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Caroline struggled to realize the ultimate beauty in the world, it was repeatedly blocked by a budget wall. That’s because no matter how wealthy a family was, the amount that could be spent on a single suit was predetermined. In addition, the more the amount spent, the more severe the interference and requests. 


‘That was exactly what happened when I made Manvers Lady’s socialite debut outfit. Even with a huge budget when Count sticks right next to her, he’d says she’s wasting too much cloth, and blah blah—’


Will he interfere as much this time? Caroline was worried. If the tyrant Emperor’s cotton fabric was cut the wrong way, it seemed like it would blow her neck. But it was too large an amount to refuse. She clenched her hand and trembled. The feel of Mrs Enard’s number was still clear on her palm.  


“His Majesty values Amelie very much. He hopes she can shine the most among the nobles so that she will not be discouraged. For that, well, money is nothing—” 


Mrs Enard smiled as she looked at Caroline. It was because Caroline was shaking. Well, if anyone was about to get this much money they would be nervous. 


“As you know, His Majesty is the richest man in the Empire.”


Mrs Enard blew away all Caroline’s concerns. Caroline nodded her head as if possessed. 


“I-I’ll do it. I’ll work for Miss Amelie.”


Mrs Enard smiled. 


“Oh my. I’ve made Miss Amelie wait for too long. Shall we go back?”




Caroline nodded and left the dressing room with a bewitched look and returned to the drawing room. Amelie, who was reclining on the sofa, sat up straight. 


“Caroline has decided to accept our offer.” Mrs Enard said. 


“Wow, really?”


Amelie smiled at Caroline. As the tail of her eyes folded gently she gave a gentle expression. As Caroline admired, a halo seemed to shine over Amelie’s head.


‘Beauty of the century? What’s so important about that?’


The amount set for her dress at this party was that huge. 


‘With this amount of money, I can make her a goddess! Yeah! The original beauty is what you create!’


Looking back, Amelie’s appearance was great. She was not a beautiful woman who captivated her heart at first sight, but her face with a clear atmosphere was more attractive the more she saw it. In addition, it had the advantage of being able to decorate the non-flamboyant features freely. 


Come to think of it, it was too easy to make a beautiful person beautiful. It was something she could do even if she wasn’t skilled. There was another case where her talent could really shine: to discover the charm of an ordinary person who doesn’t know their own charm and make them beautiful. 


“Amelie. I’ll make you a goddess. You’ll be the beauty of the century!”


“What? Ah— Yes. Thank you.” 


Whether Amelie thought of Caroline as strange or not, Caroline felt motivated. 




That afternoon, the news that Caroline had been hired by Amelie reached Renia through Charlotte. Upon hearing the news, Renia was outraged. 


‘I can’t believe you rejected my request and took her side!’


Only one dressing room in the capital was hired by Amelie, but it meant something different for Renia. 


Renia was almost confirmed as the future Empress. However, a woman named the Emperor’s lover appeared. No matter how uncertain a woman was, she could be the Empress if Serwin wanted it. For Renia, Amelie is a rival to compete for the Empress position. 


Caroline chose Amelie, not herself. In other words, it was clear that she thought Amelie was more likely to become Empress than she was. 




Renia turned the table upside down. The salad she was eating was scattered everywhere. Fortunately, no sauce was sprayed, so the carpet and clothes did not get dirty. Renia’s maids were accustomed to this, so they silently cleaned up the salad. 


‘I’m nervous. What should I do? If it’s Caroline, that woman must have a pretty face and she can’t get enough of it—.’ 


Renia also heard that Amelie was the beauty of the century. But she said, according to Charlotte, the rumors are all exaggerated and she’s not ugly, but she can’t be called the beauty of the century, like they said. Charlotte added that, in terms of appearance alone, Renia is overwhelmingly the winner. 


‘But the fact that Caroline accepted the proposal despite my pressure means that she is as beautiful as that.’


Renia frowned. Even if she frowned, her face reflected in the glass was beautiful. Renia was risking her life to stand out at the imperial party. She always tried to make herself look more beautiful than the other girls, but this time was different. She should be supremely beautiful and the most conspicuous. She’s on a bloody diet for that reason alone. 


‘But wouldn’t it be difficult if that woman was actually like the rumors? I’d like to check it out— It’s not easy to see that face—.’


Renia clicked her tongue. She made several attempts to meet Amelie. She not only sent Amelie a present and wrote her letters, but also asked someone to take her to the palace to meet her. But Mrs Enard’s blocks were so great that she never succeeded. 


‘But I can’t just stand on to the side without dignity and wait for everything to pass by.’


Such a thing was done only by maids, not by a noble like her. Renia lowered her eyes and touched her temple with her fingers. When she extremely limited the amount of meals, she used to feel dizzy even if she got a little excited. 


‘I’m tired.’


How great would it be to roll around on the bed in pajamas and eat sweets with her bare hands? It had never been done since her father commanded that women shouldn’t get messy, but she seemed to be happy just by imagining it. 


‘No. Let’s not think weakly. I must be the Empress. That’s the only way for me.’ 


Renia shook her head lightly. Rich hair fluttered and caused a red wave. As she shook off her thoughts, what she had to do became clear. 


“Bring Charlotte.”


“Yes, Lady.”


Did she say Amelie? 


She should check with her own eyes what kind of person she is and whether she is a beauty as rumored. 




Charlotte carefully escaped the imperial palace. She, working as Amelie’s maid, proudly went out with permission from Mrs Enard. However, her movements became cautious on their own because she was in a position where she could not reveal where she was going.


The place she headed to was the mansion of Count Manvers. As she headed to the back door, Renia’s maid took her inside the house as if she was waiting. 


‘I’m a maid of the imperial palace, but she told me to come through the back door like a servant.’


Charlotte’s pride was hurt. But as soon as she entered the house, everything got better. 


‘Oh my gosh. Haven’t I seen that statue? It’s just a piece of ivory lacquered on the decorations of the house. After all, the wealth of Count Manvers is great.’ 


No matter how many times she visits, she admires this luxurious scenery. How she wishes she could live in such a colorful mansion. 


‘Yeah. It doesn’t matter if my pride is hurt. When Young Lady Renia becomes Empress, I will be a close aide to the Empress, so no one will ignore me. And do you happen to know? Whether I’ll be the hostess of this mansion.’ 


Charlotte wanted to marry Gilbert, the son of Count Manvers. Although Gilbert was attractive, she coveted this extravagant mansion. How perfect would life be as a mistress of a wealthy and prestigious family. Thinking of her golden future made her feel good. 


Renia was standing by the window. Her red hair was lit up as if it was ablaze in the light of the sunset. The pupils seen between the red shadows were sharp. Charlotte somehow had an ominous feeling. 


“Charlotte, sit down.”


“Yes, Lady Renia.”


Although the two had a strict hierarchical relationship, on the surface they were friends. Charlotte quickly sat down in the seat that Renia authorized her to take. Renia bid the maids out of the room and sat across from her. 


“How did she convince Caroline?” 


Skipping the ceremonial greetings, Renia talked about the business. 


‘You must be really angry.’


Charlotte waved her tongue inside. 


“It looks like Mrs Enard has put her hand on it.”


“Mrs Enard?”


Renia frowned. Mrs Enard had a poor reputation because she was money hungry, but she was actually quite good. Amelie wasn’t really a threat to her, but when Mrs Enard sided with her, she became difficult to deal with. Even so, how did she persuade Caroline?


“Explain it in detail.”


“That’s— I also don’t know about that—”




Renia’s red eyebrows rose high. Charlotte was discouraged by the overbearing appearance. 


‘I should tell her something useful—’


But she really didn’t know. When she came to her senses, she was the only one turning around in the palace. It is because she expected that she should pay a lot of attention to Amelie, not Mrs Enard, and didn’t check her in advance. She already said everything she knew, so there was nothing more to say.


“Oh, yes. That’s right. Come to think of it, His Majesty has been out for business lately!” 


“Is it?”


“Yes. From my point of view, it’s clear that His Majesty’s side is avoiding her on purpose. When he has spare time, the person that has been visiting doesn’t show his face once during the day. In the past, he came here before the sun went down, but these days, he only comes at dawn.” 


Charlotte continued her rambling story. As she talked, there was something new that came to mind. 


“Come to think of it, he came shortly during the day around three days ago. I don’t know what they were talking about, but somehow His Majesty seemed angry.” 


“Three days ago— the day His Majesty wielded his sword for half a day.”


It was a story heard directly from the maids of the Imperial Palace. They said that he was so scary wielding a sword that the people watching inadvertently felt their necks tighten. 


Charlotte frowned at Rania’s intelligence. 


‘The quarrel between lovers is not a big deal, but the opponent is His Majesty. His Majesty is merciless—’ 


Renia guessed that Amelie’s life would not be long. The Serwin she had seen up until now was such a cruel person. He is bad enough to hit even his lover over a single fight. 


“Charlotte, I have a favor to ask of you.” Renia said with a smile. 




“I need to meet that woman.”


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