Chapter 78

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A forest full of refreshing incense.


A colorful ball about the size of an adult’s hand fell in a place where the gentle chirping of grass insects and occasional cool birdsong could be heard.




A small shadow appeared near the ball with the sound of stepping on the leaves. The owner of the shadow stretched out her small hands and grabbed the ball. Her hair, tied high on one side, came down, almost touching the ball.


The girl, who looked to be about four years old, clumsily brushed the bits of the leaves from the ball with her fingertips, startled. Then she quickly hid herself behind a nearby thick tree.


There was a crisp and heavy sound of footsteps stepping on the leaves. She held her ball tightly in her arms, keeping her mouth shut. Crunch- crunch- The sound got closer and closer. In response, the corner of her child’s mouth began to rise little by little.


It seemed to poke at her, but when she got closer, it felt strange, like a warm massage. It came with more friendliness rather than repulsion.


The opponent used pheromones to tell her who he was, so that the younger girl wouldn’t be frightened. In the past, she just ran out and hugged him, but lately she started to get a little grumpy. She’s still not good at handling pheromones, so she was sure she’ll get caught soon anyway.


As expected, a man with a large pheromone stopped behind the tree she was leaning against. He turned around and abruptly showed his face.


“Are you going to surprise me like this every time?”


Even though she said so, there was no sign of surprise.


The child turned her head and met Junwoo’s eyes, and burst into laughter. A slight smile appeared on Junwoo’s expressionless face.


The child put down the ball she was holding dearly and spread her arms toward Junwoo. Junwoo crouched down on her body, holding the child with one arm and picking up a small ball with the other. Her slender arms wrapped around Junwoo’s neck and buried her face in his neck as if it were natural.


As for Junwoo, he couldn’t help but be amazed at the child. He was the same ‘dominant alpha’, and he was deliberately keeping as much pheromone as possible so as not to put pressure on her, but even so, any alpha child was wary of him. And yet, from the moment she was born until now, the child has never been wary of him. She followed him as much as she followed her parents.


He vaguely assumed that it was because the child’s Omega father was surrounded by his pheromones for a few days as a temporary measure when he was pregnant.


Junwoo, who left the forest with the child in his arms, soon arrived in front of his villa. As he was about to enter, he saw a familiar car coming in from afar.


As always, a man in a black suit got out of a car parked in the same spot in front of the villa. The child in Junwoo’s arms quickly lifted her head and smiled at him.




The child was begging to get off, so he carefully put her foot on the floor, and she quickly ran and clung to the man’s leg. As if by reflex, the man immediately crouched down and held the child tightly in his arms. He smiled brightly and hugged the child.


Joohyuk, who greeted Junwoo with his eyes, kissed the child’s soft cheek deliberately to make a sound. The child laughed and rubbed her face in his arms.


“Did our Hansol make it difficult for Butler Kang again?”


“I was quiet!”


“But why are your clothes dirty?”


“Hehe, I don’t know!”


She smiled brightly again and pretended not to know.


Joohyuk stood up holding Hansol, who was chattering with aegyo, and said while looking at Junwoo, who was close to him.


“We leave in about an hour.”


“All right.”


Junwoo, who lowered his head slightly, turned around saying that he would prepare soon.


“You’re here?”


Seeing that the car arrived just in time, Soohyun came out and was greeted by Joohyuk with a smile on his face. Soohyun, who brushed his wind-blown bangs lightly, approached with his hand holding the cardigan over his shirt.


Hansol, who was cradled in Joohyuk’s arms, smiled broadly once again and repeated ‘Dad’. Soohyun was about to pick up the child as if it were natural, but Joohyuk shook his head, stopping him by half-turning his body.


“No, Hansol has become heavy these days.”


“Dad, is Hansol heavy?”


Hansol pouted at him and asked.


“No, it’s too light for Dad. But wouldn’t it be heavy for a little baby?”


Hearing Joohyuk’s laughter, Hansol finally let out an ah sound. Then she nodded her head. Soohyun brushed up his bangs that came down a little long and narrowed his eyes.


“I can easily lift Hansol…”


“No. Don’t overdo it.”


“Dad, no!”


She seriously dissuaded her with a face similar to that of an alpha woman. The resemblance was so similar that Soohyun laughed unconsciously.


Joohyuk put Hansol on the floor and stroked her head with his big hand.


“You have to go see your aunt, so say hello to the baby and get ready quickly.”




Hansol gave a big nod, then walked over to Soohyun and stood on tiptoe in front of him.


“Hyang-ah,noona will dress up nicely.”


Hansol, who smiled and kissed Soohyun’s slightly protruding belly, turned around and headed towards the villa. As Junwoo followed closely, she asked if Hansol was going with her. As Junwoo answered yes with an expressionless face, Hansol’s excited voice was heard.


In front of the quiet yard. Joohyuk bent his legs and leaned down and kissed Soohyun’s stomach like Hansol had done.


“Dad is here, Hyang-ah.”


Soohyun looked down at Joohyuk, who had a kind voice, and smiled calmly.


Joohyuk stood up, wrapped his arm around Soohyun’s waist, and buried his lips in his neck. A warm feeling ran through his lips and at the same time he felt a faintly sweet scent. It was such a sweet scent that resembled the incense that Soohyun had lost.


“Did you finish your work well?”


“Yes. I think it will go well without any major setbacks.”


The resort, the result of the first collaboration between Muyeol Group and Shinwoo Group, was holding an event to celebrate its first anniversary. Regarding this, Joohyuk took the lead and paid attention to Soohyun’s share, so he went to the resort for a while in the morning.


Soohyun lightly patted Joohyuk’s back as if he had worked hard. Then, as if imitating Hansol’s acting, he deliberately rubbed his face on Soohyun’s shoulder. It tickled him so he smiled a little, and kissed several short kisses all over his face.


Climbing into the room together, Soohyun took off his cardigan and set his eyes on the bed. Junwoo must have gone in, for a suit for an important occasion was neatly placed on the bed.


Joohyuk, who came close behind, put his hand under Soohyun’s arm, stretched it out in front of him, and untied the button himself. Soohyun, as if it was familiar to him, clung to his back and calmly felt his hand unbuttoning his buttons.


After unbuttoning all the buttons, Joohyuk did not let go of Soohyun and embraced him with both arms. Then, looking at the black circular engraving on the nape of Soohyun’s neck, he lowered his lips. Joohyuk’s warm lips touched the faint scar in the circle.


Soohyun, who was trembling at the warmth and breath on his neck, placed both hands on Joohyuk’s hand that was holding his waist. He feels as if he will be intoxicated by the pleasant warmth as much as the warmth felt through the nape of his neck.


A very fine wriggling motion occurred in the place where Joohyuk’s hand touched.


“It seems that the scent is also exciting.”


Soohyun leaned comfortably against Joohyuk who spoke with a small smile. There was no shaking, like a solid tree.


“It’s worth being excited about. Even noona loves Hyang-i so much.”


Hansol received all sorts of joy from Sehyeon, but Hyangi would probably receive more. It was not because he was an omega, but because he was very similar to the scent that Yoon Jaehee and Soohyun had. It was a scent that she thought she would not be able to smell anymore, so it might be even more special to her.


He thought of Sehyeon in a beautiful pure white dress and suddenly looked at the large picture frame hanging on the wall. Soohyun fixed his gaze on the picture in the frame and said as if muttering.


“I want my sister to be happy too.”


Joohyuk, who had his eyes on the same place as Soohyun, received his words.


“She will be happy.”


He rested his chin slightly on Soohyun’s shoulder and rolled his eyes.


Even though Soohyun thought he was sentimental today, Joohyuk fully understood him.


That’s why today was an important day. Engraving day where Sehyeon and Tae-eon share a lifelong covenant and engrave each other deeply in their hearts.


“Although the form is different from that of Alpha and Omega, it is a covenant and imprint for a lifetime. So she must be happy, for sure.”


Just like we were.


Soohyun, who smiled warmly as if agreeing with this, released Joohyuk’s hand from his waist.


“In order not to be late for such an event, I must prepare quickly.”


“Can I change my clothes?”


He asked softly and wrapped his arms around Soohyun’s waist. Just then, he saw a black car coming in through the window.


“Looks like Haejun is here. I’ll greet him while you change.”


“Anyway, Haejun would say he only likes Butler Kang.”


“Then Hansol isn’t something hyung needs to see. You should hurry.”


He deliberately patted Joohyuk on the back and sent him out of the room. If they stayed together like this, he might end up lying on the bed, let alone change his clothes.


After Joohyuk left, Soohyun took off his shirt. After that, he began to change into clothes which were on the bed.


Putting on a suit jacket and adjusting his outfit, Soohyun headed straight for the door. Turning the doorknob to open the door, he hesitated for a moment before turning his head to look at the frame again. The photo in the frame exposed to the sunlight coming from outside looked unusually bright.


Looking at the picture, Soohyun with a calm smile slowly closed the door.


There was still warm air in the room that had disappeared. The warmth seemed to have no intention of disappearing, perhaps thanks to more sunbeams as the clouds passed.


The picture in the frame was also full of warm light. In it, Joohyuk and Soohyun, dressed in white and beautiful clothes, were shown facing each other. The smiles they used to look at each other when they were younger and took for granted were alive in the photos as if they contained the past.


The smiles on the faces of the two people bathed in sunlight looked so happy that no one dared to imitate them.


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Author's Thoughts

This is the end of the novel. There are still some side chapters too.

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