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Amelie tried to turn down Serwon’s dinner invitation. Because she hadn’t yet decided how to deal with him. 


It wasn’t that she hated him. She rather liked it. So it was more of a problem.


If it was someone she could meet casually, she wouldn’t have to worry about it this much. However, his relationship with the emperor Serwin was different. Even though she wasn’t dating, there was already talk of marriage. They said that if they dated, it would lead to marriage, and she would have to become the Empress of the Empire herself.


‘Ugh, I don’t think I can really do that.’


The empress should manage the imperial palace, and maintain good relations with the nobles while keeping them in check. When she becomes Empress, she will have to lead a life that is the exact opposite of the simple life she dreamed of. 


Besides, she was a witch. If one day she has a daughter, it will be difficult to hide the fact that she is a witch as she is hiding now.


And most importantly, the disaster had not yet been resolved.


If someone asks her if she likes Serwin enough to put all of these issues aside, it’s hard to give an easy answer. Until now, she has only thought of Serwin as a friend. She promised Serwin that she would stand by his side and help with the disaster, out of her desire to be a support for him as his colleague. It was a different matter than being a lover or spouse.


‘If I look at Serwin as just a friend— I wouldn’t have to worry about this.’


Amelie, who had been contemplating repeatedly in her head, couldn’t refuse Serwin’s invitation and accepted it. Apparently, the place was also a greenhouse.


‘Let’s make a lot of memories.’


They said ignorance is bliss. She didn’t know how he felt, but she made a lot of assumptions. 


Amelia sighed deeply.


The greenhouse was located a little far from Amelie’s palace. Because the walls and ceiling were all glass, it sparkled like jewels when the sunlight shined through. The frames that held the glass together were beautifully woven and looked like sculptures on their own.


“His Majesty is waiting inside.”


Amelie went into the greenhouse.


There was a path for walking indoors, and various plants were growing on both sides. Unlike the plants around the Imperial Palace, they were southern plants with broad leaves and were flowers and trees that were commonly found near the Dellahaim territory. 


‘Is he trying to create a unique atmosphere?’


Even small items such as railings and chairs gave off a southern vibe.


Before entering the greenhouse, Amelia felt like she was being dragged to a slaughterhouse, but as she walked in the greenhouse, she felt better.


She felt at ease because the scenery and smell of the trees made her think of her home town.


Meanwhile, she reached the place where Serwin was waiting.


He was looking at the red flowers hanging from the tree with his hands behind his back.


The light coming through the window seemed to be pouring only on him. The side line from the forehead to the tip of the nose and back to the chin was beautiful. Because of the light, a darker shadow was cast over the face, and there was a noble atmosphere like a classic masterpiece. 


‘A painting, he looks like a painting.’


Amelie was amazed. Perhaps because his first impression was so strong, he seemed to look handsome the more she saw him.


Then, Serwin turned his head toward Amelie.


The stiff mouth softened, and the corners of the eyes folded gently. For a moment, she had an illusion that a halo was shining. 


‘Ugh, so cool.’


Amelia looked at him, forgetting that she had to avoid his gaze. As the shadowy face got closer, her heart beat faster as she thought about how close they were last night.


“How’s your body?”


Even though he was worried, Amelie’s gaze kept turning to his lips.


“I, I’m okay.”


Amelie almost bit her tongue for a moment.


‘Oh, why do I only think of this?’


She couldn’t bear to look at him, so she lowered her eyes. From the burning of her face, she must have blushed.


Suddenly, Serwin’s smile faded as she avoided his eyes.


‘Why do you keep avoiding my eyes?’




His voice was unusual.


“Ah, this is a nice greenhouse. You should have told me sooner if you knew there was a place like this.”


However, Amelie did not notice his sign and passed by him naturally, pretending to be looking at the greenhouse. 


“Why are you avoiding me?”


At Serwin’s question, Amelie stopped.


“Avoid? No way.”


She made an excuse, but Serwin wasn’t someone who would let it slide. 


“You’re not looking at me now.”


“That’s um—”


“If you’re not avoiding it, why don’t you look back?”


He was on point. Amelie sweated.


‘I wouldn’t be embarrassed if you kissed me. But you didn’t even kiss me, how can I tell you it bothers me!’


Amelie really didn’t have a face to see him.


‘Serwin isn’t even thinking about it, but why am I the only one doing this?’


As soon as she realized that the other person liked her, she started thinking about it that way, but it was too sneaky and the thought kept replaying in her head.


As Amelie’s shame grew, Serwin’s face got darker.


‘Why don’t you answer me? Are you really avoiding me? For what reason? What’s wrong?’ 


She has been incredibly kind to Serwin in the meantime. There was only one reason for her attitude to change.


“Do you hate me now?”




Amelie turned and looked at him.


She thought his voice had lost power, and he was emitting depression all over his body. Looking at the droopy Serwin, the image of the dog he had transformed into in the past overlapped. A big dog with his ears drooping.




Amelie’s heart raced as she watched because she was afraid he would be hated because he was a big dog.


“There’s no way I hate Your Majesty.”




“That’s… I…”


Amelie’s eyes wandered through the greenhouse. Can she say this or not?


“Tell me the truth. If you don’t like me, there’s nothing I can do.”




At this rate, Amelie could not hold out any longer as Serwin seemed to dig deep into the ground.


“That, Your Majesty… If I’m mistaken, please just smile… So…” 


Amelie shut her eyes and let it out.


“You like me, don’t you?”


“That’s right.”


When Serwin answered right away, Amelie fell down for a moment.


“Aren’t you saying no?”


“If I were trying to hide it, I wouldn’t have made it so obvious.”


“—Your Majesty, did you know that it’s obvious?”


“Then there’s no way you don’t know. Maybe you’ve just realized that and have been avoiding me? I didn’t say anything, but I thought you would know to some extent.”


“I’m a little clueless…”


Serwin’s mood was not relieved even though he knew why Amelie avoided him. No, it got worse.


“So do you hate it? The fact that I like you?”


“No, that’s not why I avoided you—”


As Amelie dragged her words on, Serwin didn’t take his eyes off her face. As her gaze wandered across the floor, she glanced at Serwin. As their eyes met, her eyebrows furrowed as if troubled and a blush appeared on her face. Her mint-colored eyes trembled. The trembling on her face was familiar to him. Every time he saw Amelie, it was like a fluttering expression on her face.


“Did you purposely avoid me?”


He’s quick-witted. As Amelia nodded, Serwin smiled confidently as if he never had been depressed. His smile was wonderful to her, despite the embarrassment of seeing through her heart.


Amelie hesitated for a moment, then gathered up the courage to ask. In times like these, she has to be sure.


“What kind of relationship do you want with me, Your Majesty? I don’t hate you, Your Majesty. Last time, I promised to be with you forever. But it’s different from dating or getting married.”


Like it or not, Amelie liked Serwin. He was cool, and seeing him made her heart flutter. She thought it would be great if they became lovers. But she was suffocated to think about what would follow when she got together with him.


“Honestly… marriage is burdensome for me.”


“Marriage— there are opinions like that, but you can ignore them. Don’t avoid me for such useless worries.”


Serwin wanted to marry Amelie, but he didn’t have to. He knows she’ll have a hard time taking the Empress seat. There was something else he really wanted.


“It’s okay to just stay the way you are now. As long as you stay by my side as you promised. I’m fine with that. But if I become more greedy—.” 


Serwin took a breath for a moment and continued.


“I hope you like me as much as I like you.”


Just as he was willing to choose the latter among the Empire and her, he also wanted her to give up her hometown, family, and peaceful life and choose him. 




Amelie had a troubled look on her face.


“You don’t have to do anything. I can try to make you like me more.”


Serwin smiled confidently.


“I will make you have no choice but to choose me.”


Amelie was mesmerized for a moment by his wonderful smile. Then she nodded slowly.


“Then I’ll watch over you.”


Still, he needs to be serious about it after saying that. 


Amelie decided not to avoid him any more.




‘Why did I say that?’


That night, Amelie quickly regretted her choice.


After finishing the conversation and having dinner in the green house, Amelie returned to the palace to pray and go to bed to sleep.


It was fine until then. But she was nervous about sleeping in the same bed with Serwin, so she took medicine, pictured the situation in her head and made up her mind, so she thought it would be better to talk privately. He said he’s trying to win her heart, so it won’t happen all of a sudden like yesterday.


When Amelie returned to her bedroom, Serwin was sitting at a table reading papers.


It was a scene she had always seen before going to bed, but one thing was different.


Serwin’s pajamas have changed.


‘I think it was a rather ordinary style before…’


He usually wore a very neat pajama with buttons up to his collarbone.


But the new pajamas were tied together like a gown with knots. At first glance, the deeply dug collars showed off the well-trained chest muscles. The fabric was thin and soft, so it showed off his broad, rounded shoulders. This made him feel lewd.


Amelie hesitated. Am I the only one who feels weird?


“Why are you standing there?”


Serwin tapped his side with his finger.


‘Did you just change it for no reason?’


He was so nonchalant that Amelie was so sensitive that she sat here beside Serwin. However, as soon as she turned her head, the narrow line from his neck to his collarbone caught her attention. Blood rushed to her head with sudden curiosity. 


‘Let’s calm down, calm down.’


She fixed her gaze on his face, trying to look down. Then Serwin smiled softly.


‘No, what is it? You made a plan!’


When he said he was going to make her like him more did he mean seducing her?


His daring behavior forced Amelie to bow her head.


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