the floor in a dark and narrow room, holding a child’s bloody clothes, was still vivid in Sihoon’s mind.


The empty eyes, the look of a disabled person, and the sound of breathless breath that seems to be extinguished soon.


It was as if it showed his future to Sihoon, who couldn’t feel motivated by anything. The self who will lose all vitality and die.


So it was stolen.


The remains of a child whom Lee Joohyuk misses so much.


He thought that if he did, he would stay alive and not die. He wondered if it would bring a little bit of desire for life into his eyes.


“It’s the first time I’ve seen him so lively.”


Haejun lowered his eyes and clenched his fists tightly.


Sihoon couldn’t project himself onto Joohyuk, so he made him live like a stickler. Thinking that if he died, he would die too.


He was not enough, so he poured all his anger into Joohyuk. Ahn Seohee’s twisted obsession with brainwashing made him point all kinds of knives at him, and he has come to this point.


That’s why he was more coveted.


What Joohyuk wants, what Joohyuk wants, and what Joohyuk values.


They were no different from Sihoon’s vitality and motivation.


He takes, he takes, and if he could not take away, he breaks.


When he came to his senses, everything about Sihoon was focused on Joohyuk. He was so full of love and hatred that he wanted to kill him.


To Sihoon, Ahn Seohee and Lee Haejun, who stood around as if they were natural, were nothing more than folding screens.


Haejun raised his eyes. His eyes were slightly red for some reason.


“The remains of the mate that Joohyuk risked his life to protect, that was fake. The real mate was alive.”


Sihoon’s eyes widened. It was not difficult to guess who Joohyuk’s ‘mate’ he was talking about was.


“I don’t have anything resembling it anymore… How long are you going to live only looking at Joohyuk hyung?”


Contrary to the trembling eyes, Haejun’s voice was cold and determined.


“I have no intention of asking for attention from my mother like a child. I, too, have been busy looking for a way to live for myself since a few years ago.”


When he got up from his seat, Sihoon’s eyes naturally followed his face.


“So, hyung, don’t think about useless things and find a way to live. When you get out of prison, I’ll give you enough money for the plane ticket.”


With those words left behind, Haejun left the meeting room without looking back. Until the door to the meeting room was closed and the guard stood up, Sihoon was silent.


Sihoon smiled as he left the meeting room and walked down the hallway.


“… Why are you advising me with a face that looks like you’re going to cry if you’ve lost interest?”


A meaningless smile hung on his face as he murmured softly, but only the corners of his eyes were distorted as if they were about to collapse at any moment.


“Besides… Since childhood, your words and facial expressions have never matched.”


* * *


Haejun’s face as he drove the car after the meeting with Sihoon was already full of fatigue.


Immediately after Joohyuk became the chairman of Shinwoo Group, Haejun took office as the president of Shinwoo Department Store, which was a managing position, and at the same time became the representative of the corporation foundation to which the charnel house belongs. So it could be said that it was a series of busy days without rest.


But today, for that reason, it wasn’t the fatigue that came to him.


‘It may have been useless, but… … .’


Pretending to follow Sihoon’s words, it felt like a thorn stuck in his throat the whole time he was by his side.


When he thought of him talking about harassing and pressuring Joo Hyuk as if he was bragging about his martial arts, his mouth was so bitter that he couldn’t bear it. There were times when I thought it was fortunate that Sihoon looked like that, but from a certain point on, he looked pitiful. He’s like a man who can’t live without it.


He may have gone for nonsense, but he won’t change his mind for a bit. Now, in that direction, he will live for himself without anyone watching.


‘It’s far away.’


He helped himself and drove the car bitterly.


Haejun’s cell phone rang. Today was the day he said he would take a break, but he checked the screen with the mindset that it would not be a business contact. Soon Haejun’s eyes widened slightly.


When he answered the phone, he asked briefly from the other side.


– Haejun, are you busy?


“No. Today is my day off from work, so I feel like I’m going to die. What’s the matter?”


– That’s great. Soohyun said we should have dinner together sometime. So come today.


“What? So suddenly?”


He was shocked, but he felt good. Even if it’s just the two of them, it wouldn’t be enough, but he’s trying to include him in it. He wondered if he should get out of it, but he also wanted to see the villa they were in, so he tried to get Soohyun’s favor this time.


“It will take about two or three hours because of the distance, is that okay?”


-That’s fine because it’s just dinner time. I’ll wait.


“Huh. Oh, by the way, what does Mr Soohyun like? I should go and buy something.”


He looked around and asked. It was a long-awaited visit to the newlyweds’ house, so he thought it was polite to buy a present.


-He likes figs the most, but he only likes figs picked here… … . Ah, strawberries. Buy strawberries, lots of them. He was looking at the strawberry picture for more than 2 minutes yesterday.


Haejun made a confused face. Then he burst out laughing.


“Okay. Strawberries. I’ll buy all of them.”


It was just before winter, so there were quite a few strawberries coming out. He was going to load up the car and go. That way he won’t be kicked out of their new home.


Haejun hung up the phone, and a pleasant smile appeared on his face.


* * *


A memorial park in Yongin.


Standing in front of the fairly large and splendid enshrined tomb there, Jung Seohwan was looking at the tombstone with vague eyes. Sehyeon, who had been silent for almost an hour, approached him with her hair tied up behind him.


“What does mom say?”


Seohwan laughed a little at those words with a slight smile.


“What can I say? Nothing to say.”


It was natural. Talking to the tombstone, there was no way he could hear an answer. Even so, Sehyeon looked at the tombstone with Seohwan with her hands neatly together. Just like he did, with vague eyes that seemed to be talking to him.


“Well, she’s speaking clearly to me.”


“What does she say?”


“Quickly take this trembling father away.”


“… you made a habit of talking to your father like this.”


“I said it to you just as Mom said.”


Seohwan smiled even more deeply and only then looked away. His legs, which seemed to be stiff, moved, and Sehyeon followed him and stepped off as well.


When they headed to the parking lot of the memorial park, a middle-aged driver got out of Seohwan’s car and bowed deeply. Sehyeon’s car was parked next to him, and he met eyes with two men and women in black suits. Seeing them bow down as well, Seohwan asked Sehyeon behind him.


“Let’s go in your car.”




When Sehyeon made a face of not knowing what he meant, Seohwan wrapped his arms around her shoulders and brought her closer.


“I’m going to cut it down because it’ll be burdensome if I suddenly visit with two cars.”


It was only then that Sehyeon realized what Seohwan was thinking and nodded her head with a smile.


“Father will go in our car. Tae-eon, you drive.”


Sehyeon’s male bodyguard lowered his head as if he knew what she was thinking and climbed into the driver’s seat. The female bodyguard who opened the back seat door spoke politely to Seohwan and Sehyeon.


“Then I will wait at home.”


Sehyeon, who patted the back of the female bodyguard who was trying to escape, got on first. Seohwan climbed in behind him and the door closed with a small sound.


After being greeted by Seohwan’s driver and female bodyguard, the car soon entered a quiet road.


“It’s a marriage… … . I feel strange.”


Seohwan, who was looking out the window, said abruptly. Sehyeon gently squeezed his fingers with a gentle smile.


“Then you didn’t want to get married for the rest of your life?”


Seohwan’s lips went up slightly.


Not only was the first marriage pushed and forced, but everything from the small to the large was with someone who did not suit him. Marriage at that time was only to grow the business, so there was no interest in the family.


He looked at Sehyeon’s hand holding his fingers. It was a white and thin hand, but Seohwan knew best how hard it was.


He was not interested in the family, so he neglected the appearance of the house and the safety of his daughter. He went home once a week, once a fortnight, once a month, then not only once every three months, but also once every six months. Every time he had to see someone who was mad about money first, rather than love, he got tired of it and left after a day and set foot in it only after a long time had passed.


So he didn’t know that as Sehyeon grew up, she was feeling worse.


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