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The next day, Amelie woke up to a gentle touch on her hair. As she woke up, she could see Serwin sitting on the bed ready to go out.


“Are you awake?”He asked kindly. 


Amelie nodded with a blank face. Unlike Amelie in pajamas, Serwin was wearing very nice clothes. He was strong and fierce like an unparalleled man, yet his colorful clothes still seemed to work well with serious meetings. The dignity of an emperor was felt in his cold golden eyes.


‘Cool. If you saw it on the screen, you’d definitely be a fan—.’


But in reality, Serwin had too many personality flaws for Amelie to become a fan.


“You can sleep more. Mrs. Enard will be there to protect you. Don’t cry because I’m not here, play well.”


“…Your Majesty, if there’s a hint of disaster call me, okay?”


Amelie was very worried that the disaster would pop out when she wasn’t there. The energy of disaster was fatal to living creatures. If the disaster pops out in a crowded place, it was terrible just to imagine what kind of catastrophe would happen.


Amelie hesitated and held out her hand. She had already held him a few times, but she was still nervous when she held his hand.


‘It’s a prevention technique. It’s better than the disaster coming out.’


Amelie mustered up her courage, placing her hands over Serwin’s. She felt the cold and hard hand.




Serwin, holding Amelie’s hand, lingered for a while and then left the room.


When he left, she fell asleep again. Serwin kept clinging, so she was still a little tired because he woke her again and again.


‘I’m sleepy—’


Amelie closed her eyes again. However, she couldn’t sleep because she kept feeling a gaze. Stealthily squinting her eyes she noticed Mrs. Enard stood by the door watching her constantly. 




Amelie, who made eye contact with Mrs. Enard, closed her eyes in surprise. 


‘What’s going on? By any chance, did he mean that Mrs. Enard would be around?’


Amelie pulled the blanket over her head and made sure it covered the top of her head. She wanted to ignore the stare and go back to sleep. But maybe it’s because she’s already conscious of it. She couldn’t sleep because her face stung even with a thick blanket in the way. Even though Mrs. Enrad was just looking at her, it kept bothering Amelie. 


Unable to resist, Amelie jumped to her feet.


“Mrs. Enard?”


“Yes, Miss Amelie.”


“You don’t have to stay there, so go out and relax. I’m going to sleep more.”


“I’m fine, so you can sleep tight. I’ll be here all the time, so that I’ll know as soon as you wake up.”


Mrs. Enard answered politely. She couldn’t say ‘Please leave because I can’t sleep because of Mrs.’ to someone who wanted to work hard… 


‘Phew, let’s get up and stop sleeping.’


Anyway, while tossing and turning, all of her sleepiness ran away. Amelie gave up her sleep and got up.


“Are you going to get up?”




“Then I’ll bring you a morning tea and a meal.”


“May I just wash up and change first?”


“Are you going to be okay? His Majesty says that Amelia is reluctant to go on an empty stomach.”


What the hell is this person talking about? When did she say that? It made it seem like she’s a person with a huge appetite.


“Then I’ll take you to the bathroom. I’ve prepared a meal in advance, so feel free to ask.”




Amelie blushed with embarrassment.




Guided to the bathroom by Mrs. Enard, Amelie realized it was a different place from where she went yesterday. Earlier was a place to take a proper bath, and this room was a place to simply wash up. She doesn’t know why they have to have two bathrooms, but she decided to accept it because this is the luxury of the imperial palace.


On the other side of the bathroom entrance was a powder room. Where maids could pick out clothes and accessories to keep in the dressing room while Amelie was washing, she can then choose from among the outfits.


The powder room was very comfortable, considering the circumstances of ladies and gentlemen who had to dress up for a long time. There was a chair where she could lie at an angle and rest, and there were many plants. In addition, it was optimized for getting dressed, with various beauty tools, dressing tables, and a four-sided full-body mirror.


“What’s going on? Where are the clothes?”


As she washed up, she saw the maids bustling around in a hurry. She didn’t even see the clothes they were bringing.


At that moment, she heard Mrs. Enard admonishing the maids.


“That’s…… We couldn’t use the clothes because of water leaking from the ceiling of the dressing room.”


“So many clothes?”


“I didn’t know your size, so we had a variety of things in stock. When I met Amelie yesterday, I arranged things that would fit her well, but today I’m looking at them all wet!”


“I asked the maids, and they said it was the place where the water was leaking every morning. I left it there because there was an empty seat, but I didn’t think that was the place to repair it…”


Mrs. Enard looked at her coldly.


“Do you think that’s an excuse now?”


“I’m sorry.”


“I’m really sorry.”


“If you don’t have clothes prepared, you have to think about taking off your clothes as penance! Are you still in your right mind!”


Mrs. Enard yelled. Amelie flinched her shoulder without even knowing, at the voice. 


‘Is this really a coincidence? Or a ploy to bully me?’


Amelie looked out for Mrs. Enard and her maids. Mrs. Enard was furious, and the maids were in a daze.


“I don’t know if I’m understanding this—’


Unfortunately, they glanced at Amelie normally.


‘It’s strange that only my clothes are wet, it’s just bullying with the clothes, isn’t it a little bit of something?’


If there was more solid evidence, she would have solved it by herself or told Serwin. However, it was ambiguous to do anything in a state of suspicion. Standing by herself, it seems like she’s in trouble. But talking to Serwin, she’s worried about a tsunami of blood.


“That’s enough. I have clothes in my bag, so let’s wear them today.”


“Go get Amelia’s bag!”


“Yes, Mrs!”


The maids ran out of the powder room.


“That’s a relief. You brought some clothes,didn’t you?”


“We’re going to make a new outfit soon. How about if Miss Amelie asks His Majesty? His Majesty will also want to present something to Miss Amelie, but that’s a good excuse.”


Milena and Charlotte chatted brightly next to Amelie.She felt that they were deliberately speaking more vigorously, in case she was offended. Amelie put a smile on her face to reassure them. Charlotte smiled ear to ear, and she glanced at Mrs. Enard who smiled with a profound smile when her eyes met Charlotte.


After a while, the maids returned with Amelie’s bag. 


“I didn’t know where it was, so I brought everything.”


“It’s in a blue bag, you don’t have to bring it all.”


“This one?”


The maid opened the bag and took out the dress. It contained a dress that was rated as the best fit to wear at Dellahaim. Mrs Enard examined the dress carefully.


“The fabric is good though the style is not trendy. It’s very thin to wear now, but it’ll be okay indoors. It’s hard to get other clothes right away, so—”


Eventually, Amelie decided to wear the clothes she had brought. The maids helped her dress up. Since there was no need to go out of the building, it was enough to tidy up her curly hair and lighten up the face with makeup.


“Miss Amelie, what should I do with the bag? Would you like me to organize your luggage?”


Charlotte asked. 


“Please take care of the blue bag. Leave the brown bag. I have something to check for myself.”


Having brought the bag, Amelie decided for a moment to check on the things in the bag.


Inside the brown bag were tools and precious herbs to make magic medicine. She was going to check if they went bad on the move. But everything inside is a witch’s thing. It wasn’t good to be seen by others.


After dressing up, Amelie said to everyone.


“Everyone go out and work. I’ll check my bag for a second and get out.”


“Are you going to clean up your bag? Let me help you.”


“Let us do it. I’ll sort it out as you say.”


Milena and Charlotte smiled and offered to help. Mrs Enard was also in her place, not leaving the powder room.


“No, I’ll do it.”


When Amelie flatly refused, Charlotte and Milena exchanged glances and sprang to their knees. The women bowed their heads deeply and begged for Amelie’s forgiveness.


“Please forgive me, Miss Amelie!”


“You can’t leave it to us because we made a mistake, right?”


“Ah, that’s not—”


Amelie was very embarrassed. Why are they begging for this?


“I’m sorry, Miss Amelie. I should have managed it properly.”


Even Mrs Enard knelt before Amelie. In this situation, all the maids standing far away knelt and bowed their heads.


“No, it’s not like that. There are some things in the bag that I’m ashamed to have seen, so I’m trying to sort them out myself—and that’s the reason why you can’t help.”


“We are Amelia’s hands. There’s nothing to be ashamed of! Please let us know if you don’t like us. That way, I can serve you better.”


“Yes, that’s right. Please feel free to let us in. If we leave you alone, we’ll be in trouble!”


“You won’t get trouble for that. First of all, let’s get up okay?”


Amelie raised Mrs Enard with her own hands in a hurry. She was out of her mind. 


‘Is Serwin that scary?—It’s true that he’s scary. It’s easy to kill people when he talk to them—’


In Dellahaim, there was one victim who was attacked by Serwin. Serwin cut off the gardener’s hand, saying he was a gardener who worked in the palace and almost tripped over the less-treated grass. He said he doesn’t need a hand that can’t work properly.


Remember such a thing, it was natural for maids to be frightened. Eventually, Amelie gave up opening the bag and headed out to eat. 




After the meal, Amelie followed Mrs Enard through the palace. Yesterday was the first time she’d looked around properly, as she didn’t go out of the bedroom to relax.


Looking around the building, Amelia came out. The outer wall of the white building shone brightly in the sun. Trees surrounded it. Thanks to this, the air was clean and it was good to take a walk along the path.


But Amelie couldn’t enjoy the scenery.

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