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“Oh? Sir Chad, why did you untie the bandage? Huh huh?? There’s no wound!”


“The wound wouldn’t have healed yet. It was too deep when I changed the bandage yesterday. Huh? It’s really gone.”


“Is there a witch nearby? Where is she? Ask her to look at my back too.”


The knights made a fuss, touching Chad’s head in amazement.


“I used the magic medicine that Miss Amelie gave me, and it healed like this.”


“Amelie? Oh, that witch. She was the bird in His Majesty’s room, wasn’t she?”


“Yes, that’s right.”


Amelie left a strong impression in the memories of the knights. Although not as a person, but a bird that was beloved to Serwin.


“It’s amazing. Does she make medicine?”


“I didn’t know the witch’s medicine would work this well. Can you see this? Smooth without a single scar.”


He swept a hand over his hair so that the wound could be seen clearly. The knights’ eyes were focused on his forehead.


“That’s what I mean. It’s really smooth.”


“Somehow, his complexion seems to have improved too.”


The knights spoke in admiration. Until a few days ago, Chad was on the verge of death because of overwork and his injury. But now he is brighter than any of the 20 knights.


“I love that medicine.”


The knights nodded to Ethan’s admiration. When he was working on injuries, he was naturally interested in things like medicine and healthy food.


The knights would often get injuries, but there are only a few witches who can heal them, and even they are on bad terms with the knights. In such a situation, Amelie’s magic medicine seemed as if a new path had opened. The knights who were wrapped in action were already looking for Amelie.


Amelie was walking around the carriage. Some knights were ready to run to Amelie. But then, Roen approached.


“Is that not a side effect? Are you sure it’s getting better? I saw earlier that there was smoke and bubbles. What kind of medicine is that?”


Roen was watching Chad use Amelie’s medicine. A medicine that will heal your wounds in the blink of an eye. It’s nothing suspicious. Roen’s doubts deepened when he saw Chad.


“Wouldn’t it be okay? Sir Chad is so fine.”


“If it’s not okay, Your Majesty would have told you to be careful.”




Roen shut his mouth. He didn’t think the others would listen to him even if he talked more here. He glared at Amelie in frustration. He gave her such a warning, but he didn’t like it when she was just hanging around outside.


‘Ah, what’s wrong with you again—!’


Amelie was feeling the gaze of Roen for a moment. This time, another knight also glanced at Amelie. Whether that means good or bad, it was a burden for Amelie. She was the person in the world who hated getting attention from others.


‘I’ll just go in and read.’


Amelie quickly ran away into the carriage.


“Ah— she went in.”


“Don’t worry, I’ll just go ahead and accompany her to the carriage. I should have gotten the medicine!”


“That’s little space in the carriage. Say something that makes sense.”


Ethan clicked his tongue at the pathetic appearance of his men, and felt bitter look being aimed at his back. This feeling was definitely Serwin. Turning his head, Sure enough, Serwin was approaching this way. But his gaze was fixed on Roen.


‘He must be very angry. His Majesty must have noticed Sir Roen’s attitude too.’


The pressure from Serwin’s gaze stings his skin. All the knights showed signs of nervousness, whether they felt the same way as Ethan. The relaxed atmosphere froze cold in an instant. The knights quickly backed away.


Roen was nervous as he watched Serwin approaching. He knew himself that he was acting on his own, but it was all for the sake of his master’s safety. He believed that Serwin would understand if he fully explained his position.


“Your Majesty, I’m—Ugh!”


The sword slightly pierced Roen’s neck. The sword, which is as flat as a double-edged sword and glows in gold, was a symbol of Serwin.


Roen looked at the sword with unbelievable eyes. He thought he was really dead for a moment. Obviously, the sword stabbed his neck, and he felt pain. But strangely, no wounds were seen anywhere on the body. It was marvelous swordsmanship only possible because it was Swordmaster Serwin.


“Why don’t you stop me, huh?”


Roen snapped. His vision was tinged with black, it was not easy to breathe, let alone talk. He barely raised his head and looked up at Serwin. His heart beat fast. If Serwin decides to kill him, he would die right away.


“Your Majesty, according to your will—”


He recalled his words desperately. Serwin smiled and shook his head slowly as he saw it.


“No. You’re not following my command right now.”


Roen was relieved by his smile, but Serwin’s words made him fall in despair again. Serwin’s expression, and his every word, traveled between heaven and hell.


“Who told you to have an opinion? She’s a very important person to me, so I told you to serve her politely.”


“U-ugh. I-I’m Sorry—Ugh!”


Serwin twisted the sword. Roen screamed at the pain in his throat.


“Ssh, you have to be quiet. You can hear the sound from the carriage.”


Serwin whispered, lowering his voice. Serwin’s quiet whisper still made Roen turn inside out. Roen clenched his teeth trying to come to his senses. He doesn’t want to die. You have to butter up Serwin to do that.


To do that, he must placate His Majesty.


Ethan watched the situation quietly.


‘If he was going to kill him, he would have killed him earlier, so he’s only warning him. Then, shall I help him finish it?’


As Ethan stepped forward, he sat with one knee on the ground and bowed his head. Ethan knew Serwin knew that he would stop at this point. Nevertheless, to be polite he was careful not to offend Serwin.


“Your Majesty, I will give Sir Roen a strict warning so that this will never happen again. It’s my job to keep the knights in line. Please be merciful so that I may fulfill my calling.”


Serwin looked down at Ethan. But when he let Roen go, he felt sorry that it would be fun to bother him a little more. Ethan read Serwin’s hesitation.


“If Sir Roen disappears suddenly, Amelie will find it strange. She’s not one who has no sense.”


“—That’s right.”


Serwin looked at the carriage. It was for her, so there’s no point in her discomfort.


“It’s only this time. Sir Roen.”


Serwin’s sword suddenly vanished. The golden light, which had been as hard as a blade, was scattered like fog.


“U-ugh… T-thank you.”


Roen coughed blood, but he steadied his knees and bowed to Serwin. Serwin turned his back without even looking at Roen.


“Why doubt His Majesty’s decision? How many times have I told you to be careful.”


When Ethan rebuked him, Roen couldn’t bear to raise his head.


The Emperor’s knights gave Serwin their life. Serwin knew about it, and he was easy on them. Because of this, new knights used to have such accidents once in a while. Roen’s obstinate attitude was famous, so it was only a matter of time before this happened.


“I thought, Sir Roen, would have an accident.”


“You could help me if you knew.”


“I’m afraid of His Majesty. I can’t.”


Other knights helped each other out. Ethan patted Roen on the back and found Serwin. Serwin was heading towards Amelie’s carriage.


‘Will you go to Amelie? Right. It’s not bad to go to Amelie, who would have been heartbroken at this point…No, you’re not going.’


Serwin stopped near the carriage. He looked at the carriage, but he didn’t get any closer.


‘No, why? Why are you stopping?’


Ethan couldn’t stand the frustration and stood up. He left Roen to another knight, and he approached Serwin. He was thinking of asking the reason why he kept hovering around Amelie and not saying anything.


“Why don’t you go. Sounds like a good opportunity. Don’t look so scary.”


“What opportunity.”


Ethan quietly laughed at him. He would not make such a face, even if he had a lifelong enemy in front of him. A scared Amelia might see Serwin and cry and run away.


“Don’t you feel this scent?”


“Yes? I have no idea about a scent, what do you smell?”


Serwin frowned and thought of a way to express himself. He remembered a lot of smells he had smelled in his life, but he couldn’t say it clearly.


“…I feel strange when I get closer to her. I feel like someone wrapped me in a blanket and laid me by the fireplace. It smells warm.”


“Isn’t that a good thing?”


“My head gets dull, my body gets drowsy. I’m so sleepy that I’m distracted.”


Serwin spoke with annoyance. His mind gets tired, and he quickly feels cozy. It feels like his body is melting. Is this what the average person calls a break? It was such a strange sensation for Serwin. It’s awkward and he doesn’t know what to do. It was similar to a newborn being afraid of sleepiness.


Moreover, when Amelie was with him, he was bound to sleep and groan. Such a disorganized figure could not be seen by others. Sherwin was the emperor, and the palace was like a battlefield. If he shows weakness even for a short time, they will immediately rush to bite him and take advantage. People are incredible. It was the same with Amelie. 


“You say you don’t like it, but don’t you keep going around it? That scent, you can probably smell it at this distance.”


Ethan pointed out. In short, Serwin is wary while maintaining the distance he can afford.


“…That’s true.”


That was the reason why Serwin was most annoyed. It bothers him if he can’t smell it, and when he comes to his senses, he tries to approach her. His body, which has been overworked for a long time, instinctively follows rest. It’s better than the disaster, but he didn’t know how he felt following a woman around like this.


“Let’s just go in. I’m sure Amelie won’t refuse either.”


This was a very good sign for Ethan. He needed a break.


People who are always tense easily fall apart. This is because there is a limit to a person’s mental power. As proof of that, in the last few years, Serwin became more hot tempered and his patience disappeared. The frequency and power of the disaster taking over his body are increasing. He used to think that Serwin himself wasn’t sure if he could survive for more than half a year.


“Sometimes it’s a good idea to show your weakness.”




“If you don’t like it because she’s a human being, think of her as a pet bird. Didn’t you save it? If you keep looking scary around her with that expression, wouldn’t she be afraid?”




Serwin looked silently at the carriage. After seeing that look, Ethan thought it would take him a long time to approach Amelie first.

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