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“The house is big, so you can avoid him as much as you want.”


It wasn’t wrong. Serwin and his Knights were engrossed in finding the Witch. They went out early in the morning and searched the forests of Fidelia and nearby villages until late at night. Some of the Knights said they would leave their quarters outside the mansion to look for Witches.


Naturally, the mansion had to be empty. Ethan, the only remaining man in the mansion, was also likely to participate in the search, as he no longer needed to take care of Amelie.


‘Even if she flew in the sky, the Knights were watching both the land and above, so it would be difficult to secretly leave this yard.’  


She couldn’t go far because she transformed into a small animal. She was worried if she could keep herself hidden if she travelled in her human form.


It could be safer to hide in the mansion than to be seen by Serwin and his Knights while moving clumsily.


‘We’ve been in the same room, and you didn’t know I was a witch. Besides, Serwin had often spent time with her during the night.’ 


Moreover, she was worried about the rest of the people.


‘He could harm father and Renee just because he couldn’t find me, no?’


Considering his cruel personality, he could have vented his anger on the Count’s people. It was better for her to be taken to the Imperial Palace, rather than killing or hurting others on her behalf.


‘Besides, the Emperor needs me, so even if he finds out who I am, he won’t kill me easily.’


After much consideration, Amelie made her decision.


“Okay, I’ll just stay in the mansion until His Majesty leaves.”


The Count grinned widely at Amelie’s answer.


“Yes! Good idea! I’ll tell the chef to make your favourite food for dinner. When you’re done eating, why don’t you look around the mansion before the Emperor returns? ” You haven’t lived here since you were a child, so your memory must be hazy



The Count was as excited as a child. Looking at his excitement, Amelie realized she had been worried for nothing.


‘I think it’ll work out well this way.’


Amelie was then escorted to her room. After she left the mansion, the Count had changed the furniture each year and kept it clean in her absence, so that it would be ready whenever she returned. 


The three spent time together in her room before Serwin and the Knights returned to the mansion.




The life of the mansion was peaceful. Serwin and the Knights departed at the same time each day, and did not return until several hours later. 


At first, Amelie was worried about keeping her bird-form in shape, but later relaxed her transformation and walked around the mansion comfortably.




Early in the morning, as soon as Serwin and the Knights left the mansion, Renee came into Amelie’s room. She had been training for swordsmanship, and was dressed in a shirt and pants.


“Amelie, why don’t you go for a walk? If you find a good spot on the way, we’ll have lunch there.”


“Do you have a spot in mind?” 


“I thought about going to the woods behind the mansion. It’s not too far, so you don’t have to worry about meeting the Emperor.”


“Okay, that’s great.”


Amelie replied happily. She went for a walk alone a few times before, but she never saw the Emperor’s Knights near the house. If she didn’t go far, she didn’t have to worry about being caught. 


“But I don’t think it’s possible to have lunch while taking a walk. I just had breakfast.”


Renee smiled and wagged her finger.


“You don’t know anything, Amelie. Don’t worry about it. It’ll take two hours to get there.”



Amelie blinked. ‘I’m just going for a walk. What are you planning?’ 


Renee strode up and grasped Amelie’s hand.


“Amelie, there’s something I always wanted to do.”


“What is it?”


“I want to play dress-up with my sister.” 


Renee made eye contact with Amelie. The sparkling blue eyes that looked at her slowly were so pretty. In her previous life, her wish was to hang out with her family…


“Alright!”, Amelie nodded her head. 


With her permission, Renee went to the dress room while holding Amelie’s arms. The maid came to help Renee. The dress room attached to Amelie’s room was full of clothes. The clothes were ordered together to match Renee’s closet.


“Let’s get started!”



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