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“Let’s get started!”


With Renee’s cheerful declaration, an endless ‘dress-up game’ began. Amelie posed as Renee instructed, and made her try on this outfit and that outfit. She also carried props to match her dresses and changed her accessories.


“Oh, isn’t yellow cute and nice?”


Renee’s words were followed by two maids who participated in the dress-up game.


“It looks too childish. Amelie is already 20 years old.” 


“But she looks good in it.”


“It’s cute. But since Lady Amelie has a gentle atmosphere, wouldn’t it be better for her to look a little stronger?”


With her sharp eyes, Renee looked at Amelie and the dress. She sighed.


“I buy clothes all the time, but why can’t I find anything I want? Later, we must call a stylist.” 


Renee mumbled seriously with her arms crossed. Renee selected clothes all the time, but even with a closet full of clothes, one would always want more. 


“Try it on. I think I should bring more clothes from my closet.”


“Can’t I just wear this?” 


“No! It’s our first time going out together, we can’t just select anything!” Renee declared firmly.


“You don’t have to do that….”


Amelie looked at Renee in desperation. Changing her dress was more work than she thought. Even though she only changed a couple outfits, Amelie was already exhausted.


“Dress? Style? None of that matters. As long as the clothes cover my body.”


“Please don’t take the joy of styling away from your older sister, Amelie.” 


Renee kissed her cheek while holding out a dress for her. Amelie accepted her change of clothes with a weird look.


“Let’s start another round then!”


Renee stepped out of the room.


After a while, the second round began. Renee moved the dresses as if she were going to bring her entire wardrobe. Some even didn’t fit the season, so there were clothes that she brought solely because she thought it would be cute to wear.


Amelie was discouraged. Not only the clothes, but also the hats, scarves, shoes, and jewelry have already filled the room. She eventually surrendered everything to the maid, and let Renee and the maids do as they pleased. 


After trying on countless clothes, the final outfit was an ivory dress. The dress wasn’t shabby at all, it had a pearl-like glossiness to it, with a minimalist design. With a neat boat neckline, minimizing skin exposure, Amelie’s long and slender neck revealed gracefully.


After choosing an outfit, the makeover continued. Her pink hair came loose and she wore a necklace with small ornaments. Then the maid put on light makeup.


“It’s really over now.”


The maid gently covered Amelie’s eyebrows with mascara.


“Do you know how many times you’ve said that?”


Amelie grumbled. She was exhausted before she even went for a walk. In addition, they didn’t give her the mirror once, so she had no idea what she looked like. Perhaps it was because it was fun to do these kinds of reveals at the end. 


“It’s really over now! You can look in the mirror.”


“Bring me the mirror.”


At Renee’s command, the maids brought a large full-body mirror.


Renee covered Amelie’s eyes and placed her close to the mirror. In exhaustion, Amelie followed Renee’s steps.


“Now open.”


When Renee removed her hand, Amelie finally saw herself.




Amelie was impressed. The figure in the mirror was definitely her, but it didn’t look like herself. 


How her pink hair was curled, with glossy waves. The ornaments on her clothes were simple, and it matched perfectly with her hair loosened down. 


Amelie may not be as glamorous as Renee, but she was just as beautiful. Her big, gentle and clear mint eyes, and the round, smooth cheeks were flushed.


“Do you like it?”




Amelie was nervous for nothing. The hem of her skirt swayed gently, and the elegant glow wavered.


“You look like a noblewoman.”


Amelie was impressed. She heard that clothes are like wings. Who would think this girl was the witch who lived in the forest? Renee and the maids looked at the Amelie with delight.


“Since we’ve started, how many more should we pick? Something that goes well with..” 


“No! It’s okay! Enough! Let’s go for a walk! I want to go!”


When Amelie strode out of the room in a hurry, Renee smiled, following her behind.




The back of the mansion was a forest. This is because the mansion was located at the edge of the Fidelia Forest, and the trail was created by the forest as it was. Massive trees with thick trunks, that if one tried to hug their arms would not be able to fit, stood side by side along the road. She was happy with the green sunlight reflecting off the leaves and the fluttering wind. 


Renee and Amelie walked arm in arm. The smell of trees and soil made Amelie excited. Maybe it’s because she lived most of her life in the forest of Fidelia so she felt familiar and comfortable in this type of setting. 


“Shall we have lunch?”


Renee suggested. Amelie nodded eagerly. She had already digested her breakfast to match Renee’s doll game.


The two walked for a while and sat next to an unknown flower vine.


“I said I was going for a walk, and the chef made us a separate meal.”


Renee took some food out of the picnic basket. Appetizers to boost their appetite, sandwiches and torn pork in lettuce, hot scones, cool fruit tea, Amelie’s favourite cookies, and some fruits.


“That’s great.”


Amelie’s eyes twinkled. All of them were Amelie’s favorite foods.


“Let’s hurry up and eat.”


Renee served Amelie some fruit tea. After Amelie wiped her hands with her handkerchief, she picked up the appetizer first. It was a dish with smoked ham, tomatoes, and fresh sauce on top of a thin flour pan. As soon as she put it in her mouth, the flavour wrapped around her tongue with the smell of smoked ham, followed by tomatoes and sauce washing away the greasy taste of ham.


“This is delicious!”


Amelie was overjoyed. This was the best lunch after a long game of dress-up. 

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