Chapter 77

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Author: chef

“But now that I think about it, I don’t think that was the case.”


A few fig trees began to appear at the end of their vision. The fruit of the tree with sparsely visible voids was overripe.


Soohyun, who stood in front of the fig tree and lightly placed his palm on the pole, smiled pleasantly.


“I liked that person, so I liked the smell.”


It wasn’t that he had feelings for one element, but because he had already fallen for that person, he fell in love with all the elements that made him.


Just like Joohyuk still loves himself as an unscented omega.


“Even if hyung was an alpha or beta without any smell at that time, I would probably have made the same choice and followed the same path.”


The moment he first met Joohyuk at the villa, he, like him, couldn’t control his fluttering heart and was convinced that they were partners.


But that’s just a fancy word for alpha and omega.


He just fell in love with that person.


He was not attracted to the pheromone, drunk on the scent, and recognized the natural link between alpha and omega, but simply fell in love with everything about that person in an instant.


Soohyun raised his head and looked at the ripe figs.


As if to burst, the red figs seemed to represent them.


Soohyun looked back at Sehyeon with a smile on his face. Suddenly, she followed Soohyun and looked at the fig.


Soohyun’s words may have made more sense to her because it was Sehyeon who broke the stereotype that Alpha’s mate would be Omega and chose the Beta Tae-eon as her mate.


* * *


Haejun’s nerves were all in the living room while helping the kitchen. His nervous face was relieved right after he offered a plate of strawberries to taste. Junwoo, who was stirring the boiling stew with a ladle, glanced at him, and was able to roughly understand the situation in the living room.


Haejun looked at his face, putting out uniform pieces of green onion the length of his little finger on a plate and reaching out to Junwoo.


It was the same when he first met him in front of the ossuary, but he was a person whom he had no idea what he was thinking or feeling. It can be said that it is almost identical to when Soohyun was ‘Kwon Yihyeon’.


“Are you okay, Kang Junwoo?”


Unable to overcome his curiosity, he opened his mouth and asked. Junwoo, who did not even turn his head, only rolled his eyes slightly to meet his gaze, asked calmly.


“What do you mean?”


Husky low tone. It was a familiar voice to Haejun.


As usual when there are friendly alphas, Junwoo and Haejun also had their pheromone captured as gently as possible. Even so, Junwoo’s pheromone was so overwhelming that he naturally focused on it. That’s why he was interested and opened his mouth.


“You liked Soohyun. It still seems like that.”


Junwoo turned his gaze away from Haejun and shoved all the green onion pieces he was handed over into the stew. A tasty broth slowly permeated the piece that had been holding its shape.


“Isn’t it Kang Junwoo, the person who called me at the number Soohyun gave me in the past?”


Junwoo’s gaze turned to Haejun again. He shrugged his shoulders with a smile on his face.


“Since then, I have a good memory.”


The corners of his eyes were slightly curved with a strange light in them.


“… You’re also quick-witted.”


Haejun noticed quite a few things shortly after he was able to talk to Junwoo.


How devoted and loyal the person he is talking to is to his master. How much he loved him. How long has he been holding on to that feeling?


Now that he found out that Soohyun was his owner, there was no way he could not understand Junwoo’s heart.


Haejun asked again, paying attention to the green onion that was soaking in the seasoning.


“Actually, isn’t Joohyuk hyung a thorn in your eyes? You would’ve wanted to be Soohyun’s mate.”


Junwoo, who scooped up the green onion with a ladle and dipped it in the soup, answered with unwavering eyes.


“What I want is what it was and what it is now.”


The foggy water vapor from the stew clouded Junwoo’s face. Haejun reached out his hand and thought that he wanted to remove the mist-like vapor.


“If the president is happy… I am satisfied with that.”


Junwoo, who still exhaled calmly with an expressionless face, turned and headed for the cupboard. Haejun tilted his head slightly as he watched him pull out the raised plate without difficulty.


“Hmm, he’s a person who will spend the rest of his life at a loss.”


Haejun, who was looking at Junwoo quietly, turned his attention to the stew this time. The clear-looking marmalade broth and the distinctly colored green onion slices seemed to play separately, but they were already well-matched with each other.


A small amount of broth was added to a small caddy to taste. He took a breath to cool it down, put it to his mouth, and when he turned his eyes away, his eyes met Junwoo with good timing.


He could feel the faint aroma and umami taste of the broth, which was clean. Haejun, who likes spicy and stimulant foods, didn’t really like this kind of soup, but for some reason I thought it was pretty good.


Junwoo, who was facing Haejun, suddenly turned his head and looked out of the villa. An unfamiliar vehicle was stopped next to the cars parked side by side. Haejun, who recognized the car, widened his eyes.


“Why… .”


“Do you know them?”


Junwoo left the kitchen and asked Haejun. After turning off the gas stove, Haejun quickly followed him and answered yes sloppily.


As he passed the living room to head to the front door, Joohyuk, who had a similarly bewildered face, was the first to open the front door. He, too, must have recognized the car looking out the window.


As soon as he opened the door and went outside, he saw Lee Jungho. He pulled out a basket of fruit from the back seat, turned his head, and made eye contact with Joohyuk, who was walking ahead.


“What are you doing without contact?”


Joohyuk’s face was a little hard. Even so, Seohwan and Sehyeon were now there. Even if a certain amount of core had been released, it was not good to meet them suddenly without notice.


Jungho, who coughed a few times, handed the fruit basket to Joohyuk. It was quite heavy as it was full of various fruits.


“I was passing by and remembered to stop by.”


It was obvious that Lee Jungho’s words were a lie. It takes about two hours from Seoul, but it didn’t make sense to stop by in the first place.


Lee Jungho, who turned his head bitterly at Joohyuk’s hard face, reached out to the driver’s door again. Just by looking at his face, he knew how uninvited he was.


“It’s amazing. How can we get together like this without making an appointment with each other?”


Lee Jungho raised his head in surprise at the sudden voice. Seohwan, who came out of nowhere, was walking towards him with a small smile on his face.


“Since you’re here, let’s have a meal together.”


“No, but… … .”


Lee Jungho looked at him with bewildered eyes and then threw his gaze at Joohyuk. He, who had a hard expression on his face, looked at Seohwan once, and then he relaxed his face.


“Like father said, let’s eat together. Butler Kang is very good at cooking.”


Just as Lee Jungho, who had a bewildered face, hesitated, this time he heard a voice from the forest.


“Are you here?”


Soohyun, who came closer, greeted Jungho with a smile on his lips.


“It must have been hard to come a long way. Come on in.”


Soohyun’s hands reached out and grabbed Jungho’s hands without hesitation. It was a moment when two different warmth met and harmonized.


Jungho stared intently at Soohyun, who was holding his hand, and eventually a smile appeared on his lips.


That day, the villa was louder than ever, and it was warm like a spring day until late at night.

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