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‘Ah—my back hurts, it stings.’


Mrs Enard and her maids were devoted to Amelia. With great tact, they gave Amelia what she wanted before she said anything. It meant they were focusing on Amelie that much.


Even now, the maids were staring at her persistently, following her footsteps. When she slowed down, they walked slowly, and when she stopped, they stopped.


‘I feel like I’m a prisoner—’


She doesn’t know what the others would be like, but it was a very burdensome interest in Amelie’s timid personality.


‘Haa— I want to be alone. I can’t wait to defeat the disaster and go back to Dellahaim.’


Amelie looked down at the forest. Even all the trees are different from the Fidelian forest. The long and thin trees grew white, and the small and thin leaves gathered up and covered the sky. Perhaps because of her mood, even the trees felt like bars locking her up.


‘I’ve come a long way.’


A cool wind blew in. Amelie shuddered and wrapped her arms around her.


“Why are you dressed like this when it’s so cold?”


At the same time Serwin’s voice was heard, a heavy cape chipped over Amelie’s shoulder. When she wore a cape tailored to Serwin’s size, it looked like she was wearing a blanket.


‘The smell of blood—’


Amelie rubbed her nose. A faint smell of iron. It was clearly the smell of Serwin’s cloak.


 ‘Don’t tell me the disaster has come out?’


Amelie looked carefully at Serwin. The energy of disaster is nowhere to be seen. He just had a very tired face. He looks stressed out in half a day.


‘It’s none of my business unless there’s a disaster.’


Amelie was very bothered about the smell of blood, but decided not to ask. She decided it was simply her duty that she had intervened so far. She didn’t even want to know.


“Did you bring it from Dellahaim?”


“Yes, Renee picked it for me.”


“Dellahaim is a warm place every day. But the weather in the capital is fickle, so that won’t do. Didn’t the maids prepare their own clothes?”


Serwin asked sharply.


“I want to wear this. Renee picked this outfit for me. I was going to wear a shawl if it was cold.”


“Is that so?”


But Serwin did not easily cast aside his doubt.


The people who attended to Amelie were specially selected people, chosen before he went to Dellahaim. However, it was the Imperial Palace.


The Imperial Palace always suffered a chronic shortage of manpower due to the people who were frequently dying and the addition of Serwin’s notoriety. The only courts that survived were the only ones that were either self-serving or had some pull with a high-ranking noble. Because of this, it was difficult just to select a person who was tight lipped, not rash, and wouldn’t do anything nonsensical like assassinating anyone.


It was also the result of Serwin’s use of force to balance the power of the court. Serwin, who ascended the throne at a young age and had difficulty attracting courtiers to his side due to the risk of the disaster, was the best way at the time; but now he has some regrets.


Amelie came to the Imperial Palace suddenly. Given that rumors about her haven’t spread yet, they seemed to be the right people. However, there was also a possibility that they secretly harassed Amelie.


“If anything happens, please tell me. I won’t know if you don’t tell me.”




Amelie nodded obediently. But she didn’t mean to tell him unless it was a big deal. If it had been before she smelled blood on his clothes, she might have talked a little about it. But smelling blood made her realize he was a tyrant.


‘Even if they bully me, it’s not bad enough to warrant death.’


Amelie said nothing, and was afraid that Serwin would kill them. So she decided to do well on her own.


“More than that, Your Majesty. Are you busy?”


“I’m fine for a moment. Why?”


“Come to the bedroom with me.”




Serwin looked puzzled, but he allowed it easily. Amelie declared to her maids.


“I’ll be alone with His Majesty, so don’t follow me, okay?”


Amelie grabbed Serwin by the arm. The maids, who had been dogged after Amelie, dyed their cheeks red, and no longer followed.


‘I have to take advantage of the misunderstanding.’


Amelie burst into laughter and took quick steps toward the bedroom.




Amelie’s bedroom was divided into several spaces. A space with a bed, a space that acts as a living room, a bathroom, etc.


Amelie took Serwin out to the living room. There was a large table and sofa in the living room, so there was room for relaxation.


‘Here it is.’


When there was a disturbance in the morning, Amelie told them to put the brown bag in the bedroom separately. It was because there was a lock magic that couldn’t be opened without Amelie, but she felt more comfortable keeping it close.


Amelie hummed and opened the bag. Things got messed up on the move, but they were all in good condition.


Serwin looked through his bag and smiled in vain at Amelie, who pulled out one by one.


“Don’t tell me, did you bring me to your room to see them?”


“That’s right.”


Serwin was dumbfounded. He thought they were going to be alone for a particular reason, but she was up to something wildly different. He can’t believe she dragged the Emperor away and used him as a shield. The same girl who at times seemed to be overwhelmed by her timidity.


“You must have used me as a shield?”


“I couldn’t help it. When I’m not with you, the maids don’t take their eyes off me at all.”


Amelie talked about what happened in the morning while looking for gloves.


“I told them to go out for a moment to look at this bag, and they were begging for forgiveness while kneeling. They said they’re sorry they  couldn’t serve me properly.”


Amelie opened the herbs one by one. Everything was fine just as Amelie had kept it at the forest house. Amelie looked back at Serwin with relief and asked.


“Doesn’t the Palace leave people alone?”


Serwin set eyes on Amelie and guessed her thoughts.


‘I don’t doubt it.’


The royal family is also human, but if they want to rest alone, they leave it alone. It’s more convenient to leave maids alone than to stand next to her for nothing.


The reason why Amelie’s maids stood by her side was simple. It was because Serwin ordered Mrs Enard not to leave her alone for a single moment.


Serwin recalled what had happened on his way to the Palace. It was still clear that she changed and flew freely into the sky. Then he realized he couldn’t tie her feet just by burning a broom. Amelie’s biggest weapon is magic, and her weapon could always be used to escape by herself.


Amelie said she wouldn’t run away, but Serwin couldn’t easily believe what others said. People always changed their minds 12 times a day. People’s thoughts and feelings change easily depending on the situation.  It means that even though she was sincere then, it may not be true now or in the future.


‘I’d like to stay with you all day, but I can’t, so—’


So Serwin put a maid of honor on her to watch all day. She doesn’t want to expose to others that she is a witch, so it’s hard to use magic easily if there’s someone watching.


“…that’s the way it is.”


Serwin had the nerve to lie.


“Ugh.. So, when do we find a way to overcome the disaster? I have this personality, so let’s say I’m okay to be alone? Oh, how about Your Majesty tells them to leave me alone when I ask?”


“To find a way to fight the disaster?”


“Yes! We have to find it.”




“First of all, I’d like to walk around the palace and look for signs of a seal. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know how the disaster was sealed and how it was broken? If we can’t find a way to defeat it, we have to find a way to seal it again.”


“In twenty years, do you think I haven’t done what you said?”


“But I’m a witch. Not like Your Majesty.”


“Amelie, the palace is a dangerous place.”


“Yes. I know.”


Serwin shook his head seriously. Now here was a mind that didn’t work a bit thinking about her own safety, maybe because she was confident in her magic.


“If they know I keep you close, the nobles will be after you. Some people will try to take your life. If you go around looking for clues, you might be in danger. I want you to stand by me rather than be in danger.”


“…I know it’s dangerous.”


“No, you don’t. I was too busy dealing with the disaster to drive out a pack of weeds that have taken root in the palace. I have nothing to say even if others swear that I am an incompetent emperor.”


Amelie shut her mouth. It was also a miracle that he had done this much with disaster in his body. She couldn’t speak ill of him.


“I’m looking for a way to defeat the disaster, so please be faithful to your role. Protecting me from my side.”




“The rest of the time, just think about being comfortable, hm?”


Only he could contain the disaster. Therefore, Serwin’s desire not to lose himself was fully understood.


“I understand.”


Amelia nodded her head. However, she was not able to shake off the irritation left in the corner of her chest.




Three days have passed since then. Amelie’s days were usually similar. She wakes up in the morning, washes up, dresses up, and eats. She spends time doing something and then eats again and takes a walk. And then it’s night time doing something again.


Everything in the palace revolved around Amelie.


The cleaning maids had to finish everything just in time for Amelie to wake up, and the cook served meals made from her favorite ingredients just in time for her to be hungry. The foods that Amelie showed a slight displeasure to did not come back to the table again.


The maids looked at Amelie’s expression at every moment and matched her mood. She recommended playing an instrument when she was bored and taking a walk when she looked stuffy.


There was no shortage of beautiful and clean houses, delicious meals, entertainments, etc. Amelie could enjoy it all without making any effort.


‘In the last life, there was a time when I prayed, ‘Please let me be born as a rich pet’—’


Fortunately, she was living a life that she dreamed of as a person, not a pet.


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