Chapter 9

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Even if he doesn’t recognize him, maybe it was because he was special to him. Now, he started to think in vain as to whether he saw him as at least an important person.

But he tried to erase the hopeful thoughts.

‘I can’t do that.’

The sea he felt while being with Joohyuk for half a year. He saw himself as a mere ‘tool’ and ‘guard dog’. So Joohyuk didn’t care at all what the feelings were.

It wasn’t that he wanted Joohyuk to pay attention to him in the first place. He was here only to keep the promise he made with him when he was young. It was something that should never be forgotten.

I got up carefully so as not to make a sound as much as possible. There was no place that wasn’t painful as his whole body was creaking as if being lynched with a club. Swallowing a painful moan that was about to burst, he looked down at his wrists. He was still sorely tied with a tie. When he realized that, his wrist felt like it had been cut several times.

He slowly got out of bed, ignoring the pain. In an instant, the strength of the waist went into the wind as his legs swayed.

“Ugh… !”

He covered his mouth with his tied hands to stop the sound. It was not enough to tremble from waist to toe, but even his lower belly felt like it was being pulled. A slimy liquid flowed out from the back hole and he was filled with bitterness. The blood mixed with semen and love juice started to flow down slowly down the thigh.

He took a deep breath and gave strength to his legs. It was slow, but somehow he seemed to be able to move forward.

He leaned his shoulders against the wall and walked towards the bathroom. It wasn’t too far, but it felt like a thousand miles away.

‘How much did you…’

He did it almost the entire day, and he lost consciousness once in the middle. Then, when he woke up, his posture had changed and he was lying on his stomach, and he remembered Joohyuk, who was riding his back, screaming as if he was going to break. At some point, he even showed tears because of the intense pleasure. Still, he did not cry and begged him to stop, like Joohyuk’s other opponents, because he had a hard time.

Yihyeon reached the bathroom and was able to exhale after closing the door slowly so as not to make a sound.

He sat down with his back against the bathroom wall. He took a deep breath and brought his hands to his lips to untie the tie around his wrist. He pulled it back and forth until his teeth were tingling and barely released it, revealing a bright red wrist. He brought his lips to the marks which looked like a wide bracelet. As the cold, bloodless lips touched it, it seemed that the warm wrist felt a little better.

He looked up to see himself reflected in the full-length mirror in the bathroom.

His whole body was full of various scars, including his tear stained face. The watermarks and the red marks on his flesh were sucked into the skin. When he saw the smudges of semen that had stuck to his stomach, he remembered what had happened the day before, and his eyes sank.

Sex with Joohyuk was definitely pleasant. But it was also so painful.

“Isn’t it okay if I put a lot of money in it after it’s finished?”

Joohyuk knows that he was by his side simply because of ‘money’.

‘That kind of money…’

If it was really for money, there would be no reason to stay with Joohyuk.

Bringing his legs together and hugging his knees, he felt pain all over his body just by that movement.

With his forehead on his knees, Yihyeon placed his hand on the nape of his neck. A faint horizontal cut scar remained there. He slowly closed his eyes, covering the nape of his neck with his hand as if to cover the scar. Semen, which was still obviously Joohyuk’s, was slowly flowing out of his hole.

* * *

A faint voice could be heard in the distance. No, it wasn’t really far. It was a sound that was heard from a short distance away, but he was only late to understand it because his ears were hard to hear and his brain was a mess.

-Wake up!

The voice came out a little clearer. The blurry vision was gradually restored.

He still couldn’t see clearly, but he could figure out where he was now. It was the forest of the time when he was caught and dragged away by the monsters.


Only then did he realize that it was a dream he had often dreamed of.

After realizing it, he felt like he could hear the sounds around him better.

– If this goes on, you’ll be caught!

The immovable body was forcibly raised up. He heard the sound of a boy panting in pain as he got up to support him.

He turned his head to look at him, but his face was not clearly visible because of his blurred vision. Suddenly, his heart was tickled as a scent brushed his nose.

‘Feels good.’

An unforgettable scent. A fragrance not to be forgotten.

My mate. My omega.

It was heartbreaking to see him struggling to save himself. If this had been a real situation, he would have somehow moved and left the room with him, but it was a dream, so there was nothing he could do. All he could do was engrave his scent into his lungs.

He was helpless. It was more painful now than when he was dreaming without realizing that it was a dream.

If this dream was to show the same scene as back then, he wanted to stop dreaming. Because he knew what the end of this dream was like.

But he also wanted to keep dreaming. The ecstatic sweet smell that can only be smelled here seized and locked up the brain that was about to wake up from the dream.

‘It would have been better if he had died like this.’

He will be captured and killed, so he wanted his Omega to survive. It was a dream that could not come true, but he hoped it would come true even in a dream.

– Do you really want that?

His blurry vision suddenly flickered. The boy’s clear voice was heard more clearly.

-Did you think I’d like it if my hyung said he would die for me?! Aren’t you crazy?!

He was taken aback by the relentless words. It was not because of the boy’s harsh tone, but because he was speaking as if he had read his thoughts. Is it possible because it is a dream?

– I said I’d protect you. I will protect you!

A voice suffocated by evil came from the lips of the boy, who was almost dragging himself with a dwarf stature.

– So, come to your senses. ‘Cause I’ll never let you die…

The voice gradually faded away. With him, even the sweet scent of the boy faded away.

The boy’s mouth softened. He was sure he was saying something, but he couldn’t hear him.

‘I cannot hear you. Speak louder.’

His vision was getting blurry, but the boy’s form was still recognizable. He wanted to hold him. Up until this point, nothing had worked out the way he wanted, only moving his hand was possible.

He reached out to the boy who was supporting him. He reached for his heavy hand toward his face, but his vision continued to blur and the boy’s shape began to become distorted.

* * *

He opened his eyes. The suffocating breath returned at once, and the field of vision was slowly restored.

He was lying on his side with his hands outstretched in the air. And there were traces of the duvet removed as if someone was lying there.

He couldn’t remember who it was, so he lowered his hand and took a deep breath. Then, as he recalled the man’s face in my mind, he opened his eyes wide.

‘Kwon Yihyeon…’

He raised his upper body and sat down. When he traced his hand to the empty space next to him, only the chilly cold remained.

Joohyuk twisted his face and got off the bed. The fact that Yihyeon was absent came to him as an uncontrollable discomfort. Because of that, everything about the boy in Joohyuk’s dream disappeared from his mind.

He picked up the robe and draped it dryly. Then, as he was about to leave the room, he noticed the mess around him.

His and Yihyeon’s clothes scattered all over the bed, the dried-up semen that had been scattered on several places on the bed and the floor, and bloodstains mixed in between.

One by one, he began to remember the events of the previous day. He was half way out of his mind because of the temporary rut cycle. As soon as he tried to have sex with Yihyeon on the floor in a hurry, he ejaculated, and he was drunk with that bliss and hugged him several times. Even imagining the appearance of Yihyeon’s well-groomed face collapsing there, it was almost like his lower part was getting sore.

Joohyuk contorted his face and glared at the door. He was sure he was not trying to quit his job because of the rough sex the day before. Even though he thought it would be impossible because of the penalty, it felt like a heavy stone had formed in his heart.

There were times when his life was in jeopardy and he was hit by a monster or cut by a knife, but Yihyeon silently stayed by his side. Thinking that he might leave his side because of the previous day, he became extremely angry.

How can he let him go? The climax and ecstasy he felt the day before were still so good that he still got chills.

Joohyuk strode to the door and grabbed the doorknob. He opened the door wide with the intention of going to Yihyeon’s room right away.

Yihyeon, who was about to knock, stopped moving in front of the door and looked at Joohyuk.

Yihyeon had just finished taking a shower and was wearing a shirt and pants with a neat appearance. It is as usual with no disturbance anywhere. The only difference was that he had a bloody wound on his lower lip and a square band was attached to the side of his neck. Joohyuk remembered that underneath the band was the wound he had bitten.

“Are you awake?”

His voice sounded a little locked, but he was still calm. As if what happened the day before was a lie.

“If you are washing up, I will clean the room.”

There was a housekeeper who stopped by during the day, but because of the affair the day before, entry was prohibited until today. As such, it was Yihyeon’s responsibility to clean and tidy up.

He was about to make way for Joohyuk to go out, but his arm was grabbed and he was pulled inside, and the door closed. Then Joohyuk pressed his back against the door and locked him in his arms. Yihyeon’s unshakable eyes looked at Joohyuk clearly.

“Yesterday, do you remember?”

He wasn’t drinking, he wasn’t a cycling alpha or omega like he was. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t remember.

He wondered if Yihyeon’s eyes were startled, and he answered calmly.

“Yes, I remember.”

He remembered what happened the day before, and he stood in front of him calmly and weakly, even though he was like that. Of course, instead of giving him a huge salary, he must be here because there was a condition that he had to support and protect him until the contract expired.

‘Yeah, money was the purpose.’

Half a year ago, Kwon Yihyeon said that he needed money and wanted to work next to him. In fact, he was an orphan, scavenging every day with nothing. Joohyuk thought that it would be better to buy his skills high and have him as a bodyguard than to owe his life to a stranger. If he did that, he didn’t have to feel indebted, and Yihyeon could receive a generous amount of money, so it was a good thing for each other.

The contract period was one year. In the meantime, Yihyeon had to focus on protecting Joohyuk by any means and methods as stated in the contract. Joohyuk was giving Yihyeonn a generous monthly salary that any bodyguard or secretary would never receive.

To cancel the contract and get out from under him, as stated in the contract, he had to pay five times his annual salary as a penalty. It was an absolutely impossible amount for Kwon Yihyeon to pay.

In conclusion, money can tie down Kwon Yihyeon.

As the thought reached that point, the uneasiness that had been about to run in him was completely gone.

Joohyuk approached his coat and pulled out his wallet. What came out of his hand were a few crisp checks. Joohyuk, who had thrown away his wallet in a dry manner, approached Yihyeon, who was still standing still by the door, and held up a check so he could see it. Then, the check folded in half was hung on Yihyeon’s waist belt. As if it were a flower bed.

Yihyeon’s eyes looking down at the check that was on his belt trembled in confusion. However, Joohyuk could not read his gaze with his head bowed.

“Mr. Kwon Yihyeon. What you said to me when we signed the contract, is it still the same?”

Unless the contract was to be broken, the answer would come naturally, but to be sure, he asked rudely.

Yihyeon raised his head and looked at Joohyuk. For some reason, there was a glimmer of resignation in his eyes.

“I can do anything to protect the managing director.”

Half a year ago, this was what Yihyeon had said while accepting the contract.

Joohyuk’s cold eyes faced Yihyeon.

“Would you be able to protect my lower body by throwing yourself down?”

Yihyeon’s shoulders shook, startled. However, the words he could put in his mouth were limited, and it was decided from the beginning.

“If you wish.”

Upon hearing Yihyeon’s clear voice, Joohyuk had a satisfied smile on his lips.

* * *

Yihyeon still wondered how he was able to deal with Joohyuk as an Omega. He did not react instinctively to an Omega, and had never ejaculated through sex. Yet, strangely, he reacts properly only to himself.

Was it something to be happy about?

Not only wasn’t he discovered that he was an Omega, but he was able to see himself as special.


He sneered at himself. Can he say this was special?


The moan of the man lying on the bed grew stronger. He fluttered several times, and moaned that resembled a scream with a face covered in tears.

“Hey, ah-! Stop… … ! Ugh-! Ah, ah-! ugh… ! Oh!”

The trouble was that they had an appointment with the limit of 3 hours from the beginning. The man who only sparkled when he was a rookie, but was now an actor only by name, lay under Joohyuk and cried without a care. He couldn’t understand what the person was doing or why he was doing that, but they always looked for Joohyuk, who was always rough.

When he raised his gaze a little, which had been on the man, he saw Joohyuk staring at him as if he was about to eat him. His fingertips trembled and his heart throbbed.

Joohyuk’s intention was understandable. He was testing him. Since he had a relationship with him before and reached his peak, he must be thinking that he would be sorry if he looked this way. Or purely wanted to see him get a little disturbed.

If it was the latter, he was wrong. In his own eyes, he only saw them as mixing their bodies to satisfy each other’s desires, and there was nothing to be excited about or ashamed to see. Another thought was that Joohyuk was so rough that the people under him looked pitiful. So there was no room for more excitement.

Of course, Yihyeon himself was nervous and careful.

Omega’s ‘sexual arousal’ was something to watch out for. Even if he got excited just by looking at it, there was no way that love juice would flow out because he was a dominant omega who could control his pheromone. Even knowing that, it made him nervous. Because Joohyuk must never find out that he was an Omega.

His heart was pounding repeatedly. Without realizing it, he almost raised his hands and pressed it against his pounding chest.

He was also well aware that Joohyuk had a ‘mate’. According to the rumors floating around, Joohyuk’s ‘mate’ was a person who didn’t match his majestic background at all. Rumors abounded, so a magazine openly asked Joohyuk during an interview with Shinwoo Construction. There was a rumor that he had a mate in the general public, was that true?

Whether it was because it was an interview or whether it was real, Joohyuk simply avoided the question with an externally gentle smile. As a result, the rumors were almost becoming true.

As a result, omega from a high-ranking person in another company and some female children sent him a love call with confidence. Even if there was a ‘match’, among the chaebols, there were not as many cases of connecting with such people as expected, because the partner was not compatible with the chaebol.

Still, the Alpha was the eldest son of a large company, Shinwoo Group, and if the ‘pair’ was not disclosed because he was a public figure, he thought it would have worked out rather well. So, even when the saying that there was a ‘mate’ and the meet between them was hidden, people like Woo Jaejin from Jaewon Resort continue to show their faces.

Shortly after signing the contract, Yihyeon asked what kind of person the rumored mate was without even knowing it. And that day, for the first time, he was hit by Joohyuk.

A fiery sting was put on him, and Joohyuk’s bitter eyes shot up as if it were twisted by grabbing his neck.

‘Never ask about my mate again. You’re not the kind of person who should dare to be interested, and you shouldn’t even meet him.’

His heart hurt more than the cheek that was hit.

He had a ‘mate’ that he valued so much. The rumors were true.

Even though he knew the rumor before he met Joohyuk, he stayed by his side and became convinced that it was true.

He decided to sort out all the feelings that remained only with him during the one-year contract.


With the man’s scream, Joohyuk’s thing was pulled out of him. Joohyuk, who was breathing heavily, grabbed the man’s arm and dragged him to the door.

“It’s time to go.”

It seems that 3 hours have already been filled.

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