Chapter 8

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“Ha…what is this…”

Joohyuk let out a disappointed laugh and put looked at Yihyeon’s surprised face.

Was that face the problem?

His physique was more beautiful than celebrities, and he had a slim body, so it was ti his taste. But more than that, the fact that his normally expressionless and well-groomed face was messed up because of him brought strange joy to his whole body. In particular, the eyes swaying with heat were really attractive.

As soon as he recognized that, the desire to see the various expressions on his face surged, and heat began to pour towards his lower body which just ejaculated.

Joohyuk’s finger touched Yihyeon’s hole. A slippery hole covered in semen accepted his middle finger effortlessly.


Yihyeon clenched his teeth from the unfamiliar feeling. He could easily guess that it was Joohyuk’s finger that pushed inside of him, but he couldn’t understand why he kept looking down at his face. His face kept trying to contort in shame.

Joohyuk repeatedly thought that he was not sane.

A sex partner was only for caressing or accepting him. Therefore, it was the first time that someone’s hole was directly touched as he was doing now. But he himself widened Yihyeon’s hole. To make his more acceptable.



To see the face of Yihyeon.

A finger deep inside the hole touched the inside as if fumbling inside, then pressed the firm but slightly protruding part. As expected, Yihyeon’s waist shook and his eyes widened. That alone made Joohyuk feel like he was being caressed.

He stretched out his finger and touched that part several times. Yihyeon twisted and flinched at the first sensation he felt, and Joohyuk felt an uncontrollable heat rising as he looked at Yihyeon’s face, which was gradually breaking down. Even after he had ejaculated once, his thing was so hard that he was about to lose control again.

Yihyeon seemed to lose his mind with the feeling of something stirring inside him and the strange pleasure. Whenever Joohyuk touched a specific part inside, his waist bent and his legs trembled. There was no time to refine his expression because of the strong pleasure caressing his brain. A moan was about to burst out of his mouth, which he had struggled to endure.

He looked up at Joohyuk, who was touching him tenaciously, and bit his lower lip. If it went on like this, he would beg him to stop, as his other sex partners had done.

Looking up at Joohyuk with his face contorted and his open eyes, he smiled.

“Let’s see how long you can hold out.”

Saying that, he increased the speed at which he was rubbing the bottom. As if sparks were flying in front of him one after another, Yihyeon closed his eyes tightly and bit his lower lip harder. Fortunately, there was only a squeaking sound, no more moaning.

Joohyuk didn’t like it. He didn’t make any sound at all to the feeling of being touched inside. As Joohyuk, who personally liked to hear his partner groan, there was a sense of shame.

‘But, it will be difficult for me to do more than this.’

The tight lower part kept begging. He wanted to have the feeling of ejaculation he felt a while ago.

He still couldn’t believe that he had ejaculated, but if he put it in again, he’ll find out. Whether it was a coincidence or not that he ejaculated while trying to enter someone else’s body.

The three fingers inside Yihyeon were twisted and pulled out. When he pulled it out while spreading his fingers to the end to widen it as much as possible, the breath that had been suppressed by Yihyeon leaked out.

Yihyeon’s lips, breathing heavily while turning his head, suddenly turned dark red. The blood spurted out because he had been biting so hard, but it was also because he was holding back his moaning. With such a tired face, the moment he turned his eyes and looked at Joohyuk’s side, Joohyuk felt as if he had lost the reason he had been holding back.

Soon, Joohyuk’s thing began to cut through Yihyeon’s hole.

“Ah… ! Ugh…!”

His went in completely, and the hard member began to gradually fill the inside of Yihyeon. Yihyeon swallowed his breath with his mouth open from the pain and pressure that was incomparable to being stabbed with fingers. It felt as if someone was stabbing him in the chest. He couldn’t breathe properly, and he felt like he was going to pass out. The hot and hard thing coming in through the lower part, accepted it without tearing or rupture thanks to the love fluid completely mixed with the semen, but the burden was inevitable.

The tense inner wall was pushed open by the member, and he struggled as if he was trying to push it out somehow. But instead of being pushed out, the genitals were more tenaciously digging inside. Yihyeon’s thighs and buttocks convulsed at the pain and heat penetrating inside.

Joohyuk gasped and looked down at Yihyeon, who seemed to faint, and clicked his tongue even though only half of his was in. Because it was the first time, he constantly gave strength to the lower side, and he suffered in his own way, and this was the blade where his thing would be cut off.

‘I want to cum though, that’s crazy.’

Just by tightening it as if it would cut off half of the genitals, it would make him ejaculate. It was different from the feeling of climax when having sex with other partners. If he lets his mind go down like this, he’ll be really sorry.

The priority was to bring Yihyeon, who was likely to faint as it was, to come to his senses. Joohyuk grabbed his half-erect thing in one hand to release the tense hole with his tight grip on his. While rubbing in that state, with the other hand, he hit Yihyeon’s soft buttocks hard enough to make a loud noise.


“Stay awake.”

As the tingling pleasure of rubbing the genitals and the burning pain in the buttocks came together, the lower part of the body trembled. He felt his breathing coming back, which had been blocked by the pressure he felt from below. Joohyuk rubbed Yihyeon’s buttocks a few more times and rubbed his genitals.

From Yihyeon’s mouth came the sound of panting along with a shallow moan. The hole that used to tighten Joohyuk’s thing also lost a little bit of strength. Joohyuk pushed his in just in time. Every time he went in, Yihyeon tightened up, so he hit his ass a few more times. As a result, even the sensation of his heated buttocks stimulated Joohyuk. As soon as he recognized that, he could feel the blood spurting underneath him and getting bigger.

“Ugh… Ah-!”

A high-pitched moan erupted from his mouth at the overwhelming pressure. It was a pain as if someone had punched him from the inside out.

Although it was obvious that Yihyeon was having a hard time, Joohyuk did not look after him. On the contrary, even though the end of his, which had not yet entered, reached the wall, he struck it up to the root at once.


A scream erupted from Yihyeon’s mouth. He had never screamed like this even when he was hit in the back by an iron pipe wielded by the assailant while protecting Joohyuk, or when he cut his arm on his behalf. There was never a time when he was in so much pain.

That made Joohyuk unbearably crazy.

Joohyuk slowly pulled out what he had planted to the root, right up to the glans. Yihyeon, who was breathing heavily, looked up at Joohyuk with half-closed, troubled eyes.



Joohyuk’s member, which went in all at once, pushed up the intestines at once. Yihyeon opened his eyes to the pain in the lower abdomen and stopped breathing. At the same time, the hot liquid spread inside him.


With his head bowed, Joohyuk, startled, muttered with surprise.

Second ejaculation.

Joohyuk did not know if his body was strange or if Yihyeon was strange. How did he ejaculate with just one strong blow?

He raised his head and looked at Yihyeon. He was breathing heavily, as if he was about to pass out at any moment.

It was insanely good. Just being inside Yihyeon’s body, he felt a good sense of satisfaction to the point that he thought he was insane. The supreme pleasure and climax that he had never felt while having sex with any other partner began to shake Joohyuk.


Yihyeon’s eyes widened again and his body shook. Joohyuk grabbed his waist and started shoveling inside him. Despite the two ejaculations, his stuff that was still swollen as if he was about to burst came in and out of Yihyeon several times.

Joohyuk spit out swear words, as the heated inner wall gripped his tightly and refused to let go. It was narrow and hot, and maybe because he came twice, Yihyeon’s pleasantly slippery inside could not be escaped.

What’s more, the other partners screamed that it hurt when he went in even a little bit deeper, but Yihyeon closed his eyes tightly to hold on to it and just moaned hard. That was why he dug deeper.


Even though he hit it only a few times, another incident continued. He wondered if he would tolerate it, but it was the first time I had ever came with someone like this, so he couldn’t control it. Moreover, no matter how much he ejaculated because of the rut, the heat did not go away. After he ejaculated enough, he instinctively moved his lower body again.

When he suddenly looked down, Yihyeon’s, who had been half erect, had completely withered. For him, this act was just pain.

So far, partners have found their favorite places to poke so that they can feel it. That’s how they were able to survive for the promised time.

He guessed he went out of his mind due to the circumstances, but he didn’t care about how Yihyeon felt. However, Yihyeon felt so much that he thought that it would be worth watching to break his face. The thought of him panting and weeping made his spine shiver.

Joohyuk, who stopped the movement for a moment, grabbed Yihyeon’s waist and lifted him up a little. In that state, the penis was pulled out and the position of the inner prostate was measured and inserted as it was.


Yihyeon widened his eyes and his whole body trembled. A feeling of pleasure incomparable to when touched with a finger hit his whole body. The terrifying pleasure that came from the inside was enough to frighten even him.

“Ah… , ugh-!”

Unlike before, which was filled with only pain, a sense of pleasure ran through his entire body. Even with his eyes open, the strong stimulation made him groan. Yihyeon bit his lower lip again and tried not to moan. Even though the sound was being silenced, shame was added and the stimulation was doubled.

Over time, his thing has become quite hard. Joohyuk looked down at him, who endured pleasure and moaning with a reddened face, and moistened his lips with his tongue. Even though it was the first time, he really liked him, who felt his back and inflated his genitals, but seeing him desperately trying to put up with it, it felt like something deep inside was being stimulated.

“Let out your voice. It’s nice to hear.”

Yihyeon closed his eyes and mouth without saying a word. Every time Joohyuk rubbed him below, his brow furrowed and a suppressed moan escaped between his lips.

Once he was stimulated, he had no choice but to react even if he didn’t want to feel it. Joohyuk pressed Yihyeon’s prostate and stabbed him deeply, and every time he did, his waist bounced and his heart fluttered. Seeing him enduring his moan until the end, Joohyuk stuck his tongue in with impatience.

Yihyeon felt that Joohyuk’s pleasure confused his mind. It was probably not just because his prostate was hit. It was as if the refreshing alpha pheromone weighing him down was caressing his whole body. Because it was Joohyuk’s pheromone, not another Alpha.

Since he was an omega, the more excited he was, the greater the amount of love juice. Right now, the amount of ejaculation that Joohyuk had was not noticeable, but if he doesn’t ejaculate for a long time, like he did with other partners, he’ll be found out. He knew that the omega’s love juice was flowing out from below him.

‘If I get caught… I can’t be by your side…’

He tried not to get excited as much as possible. If he had felt the sensations alone, he would have already ejaculated, but he purposely focused on the pain that pierced beneath him. Rather than the pleasure of hitting the prostate, the feeling of ejaculation was less than the intense pressure that filled the inside and the pain that hit the depths.

But Joohyuk did not leave him alone. He grabbed Yihyeon’s thing, which had stopped while getting an erection, with one hand, and started rubbing it up and down. An unstoppable moan erupted from his mouth because of the pleasure felt from the inside and the genitals.

“Ha-! Ah-!”

A high-pitched voice erupted, and Joohyuk spurred his hands and waist to shake his genitals with a smile. Feeling the pleasure, the feeling of the inner wall sticking to the inside made Joohyuk unable to withstand it. Previously, it was a boredom among boredom, but after entering Yihyeon, it feeled like premature ejaculation.

“Crazy…so good… uh…”

He couldn’t stand the intense pleasure he felt. Joohyuk grabbed Yihyeon’s genitals from the roots and swept them up, then stimulated the glans with his palms. Yihyeon’s body twisted and his eyes and mouth widened.

“Ha, uh-!”

With an unbearable moan, the lower part tightened strongly. At the same time, thick semen from his penis was poured out.

Yihyeon, who felt the climax, was in an uproar inside. The inner wall, tightly tightened all at once, grabbed Joohyuk’s thing and held him tightly. Because of that, Joohyuk, who was trying to pull it out and put it in once more, ejaculated at the tightness he felt  from below.

“Ugh… !”

The two hands holding Yihyeon’s waist tightened. Even though he had already entered to the end, he pressed his flesh against Yihyeon as if he was going to put it deeper, and ejaculated for a long time inside him. He felt like he was wriggling while ejaculating inside, that or Yihyeon’s body, which had finished ejaculating first, trembled in succession.


The pleasure that seemed to paralyze the brain made Joohyuk’s eyes hazy. He looked down at Yihyeon hanging below him and took a rough breath.

Yihyeon was far from neat. His ascetic and dry face was full of heat and looked decadent, and his watery red eyes and blood-stained red lips aroused sexual stimulation from viewers of all ages and genders. He had such an attractive face that it was surprising that he was such a lewd-looking person.

He didn’t know if it was the influence of Rut or if it was Yihyeon’s broken face. Joohyuk’s thing, who had been quietly looking down at him, rose again. The member, which was losing its strength, twitched inside Yihyeon and grew in size. Feeling that, he looked up at Joohyuk with his shaky eyes.

Joohyuk leaned down and stopped his face at a distance enough to touch Yihyeon. The eyelashes embracing the clear, dark black eyes trembled as if anxiously. Seeing that made him sadistic.

“Kwon Yihyeon, it’s not over yet.”

He gave a brief warning and slapped him inside. When he pulled out his penis, he felt the liquid dripping from Yihyeon’s inside.


Yihyeon widened his eyes and clenched his teeth. Joohyuk lightly licked his lips with the tip of his tongue. The fishy taste of blood and his saliva were strangely sweet.

Joohyuk engraved into his eyes the image of Yihyeon’s face that changed every moment he looked down in front of him. Would it be like this when a stoic priest was stripped naked and bathed in pleasure? Looking down at the face distorted from excitement, pleasure, and pain, it didn’t seem like his thing would ever subside.

He covered Yihyeon’s trembling hands with his hands and grabbed his thing with the other hand. His member, which had already drooped after ejaculating once, was gently held in his hand. His eyes shook greatly.

“It’s difficult if you’re already tired.”

“Ugh, ha-!”

Joohyuk’s hand moved quickly. Then he buried his lips in Yihyeon’s neck, which he had bitten. He licked the bite marks several times and stimulated his genitals. As Yihyeon panted and got excited again, Joohyuk’s also gradually increased in size as if responding to it.

Joohyuk’s mind was already filled with Yihyeon.

After a long sex, Yihyeon, who had fallen asleep as if fainting, lifted his stiff eyes with difficulty. It was just cloudy as if something got stuck in his eye. After a few blinks and focusing, he was able to recognize where he was.

He couldn’t move, feeling as if his limbs were paralyzed. It was hard to lift a single finger, and it felt like there was no sensation in his whole body. He slowly blinked his eyes and turned his head.

He saw someone sleeping with their head turned coldly. With his upper body exposed, he looked at him with a blanket covering his lower back.

It was something he never dared to imagine that he would have sex with Joohyuk. No matter how much he knew him as a beta, he did not know that he would reach the climax by reacting to him as an omega.

In an instant, his heart pounded.

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