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“You’ve never looked down on the Imperial Palace from above?”




“Shall we take a big lap?”


Serwin nodded involuntarily. For a moment, he had been completely mesmerized by Amelie and had forgotten that they had climbed too high. 


The two sat side by side on the broom and circled over the Imperial Palace. From the Palace to where Amelie lives to the Imperial palace, the library she often goes to, and the road she passed on the day she came to the Imperial Palace. There were familiar places, but there were many unfamiliar places. 


“Looking like this, the Imperial Palace was close to where I live, didn’t it?” 


“If it’s too far away, it’s hard to visit often. I didn’t want to be far away from it either.” 


“It’s good to be close because there can be an emergency.”


Amelie agreed. Serwin had a trembling expression on his face, but she didn’t notice.


“That’s where the party is going to be tomorrow.” 


Serwin lifted one hand and pointed to the building. At first, he had to swallow his breath every time Amelie pointed at something under him, but he got used to it and got to the point where he would guide Amelie through the Imperial Palace. 


“Shall we go down? If we go in and see it in advance, won’t we be less nervous tomorrow?”


“Shall we?”


Amelie turned the broom toward the party venue. As she flew across the sky, Amelie turned her head as if drawn to something from her. She could see the lake not far from the party venue. It wasn’t very big, but it seemed like the water was deep.


“Is there a lake over there?”


Serwin’s face hardened quickly. He looked like he had seen something terrible.


“Don’t ever go there.”




Amelie asked back. However, Serwin did not say anything until he sat down in front of the party venue. 


The party was held in a building called Elique Palace. It is a mysterious building modeled after the appearance of an old temple and is said to be used only for royal ceremonies. In preparation for tomorrow’s party, all the servants were mobilized to decorate the palace, but due to the late hour no one should be around


Amelie followed Serwin into the building. 


“Why is there a separate name for this building? Other buildings don’t have names.” 


“It was the first building built by the first Emperor. The name Elique is also the name of the first Emperor.” 


“Huh, is this building a thousand-year-old?”


“Yes. Although there are few traces of those days due to a lot of repair work.”


“Is it okay to go in like this?” 


“Of course. It’s my house, right?”


The entire Imperial Palace was for Serwin, the Emperor. He lit a magic lamp at the door of the party hall. 




The party hall sparkled with ecstasy. The marble shimmered as white as snow, and there were several large chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, a red cloth hung from the ceiling, and the arched window frames were all golden. She felt like she was surrounded by golden light. 


“Do you like it?”


Amelie constantly looked around and watched the party. The width was also so wide that if she stood at the end, she couldn’t even see the other side entirely 


“—it’s more burdensome to think that I’m dancing in a place like this.” 


In the center of this spectacular hall, she has to dance with Serwin while receiving people’s attention. 


“Is that so? Isn’t it because you’re just really scared?”


“Wouldn’t everyone be pressured by that? I’m pretty bold I think.” 


“Yeah. Yeah.”


Serwin laughed. 


“Should we dance?”


“Right now?”


“There’s no one watching. It’s okay, right?”


“It’s okay but—”


If she knew they would dance, she would have dressed in something prettier, she felt somewhat disappointed.


“There’s no music—. Should I call someone to play it for us?” 


“I can do that.”


In one corner of the hall, there was a piano. Amelie walked to the piano with Serwin. 






Amelie put her hand on the piano keyboard and chanted a spell. Then, as if someone was at the bench, the piano keys began to be pressed down and the sound of music began to play. Serwin looked at the scene curiously. The fact that Amelie was a witch seemed to surprise him everytime.


“Your magic has improved a lot.”


“Right? I practiced so hard!”


Amelie was in high spirits. Serwin looked at her cute expression and reached out his right hand. 




He placed his left hand on his chest and slightly bent his back. It was the posture of a man asking for a dance. Amelie bowed her knees slightly, as she had learned, to greet him and held Serwin’s hand. 


One hand should be holding the partner’s hand, and the other hand is placed on the partner’s body. The man’s hand goes to the woman’s waist, and the woman’s hand to the man’s shoulder. 


Serwin’s hand wrapped around Amelie’s waist. Amelie put her hand on Serwin’s shoulder, tightening her stomach. The knights who were her past dance partners all had a strong body, but there was no one who could compare with Serwin. 


‘It’s kind of embarrassing.’


Amelie blushed without even realizing it. 


“Shouldn’t you look at me?”


“If I have to raise my head to make eye contact with Your Majesty, then my neck will hurt.”


“You can’t just look at the floor.”


Meanwhile, a new dance song began. As a familiar song played, her feet naturally moved first. Amelie looked up at Serwin reluctantly. In fact, her neck aching was an excuse. She was embarrassed that she was conscious of the other person’s body first, so she just avoided his gaze. 


The intro continued smoothly. Amelie’s body also moved well according to Serwin’s lead.


“Oh, you’re good?”


“It’s only the beginning.”


As soon as she heard the compliment, she began to get confused about the order of the steps. 


‘Left foot? No, the right foot came first, right?’


She definitely memorized all the steps, but when she danced, her feet went out at will. The more she danced, the more her hair turned white from anxiety. 


“Don’t mind your feet and look at me. The more you are aware of it, the more you get wrong.” 


“That’s true, but—”


Amelie couldn’t take her eyes off her feet. She knew he was right, but she was worried that she would keep stepping on his foot. Then eventually, she stumbled when she should have been spinning elegantly instead.




Amelie was prepared to fall. But Serwin pulled her waist and grabbed her tightly. Amelie’s body leaned on his as if hugging him. Serwin’s firm chest was just in front of her. 


‘Ugh— It’s too close—’


This is no different from hugging. She understood why Mrs Enard taught her to keep the right distance, standing upright like a knife. If men and women dance like this, everyone will misunderstand that they are lovers. Because they can’t be this close to each other unless they’re a couple. 


“You can step on my feet as much as you want. It doesn’t even hurt.” 


“It’s because I’m wearing flat shoes now. The heels for tomorrow are so sharp.” 


“Then I’ll avoid it on my own, so relax and leave your body to me.” 


Amelie made a tearful face. If she could relax just because she wanted to relax, she wouldn’t have worried like this. Serwin hugged Amelie close to him and deliberately spun her around. 


“I’m losing my mind.” She sighed.


“It’s because you’re not looking at me.”


“No way.”




Amelie looked into his eyes reluctantly. The moment their eyes met, he smiled. His eyebrows droop downward, creating a friendly impression. It was a pretty smile that was hard to imagine just looking at his usual bloody eyes. A golden light shone between the curved eyes. It was a very small light, but she couldn’t close her eyes or look away. The splendid scenery of the party hall no longer caught her eye. Amelie’s heart pounded. 


Serwin led Amelie at his own pace. Amelie stepped back and moved forward as he led. There was no time to get confused. When the thought of dancing properly disappeared, surprisingly, her movements continued more smoothly. 


“Are you doing well?”


“Yeah, we just have to do this tomorrow too.”


“Tomorrow— What if I make a mistake tomorrow? I could trip over your feet.”


“Then I’ll catch you before other people see you.” 


“—What if I ruin the mood by saying weird things?” 


“It’s not going to happen. And since I’m there, everyone will smile even if they don’t like it.” 


They stood next to each other holding hands as the music continued on, then she spun around and was held in his arms. Serwin bent his body and put his face close to hers intimately. 


“Why are you worried when I’m here?”


“That’s very reliable.” 


“Right? I can win over everything.” 


At Serwin’s shameless response, Amelie burst into a small laugh. Then Serwin also laughed seeing Amelie. 




While the two were having a romantic time, Amelie’s palace was in silence. The servants, who did not know that Amelie and Serwin went outside secretly, thought the two fell asleep early and returned to their respective rooms. Everyone was in deep sleep except for a few people on duty. 


At that time, Charlotte, who came out of the room, was creeping down the hallway. The hallway, which she always walked through, felt long and dark today.


‘I can’t get caught.’


Charlotte constantly looked around with her head like a rat being chased. It was not until she entered the dressing room that she breathed a sigh of relief.


‘Haa, where are the clothes?’


The party dress was hung in the most noticeable place, so it was easy to find. Charlotte took out the medicine Renia gave her.


‘Is this effective? It’s not poison, right?’


Manvers Young Lady was not a person to choose extreme and dangerous methods such as poisoning. Nevertheless, she felt somewhat reluctant. 


‘It was a little weird that day, right?’


That day, Renia’s condition was a little different from usual. She couldn’t say that in any part, but Charlotte felt anxious.


‘No, let’s not get distracted by useless things. Charlotte, just remember what Renia promised. As long as you do this job well, you’ll become the Countess of Manvers!’ 


Sooner or later, like Renia, she will be able to live comfortably by wrapping gold and silver treasures all over her body and calling out to her servants. She has endured in the Imperial palace so far, risking her life for it.


‘Compared to that, it’s nothing to ruin some clothes.’


Charlotte opened the lid of the medicine. Renia told her to apply this medicine evenly between the hem of the upper body and the skirt. That way, when she pulls the skirt even lightly, it will fall apart neatly as if it were made like that. 


‘Did I have to turn the clothes inside out before I could apply the medicine? It’s annoying because it’s hanging so high, but there’s nothing I can do about it.’ 


Charlotte held the dress with one hand and reached out to the hanger with the other. At that moment, she felt an overwhelming sense of dizziness. 


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