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Chapter 11 : The Tyrant’s Tranquilizer

Translated by Tam

Edited by Genie

Amelie pushed the smoke harder. Then the black smoke slowly backed away, and disappeared due to the wind.


‘The smoke didn’t fly out the window. This is weird, too.’


Why is it like this? Amelie is lost in thought.


It was around here that Serwin came to his senses. He was deep in consciousness.


Twenty years ago, the seal of the “disaster” was released. Serwin sealed it in his body to prevent it from spreading to the world. This “disaster” had an ego like a human being, and sometimes targeted Serwin’s body. They say they will control their bodies like evil spirits because they cannot unseal them.


Since a few days ago, the disasters have made every effort to dominate his body. Serwin had fainted for a moment because he was exhausted from confronting it.


Then at one point, a very good scent flew in the fresh wind. The scent awakened the man who was deeply unconscious.


It was a scent that he had never smelled before he came to Dellahaim. It was a soft and comfortable smell, so it soothed the sharp nerves. The scent wrapped around Serwin’s body like a big blanket. After sealing the disaster, it led him to a calm feeling he had never felt.


This is the third time he smelled the scent.


The first was in the hall when he had just arrived at the Delahaim mansion. As soon as he smelled the scent, the sense of the battle began to subside. The intense need to kill had become quiet. But the scent disappeared too quickly.


The second day was when he found the witch’s house. The disaster was stronger than ever. Serwin felt it when he was on his way back. He smelled the scent on the road.


Serwin initially suspected that the scent might come from a bird. Because there was always a bird in the fragrant place. However, when he grabbed the bird and smelled it, he couldn’t smell anything. Only the reverberation remained vague.


It was almost as if the scent was teasing him. It came out of nowhere, shook him up, and when he was in trouble, it disappeared like the avatar.


‘…..I need to catch it.’


The scent hovered closer than ever, and more intensely by his side. Serwin tried to wake up with all his might. He wanted to fall asleep with the comfort of the scent, but he managed to endure it.




A thin moan came out of his mouth. Amelie transformed and flew to Serwin. She watched Serwin wake up.


A deep wrinkle was caught on his handsome forehead, and his eyelids trembled. As he opened his eyes, his eyes slowly showed. As the morning sun poured down through the thick curtain, it was a brilliant golden color. He stared at Amelie with hazy eyes.


Aside from the unexpected drowsy look, the face she saw in her dream overlapped. Her heart began to flutter. She couldn’t move her eyes from him because she was nervous.


Amelie looked him in the eye.


‘It’s okay, it’s not black eyes.’


It’s different from the man in the dream. Amelie soothed her anxiety. Serwin slowly opened his eyes and woke up.


He looked very tired. He was pale, and look at how much he sweated. Seeing him in pain because he was sick, she was worried even though he was a scary emperor, even if he’s a terrible person.


‘Do you have a fever?’


Amelie carefully reached out to Serwin’s forehead. Her wings were so dainty that she couldn’t even reach his forehead.




Her body was staggering as she lost balance. A cotton ball-like chest touched Serwin’s forehead. Serwin frowned. The pain caused by the ‘disaster’ seemed to be stabbing the whole body with a needle.


“Pya.. Pya..”


Amelie struggled to keep her balance. However, it became more like rubbing her soft fur on Serwin’s forehead. Serwin wrinkled his forehead. Compared to the pain that was like stabbing his whole body with needles, the soft touch was too strange. 


But he didn’t hate it. Serwin casually raised his head and put his nose on the small body. Badump badump, a fast beating heartbeat was heard. The bird’s temperature was surprisingly hot, so he felt better even without the scent.


He really wanted to raise this dainty bird. He’d love to build a big greenhouse in the palace and put a lot of toys and fruit trees in it. He thinks it would be fun just to see a bird playing around.


But he couldn’t do it as he wanted.


Because this bird couldn’t live by his side.


When Serwin weakens, a gap forms in the seal. The energy of disaster will leak through the cracks and kill everything around him. A small bird like this would die in a blink of an eye. The bird’s heart is beating so healthily now because he sent it away.


“What are you doing… Why are you here….”


His voice was deeply locked. With a growling voice, he started to stand in her eyes.


“You can’t be here.”


Serwin’s mind came to his senses. He caught Amelie. Amelie just blinked her eyes gently. She got used to his touch before he knew it.


‘They’ll be pounding again this time.’


Amelie was complacent. But Serwin threw Amelie out of the window. From his point of view, it was to get out of a room full of disaster, but it was too rough. Amelie screamed and flew away.




How could you do this to someone who’s worried about you! 


Amelie barely managed to balance her wings by flapping them. The sound of breathing became rough with the rush of betrayal. She cried loudly and protested. There was a flood of betrayal.


‘I’m going to get revenge. Do you think you can just throw anyone out?’


But Serwin coldly closed the window. Amelie protested to open the window, but he closed the curtains.


‘Really. Wow, that’s inhumane.’


Amelie poured out curses so that he could hear through the window. Then she got tired on her own and went back to her room.


Serwin watched the bird leave. The bird was so small that it became as small as a dot in sight. His heart felt empty when the bird left. At that moment, the view shook.




He heard a bird’s scream in his ear.


Serwin looked around urgently. There was nothing there.


‘Here we go again—’


The disaster bothered him every minute to make a gap in the seal. Hearing and seeing hallucinations are all acts of disaster. Disaster love Serwin’s moment of weakness. The pain came as if it had waited.




Serwin crouched down with his big body. The screams of birds rang as sharp as glass in the eardrums everywhere. When the auditory hallucination began, he was suffocated. The energy of disaster leaked out of his body and filled the room.


Beyond his tightly closed eyelids, a dead bird could be seen. The twisted bird was in his hand. Her sparkling mint-colored eyes blamed him. It’s his fault.


All of them were hallucinations and it was the hallucinations that disaster showed. It was clear that it was trying to shake him and steal his body.


‘Damn it, it’s dangerous.’


Disaster has been unusually persistent today.


Twenty years ago, a witch taught him that the seal of disaster was being lifted. When she tried to eliminate the disaster but failed, she tried to seal it again instead.


What is needed to seal the disaster is the body of the Emperor. Serwin, who was the only royal, simply accepted that he was the vessel of the seal.


The witch apologized and said, “In 20 years.” Twenty years after the Day of Sealing, she said that when he came to the forest of Fidelia, a witch would appear to help him. 


Believing her word, Serwin waited for twenty full years.


Twenty years later, Serwin came to the Fidelia Forest on the appointed day. He found the witch’s house, but it was empty. And he found the witch’s grave not far from the house.


‘She’s dead.’


When his only hope collapsed, Serwin was overcome with despair.


Although he was in a hurry, the disaster was more intense than ever. The disaster welcomed Serwin’s despair and hoped that he would be more frustrated.


He didn’t know what the disaster that took his body would do, but Serwin’s time now was limited. He could no longer control the disaster on his own.


‘—I have to go somewhere where there are no people.’


He thought of a vaguely small house in his head. A witch’s house hidden around a white tree. Wouldn’t that place be okay? He lifted himself up.




‘I was just worried.’


Tears flow to her face. He doesn’t know how surprised she was. She can’t believe he threw her so recklessly. Of course, it’s her fault to enter the room without permission, but she wanted to help him.


She didn’t want to go back to her room because she was upset. She settled on the fireplace. The warmth delivered through the bricks enveloped her.


‘Throwing me… Whatever you say it’s petty, so petty..’ 


As surprised as she was, she was also very sad. When she met him before, he was full of lingering feelings, so how could he change his attitude so fast?


‘You’re not gonna be nice to me! He’s not a tyrant for nothing—!’


In the novel, Serwin was careless and had an unpredictable personality. It is worth nothing that he took Amelie and said that he loved her, and left her as soon as he arrived at the Imperial Palace. Even though she already knew it, she was so sad about the days they spent together.


Then she remembered his pale face.


‘You still looked very sick. Did you take any medicine? My magic pill, which works well—. Oh, why am I worried about the emperor now? This is the real issue—.”


Amelie sniffed and wiped her eyes with her wings.


How long has it been? The butler approached her carefully.


“Why are you crying, miss?”


He took out a wrinkled handkerchief and wiped Amelie’s face.


“You should have dinner.”


The butler opened his palm.


‘I…have to eat.’


She got hungry because she was angry and cried. Amelie flew lightly and landed on the butler’s palm.


The butler cherished Amelie and headed to the restaurant. He began explaining today’s menu one by one to make Amelie feel better. But the hall was strangely noisy.


“Something must be going on.”


The butler and Amelie went alone. There were knights of the emperor in the hall. They were the Knight that disappeared somewhere while Serwin was living in the room. They all had serious expressions. Amid a sense of urgency in the hall, the count was talking to Ethan. Serwin was away, and Ethan seemed to be leading the Knights.


“Is there something wrong?”


As the butler approached, the count welcomed the butler loudly.


“Butler, that’s great. I was going to call you.”


“His Majesty is gone.”


Ethan said in a hurry.



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