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Amelie entered the room cautiously through the terrace. At this point, her confidence that surged through her heart while flying in the sky had shrunk to the size of a bean.


Milena was standing by the bed when she entered the room. Because the curtains were drawn around the bed, it was difficult to notice that it was empty. Milena appeared to be guarding Amelie’s side as she dozed off.




“Miss Amelie!”


Milena jumped on Amelie. She could tell what was going on when she saw Mrs Enard go home in a panic and Amelie was not in the room. She wanted to follow Amelie right away, but then she was forced to protect the bedroom because someone would notice her absence.


“I’m not sure how the time flew by. My throat is thirsty—”


“Has no one ever come?”


“A maid came, but she said something strange in front of the door and then left.”


“It must have been the magic potion that causes confusion. It was a good idea to plan ahead of time.”


Despite the fact that she had been gone for quite some time, no one had any doubts about her absence because she had always been so quiet. Furthermore, the magic potion sprayed on the door proved useful.


Amelie explained what happened at Mrs Enard’s house in detail, as well as the identity of the swindler. Milena sighed sullenly after hearing the story.


“It’s the best result yet, so much so that all the hard work has been worth it.”


Milena believed Mrs Enard’s oath was sincere. She kissed the hem of her robe while kneeling and lowering her body to the floor. It was the most solemn oath a servant could ever take to serve their master. Sir Roen, Milena’s brother, made the same vow as Serwin’s knight. Mrs Enard, who had spent her entire life working in her imperial palace, could not dismiss the significance of the act, even though she was not a knight.


Milena had a rough idea as to why the selfish Mrs Enard suddenly swore allegiance to Amelie.


Mrs Enard’s dire circumstances made her wary of being exploited so she did not trust others easily.However, because she is still human once she has faith in her environment and her master she’ll feel safe, and will give her complete trust.


In exchange for a potion, Amelie was free to use Mrs Enard however she pleased. Mrs Enard would have done anything Amelie told her to do if the potion was proven to work. Amelie, on the other hand, refused to use her in exchange for her potion. Her heart was driving her to save the innocent child at any cost. As a result, she discovered the Count Manverse’s evil plot and was able to save both the child and mother.


Amelie’s motivation was pure good faith, which would have given Mrs Enard confidence.


Mrs Enard was also played by Count Manverse. That anger wouldn’t go away easily, and she’d be wary of the nobles. As Mrs Enard felt that nobles were filthy and duplicitous, Amelie’s good will became increasingly valuable in her eyes.


‘I had no idea Count Manverse would do something like this— but this time I was too narrow-minded.’


Milena had only considered making a deal with Mrs Enard in exchange for the potion. She never considered helping a sick child. Is she now a noble who only resembles herself?


Milena had ignored Mrs Enard’s desperation and only sought to use it against her. Mrs Enard may have been influenced by Amelie’s kindness, just as her brother’s situation influenced her.


Milena regretted her hasty decision.


“I won’t stop Miss Amelie from doing anything from now on. But you have to mention it in advance, so I can come up with a solution! When I think about what really made me nervous today—”


Regret is regret, nagging is nagging.


Milena had been nagging for quite some time. Because she was guilty, Amelie only nodded gently at her words.




Mrs Enard returned the next day. She mentioned that the antidote was successful and that the child was fine.


It was a peaceful day, as if yesterday’s events had been a lie. After a more sumptuous lunch than usual, Amelie decided to create a secret location and began wandering around the palace trying to find a hiding place. She couldn’t possibly continue to make magic pills by the bed after all. However, the plan was canceled shortly after noon when Serwin unexpectedly returned.


In the garden, a tea table was set up. Amelie looked Serwin in the eyes quietly. Serwin had a dark expression on his face. Because he was under a lot of stress, he felt like he was going to explode right away. Amelie wasn’t the only one who noticed he felt this way, and there was an odd tension in the garden.


‘What’s wrong with you?’


Serwin had been the same as usual until this morning. She wondered if he knew about yesterday and his anger had suddenly risen to the top of his head so he came to visit her.


‘I didn’t get caught yesterday, did I?’


Amelie wiggled her fingers beneath the table. Her stomach felt tense. She reminded herself that it was impossible for her to deceive people. Even when the other person didn’t say anything, her feet were numb. She was skeptical at the same time.


‘Why do I have to do this?’


She said she’d go where she wanted to go with her own feet, but she had to shake like a sinner. Isn’t it Serwin who was actually committing a crime? Detention and surveillance were a serious crime. Besides, she didn’t promise Serwin that she would not leave the palace or use magic.


This was, by any stretch of the imagination, far too absurd.


‘Let’s protest.’


Amelie tried to bring it up. But Serwin was a step faster.


“Aren’t you going to eat?”




Amelie’s eyes widened in response to Serwin’s unexpected question. Serwin directed his finger to the dishes on the table. There were some unusual items on the table. It was a concave plate, but it was made of glass, so she could see right through it. They covered the bottom with finely ground ice and cut raw yellow fruit into small pieces. Then they slathered cold cream on top of the fruit, and the cold ice caused the golden syrup on top of the cream to harden and sparkle. For some more color, a small amount of gold powder was sprinkled on top of the white cream, and an unknown green grass decoration was hung.


Despite the fact that it was the first time this dessert was presented, Amelie recognized it right away. It was the dessert she was talking about the last time she went out to the Imperial Palace with Serwin. It was something she said as someone carrying fruit passed by, as she seemed to recall. It was more luxurious than the one in her memory, it was certainly made by the chef of the Imperial Palace after Serwin remembered her words.


‘Ugh. This makes me feel more guilty—!’


Amelie couldn’t pick up the spoon because she felt guilty. Serwin picked up a spoon and scooped some fruit and cream and took it to Amelie’s mouth, apparently misunderstanding the look on her face.






Amelie accepted it hesitantly. The inside of her mouth quickly cooled, and the cream quickly melted. The soft sweetness of cream wrapped around her tongue. When she bit into the flesh of the fruit the strong scent and sweetness mingled with the cream’s flavors.


‘It’s delicious!’


Amelie’s expression brightened.


Serwin scooped up another spoonful of dessert and placed it in front of Amelie’s mouth. Amelie tried to claim that she, too, had her hand, but when she saw Serwin’s expression soften slightly more than the first time, she quietly opened her mouth. One bite, two bites, three bites. The more Amelie ate, the more Serwin’s face began to relax gradually. The earlier tension had calmed down by the time she had finished her bowl.


‘You’re not mad at me, you’re just here to relieve your stress?’


Serwin would frequently appear with an expression that looked close to exploding in anger, and then would randomly feed Amelie snacks and return to the palace. This time was no exception. She felt numb for no apparent reason.


‘Phew, people can’t live with sin.’


She was nervous for no reason and felt relieved that it hadn’t devolved into chaos.


‘That’s what lying people feel.’


Serwin returned to the Imperial Palace after the dessert bowl had been emptied. Amelie, on the other hand, remained and didn’t know how to leave.


‘Do I have to stay this anxious?’


Lying and deceiving others was completely out of character for her. Furthermore, she came to the palace to fight the disaster, not to be kept in a cage like a pet bird.


‘I’m busy trying to figure out a way to defeat the disaster and I can’t even go out by my own will… It’s my duty to defeat it.’


However, Serwin refused to let her go out, no matter what she said. It was due to the fact that it was dangerous outside. She is aware that he appreciates her. He does a lot of things to show that. Amelie, on the other hand, was unable to fulfill her original purpose of visiting the Imperial Palace as a result of this overprotection.


Of course, Amelie was well aware that she had acted untrustworthy in the past, hiding from him in her bird form and running away. However, detention and surveillance could not be justified.


Amelie sat back and waited for Serwin to explain the situation. She was aware she was locked up, but she had trusted his judgment for everything he kept secret from her.


‘I’m not going to do that anymore.’


Amelie has decided. 


‘You’ll believe me if I show you what I’m capable of! I haven’t been simply standing still in the meantime!’


“Mrs Enard, Milena. Please get ready to go out. I’m going to run away.”


“Run away?”


“To where?”


“To Serwin’s office!”


Amelie exclaimed bitterly.


The reaction to Amelie’s declaration was different. Mrs Enard opened her eyes round, and Milena touched her forehead.


“Then His Majesty will know everything!”


Running to the man who locked her up and saying, ‘I can escape!’ It was a decision that made no sense to the two people who knew that the work behind the scenes was unknown to their King.


“I’ve made my decision. I don’t want to deceive His Majesty any longer, and I don’t want to be cruel to Him.”


Amelie was unwavering in her belief.


“If Miss Amelie means that, I’ll help you.”


The two agreed quickly. Amelie is different from them. And because of that they made the decision to move for her.


“So, why His Majesty’s office in the first place? The Imperial Palace must be overflowing with people coming and going.”


“That’s what I’m aiming for.”


The quick-witted Millena and Mrs Enard quickly noticed what Amelie was after.


“Your Majesty is only trying to hide Miss Amelie’s existence, so you’re saying that you’re not going to hide it anymore?”


Amelie nodded her head.

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